Good Boys - Movie Review
Jeremy Jahns
A raunch comedy about 3 middle school friends on a quest!....oh yeah, and at the end, I ask a question about the freedom comedies do or do not have. Here's my review of GOOD BOYS!

  • MadOcelotGod 81
    MadOcelotGod 81

    I though good boys was hilarious, I DID laugh out loud a few times! Also, I agree that the fear of backlash shows in modern comedy. That's why I love Bill Burr, aka Billy Red Nuts!

  • Yung Christ
    Yung Christ

    This movie made me feel like I was watching an early 2000's corny kid's movie, mixed with an early 2000's corny R Comedy movie . . . Wasn't a good idea. An hour into this damn movie and I haven't laughed once. This whole "Crossing the line" of comedy is getting desperately old at this point.

  • Matthew St Vincent
    Matthew St Vincent

    Just saw it at an Advanced Screening in Sydney (Australia) and it’s the most terrible film of the year so far. It was f**king cringeworthy to the highest degree. The film feels like when your friend tells a joke you told them but they completely butcher it.

  • GriffShan

    This movie fucking sucked

  • Kredible1

    I fuck with your reviews dude but your theme music really sucks. When it goes viral, don't forget where it came from.

  • Ben Phillips
    Ben Phillips

    Their preoccupation with consent is similar to how they view drugs. Literally their only frame of reference for those topics comes from what they've been told in school. They've been told drugs are bad by stuff like the D.A.R.E. program, so they don't want the teens to have the drugs. They've been told consent is important, so that's the first thing their minds think of when anything sexual comes up (as it should be TBF). I felt that made total sense for the characters to say.

  • Larry Bryant
    Larry Bryant

    I was OK with the specific scene due to the fact of it being a continuation of a ongoing joke of the film when it comes to consent. Comendy works in 3s and 3 times they bring up the consent joke. 1: Practice kissing scene 2: Yelling at the college students 3. Basement scene Had it been the only time he brought it up then I would agree with you. Tried to keep this comment as spoiler free as i could

  • J. José Rivera Torres
    J. José Rivera Torres

    The topic of consent comes up a few times like it is the day one most important thing that gets drilled into them the first day of health class. It’s become a reflex answer to the kids.

  • c c
    c c

    They did a horrible job of editing it. I mean seriously so choppy, the story didn’t flow at all. Also it was really predictable which was upsetting! I loved it conceptually and it had some good jokes but a lot of it was just boring. IMO booksmart was the better Superbad-type movie of the year

  • Steelers 87
    Steelers 87

    This motha fucka said bring that dick LIKE WHAT THE FUCK..... THIS MOVIE WAS FUNNY I LOVED IT...... I WOULD SAY 4 OUT OF 5

  • G MAN
    G MAN

    Watched it last night total disappointment, couple chuckles but not much else

  • Chase's Father
    Chase's Father

    "Look who's talking shit"🤣🤣🤣

  • Lost Train of Thoughts
    Lost Train of Thoughts

    I agree that just taking about consent as a child would be forced, but I saw this movie last night and they mentioned having an assembly about it. I remember at that age, anytime our school have a "safety" seminar I went crazy serious about it. Like with D.A.R.E or when protecting yourself from home hazards. I slapped those vomit stickers all over the outlets so no one stuck a fork in, despite being the youngest. I can kind of see in some school then bringing up consent. Not every school, but I didn't find that seen unbelievable.

  • Gomez Sebastian
    Gomez Sebastian

    I think they did a good job at mentioning in the beginning that the kids learned about consent at school during an assembly and they talked about it in the scene earlier in the film with the sex doll so that line did not seem out of character to me.

  • GregXHunterz

    My boy and I actually got drunk when watching this movie lol what a coincidence you mention that

  • Jassy MC
    Jassy MC

    Just seeing the movie lol sorta late... It was some cringe moments imo but it's still hilarious lol (8.5/10)

  • The Grimm Commoner
    The Grimm Commoner

    Jeremy, the "consent" line was addressed earlier in the film when they were learning to kiss the "CPR doll". The kids learned about consent from assembly and telling off the frat guy was doing as they were told, because they're "good boys".

  • Nis

    Jeremy jahns you are fined one credit for a violation of the verbal moralities

  • I Bandit Mine I
    I Bandit Mine I

    This was a funny ass movie

  • Brilchan

    Disagree I do belive the 12year olds do talk about consent I think they do hear it all the time in mass media internet and parents. Also, kids do fluctuate at that age they can be extremely profound one minute and extremely stupid the next. I have seen this movie yesterday and absolutely LOVED it with is a surprise because I hated Superbad and sausage party but the good reviews made me look it up and it was charming and heartwarming and funny

  • Anthony Wright
    Anthony Wright

    This movie is incredibly cringe worthy. My friend whispered to me, "Did you ever talk like this as a kid?" during the film. The humor heavily relied on kids swearing and it just didn't work for me.

