Giving My Shed a Tiny House Makeover!
Ryland Adams
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  • Gabriella Dimmick
    Gabriella Dimmick


  • riri starflower
    riri starflower

    Why is nobody wondering were garet went!

  • Holly Priestley
    Holly Priestley

    here in the comments wondering if anyone knows why ryland deleted his most recent video?

  • Sonja Gold
    Sonja Gold

    You didnt have ‚anxiety‘. Please dont misuse it. It‘s a serious mental health condition!

  • destiney montez
    destiney montez

    I loved Shane’s reaction 🥺

  • Abdulkarim Ali
    Abdulkarim Ali


  • t0xic._Xx

    When I tell you my jaw dropped I mean it

  • Galactic Dinosaur
    Galactic Dinosaur

    You should do 24 hours in it.

  • S.G.E

    The way shane said "i didn't know u were such a feminist" toook me outtt😂😂😂😂

  • Gloria C
    Gloria C

    I just needed to come on here and tell you I’ve been binge watching all of your videos for over a week & I LOVE you!! Keep being bougie, it’s nothing wrong with loving the finer things in life. Keep being you because you’re fun and entertaining as fuck. 🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Laila Cantú
    Laila Cantú

    I miss Shane

  • Tiffany Leraa
    Tiffany Leraa

    Lip balm “hall” lmao

  • Kori -DumbRobloxNubs-
    Kori -DumbRobloxNubs-

    Did anybody else think he was saying "One Carlos" the whole time?

  • ValnillasMom

    Very gifted decorator you are Ryland!

  • Zoe T
    Zoe T

    beautiful million dollar home, cares more about the $4000 sheds that could literally be scrapt and replaced with a build, also thats a whole extra lot on their property they could build a whole house there

  • Zoe T
    Zoe T

    who is filming....

  • Emily Gilstorf
    Emily Gilstorf

    shane's lookin cute in his iconic robe

  • The potato Family
    The potato Family

    I envy you guys so much, I can see how much of a healthy relationship you have. I'm so happy for you 💘❤❤❤

  • Isla Beechey
    Isla Beechey

    why r they actually really cute together

  • Broski Brisket
    Broski Brisket

    I just Wana say u helped me through a lot especially now thanks a lot and you probably helped a lot of other people

  • Yumiko Aiso
    Yumiko Aiso

    Imagine being called Elon Musk as an insult lmfao-

  • Alixander Smith
    Alixander Smith

    This is why Shane’s baby and why these two are my otp cause they’re so precious loving and feisty like they just seem so happy and I’m so happy that they’re happy they both deserve this bro I can’t wait for them get married

  • curlykidkay •
    curlykidkay •

    Shane looks so good in the blueeeee we stan!!!


    For you dad😂

  • :D

    Shane looks so cute though

  • Dplayz121

    Cheeto looks even more depressed! Shane! What the fuck are you doing around that cat!!!???

  • Ashlee Hill
    Ashlee Hill

    is Ryland Adams smart

  • Haley Brdak
    Haley Brdak

    I'm watching this for like the 3rd time and I'm still shocked at how amazing it looks

  • Natalia Goral
    Natalia Goral

    okay but Ryland needs his own show like id be so down to watch this shit on netflix

  • Thea Dillistone
    Thea Dillistone

    Ryland: I want this to be a space where we can talk without a tv Later... Morgan: THERES GONNA BE A TV Ryland: yh

  • MK 2700747
    MK 2700747

    15:43 MORGAN!!!!! You dead ass did stay there and do nothing not helping him at all

  • Kenneth raya
    Kenneth raya

    Ah what music did they use when they revealed it to shanee

  • Orla L
    Orla L

    'my gay little heart' - greatest quote ever

  • hailey’s life
    hailey’s life

    I would pay him so much money to decorate my room😂 omg he should do that in the house he has😱

  • louswimmin

    did anyone else see the dog poop by the elliptical no way that's rat shit

  • Denise Plagmann
    Denise Plagmann

    anyone else get a little “awe he’s saving room on those shelves for wedding pictures!”

