God is Good All the Time - DAY 5 (RBP's Cow-a-bunga Farm VBS)
Community Bible Church of La Carlota City, Inc.
Regular Baptist Press' Cow-a-bunga Farm VBS
Music & Motions
Video By: Community Bible Church of La Carlota City, Inc.

  • Taku Rinyo
    Taku Rinyo

    I will dance on this song, it is very nice 😊😊😊♥️♥️

  • Erlinda Lozada
    Erlinda Lozada

    More Than

  • KittyCuty Chloe
    KittyCuty Chloe

    This is for my school church I’m going to sing it already practising it because I love Jesus

  • Pela Vengry
    Pela Vengry

    I love this song

  • Bella Bella
    Bella Bella

    I love God💜🙏

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  • marilou dagano
    marilou dagano

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  • Francisco ortega
    Francisco ortega

    mi hermano tiene nv

  • hala boutros
    hala boutros

    Everybody loves god

  • Ruokuozotuo Kirha
    Ruokuozotuo Kirha

    Please provide a karaoke for this song

  • Lydia Nambozo
    Lydia Nambozo


  • Xyz Xyz
    Xyz Xyz

    God is good 🙏

  • Wiliana Wiliana
    Wiliana Wiliana

    We like your song

  • Prasad Talsumdharam
    Prasad Talsumdharam

    Really god is good all the time

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  • Van Lian
    Van Lian

    God bless you

  • Sashirekha Digal
    Sashirekha Digal

    Wonderful talent ! God bless you all.

  • Sofian hadinata
    Sofian hadinata

    this a good song #love god

  • Hem Jha
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  • Kamboi Kakam
    Kamboi Kakam

    God is good all the time

  • Lily Lamberte
    Lily Lamberte

    I love god beacuse hy save me i like it

  • iorek byrnison
    iorek byrnison

    God is false white light stealing soul memories erasing sovereignty all the time. God is evil through and through. Angels are archons from Sirius

  • Babul ch Das
    Babul ch Das

    As we

  • Chhantei Chhangte
    Chhantei Chhangte

    I this song my. Sister and friend is dance and they always say that is very nice and come let's look and we cannot look another songs also 😔😔😒😒😱😱😥😥😢😢😉😉

  • Zhilhope Tahe
    Zhilhope Tahe

    Sumi aphuyiemi phek dist.

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  • Kathrina sayan-ventayen
    Kathrina sayan-ventayen

    bless for God

  • nengpiLhei

    I absolutely love this song's and action. Gonna sing with my Sunday school kids on coming Sunday..cnt wait to sing💞 Thanks for sharing 👍💞🌹

  • Seiboi Hk7
    Seiboi Hk7

    God is Good 🙏

  • Danny Yang
    Danny Yang

    Dop lit fam 🔥

    • Danny Yang
      Danny Yang

      Les go

  • Kimberly Angelica Tiu
    Kimberly Angelica Tiu

    Your so good ssong and god give me blessing plz and song to plz i like this sone thank you and god to good,

    • Lipika Das
      Lipika Das

      I love you

    • Imli Lkr
      Imli Lkr

      Kimberly Angelica Tiu ewhd

  • von vondotig
    von vondotig

    god is good all the time ..thanks god 😘😇😇 im so blessed 😇😇😇😇

  • charlie acenas
    charlie acenas

    Yes, god is goog all the time pries the lord

  • lun Neihsial
    lun Neihsial

    God is good. All the time.

    • Akhrole Losou
      Akhrole Losou

      Praise the lord

  • Robert Kanhai
    Robert Kanhai

    I love this song

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  • Joe race
    Joe race

    Yes God is good all the time

  • Jane Dinamling
    Jane Dinamling

    Yeahh!...God is Good!😇💟👍👐

  • lin aung
    lin aung

    God is good all time truly truly love me Amen God blessing in your group



  • Mewingbirth A Sangma
    Mewingbirth A Sangma

    Very Good.


    Yes but allah is better ☪️☪️💞💞

  • Beverly Oliveros
    Beverly Oliveros

    I love this video beacause god is good all the time we are singing this at our school

  • darckside ITA
    darckside ITA

    Porco dio

  • Danilo Uyanguren
    Danilo Uyanguren

    that my song in school

  • Minda Tataro
    Minda Tataro


  • Follow the damn train CJ - Smoke • 20 years ago
    Follow the damn train CJ - Smoke • 20 years ago

    God is good in the hood. One love 👊👍

    • Rimiky Synnah
      Rimiky Synnah

      Thank u

  • Silnam Marak
    Silnam Marak

    Yes, God is good all the time, I like this song

  • it's GAEA time
    it's GAEA time

    Good is good all the time!!!!

  • Qamar Masih
    Qamar Masih

    Very good

  • Ledylen Emphasis
    Ledylen Emphasis

    Amen ..

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    zeldabeth Marak

    Nice song☺☺

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    thienvan dang

    I love this song thank God amen 🙏

    • Hoisen Suantak
      Hoisen Suantak

      I love this song Thank you God 🙏

    • Nellie Varela
      Nellie Varela

      All around the world Something's going on

  • Sunny Kumar
    Sunny Kumar


  • Grace Rath
    Grace Rath

    i love you wondreful god

  • Chandra shekhar Newton
    Chandra shekhar Newton

    How nice song you sung l thank the Lord jesus christ form the heart and also thanks you to everyone Lord jesus you everyone

  • japhael Abraham
    japhael Abraham

    power of god

  • Maribel Macias
    Maribel Macias

    ME gusto Go the is all

    • Sneider S
      Sneider S

      Ablas español????

    • Sneider S
      Sneider S


  • Jakai Kuki
    Jakai Kuki

    Sooo Good.....

  • Juliet Sheh3113
    Juliet Sheh3113

    This is the real thing God is good all time

  • David Mercy
    David Mercy

    Yes God is good All the time Praise the Lord

    • David Mercy
      David Mercy


  • Madeng Lyngdddo
    Madeng Lyngdddo

    👍👍👍👍👍God is so good and great... hallelujah praise the Lord...... keep it up kid's to sing and praise the Lord Jesus Christ.....for he is so worthy ❣️❣️❣️

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  • Racheal Mdlongwa
    Racheal Mdlongwa

    waaaaw I love this song yes he is good all the tym

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      Khropezou Azole

      God is good all the time C

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      Lorena Cardon

      Nice good song.🙏🙏

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    Lalsiamzovi Siami

    thingtlang tlangval

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      Doris Avilez

      God is good all the time 😍😍😍

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    EUNICE ANN Apostol

    God is good indeed!!😂 😂 😂 😘 😊 💕 💞 💝 💗 💕 💕 💖 💞 💗 💗 💓