God Is Good All The Time
Gods Daily Word
Here is another worship video with lyrics and video to a great worship song by Don Moen as he sings "God is Good All The Time"
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  • Grace Kemirembeh
    Grace Kemirembeh

    Let ur name be glorified God🙌

  • Solangel Hernández
    Solangel Hernández

    God is good all the time that is true he is the best. He is my first love Forever.♥️😍

  • clara mowete
    clara mowete

    My GOD is so so good all the time. GOD is best.

  • IlyamynEyssa

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  • Emilio Camacho Colmenares
    Emilio Camacho Colmenares

    God is the best, thanks to God we have a home where to live and food to eat. He is the best. IwgtH

  • L Tye
    L Tye

    God is really good and helpful 🙏🙏🙏😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Jackie Ramos
    Jackie Ramos

    God is great

  • BaconHair Playz
    BaconHair Playz

    God is nothing but an ugly brat and do bad to all people I wish there's no god like him of is bad not good lol

  • Crazy55 Rider
    Crazy55 Rider

    God is good all the time even when this background behind the words makes it so you can't read the words. All you worship leaders need to stop putting background images that take away from seeing the words. Contrasting images over bearing and distractive makes you loose focus. The devil will use anything.

  • Ivy Lim
    Ivy Lim

    God bless You Tube and thank you very much much for putting GOD IS GOOD on TR-my everyday so that I we can worship GOD everyday. Thank you very much TR-my may The Good Lord bless all of you especially the good persons who put the worship songs. Thank you very much TR-my.

  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin Taylor

    The chorus is so fun to sing. Calms me down too

  • Aris Abobo
    Aris Abobo

    I'm keep on preying

  • Aris Abobo
    Aris Abobo

    Your the best

  • Aris Abobo
    Aris Abobo

    ILOVE him very much ILOVE you god

  • Aris Abobo
    Aris Abobo

    I sing this song and ILOVE him

  • Camilo Cubides
    Camilo Cubides


  • Khesiwe Dube
    Khesiwe Dube

    This song is really good i love iit so much

  • riya sequeira
    riya sequeira

    May your will be done O Lord now and always🙏

  • kagame roger
    kagame roger

    Hallelujah. All the time

  • Reshapelessness

    if people can't ''judge'' god , how is god '''good'' ? isn't that a judgement ? how do people come up with this crap ? when atheists point out all the horrible atrocious IMMORAL crap that's in that NASTY thing they want to call the ''good book'' , EVERY christian says ... YOU can't judge god !! you don't understand god !! , no but YOU do ? and YOU judged him to be ''good'' PISS OFF you pathetic ''human being'' , is what i have to say about it , how did YOU JUDGE god to to be good , first of all PROVE your dog exists , BEFORE you go walking around the neighborhood with an EMPTY LEASH , telling people : ''watch out for the dog , he bites , watch out for the dog , he's gonna get you'' , it just makes you look like a total fool second , have a look into what they wave around your churches in those dispenser/ thuribles , it's NOT incense like they like to tell people ever heard of Salvia ? it's one the MOST POTENT HALLUCINOGENICS ... IN THE WORLD !!! the church didn't pick that strand of Salvia , just for the fun of it ... it makes people's minds MALLEABLE , gives people dreams ABOUT the stories they fill your tiny little heads with , some even get VISIONS WHILE AWAKE from that stuff ... and they do all of this ... get this ... with YOUR CHILDREN in the room , even your babies when you have them with you in there ... the ''church'' has NO PROBLEM what so ever , for CENTURIES now , to drug you AND your children ... is THAT the kind of religion you want to adhere to ? well done , you silly fucking morons if you read that horrible thing with the knowledge you have now ... you CERTAINLY could judge your god AND the church , plus the people who ALLOWED you to BE drugged how else do you think you CAN believe ? in stories ABOUT miracles , people walking on water , changing water in to whine , talking donkeys and snakes and all that ... while you are drugged out of your minds , the pastors and priests are RAPING your children , in the atrocious sense of the word , and the RAPE of THE LIVES OF your children !!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT IMMORAL CULT , before you RUIN another child's life and your own , you freaky motherfuckers !!! GET AL LIFE OF YOUR OWN !!! , not a life that belongs to some MADE UP deity in your head !!! FREAKS !!!

    • vanessa williams
      vanessa williams

      I'm Evangelical and all i can say is i hope you find Love and serenety in your life. Don't follow religion. Just follow JESUS ok

  • Maria Elaine Herrera Mihokinnha
    Maria Elaine Herrera Mihokinnha


  • IMBoston

    GoD iS gOoD *almost kills my brother and makes him get his foot amputated* oh and *gives us coronavirus* kinda lost my faith a while ago.

  • Chelsea Simone
    Chelsea Simone

    Yay my favorite😍

  • Lili

    You all claim "God is good", well I disagree, he's the most uncaring, malicious, capricious, self indulgent bastard that could ever be imagined in the minds of parasites who want to use the concept to milk the millions of gullible people of their money and control their lives. Hundreds of thousands of living human skeletons in war torn Africa and the Middle East are dying like flies for the want of a few morsels of food and some clean water and your kind loving God just sits on his cloud and watches them die of starvation while he is considering the prayers of fat white folk from the Bible belt of the USA, where is your caring God when those children have to prostitute themselves to white perverts in order to sustain themselves for another day, Oh he's going to fix it all when we get to Heaven for our trial day, more bullshit from the parasites who are peddling this mythical story. TIME TO WAKE UP.

    • vanessa williams
      vanessa williams

      @Lili yup goodnight hun

    • Lili

      @vanessa williams Whatever floats your boat Vanessa and I know what you're talking about, holy hypocrites and bigots, I am Bi and have to suffer all the whispers and prejudice but I can only imagine what it would be like for you within a church group.

