Good Boys - Movie Review
Jeremy Jahns
A raunch comedy about 3 middle school friends on a quest!....oh yeah, and at the end, I ask a question about the freedom comedies do or do not have. Here's my review of GOOD BOYS!

  • Fly Motives
    Fly Motives

    Literally all these comments are copies of other comments lol wtf

  • Jequavis MoShannon
    Jequavis MoShannon

    My dad went out to rent a movie and was gonna surprise us and came back with this movie.... dang

  • Weird Alan
    Weird Alan

    My friend called the sex line in the 1990s and then his father busted his ass for calling it when he received the bill it was absolutely hilarious.

  • Nunya Biznaz
    Nunya Biznaz

    "Look Who's Talking S***t", I almost died, lol!

  • animator 049
    animator 049

    We're at that point in time where kids can't see kids movies anymore..

  • L B
    L B

    Nothing is funny about kids cussing and playing with dildos

  • Hedwig Etcetera
    Hedwig Etcetera

    stick with super bad

  • Goated Gamer
    Goated Gamer

    Best movie ever

  • Chris Toph
    Chris Toph

    They already brought up consent in the movie dude..

  • spongeaang98

    There isn't a lazier talking point and grift in the media right now than millennials "killing" comedy. In fact, the true hallmark of any failing comedian or anyone whose sense of humor peaked in high school is when they have to ask "what's with (blank) these days?" without actually examining it. Everywhere I look, I see some boring edgelord complaining about how he's being "censored" and has folks "triggered" while still racking up stacks of cash by exploiting their laziness and self-importance into performance art by recycling jokes that wore out their welcome by around 2007. Comedy, like people's taste in anything, is subjective and evolves over time. That's why the funniest comedians usually have some degree of empathy and self-awareness. Nobody is obligated to find you funny or entertaining, and if you're unable to make people laugh, that's your problem and not mine or anyone else's.

  • Finch Lee
    Finch Lee

    I liked the movie

  • Zechariah Smith
    Zechariah Smith

    “Look who’s talking shit” xD lmao , what gold!

  • SilverNBlack Productions
    SilverNBlack Productions

    The movie was kinda whack, pretty funny but a lil bit cringy at times

  • M Juru
    M Juru


  • Veygaz Floss Alot
    Veygaz Floss Alot

    Did the black kid purple shirt mean somthing or was it just design ?

  • j nic
    j nic

    they literally said earlier in the movie that they learned about consent at a school assembly ....

  • Crow Fu
    Crow Fu

    I had to stop watching it about 20 min in because every character is suffering from Fortnite Down Syndrome. They say "dope" like its a "cool" thing to say when only the mentally challenged say that stupid shit. Most importantly, it feels forced with these kids because they are around 11 or 12 and dont seem to act like this in real life. If they got 8th graders as the focus instead of 6th graders, it would have been more convincing.

  • Patrick Reilly
    Patrick Reilly

    As a huge fan of Superbad I really wanted to like this film but I found the writing atrocious and it was unwatchable because of it I literally made it halfway through and had to turn it off it's just so unbelievable it's not funny it's sloppy I just couldn't do it. Edit: I finally finished it a week after this comment, the ending was actually decent and the overall message of the movie made it heart warming but I still stand by the bad writing not really recommending it to anyone

  • Toy Rosa OC Fnaf
    Toy Rosa OC Fnaf

    I liked this movie lol

  • LesClaypool OnBass
    LesClaypool OnBass

    just watched it, meh thought it kinda sucked

  • BlueLightningCactus

    Yeah, this movie is comedic and stuff, but once you actually watch it there's a deeper meaning. Like Jeremy, said the movie was a bildungsroman for the boys. I mean I was actually close to crying at the end. *spoiler alert below* While the boys were having fun and getting into all sorts of trouble, they strengthened the bond they had with each other. Towards the end of the movie, where they broke up over a silly party, and they soon realize that its not worth losing their friendship. They get back together where they group hug and start crying. The movie also displays so much symbolism throughout that converges into the ending scene. Like there's an actual moral to this plot. And that's what makes it so fascinating because all you see of this on TR-my are the funny scenes in the beginning, and the plot writers saved the good stuff for the end. If you took out the cussing and drugs, I would legit consider this a family movie. With this I just want to say that this movie is totally worth watching and you're bound to learn many good life lessons from it.

  • Samuel Clough
    Samuel Clough

    It was a movie made by SJW that don’t have real morals. It was really bad. If you take out the fucks and the not funny sex toy gags it’s an after school movie. Once they didn’t take the drugs I knew it wasn’t going anywhere fast. Lame and them doing the run across 12 lanes of Rush hour traffic seamed like it might get copied by dumb kids. I don’t think this movie would of seamed good even if I was the kids age. Who was this movie made for? It’s like they took 10% sappy lame kids drama about growing up and puberty, 40% anti-drug/SJWpolitics, 5% creepy uncle pervert vibe, 50% bad teen sex comedy usually saved for straight to video fodder. It looks like there trying to trick kids into seeing this with the R rating. It was bad enough I went about giving my two cents about it here because this guy didn’t write the scorching review calling out the flaws in this bad film.

