Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake
"Life is Good" available at: smarturl.it/LifeIsGood.Future
Official Audio: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-ZBOoVj6IW3s.html
Directed by Director X
Future online:
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  • Carlos Cruz
    Carlos Cruz

    If you wanna complain, life aint good. If you thank God everyday when you wake up, life is good.

  • Hoàng Khanh
    Hoàng Khanh

    Life has been anything but good since 2020

  • William Morgan
    William Morgan

    So no ones going to talk about how drake raps about jobs and taxes in a song called "Life Is Good"????

  • J Smith
    J Smith

    0:35 Man, I wish the garbage men in my neighbourhood would collect my trash that’s not in a garbage can

  • Andrei Rus
    Andrei Rus

    This song is actualy educative 😁😁 nice job 👌👌

  • Vanish Smoke
    Vanish Smoke

    on god he look like the new Popeyes doughnut sandwich

  • Tyler Stewart
    Tyler Stewart

    The beat of Drake's part is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Brian Hawkins
    Brian Hawkins

    I love this video, but the timing is just a sign that we as the human race need to change our ways. Times are already hard for some and now we got to deal with corona-virus from hell, just as well be the Spanish Flu. God bless us all and we will recover, but don't know how many lives will be lost. We must all pray and decide what direction to take. Peace!!!

  • hammam hraisha
    hammam hraisha

    Until 0:48 the song was good. The flow and beat change ruined it not to mention Future's verse wasn't English. I'm not a big fan of rap maybe I don't get the vibes on this song but really liked the first verse and was properly executed in memes.

  • Abdoul Bassoum
    Abdoul Bassoum

    Drake's part is the best

  • Thomas Garbutt
    Thomas Garbutt

    I felt that when future said “huhyehayshhduenusal uh”

  • harber

    Why does future’s verse not even match with the song? weird.

  • Matt Cummins
    Matt Cummins

    Drake came from the wheelchair and ended up on a garbage truck.

  • Moza Satchell
    Moza Satchell

    Future is a horrible actor lol

  • Tom Rockroads
    Tom Rockroads

    You it’s putting hits on yourselves and your bulltihs families and your blown out government and laws that protected you it’s

  • ULTRA BlueDrawing
    ULTRA BlueDrawing

    *Future got a scholarship for free English classes*

  • ULTRA BlueDrawing
    ULTRA BlueDrawing

    Drake should be arrested for murdering the beat, Future should take English classes

  • ULTRA BlueDrawing
    ULTRA BlueDrawing

    “Someone hit your block up I’d tell you if it was us” Corona: *so you have chosen death*

  • Beatriz Santana
    Beatriz Santana

    Algum brasileiro?🎶🔥

  • shenanigans alv
    shenanigans alv

    humans: life is good COVID-19 : hold my CORONA

  • Lil E
    Lil E

    I only listen to drakes part then change the song .

  • Tracy Winston
    Tracy Winston

    1:07 is it me or is that lil yatchy

  • Gunnersrule100


  • James Vasquez
    James Vasquez

    Who else skips the song when future part comes out 🤣

  • Cristobal Laboy
    Cristobal Laboy

    I want my 💰 money 💰 money 💰 now

  • Dan Kasongo
    Dan Kasongo

    future messed the whole track up

  • john lane
    john lane


    • john lane
      john lane


  • RonGotBeats

    RMX tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-aSsGTUfySA4.html

  • Kng Tch
    Kng Tch

    Song is cool but sometimes i feel they should have did future first then drake

  • Kng Tch
    Kng Tch

    Song is cool but sometimes i feel they should have did future first then drake

  • raynel mendoza
    raynel mendoza

    Like si está canción te motiva

  • bad bih私は
    bad bih私は

    As soon as this song was published, life wasnt good anymore💀

  • B W
    B W

    I was in the trap serving cocaine⛄️ain’t been the same since👹........................

  • Ronny Kenei
    Ronny Kenei

    Iriiiz what irrizz.

  • Tyler Bush
    Tyler Bush

    And people be liking this?

  • Apple

    Slaps 🔥

  • king24

    future is the future from 8 mile nostalia is real

  • Ronald Smith
    Ronald Smith

    Future part is way better then drake verse

  • Mad Sarutobi
    Mad Sarutobi

    I felt Drake like Joe budden...

  • Official_ PrinceKing_Yt
    Official_ PrinceKing_Yt

    They copied the OfficialFutureKingz

  • Bobby Bane
    Bobby Bane

    No wonder they don't have captions. cough cough... future

  • Overtime drive
    Overtime drive

    Life hasn’t been good since this song dropped fam 😟 Corona dropped too


    At 1:06 threw 1:10 that guy looks like lil Yachty

  • Giselle Young
    Giselle Young

    When you scroll down the comments and all people still talk about is corona virus😕

  • Xayvion Amir
    Xayvion Amir

    Bro future ruined my whole vibe when his verse came around

  • Chris Serrano
    Chris Serrano

    Future ruined the song

  • Kady Doumbia
    Kady Doumbia

    Like and comment Drake & Future🙏

  • Staries Teke
    Staries Teke

    Life hasnt been good this year😭

  • Wayne Silk Perry
    Wayne Silk Perry

    Thats how you know Drake ain't from the streets. If we hit your block up we ain't saying shit.

  • ch ri
    ch ri

    look at those two snitches

  • D Jack20
    D Jack20

    These dude always get the most views

  • Financial Repair
    Financial Repair

    *Future be spitting that cursive*

  • TheVeteranGuy

    When Drake said he didn't do his taxes , my taxpayer felt that

  • Flare Dub
    Flare Dub

    Electronic Club: Future, Drake, Lil Yachty etc..

  • Mariana Renteria
    Mariana Renteria

    lmao drake look high

  • Epii ッ
    Epii ッ

    1:49 that’s low key my favorite part of this vid bro 😂

  • A 4
    A 4

    But i mean who’s that Girrrrl 1:38 😍?

  • Alperen Kurt
    Alperen Kurt

    Devam böyle kara coçuklar ne dediğiniz belli degil Ama salla gitsin.


    OMG 😍😱

  • Jermiah Searcy
    Jermiah Searcy

    Future turn the song from sad to get the fuck up

  • 1MeanCyberbully

    2:48 is tht DJ AK?

  • John Stover
    John Stover

    206 is the area code for Washington State. Tell them I said SIKE.

  • Pedro Cerqueira
    Pedro Cerqueira

    Snoop Dogg was right 🤣

  • Jonathan Linder
    Jonathan Linder


  • Keifer Hare
    Keifer Hare

    you know what's crazy? whether it's youtube or spotify, i have never ever once typed this song in to listen to it.. yet i swear i've heard this song more than any other song as of 2020.. it's an alright song, but really not that great to be played like this. not even despacito did this shit. wack af

  • Isaac Lopez
    Isaac Lopez

    After hearing futures verse leads me to believe he wrote young thugs verse in lifestyle

  • Jeffery eguavoen
    Jeffery eguavoen

    Nice one millionars niggal

  • Shyaria Elmore
    Shyaria Elmore

    see going tjf

  • Lucas

    Is noone gonna talk about that beat switch tho?

  • Purpp

    28. MARCH BERLIN Life is Qarantäne Zone......