Forensic Science: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Forensic science used in criminal trials can be surprisingly unscientific. Maybe a new television procedural could help change the public perception.
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  • 89five3five

    I definitely want to see Crime Scene Idiot. Lol

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    Could all of the people in politics being accused of sex crimes be the reason they want to keep the stuff that's using bite marks to blame and imprison people who didn't actually do it, thus helping the guy that did get off?

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    Yeah, think about it, even if finger print analysis was 99.9 percent accurate a print wouldn't that technically mean that out of 10,000 people there would be 10 possible "match's"?

  • A Morris
    A Morris

    Golden! Thanks, J O. Great spot ons. 🏆

  • Tom Guertin
    Tom Guertin

    She's right. People who wear sunglasses indoors are pieces of shit.

  • Ed Heal
    Ed Heal

    Trill is bird seed -

  • The Man on The Moon
    The Man on The Moon

    I dunno I kinda like John’s dollar store David Tennant look

  • Jordan0401 Hammock
    Jordan0401 Hammock

    I fucking love john Oliver

  • Peter Littlestone
    Peter Littlestone

    I for one would definitely watch that crime series if it really came on t.v. 😂 brilliant, just brilliant!

  • Carol Vedder
    Carol Vedder

    Have DNA forensic "experts" dealt with Chimera cell lines that can confuse evidence. One woman had children had them taken away. This even though FBI and others were present at the birth of her second child. WTF? Share with me any info you know.

  • danyl barbour
    danyl barbour

    no one is neutral

  • danyl barbour
    danyl barbour

    welcome to the police state

  • Brian Michael Finn
    Brian Michael Finn

    Police lie to support the state's case.... they work together to screw you and they actually think they're doing good.

  • Jester Azazel
    Jester Azazel

    Twins don't have the same fingerprints.

  • Jorge M. Perez
    Jorge M. Perez

    Just started the video..... if Dr. Baden has not appeared on this by the halfway point of the video I’m out

  • Hugo Rezende
    Hugo Rezende

    "ROUF JUSTICE" bro that was brilliant.

  • Hugo Rezende
    Hugo Rezende

    That twins joke is on all his vídeos. And i can not help from laughting as always.

  • TheRuthPo

    Basic does have a scientific meaning it refers to an alkaline.

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius

    Hey, John, records show that Jimmy Kimmel went to Epstein's Island. What did you think he did there? Do you think that he saw Bill Clinton there? Or maybe Hillary? And can Forensic Science prove that Epstein did not kill himself.

  • Loren Renee
    Loren Renee

    A little while back a lab technician was found to have falsified thousands of cases and felt she was ‘part of the prosecutor team’

  • Joshua Drakard
    Joshua Drakard

    15:33 Captain Tucker is that you

  • Matt Sena
    Matt Sena

    I got so happy seeing Poussey

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green

    I hope that one day I will live in an Amarica that has abolished the death sentence.

  • Michael Purser
    Michael Purser

    You should have said the bite mark guy is full of baloney

  • Joe Wiedmeier
    Joe Wiedmeier

    Josh Lucas lol

  • Pommie bears
    Pommie bears

    The forensic science in the OJ case wasn’t exactly welcomed. Somehow, the defence convinced the jury that degradation of blood taken from the scene at Bundy....had turned it into Simpson’s blood. Hair and bite evidence is notoriously difficult to match, and mistakes are made. Hair is not enough to convict someone if it doesn’t have a root to test for DNA. was Peter Neufield and Co who convinced the SCIENTIFICALLY IGNORANT jury that said degradation had caused the blood to “turn into” OJ Simpson’s blood, effectively....getting him off a double murder conviction that, anyone with a brain cell, knows was WRONG. He’s a prick.

  • William Esping
    William Esping

    Though making jokes is what crime scene units do here and there to lighten up a grim situation.

  • Shadow Watcher
    Shadow Watcher

    Who else thought John was gunna say that the guy was full of bologna, and was thrown off when he said shit?

    • i ou1!
      i ou1!