  • Tanbir Ahmed
    Tanbir Ahmed

    The movie was hilarious

  • Dawn Fizzle
    Dawn Fizzle

    This movie disturbed me. And im a horror movie lover. Most movies dont scare me. But the fact this movie was made is just kinda scary. I dont really like this raunch with children.

  • JessieJamesPlays

    Literally Live-action South Park

  • DeanMrr34

    when they opened the door and he's wearing the gimp mask i freaking lost my shit

  • Nick Dorenkamp
    Nick Dorenkamp

    Well it's technically two directors but only one of them got credit.


    The funniest scene is when the boys was buying drugs for this girl

  • Raven Moonsinger
    Raven Moonsinger

    I guess I'm naïve and old fashioned. Yes, when I was in middle school we went to parties where spin the bottle was played so I know that is about the age where curiosity about the opposite sex begins and you start having crushes in that coming of age period of life. I'm just astounded by the language these kids use and the sexual references they made by children that age. Even though I remember well those feelings of romance when it came to boys, I also remember a sweetness and innocence to that time as well. Maybe if we'd had cable TV and the internet I would have been as savvy about life and sex as these kids are--they were miles ahead of me at that age. And oh ya, who names their kid Thor or Attica?

  • Boston Austin
    Boston Austin

    This movie was pure trash 🗑 garbage

  • Al Green
    Al Green

    This film is absolute shit Not one single laugh

    • Moises Pliego
      Moises Pliego

      Al Green saw it last night and I didn’t laugh once, garbage movie

  • Night Rage
    Night Rage

    Dude, modern media are obsessed with consent, it makes total sense that the kid has heard it and understood enough to make that comment.

  • Josh

    Oh god the kid said you should always get consent, COMEDY IS DEAD!!! Are you fucking serious Jeremy?

  • Leam

    This movie was hilarious in my opinion I liked it.

  • therealbyrdman86 diego
    therealbyrdman86 diego

    I thought the movie did suck

  • Mister K
    Mister K

    I had to skip the kissing part coz it was weird AF. Movie was funny, felt bit sad for the boy band splitting up a bit and the coke bit at the end was a bit much but all the hate this movie is getting for all the "PC" 12 year olds are saints shit is load of bs.

  • Ginatte Williams
    Ginatte Williams

    Excruciatingly cringe-worthy, unnecessary and way over-down profanity throughout, kids should not be exposed to this lame crudeness but its too silly for adults, take out lots of the cursing and make it rated Teen and i'd give it a 3 out of 5 Good acting but the project seems blessed satanists

  • John Oliver Fainsan
    John Oliver Fainsan

    F*cking love this movie, Bean Bag Boys 4 lyf

  • Sebastian

    The kid probably knew about consent because of those classes in middle school/elementary school that teach you about “grown ups” shit like alcohol, drugs, sex etc. Well that’s just what I assumed when I watch the movie, i could be wrong tho

  • House of Banelord.
    House of Banelord.

    it real!!!

  • VincentVangasbel

    About the part when the guy said "she can suck my dick", they already watched porn when they were looking for how to kiss, in fact one of them said "I don't think that's where you should give a kiss" if I'm not mistaking. That says all.

  • Qui3t Storm
    Qui3t Storm

    No the reboot will be good girls. all girl cast remember.

  • Datsizer

    This movie was hilarious... They played the line very well... Not too far. Just enough shit that kids can relate too lmao. I was doing the same shit at their age. Funny movie.

    • King Stacy
      King Stacy

      Datsizer Remember everyone doesn’t relate to what you did as a child.

  • hype cole
    hype cole

    I surprisingly loved this movie.

  • jay rod
    jay rod

    The Movie story is stupid.

  • Armando Morales
    Armando Morales

    Damn? 6min review for this POS movie.

  • jackygomes

    it makes sense for him to say that about consent because they said early in the movie that they learned about it at school

  • TG5455

    I think it's a shame that comedy movies nowadays have to be safe because they don't want to tick off the Twitter mob for being so over the top and wrong and then say on Twitter that the people who make them are so dirty minded.

  • Cristina Alejandra Velasco Cabrera
    Cristina Alejandra Velasco Cabrera

    I loved this movie. The friend that went to the movie with me also loved it. The whole movie theatre was laughing (although it became apparent that some jokes were particularly more laughable than others for certain people). At some point my friend was crying out of laughter.

  • booker dewitt
    booker dewitt

    live action south park? huh? wh-what? idk...

    • booker dewitt
      booker dewitt

      oh and btw,this movie is NOT rated R anymore.

  • Tyler Griffin
    Tyler Griffin

    This needs background music.

