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Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about funny pranks and roommate wars,!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!

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    ROOMMATE WARS ARE BACK!!!! Are you Team Ashley or Team Alisha?!?! Also, you HAVE to watch my 2nd channel!! Moving vlogs have been so much fun!!! xo -Alisha Marie

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      I feel bad but team you

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      i love you so much alisha

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      Ata Fontini 🇵🇳🇷🇪🇷🇴🇵🇳🇼🇸🇶🇦🇳🇱🇵🇭

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    Ashley and team alisha

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    Team alisha

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    Team Alisha

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    Anyone here in 2020?

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    I love watching this video because this is the first video that a watched on her channel! I am so happy I watched this 😭❤️

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    who’s here in quarantine lol

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    2020 anyone

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    3:40 that's why you use spray on deodorant kids

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    who is watching this in 2020

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    Definitely team alisha

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    Roommate wars are the BEST videos with alisha and ashleyyyy


    I like two part honk on bed Ana super glue on Coke diet

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    The food coloring

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    this was the first video ive ever seen from Alisha's vids, good memories :'(

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    You are so funny

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    The food colouring on the toothbrush

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    taem alisha i have been wachting your video sence i was a little girl love you

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    I like alisha because she does the best pranks 😂😂

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    Pitliya Family

    I was trying to do the soap and nail polish on my mom and she was so angry on me !!😂😂

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    My favorite prank is when you trick someone by doing fake magic. This is how the pranks works: first you have to put a sponge in a cup and put some water in the cup in front of whoever you are pranking and then tip the cup over and then the person you are pranking might want to try. So tell them to try it over their head and then all of the water will spill on them! 😂

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    June 2020?

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    3;44 was the worst that is sooo nasty alisha won

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    Um this is my first you tube video of you guys I have seen

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    wait they should do this with TK and taryne

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    Team Alisha. Duh.

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    My fav prank is the step

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    My favourite one was cream cheese deodorant haha

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    These are perfect for pranks 😘

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    I love 💕 her makeup 💄 at the beginning so pretty

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    Alisha Marie I love your videos😍😻😇

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    team Alisha my favorrit prank is the shower one the glue one and the deoterrent one

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      Kylin Graham

      the things are so funny

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    Emi Craw’s channel

    You can see them trying so hard not to laugh lol

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    Jello is really good I can say so myself so if you pranked me with Jello I would not fall for it because Jello is really really really really really really really good

  • Yves Mbianda
    Yves Mbianda

    Jello is really good I can say so myself

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    omg this is si funny 😂😂😂

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    Who else it watching this is 2020 quarantine? | | |

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    Please don't use the water colour that you use for drawing to do the tooth brush prank only use food colours

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    Abhilipsa's Vlogs

    OMG you got 43m views that crazy

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