      Shadow Watcher no he always curses

  • David Ringo
    David Ringo

    Being falsely convicted is basically a free pass to commit crime. FACT. If i were ever falsely convicted, i would 100% murder every juror, every prosecutor, and every judge who was involved in my conviction, and i wouldn't lose a wink of sleep for knowing they deserve it.

  • Ikenna Chijioke-Osueze
    Ikenna Chijioke-Osueze

    4:53 said "Wow"

  • SubHek

    Shouldn't the FBI "experts" serve time for fraud?

  • Team VLCN
    Team VLCN

    I know it's not the focus, but this video is also a statement against the Death Penalty. The American government is regularly murdering innocent people.

  • City of Roses 1845
    City of Roses 1845

    ...and I can say that with in a reasonable degree of scientific certainty.

  • City of Roses 1845
    City of Roses 1845

    Trill is a strange word because it has to do with sound or music.

  • Julian Fantasia
    Julian Fantasia

    We’re indoors. *Fuck* you.

  • Joseph Evigas
    Joseph Evigas

    Is the fake CSI guy from Parker Louis can't lose?

  • Gregory Llewellyn
    Gregory Llewellyn

    question everything

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing about this is that the same is true for mental health studies and practices as well. Both the DSM and ICD Mental Health portions just have checklists of negative thoughts or behaviors, and many people have just jumped to the conclusion that any collection of negative thoughts and behaviors must be some sort of illness, without explaining why that must be the case. Laymen often just use Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases in order to justify clinging to this belief; mostly because the majority of the population have no idea what Logical Fallacies and Cognitive Biases are and why they should avoid them. Psychological testing and intakes are even less scientific than the foundationless checklists. Studies conducted on psychiatric diagnostic processes continually show that the vast majority of diagnosticians ignored patient replies to questionnaires and instead substituted claims that echoed the checklists, and they often even go so far as to make up quotes to force-fit the DSM checklists. This had lead to three serious issues: 1. The forced drugging and institutionalization of hundreds of millions of innocent, sane people... for money and/or to silence social conflict. 2. It creates and echo chamber that claims any negativity is a sign of illness and the illness creates the negativity. This false idea has been used to promote the idea that all harmed people are insane liars; from the homeless to domestic abuse victims. This error was outed when in 2011 California admitted that 99% of Foster Children were being labeled with "Genetic Mental Illness" simply to brush away the issues with bullying that came with being a foster child (they're often picked on for not being part of "natural" group). 3. People have started to turn their backs on each other, and people have convinced themselves that both negativity, critical thinking, and diversity are an illness. This results in tons of other issues. But people think it's the purist science that have ever existed because words like "chemicals" and "doctor" are thrown around. There isn't any justification for the majority of the claims made in mental health fields. They do not use falsification or use enumerated data points to justify claims. But the press doesn't cover these issues because society as a whole is very populist and authoritarian. Telling people the mental health system is mostly a fraud that hurts people would be taking the power of the psychiatric force out of the hands of the public and authorities. People would rather die than lose the power to point fingers and call others crazy, and people would rather die than face their problems and get rid of their drugs.

  • Jini Manard
    Jini Manard

    Holy shit, is that Elsie from Westworld?!

  • Ryan March
    Ryan March

    My mom and sister worked at the same care center and they used fingerprint scanners to clock in and out. There fingerprints were so close that they had to stand there and wiggle there fingers around on the scanner. Then there boss had to go in and fix the fuck up. Anyway the scanner said there fingerprints were a 40% match.

  • autism centeral
    autism centeral

    0:07 i don't get it. Maby because i was born in 2001

  • FireMage127


  • Douglas Babb
    Douglas Babb

    0:50 What, no love for Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp?

  • William Hornstra
    William Hornstra

    I hope that those people wrongly convicted get compensation.

  • HebaruSan

    Writers of crime shows are guilty of mass media malpractice

  • Dragonlord the king of dragons
    Dragonlord the king of dragons

    Fun Fact: We started used the fingerprint part of Forensic Science because a innocent guy got arrested because he had a look alike and everyone has different fingerprints

  • muchaelangelo g
    muchaelangelo g

    There are 6 exact fingerprints per person like 6 people look identical to you

  • Patt Adams
    Patt Adams

    "Dead Meat" made me literally drop my phone.