  • hello there
    hello there

    the reason he brought up consent was to show u what theyre taught in school now at a young age

    • hello there
      hello there

      i also think it was brought to make fun of everyone today as well

  • Kristianna Zacharias
    Kristianna Zacharias

    I agree that the direction of the movie was a little all over the place. However, I think that line in particular made sense for that character. Lucas is definitely a rule follower, and all three boys talk about consent many times throughout the movie. There were also reoccurring jokes about the middle school's anti-bullying squad and anti-drug attitude. However, it's not like the three pre-teens really understood the depths of these issues, and if anything it sounds like they're just repeating what they learned at a school assembly. I think that the director may have been satirizing how children are being taught about things like consent and bullying in today's world. That's not to say that teaching children about consent and bullying at a young age is wrong, it's a huge step forward, but I think the comedy comes from the lack of real understanding the children have. I also think the audience can laugh at the anti-bullying squad or the kids' call for consent because it's so different from how childhood used to be. I certainly didn't learn anything about consent when I was in school, and I imagine the demographic for this R-rated film hasn't been in middle school for quite some time.

  • Davey Jones
    Davey Jones

    Lucas talked about consent because his character was supposed to be the moral compass of the group who's always trying to keep things ethical, sometimes to a degree that annoys the others. It's totally consistent with his character

  • Bruh Bruhman
    Bruh Bruhman

    Im glad i was raised in a better community compared to those kids

  • Cassi McCammon
    Cassi McCammon

    This movie was super super dirty. Oddly enough, though, it had no sex or nudity. Normally I don’t think sex/fart/poop humor is funny but this movie had me dying. I don’t know why. The kids are so dramatic and naïve it just was really funny. Not a super meaningful movie by any means. It’s completely out there with the concept and stuff like this would literally never happen. It was just enjoyable. I liked it.

  • MadOcelotGod 81
    MadOcelotGod 81

    I though good boys was hilarious, I DID laugh out loud a few times! Also, I agree that the fear of backlash shows in modern comedy. That's why I love Bill Burr, aka Billy Red Nuts!

  • Yung Christ
    Yung Christ

    This movie made me feel like I was watching an early 2000's corny kid's movie, mixed with an early 2000's corny R Comedy movie . . . Wasn't a good idea. An hour into this damn movie and I haven't laughed once. This whole "Crossing the line" of comedy is getting desperately old at this point.

  • Matthew St Vincent
    Matthew St Vincent

    Just saw it at an Advanced Screening in Sydney (Australia) and it’s the most terrible film of the year so far. It was f**king cringeworthy to the highest degree. The film feels like when your friend tells a joke you told them but they completely butcher it.

  • GriffShan

    This movie fucking sucked

  • Kredible1

    I fuck with your reviews dude but your theme music really sucks. When it goes viral, don't forget where it came from.

  • Ben Phillips
    Ben Phillips

    Their preoccupation with consent is similar to how they view drugs. Literally their only frame of reference for those topics comes from what they've been told in school. They've been told drugs are bad by stuff like the D.A.R.E. program, so they don't want the teens to have the drugs. They've been told consent is important, so that's the first thing their minds think of when anything sexual comes up (as it should be TBF). I felt that made total sense for the characters to say.

  • Larry Bryant
    Larry Bryant

    I was OK with the specific scene due to the fact of it being a continuation of a ongoing joke of the film when it comes to consent. Comendy works in 3s and 3 times they bring up the consent joke. 1: Practice kissing scene 2: Yelling at the college students 3. Basement scene Had it been the only time he brought it up then I would agree with you. Tried to keep this comment as spoiler free as i could

  • J. José Rivera Torres
    J. José Rivera Torres

    The topic of consent comes up a few times like it is the day one most important thing that gets drilled into them the first day of health class. It’s become a reflex answer to the kids.

  • c c
    c c

    They did a horrible job of editing it. I mean seriously so choppy, the story didn’t flow at all. Also it was really predictable which was upsetting! I loved it conceptually and it had some good jokes but a lot of it was just boring. IMO booksmart was the better Superbad-type movie of the year

  • Steelers 87
    Steelers 87

    This motha fucka said bring that dick LIKE WHAT THE FUCK..... THIS MOVIE WAS FUNNY I LOVED IT...... I WOULD SAY 4 OUT OF 5

  • G MAN
    G MAN

    Watched it last night total disappointment, couple chuckles but not much else

  • Chase's Father
    Chase's Father

    "Look who's talking shit"🤣🤣🤣

  • Lost Train of Thoughts
    Lost Train of Thoughts

    I agree that just taking about consent as a child would be forced, but I saw this movie last night and they mentioned having an assembly about it. I remember at that age, anytime our school have a "safety" seminar I went crazy serious about it. Like with D.A.R.E or when protecting yourself from home hazards. I slapped those vomit stickers all over the outlets so no one stuck a fork in, despite being the youngest. I can kind of see in some school then bringing up consent. Not every school, but I didn't find that seen unbelievable.

  • Gomez Sebastian
    Gomez Sebastian

    I think they did a good job at mentioning in the beginning that the kids learned about consent at school during an assembly and they talked about it in the scene earlier in the film with the sex doll so that line did not seem out of character to me.