  • Bryan F
    Bryan F

    3:50 I don't think that's out of place at all. At age 10-12, you're going through sex-ed class in school and trust me, you're getting the concept of consent hammered into your head.

  • fresh freshh
    fresh freshh

    jeremy, it is happening. idk how though. the nutty leftists/sjw are a very small minority, idk how theyre getting away with the things theyve gotten away with. just check out dave chappelles sticks and stones comedy special

  • Killing Me Will Not Bring Back Your Apples
    Killing Me Will Not Bring Back Your Apples

    The funny thing is that kids actually talk like this in real life. I wish there were more movies that portrayed childhood realistically.

  • Chaotic Slayer
    Chaotic Slayer

    Believe it or not this movie was relatable hell some of the stuff that happened in the movie even happened to me lol even hung out in a group of 3

  • I am a Toaster
    I am a Toaster

    Most comedy movies I feel like were more of a I can wait a few months to watch this at home but good boys was the first comedy (for me) that felt like it was worth going to the movies for.

  • Crimson Cruz
    Crimson Cruz

    This movie definitely had a South Park feel to it

  • Troy Wu
    Troy Wu

    be forewarned, the shrill pre-pubescent boys' voices wear on you. however, the movie is not necessarily ill-wrought. like its predecessor, superbad, its main comedic mechanism is dramatic irony, which dishes comedy, hot, fresh, and accessible, for an adult audience.

  • Callum Spriet
    Callum Spriet

    I feel like the kid mentioning consent was funny because you know he learned that in his first sex ed class in middle school.

  • Crab Sleuth
    Crab Sleuth

    I just came from the movie, I wish I hadn’t

  • Jochem Raben
    Jochem Raben

    This movie is absolute garbage, not one funny joke, no good characters, a bad plot and even worse acting. Hated every second of it.

  • Lucas Youkhana
    Lucas Youkhana

    The movie had a lot of potential but didn't nail it right. The R rating was so not needed, this is def a PG-13 film. The movie held back A FUCK TON. It seems to me that when the movie was reviewed, they couldnt get it to a PG-13 so they said fuck it and went with it. That being said, the movie wouldve been AMAZING, if it took place in the past and the intended audience wouldve been more engaged and relatable. Make it in the 90s and you got a nostalgic film for anyone 18+.

  • MrZZooh

    Great review, very detailed and realistic without looking like a pompous ass.

  • banquetroom

    A younger version of Superbad; very good movie! 👍🏾

  • DelixTheReviewer

    Sad Chris didn't review this :c

  • Nathan Coakley
    Nathan Coakley

    This movie’s dog shit. Nothing but a bunch of edge lords trying to be cool.

  • Mikeinoid

    I know there has been a lot for comments about it already, but the reason why he yelled "consent" at the drug deal was because of earlier when they were practicing on the CPR doll and said to get consent before kissing. It wasn't misplaced at all and it was a very good "callback" that was executed pretty well in the movie. Besides that, good review!

  • Sean Laffey
    Sean Laffey

    I think the line about consent makes sense in the context of the movie. Earlier in the movie, one of the kids made a throwaway line about how they learned all about consent in a school assembly, and I can see a them doing middle school PSAs like that nowadays. That being said, I don’t think comedies need to spoonfeed morality to the audience, especially if it’s a detriment to the movie. This instance didn’t really seem detrimental to the movie to me, and it fits in with the theme of “this is what kids are like nowadays: they swear, they’re naive but have the Internet, and they get taught certain adult concepts when they’re younger and younger.”

  • Wyguy the French Fry
    Wyguy the French Fry

    Why are we talking about demolition man?

  • wesley harper
    wesley harper

    So I watched good boys a couple hours ago I thought it was fuckin hilarious and a good time

  • The J Aguayo
    The J Aguayo

    1:23.🤣🤣 He is being very honest by the look on his face.

  • Michae Thompson
    Michae Thompson

    “Look who’s talking shit.”

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan

    The consent thing is probably taught to them in school though.

  • Henry Bascombe
    Henry Bascombe

    The movie sucked. It was like an R rated Wimpy Kid Diary.

  • headslo

    spot on with the thought police. there are pandering lines in the latest xmen movie and the endgame that were totally shoehorned in to "check the box" so they didn't catch shit. Captain Marvel was one giant pander job and it was terrible. If women are equal, then they dont need this media and entertainment cocoon placed around them. They can take jokes like everyone else. Or can they? I used to think that was the case but the news is startimg to change my mind.

  • The Captain
    The Captain

    Live action South Park without South Park

  • john doe
    john doe

    So what was your rating? Half the video was about consent smh


    Funniest movie in years!!

  • Dee Anna
    Dee Anna

    The idea of consent was mentioned several times. The first time, one of them said “remember what we learned at assembly. We have to have consent.” It makes sense that naive kids with no sexual experience would mention the one thing they do know. It has been 30 years since I had middle school sex Ed, and consent was never addressed. I’m guessing that now, it’s a huge focus. So,to me, it really didn’t seem out of place. I loved the movie. Laughed my ass off throughout.

