Getting Offended At Everything My Brother Says To See How He Reacts..
Adi Fishman
Hey guys! In this episode, I get offended at everything my brother says for the whole day to see how he reacts!
SNAPCHAT: @adifishy
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  • Gabriel Sombito
    Gabriel Sombito


  • Manav Thomas
    Manav Thomas

    I literally cried because tal is such a good brother and does not fight back.....

  • LIL_BOT_YT 7
    LIL_BOT_YT 7

    i feel so bad for tal :(

  • AwesomeGamer_ 222
    AwesomeGamer_ 222

    at 7:00 tal sings like an angellllllllll

  • AwesomeGamer_ 222
    AwesomeGamer_ 222

    they were yelling at the same time 6:44

  • Myron Wu
    Myron Wu

    adi: YOU THINK I'M GETTING MAD???????? i was in tears by that time 🤣

  • Neelam Persaud
    Neelam Persaud

    Tal should get Adi back

  • 60x19

    3:28 is when the vid starts

  • Hawktail RC
    Hawktail RC

    Poor Tal he needs revenge!!!!😱👍

  • Grisel Elisa Espinoza
    Grisel Elisa Espinoza

    Nick is trying to help❤️

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria

    You have such a good older brother 😂❤️❤️

  • Najihah Balqis
    Najihah Balqis

    i would cry if i was Tal :((

  • Azyan Azyan
    Azyan Azyan

    Did anybody notice Adi's t shirt says __CK

  • SG Siddharth
    SG Siddharth

    why does tal deserve this? I feel bad for him

  • NeeksonPlays

    The food section is so sad...

  • Penguin

    Even though this video was a long time ago and I’m watching it now it still made me cry cause Tal is such a good big brother to Adi and he’s so patient and Adi just pulls pranks on him which is fine but this one made me actually cry cause I hate seeing Tal like that cause Tal was just having a good time playing video games with his brother and then the second part actually made me cry cause Tal was about to cry and the third part was just awkward cause he didn’t have anything to apologize for but he did anyway and the way he hand shook himself was just sad cause you never leave ANYONE hanging and that’s how much of a good big brother Tal is for not getting mad and being so patient and I just wanted to hug him right through the screen.

  • Logan G
    Logan G

    Tal should have deen an opra singer

  • Sunshine 13
    Sunshine 13

    Nick in the background eating 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sunshine 13
    Sunshine 13

    I felt bad when tal said “so does anyone else wanna play....hello” i felt soooooooo bad

  • Gaston Plays
    Gaston Plays

    It's like Tal is the best brother there is he was sooo patient you can't ask more from him 👍❤️

  • Alexander Williams
    Alexander Williams

    Tal was sooo sad in the kitchen. I felt so bad for him.

  • Akuma Orihara
    Akuma Orihara

    ❤ Tal x Adi ❤

  • Ava Lease
    Ava Lease

    I felt bad for Tal

  • Jeff Crowe
    Jeff Crowe

    Pore tall

  • Jenny's Journey
    Jenny's Journey

    Tal 🥰 Lots of love From TamilNadu (India 🇮🇳)

  • Ella Skavnak
    Ella Skavnak

    Who noticed that when he said “Should I do this on my girlfriend?” Another girl that is not Emily popped up

  • Mr Smiley Face
    Mr Smiley Face


  • Remrem Hrahsel
    Remrem Hrahsel

    I wish i had brother like tal..he's a good perfect brother....

  • Scarlett Rogerson
    Scarlett Rogerson

    Bless Tal dude he is so so so so so so upset and confused 🥺🥺🥺💔💔💔🖤🖤🖤my heart

  • Scarlett Rogerson
    Scarlett Rogerson

    I’m nearly crying to see Tal so upset 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺I’m genuinely so emotional

  • Scarlett Rogerson
    Scarlett Rogerson

    10:42 Tal nearly cried I felt so bad I wanted to run through the screen and give him the biggest hug ever if there wasn’t corona