    • vanessa williams
      vanessa williams

      @Lili Wow Don't go to church just follow Jesus. I'm transgender soni don't go to church bunch of hypocrites. I just follow Jesus that it hun

    • Lili

      @vanessa williams If Jesus is God then Jesus is a mass murderer.

    • vanessa williams
      vanessa williams

      JESUS loves ok

  • David Boddipalli
    David Boddipalli


  • Brother Kellymatthew Barnes
    Brother Kellymatthew Barnes

    If only all country music could be this good, All The Time.

  • Tahera Noori
    Tahera Noori


  • Radica Sankar
    Radica Sankar

    i love love love this song

  • Joseph Andrews
    Joseph Andrews

    God is good all the time 🙌

  • Gigi Thomas
    Gigi Thomas


  • Hayden Bolt
    Hayden Bolt

    My preacher would always open with Him:"God is good." All of Church:"All the time" Him:"All the time" All of Church:"God is good" Him:"God is good all the time, but not all the time are we good to him"

    • Rhiana Sta Maria
      Rhiana Sta Maria

      Hayden Bolt Awww

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz

    Jesus is King

  • Doris King'ori
    Doris King'ori

    Oh yes, God is sooooo good.


    18th April 2020 God is good

  • aunt chocolate
    aunt chocolate

    God is good all the time and all the time God is good even in this dark day we are going through.

  • Rita Gyan
    Rita Gyan

    I love jesus if you love jesus give press the thumps button

  • Joan Enriquez
    Joan Enriquez

    God is good all time💕

  • Shola Andrew
    Shola Andrew

    God is good,all d time.

  • Horou

    Why did God flood the earth instead of talking sense to people to not do evil? Isn't he the "God of words"?

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee

    K love

  • Rajanipriya Nair
    Rajanipriya Nair

    Please make the download option available...blessed be your voice...I forgot all my pain

  • Aldrin Manaois
    Aldrin Manaois

    I prayed that God will guide me to make a bright future for me and my family, even though it's hard to say it in front of them

  • patsy Fernandes
    patsy Fernandes

    God is good. He is my Saviour.

  • Mitzi Mombay
    Mitzi Mombay

    God is Good

  • no religion ,no west ,unwanted
    no religion ,no west ,unwanted

    what the hell is god

  • Vailinca Dmello
    Vailinca Dmello


  • Ben Jacob John
    Ben Jacob John

    god is good all the time

  • Miriam Rosa
    Miriam Rosa

    Blessed blessed blessed Jesus blessed blessed all

  • Miriam Rosa
    Miriam Rosa

    Thank you Jesus thanks for everybody being heal in the name of Jesus

  • Mary Roxet Casiple
    Mary Roxet Casiple


  • Suzzane Masembe
    Suzzane Masembe

    Yes we believe God is good all the time,,,,, please God heal the earth 🌍 of covid-19

  • Michael Mabajhac
    Michael Mabajhac

    Bullshit God is a cunt

  • Jean Silvain
    Jean Silvain

    God is Good for me God is Good for you Amen Alelouya

  • Jean Silvain
    Jean Silvain

    Amen Alelouya Amen Alelouya God is Good Thank you so much God is Good

  • Jean Silvain
    Jean Silvain

    Amen Amen Alelouya God is Good Alelouya

  • Food Lover
    Food Lover

    my favorite song!

  • Vishan mangar
    Vishan mangar

    Thank you Lord God, I asked for your support, blessing to the entire world I pray 🙏🙌😢

  • Mary Anne David
    Mary Anne David

    God is good all the time! He took me by my hand & led me through all the storms in my life . Now I can stand & testify.

  • Ariel Williams
    Ariel Williams

    god is good all the time!

  • Kulah Earl
    Kulah Earl

    God is good all the time god is great and powerful wonderful miracle god thank you for this great day

    • Ygritte

      god is fake doe

  • Kabibi Mwepo
    Kabibi Mwepo

    God is good 🥰🥰😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘🥰😍

  • lemlem Atklt
    lemlem Atklt

    am GOD is Good Time

  • Jay Barria
    Jay Barria

    Only worship god

  • merlania stephen
    merlania stephen

    My God is Love and he changeth not!

  • It’s Nap Time
    It’s Nap Time

    everloved.com/life-of/renee-lucas/ Asking gods children to please pray that this family collects the donations needed to provide a service for their lost loved one everloved.com/life-of/renee-lucas/

  • Farah Noble
    Farah Noble

    God is good all the time!! Praise the Lord God!! Thank you God for loving and saving me..I will praise you forever and ever Amen..

    • ianez

      Was he good when he sent 2 bears to maul 42 kids for making fun of a bald man? I think not

  • MHT

    How do you know God is good all the time?

  • Miriam Rosa
    Miriam Rosa

    In 1985 how did Roberto Diaz gave a ring to pablo ?????? Pablo did you knew the guerillas gangs please explain this ????? Listening to what you say in the Lord of Jesus now it gets better was someone bleeding and your made it look like a murder like he did it no he it's innonces yes so you know what they say was done in the dark in st mary park comes to lights ??????? From chingz prayers

  • jacque Leen
    jacque Leen

    Here for 2020. It's on the list for Church this Sunday and I play guitar. Has a American gospel style about. Like how it is uncomplicated and gets to the point. Then at the end there is weird chord to keep you interested. Plus you can do holy ghost dance to this 😁

  • smiphs smiphsr
    smiphs smiphsr

    God is really Good all the time! Praise and glorify our God! Thank you Almighty Father in heaven for responding to my prayers. Thank you thank you I LOVE YOU! you are so great God!