Game Theory: You Give Them Life (Hello Puppets Scary VR Game)
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As a fan of scary indie games, I like to investigate new ones that pop up. So today we are not talking even more FNAF, but making the switch from animatronics to puppets with the game Hello Puppets! This VR game has a lot hiding beneath the surface. Today, I want to discuss the bit twist involving your best puppet friend in the game, Scout. You see, Scout may just be the most dangerous thing for the player in the game. How? Well Theorists, sit back and enjoy the puppet show.
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Writers: Stephanie Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Tyler Mascola, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Alexander Martens
    Alexander Martens

    "If I had a nickel for every time I've been doomed by a puppet, I'd have two nickels! Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice." - Heinz Doofenshmirtz,

    • Sahira Lopez
      Sahira Lopez

      Sonya Falkenstein, imagine if it was actually Mortimer lmao

    • Simon Riddett
      Simon Riddett

      That is legitimately odd though. What was the first time anyway?

    • Alexander Martens
      Alexander Martens

      @The dark Dragon ..........................

    • The dark Dragon
      The dark Dragon


  • GalaxyEspeon

    The last thing I ever wanna do is play a creepy puppet game in VR! I'm ok with just this video!

  • Him

    But hey thats just my theory a non film theory nor about a game, about human emotions and understanding of technological advancements made by humans

  • Him

    Well cory might not react that way he finds a deeper way of finding things mark definitely will react that way jack definitely cory would probably try to understand the ending

  • TyThatGuy

    What would happen if you beat the game with every puppet? Would you not be able to play it?

  • johnny ghost
    johnny ghost

    what happens when you run out of scouts?

  • PuppetQueen

    Man the 1980’s was rough

  • Fred Durst
    Fred Durst

    The game never stated Scout could swap minds with the player character only the player could brain swap because Scout didn't know what the player did the first time where did you get that information from

    • ImNotDragoon

      I think that's actually true dude

  • Brent Bottoms
    Brent Bottoms

    Play this please!

  • Pea Shooter
    Pea Shooter

    Those are puppets not bears 6:12

  • puppy :3
    puppy :3

    Ok, ok,, but what happens when the game restarts and there's no available puppets left?

  • Luigi Mario
    Luigi Mario

    I got the switch case and the socks

  • Code951

    This actually makes a LOT of sense.

  • meggypeggy100

    Oh mat pat I would love to support the channel I love what you do and I appreciate everything you into these videos, long hours of research and writing, all for us, I just want to say thank you, and sorry I can't afford the mercy, I am 12 after all, but thank you for making my quarantine and life more fun. I hope you see this I really want you to know how much it means to me, to all of us.

  • Cursed Roblox
    Cursed Roblox

    I want to see what happens when you use all the puppets

  • kae den
    kae den

    what would happen if you completed the game with all of the puppets?

  • Thestudentgammer _
    Thestudentgammer _

    Lol jacksepticeye is on break

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira

    What happens when you run out of puppets to choose from

  • Karol Stańczyk
    Karol Stańczyk

    I nearly shitted my panties right now

  • Priscilla Rheaume
    Priscilla Rheaume

    Ok this is weird but have you played Dreaming Mary? If not I suggest it

  • meme review
    meme review

    "Listen morty" Morty: *yeah Rick?*

  • Kobis and Oinkis dodo's Universe
    Kobis and Oinkis dodo's Universe

    what if the dod in duck session, the dog is the puppet

  • E •_•
    E •_•


  • elaine chen
    elaine chen

    I will tell him to watch you, matpat, but hey, that’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY!!!!!!!!

  • elaine chen
    elaine chen

    Thx so much for referencing coryxkenshin

  • Boogity Boop
    Boogity Boop

    0:58 the set up to any Rick and Morty episode

  • Arna Dis Kristinsdottir
    Arna Dis Kristinsdottir

    The only question I'm asking is what happens when you run out of puppets like you said when we finish the game then it repeats itself but then you lose a puupet what happens when we lose ALL puppets? Just asking.

  • le Steve GmbH
    le Steve GmbH

    Gameteory: course! death! horror! And theorywear!

  • Hybrid Burns • 11 years ago
    Hybrid Burns • 11 years ago

    i watch eddie vr played this before i watch this

  • David clarkson
    David clarkson


  • Ritter OW
    Ritter OW

    Bruh what happens when all the puppets run out?

  • Nicely_Niko

    Ok but what happens when you use all the puppets in the gane

  • Norah Luna Bouza Galaxy
    Norah Luna Bouza Galaxy

    Wouldn't they still be illiterate? And would they be able to control legs, even if they never had legs?