  • BigSalProductions

    This is the first time I've seen that Jeremy gives the review halfway through the video

  • Llah

    This was a terrific movie!

  • Absolute Legend
    Absolute Legend

    He said he needed consent because schools teach kids around 6th grade why consent Is important and it was funny watching them interrupt it like that

  • Duane Rackham
    Duane Rackham

    It felt like the zoomers(born after 97) equivalent of superbad. I'll always remember seeing superbad in highschool and relating to it. This is the same way some of the younger crowd will feel about this movie. Superbad is still better though

  • Aadya e
    Aadya e


  • TheWesinator

    The consent joke worked because it was referenced earlier. They had a conversation about consent because, “Remember the assembly?”

    • TheWesinator

      fresh freshh Disagree. I think it’s making fun of school assemblies and how they teach kids about things they don’t even understand. So it’s funny to hear a 6th grader tell off a college guy about how he treats women by repeating what he heard from an assembly verbatim.

    • fresh freshh
      fresh freshh

      you can tell it was forced.

    • Luther Hall
      Luther Hall

      I totally agree that it was not a throw away line. It was a running joke in the movie. It was brought up in the scene when they were going to kiss the sex doll and Lucas said "Wait! you have to get her consent first". I feel that the writers were making a commentary on how different things are in school today than it was when we were growing up. I agree things needed to change but now things are so PC and "pussyfied" that it is hilarious. The SCAB group is retarded! But I bet there are some school systems with such a weak ass group! A bunch of nerds with yellow vest and whistles to help stop bullying. Priceless! Too funny! When they walked the boys into the school I was crying laughing. I could watch this movie again but I have to take someone that hasn't seen it to laugh at their reactions.

  • Lucas Martins Saraiva
    Lucas Martins Saraiva

    Probably I won't watch it because I am not a great fan of Seth Rogen (And this movie is produced and wrote by Seth Rogen) but if I change my mind in the future, probably it's because it's like a live action South Park

  • Blurrys

    Good boys made me cry

  • Bozo

    His favorite word is “logistics”

  • GerardoPerez85

    Taking my little brother to go see this, he is currently in middle school so it should be a good time. Hope we get a kick out of it.

  • Your wise cousin Joe
    Your wise cousin Joe

    I havent yet watch it and i am thinking about going this weekend....... give consent? That really put a stop on my track...😒🤷‍♂️

  • Super Jinchuriki
    Super Jinchuriki

    For those of you that have seen it. How would you compare it to Superbad? Because I really loved that movie!

  • TJ Jordan
    TJ Jordan

    This movie didn’t need to address if the kid understood “consent” in words, it just had to do it in actions. If something feels forced when saying it then it should be expressed in action. Say one of the kids got a chance to kiss a girl but she refuses his advances and he accepts it, despite hurt. It shows that he respects her but is still a kid. That alone speaks volumes than that one scene ever could. About comedy vs offensive, that one is a hard thing to discuss. But in my opinion, comedy movies shouldn’t have to address something just to make some sensitive people comfortable. It’s like watching a documentary about some horrible event in human history, there’s going to be some things that people are not going to like to see or hear. And the same is with comedy, there will be some things that people will find offensive and straight-up mean spirited. People today just criticize for the sake of criticizing. It’s hard to do something without upsetting someone and I believe we should set that fear aside and just go for it. Just make sure to use common sense in what you do.

  • Edwin Palacios
    Edwin Palacios

    Funniest part for me was when he reloaded his fake gun ! 😂😂😂

  • Skits And Giggles
    Skits And Giggles

    They actually talked about consent earlier when they had the “cpr” doll in their room. So actually it was a call back when they said it again. They also believe drugs are bad for the community and destroy lives. So obviously they learned all these things during assembly meetings as they mentioned during the crp kissing scene too. So I think it made sense that they spoke that way. However, they didn’t care about the dangers of sipping four sips of beer!!

  • Drd20

    What is this shit like that weird ass movie Milk Money but on raunchy steroids?

  • Kamak

    It’s rated R in the US!? Lol It’s C in my country

  • Nolan

    The reason they were so high on the consent thing was because they just had an assembly on it. They've referenced it several times.

  • Pyridius

    To be fair regarding the consent line, I think it was fine because it was a call back to earlier in the movie to when they practiced kissing on the doll

  • Shayne McCatty
    Shayne McCatty

    I just saw this film today and about the consent line - one of his friends tells him he should always ask for consent before kissing when they way were practicing on the cpr dummy. it was a call back to that not just saw random line. the one thing that i really didn't like about this movie is that lucas (black kid) would ruin every single moment in this but them blame the others for it. realistically i don't see how they could continue to be friends with him cause that is an annoying trait. i did like how the problems in this movie felt very true to a middle schooler.

  • Alpha Jay 3.0
    Alpha Jay 3.0

    Children swearing, I'm on board 👍