  • Scarlett Rogerson
    Scarlett Rogerson

    4:55 Tal:nonononononononononono 😂😂😂

  • Scarlett Rogerson
    Scarlett Rogerson

    How many flipping gaming controllers do yous have😂😂😂

  • Scarlett Rogerson
    Scarlett Rogerson

    Why is Tal so sweet and cute? 🥺❤️ I “100% don’t” have a small crush on Tal🤣🤣🤭

  • Belle R
    Belle R

    now he is so close to 2 million

  • Aziza_51 Dog
    Aziza_51 Dog

    This video: adi if he was a girl on his period 😂....aka me rn

  • It’s Rylie
    It’s Rylie

    Omg Adi looked like the bully at lunch and tal was the victim 😂

  • whitney wyatt
    whitney wyatt

    is it just me or did anybody else see tal kinda smile when he went to adis room

  • Zac Aragon
    Zac Aragon

    How I wish my brother is like Tal because my brother is becoming a sister when he is angry 😂😂😂

  • Jakeson

    This almost made me cry. Adi was acting like my abusive brother. Except my bro is even worse

  • Tory Ortiz
    Tory Ortiz

    And he think it is his fault

  • Tory Ortiz
    Tory Ortiz

    At 7:13 i wanted to cry because he said he dose care about his brother and i know it is prank but still and it also look like tal was going to cry so that is why i wanted to cry

  • Thameem Abdul majeed
    Thameem Abdul majeed

    Too many intro

  • Jaceylin Mooney
    Jaceylin Mooney

    Tal’s screeches tho! XD XD XD

  • Jaceylin Mooney
    Jaceylin Mooney

    Everything that Adi says Tal: whaaaa?

  • Esme Scoville
    Esme Scoville

    Was anyone else confused about what he was even getting mad about 😂 I know it a prank lol x

  • Nicole Korchynska
    Nicole Korchynska

    It looked like he was about to cry 😢

  • Sharimar Rivera
    Sharimar Rivera

    I with my brother was that chill and patient...

  • Eric Ng
    Eric Ng

    I felt bad for Tal for the whole video.Poor Tal.But that was a great prank too!

  • Nina A
    Nina A

    This made me cry

  • nick nick
    nick nick

    Everyone wish they had a tal in their life like he is so chill

  • Rémi morgand
    Rémi morgand

    Many people think that Adi is unfair to his big brother. Calm down, it's just a prank. He loves his brother too much to dare to really hurt him ... Tal is the best example of what a real big brother is. Patient, concerned about the well being of his little brother. He really loves him. And just for that : Respect dude! 💪

  • laura 666
    laura 666

    Tall: does anyone else wanna play?😐 Also tall: hello?☹ Me: he is so patient with adi 😂

  • Zahor naseri
    Zahor naseri

    That music in the background tho😂😂 9:40

  • Jy yong
    Jy yong

    I don't know why cause I cry when tal was eating his salad well afi gets mad at Tal. 1like=1hug for Tal

  • carter Foerster
    carter Foerster

    If i were tal i would of just slapped adi and then laguhed and walked away

  • Aswathy Jayraj
    Aswathy Jayraj

    Adi: Hi guys today's gonna be a crazy video Me: All of the videos are so crazy But appreciate you bro superb videos

  • someguy

    Your brother is so patient

  • The Doge Nation!
    The Doge Nation!

    Least Nick Is Protecting Tal :D

  • remia pendon
    remia pendon

    Adi is Very lucky to have a Good Bro..

  • Pearl

    i felt bad for tal

  • aiden_svg 11
    aiden_svg 11

    so u just became a liberal for a day

  • Mariyam Roona
    Mariyam Roona

    Im a huge fan of tal

  • Alayna Holsclaw
    Alayna Holsclaw

    Aww. Poor tal.

  • sandeep kaur
    sandeep kaur

    Who is watching this Video in quarantine

  • Phoebe Salas
    Phoebe Salas

    I can't even watch this... This hurts so much. You can see during when they're playing smash bros that Tal trys to lighten the mood and be patient 😢

  • Chris Proctor
    Chris Proctor

    Adi: acting like a girl on her period.

  • Miller Dussan
    Miller Dussan


  • woo hong
    woo hong

    Can u do darea

  • meghul sreejith
    meghul sreejith

    Tal is the best brother 😭