  • Callum Meeks
    Callum Meeks

    This was stupid

  • Callum Meeks
    Callum Meeks

    Or your the sam person but they want you to have a chance with another puppet hm as I now quote “big brain time”

  • Ray Stinger
    Ray Stinger

    If on a second playthrough you can't pick the same puppet again, what happens if you play again enough times to run out of puppets?

  • Gilberto Tabares
    Gilberto Tabares

    I like that you chose Royal Purple Scout. She's my favorite.😊👍

  • Rubie Smith
    Rubie Smith

    But you were the only one who could mindswap into Scott

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    I have to say this. People of the world don't seem to get how we British make tea. Milk does not go in first 😂😂 other than that. Loved it

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me

    3:12 aye October 11 is my bday

  • Lucas Thorne-Bailey
    Lucas Thorne-Bailey

    What would happen if all the puppet are chosen and then no more left hmmm

  • Kitsokitty Ivenhok
    Kitsokitty Ivenhok

    Cursed with eternal life *eyes turn blue*

  • Crvtbn

    So what happens if you play hello puppets all 5 times and run out of puppets to play?

  • king of games and anime
    king of games and anime

    Dang it MatPat, how many times do I have to comment, the muppets and Sesame Street are different brands! Elmo and Big Bird are not muppets.

  • Jesse Oliver
    Jesse Oliver

    That flash @ 13:25 is definitely when the swap happens. Change my mind.

  • ShadowTheGachaGuy LOL
    ShadowTheGachaGuy LOL

    How old is this vid

    • ShadowTheGachaGuy LOL
      ShadowTheGachaGuy LOL

      LoL LoL lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol Read more

  • Hates Life
    Hates Life

    But what happens when you get through all the puppets?

  • LucasTransBoi

    Anyone else thinking how similar this is to Bendy? I mean sentient characters, trying to escape a studio with the characters who are from a cancelled children's TV show, trying to escape that studio, and eventually not escaping and just ending up in the beginning again

  • Romamacaroni

    what happens when you use ALL of the puppets?!

  • Kevin Fruitys
    Kevin Fruitys

    Hey game theory you should use all of the puppets and see what would happen?

  • DogoDober YT
    DogoDober YT

    What if your hand Puppet switched Brains but it never switched it could be that the Puppet is in your Head or is Free

  • Liam Byrne
    Liam Byrne

    Theory: what happens when you beat the whole game and theres no puppets anymore what you get 100 percent or noone comes

  • Dipstick

    What happens when you play until there are no more puppets

  • Reno Zoggia
    Reno Zoggia

    What happens when there are no puppets left to choose? U said u can’t choose the same puppets twice, so what happens when you use them all

  • Sigmas Inc.
    Sigmas Inc.

    So a little curious. The puppets are finite so what happens when you play through with every puppet and then start again? does it even let you start again?

  • CrAzEd

    Imagine he is just overthinking this

  • Olivia Santana
    Olivia Santana

    When he made that “it’s non of my Business” joke I can’t tell you how loud I SCREAMED clap and a half to that 👏👋 I love your videos! 😁 very interesting and I greatly respect all the work and energy you put into it!

  • Smilomaniac

    The obvious question is then, what happens when you run out of puppets? Until someone does that, it's all up in the air.

  • SquadZ

    Ya don’t put the milk in before the sugar ya goof... 1: boiling water, 2: teabag, 3: take teabag out, 4: sugar, 5: milk, 6: done

  • Jace Archer
    Jace Archer

    a Game Theory wallet!!!! I'm sold!!!!

  • A Adopted Cyka Nugglet
    A Adopted Cyka Nugglet

    What happens when u beat all the puupets

  • Hangman Hangout
    Hangman Hangout

    actually fumin you said to pour the milk first

  • Keagen Herbst
    Keagen Herbst

    Kan jou save scout

  • Oliver Sebastian
    Oliver Sebastian

    Wait-- but then my question is: if you stick it out through every playthrough and no more puppets are left...what happens then? Might have to try that and see if maybe there's a second ending.

  • Richard Rouse
    Richard Rouse

    Can't wait for someone to play trough the last scout

  • On3yed King
    On3yed King

    The end is so sad

  • On3yed King
    On3yed King

    Eddie vr watched this

  • Angel Gaming
    Angel Gaming

    What happens if you go through game enough times that you use up all the puppets? Would it just restart completely or would you get another ending of sorts?🤔

  • kirk

    the reason i am watching this is in case there is a serekret ending so i achly know she dose not die