  • Sneaky Thicc
    Sneaky Thicc

    Lol so who’s the camera man? Because they need some help

  • Jenn S
    Jenn S

    If you want the comfiest slides EVER, check out the brand Oofos. Your feet will thank you!

  • Jenn S
    Jenn S

    Shane, it's not weird for parents to call each other Mom and Dad. Pet parents count!

  • Mercedes Solis
    Mercedes Solis

    Nobody's. Is should I give up

  • Mercedes Solis
    Mercedes Solis

    Hahaha hahaha. ... haha.... HAHA!!!

  • Mercedes Solis
    Mercedes Solis


  • Mercedes Solis
    Mercedes Solis

    I'm drunk right now and haven't watched y'all in a month so I'm going to keep commenting until somebody notices hahaha

  • Mercedes Solis
    Mercedes Solis

    You're way better Shane validation..... I still love you Ryland I love you even more now that you're with Shane and Shane's with you

  • Mercedes Solis
    Mercedes Solis


  • Mercedes Solis
    Mercedes Solis


  • Mercedes Solis
    Mercedes Solis


  • Mercedes Solis
    Mercedes Solis

    " your fuking right"

  • M J
    M J


  • Lalaloopsy

    I'm still waiting for the baby vlogs lmao

  • Mercedes Prince
    Mercedes Prince

    Shane same on the hair situation ❤️ love you both Queens👑

  • julia strbik
    julia strbik

    "i thought i had herpes but it was just rug burn"

  • Alexa M
    Alexa M

    I agree with Shane, you should have a house-flipping show! I'd watch!

  • Kayleigh Reid
    Kayleigh Reid

    Honestly come do my house

  • JJ Vlogs
    JJ Vlogs

    can we just talk about how shane and ryland are really the only YT couple that’s really worked out😍

  • lucky charm
    lucky charm

    I really enjoy these particular videos you have a great knack for home design. This is your talent and you should run with it.

  • Maddie Robson
    Maddie Robson

    Thank you next has two things Shane and Ryland have. Ryland has the workout thing and Shane has the old laptop I book that he unboxed years ago

  • Madison Farr
    Madison Farr

    no one: Shane: when i shower im ready to conquer the world

  • kel

    I feel like they are just too cute and nobody talks about that. Like, shane is like rylands child and it’s so cute🥺

  • elena nicola
    elena nicola

    can we please talk about how good Ryland is at interior design?

  • Xtra.M.04

    imagine when shane and ryland have a kid how bomb their baby room is gonna look😭🥺

  • Myonna Nani Manani
    Myonna Nani Manani

    Can u tell shane to make more videos I miss conspiracys:(

  • Melanie McArthur
    Melanie McArthur

    Jesus that’s beautiful Ryland! WOW 😍 lol and I’m over here stuck in an apartment without any furniture but my bedroom because of this virus 😅😩 it sucks donkey dick...🙁

  • It’s not the hype house, It’s the crack house
    It’s not the hype house, It’s the crack house

    Plot twist Andrew lives in the shed

  • Typical Kaylee
    Typical Kaylee

    Shane and Ryland ARE THE definition of UwU

  • Glynis Marthinussen
    Glynis Marthinussen

    Don’t like the wall paper, a bigger round mirror will hide some of that wall paper. I love that make over though

  • Lullah Rob
    Lullah Rob

    Sorry but I had to, quarantine is making Shane sKinNy like wow 👏

  • Debbie Alexander
    Debbie Alexander

    Awesome shed Ryland ❤️

  • Leslie Neil
    Leslie Neil

    12:38 Shane: the cancer♋️ Me: IM A CANCER TOOO!! ❤️ Nice work on the makeover ryland 👍

  • Raegan Suda
    Raegan Suda

    Where's Andrew 😕