  • BertRach1

    Ive always split John's career into two periods. The early "no forehead" years mucking about with Robin Ince and the later "forehead" years in the US.

  • luminair11

    Doin' a good job John Oliver in educating us in reality!

  • Squangel Nutz
    Squangel Nutz

    Science is bullshit. It doesn’t prove crap......

  • Squangel Nutz
    Squangel Nutz

    John Oliver is gay fr...... this dude said “stunning! stunning! stunning!” Lol 😂

  • Westley Knee
    Westley Knee

    Crime scene idiot needs to become a real half hour show please!!!

  • Elizabeth Stafford
    Elizabeth Stafford

    Trill means authentic, real, trustworthy not a fake ass n-word.

  • e1123581321345589144

    OMG, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time :)))

  • PJ Cassel
    PJ Cassel

    And I’m Texas…Rodney Reed is set to be executed for a crime that did not have a clean outcome.

  • lisarenee3505

    Went to the University of Central Oklahoma for an MA in forensic psychology. Was forced to take forensic science classes as part of the degree because they're sooo damn proud of their Forensic Science Institute. It's headed by Dr. Dwight Adams, the guy who was _in charge_ of the FBI crime lab at Quantico from the late 80s to the early 00s... when all of the bad analysis was going on that John mentioned. I figured out pretty quickly in those classes that much of it had only a thin veneer of science to it. Heck, we had some former agent come in to a lecture once extolling the virtues of polygraph machines. He about lost his mind when I challenged his assertions & started citing actual studies ('cause I wrote a 35-page paper that devoted an entire section to the subject as an undergrad).

  • Quinntus79

    "How can a dog fire a gun?" Believe it or not, their have been several cases of a dog accidentally shooting their owner.

    • Lucky Dawg
      Lucky Dawg


  • Quinntus79

    So, bite mark evidence is about as reliable as phrenology?

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard

    I know this is old, but a journalist from Vox did a fantastic, and I mean absolutely fantastic, documentary exactly about why forensic “science” sometimes isn’t based on a real scientific field. It’s called False Positive and has to do with what exactly John mentioned, bite mark analysis.

  • Kate Friend
    Kate Friend

    It was bite mark evidence that convinced the Florida jury he faced to put away Ted Bundy. I think they got the right guy in that case, but I wonder if his bite mark evidence made it more popular for people to study that type of evidence and bring it up more often. I don't know, but I get the sense that huge notorious cases influence smaller ones.

  • Juan Manuel Penaloza
    Juan Manuel Penaloza

    18:20 Unless that pony has a horn on its head and can levitate objects I won't believe it...

  • Joey J
    Joey J

    What actress is playing the woman consoling the victims wife? She looks so familiar

  • liam nehren
    liam nehren

    that 1 in 306 is without remembering that the police usually accept partials and that theoretically there is no reason for someone to not have the same fingerprints as someone else... it just hasn't been observed.

    • liam nehren
      liam nehren

      @lisarenee3505 lol exactly what i was saying just in my own way.

    • lisarenee3505

      Interesting fact: The supposed uniqueness of fingerprints has never been scientifically verified. The oldest forensic "science" is based on nothing but assumptions.

  • PramkLuna Krishnan
    PramkLuna Krishnan

    7:06 who else said bologna because you thought john was cool?

  • Leigh Huggins
    Leigh Huggins

    These false show trailers are THE BEST

  • James Benton Ticer
    James Benton Ticer

    there is a difference between forensic science and ghost hunter bullshut.

  • Mlos solM
    Mlos solM

    Wait... isn't that hair guy bald?

  • Gabe Segun
    Gabe Segun

    You know all these so why are you still accusing OJ Simpson of murder. It was because of all these wrong incidences that he was acquitted

  • isaacmerc

    I want to know which 3 managed to get convictions.