GRETEL & HANSEL (2020) Ending Explained
#gretelandhansel #endingexplained
Gretel & Hansel is a frightening new take on the classic tale, now with a quite different story that puts Gretel at the forefront where it seems the witch has grander plans for the children than merely eating them.
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  • Piolo Logronio
    Piolo Logronio

    i prefer hunting witch than being a victim

  • N. Malone
    N. Malone

    Your video made me actually want to go watch this movie. I'm going to do that now, it sounds like a great movie!

  • Max Erickson
    Max Erickson

    The "mario mushrooms" are amanitas... they are more commonly called fly agarics and are poisonous but are known to be used by witches in the past to make tea to help them "fly"

  • neik magar
    neik magar

    She might be the white witch from alice in the Wonderland

  • Tactical Nuke Incoming
    Tactical Nuke Incoming

    50% of the comments: Theories, opinions, etc Other 50%: *educated mushroom talk*

  • Blade Smith
    Blade Smith

    Good movie. I recommend you watch it.

  • Joey Hernandez
    Joey Hernandez

    Sounds like Coraline if Coraline was also had powers.

  • The Guy
    The Guy

    I swear Gretel was a girl.

  • Julian Tan
    Julian Tan

    Why are messed up studio’s turning childhood stories or cartoons into dark gory movie WHY I ASK WHY!!??

  • Skull Crusade343
    Skull Crusade343

    Next we'll have "& Gretel Hansel"

  • Stephan Ryll
    Stephan Ryll

    @FoundFlix you didnt understand the role of hansel. He is a young child and he will become a hunter. the boy did a good job for his age. You dont know that these mushrooms are real and no easter eggs to a game. And that was no brothel. Eating children makes the witch look young. the age is not a disguise, because the woman is that old. and the massage of the movie is: with all good things as a disguise are coming also bad things. She saved her brother and the other kids. but with that she also got all the dark abilitys of the witch. but yes, she trys to do got with it for now.

  • Ghxost Man
    Ghxost Man

    That witch never fails to give me chills on the same level as the wizard of oz

  • Senumitten

    "man bad and dumb, woman strong smart and beatiful"

  • Timothy Peterson
    Timothy Peterson

    I like how there's a completely reasonable solution "go to the convent." Who would have totally taken in a child of his age. So... Yeah. Movie over if they did the logical thing.... Like most horror movies.

  • capricorn capricorn
    capricorn capricorn

    can u do a review / ending explained of “SWALLOW” pls?

  • HalfBAKED potatoe
    HalfBAKED potatoe

    I think the brother would become the Huntsman With that symbolic axe

  • lynn lascaro
    lynn lascaro

    develop a new speaking voice while youre young

  • Riley

    The bird at 7:20 is a reference to "Juniper Tree" another Grimm brother's story about a young boy who is murdered by his mother who forces his siblings to hide the remains (under the juniper tree his biological mother is buried under) and then, yes, feeds him to his father. The boy then turns into a bird and sings a song to haunt his murderer until she commits suicide.The song is: My mother, she killed me My father, he ate me My sister Marlene Gathered all my bones Tied them in a silken scarf Laid them beneath the juniper tree Tweet, tweet, what a beautiful bird am I

  • amievap78

    Soooooo... in the 1700s in Germania or some other European country there was children of every color. Black, white, asian, hindu, etc... In a little shithole town in the woods they have a commercial of the United colors of Benetton. And this mega powerful witch is killed in 30 seconds by her apprentice after she uses the force to move the stick. Get out of here man. This movie had potential but they blew it. Once again. Apart from a few beautiful shots, it does not make the viewer feel anything through the whole film. Big meh.

  • Lopsided


  • Joey Darkwing
    Joey Darkwing

    I watched this movie in the theaters and when watching it on here I realized how fucking dumb it was

  • J.J Jameson
    J.J Jameson

    Classic style over substance

  • Gale Crystal
    Gale Crystal

    Does anyone remember those old Flash games called Gretel & Hansel? The ones with the oil painting/sepia artstyle.

  • Ashfaq Alve
    Ashfaq Alve

    20 minuted of gretel becomes vegan

  • Ray k.o
    Ray k.o

    I like how they separate. Second part should be Hansel becoming a witch hunter and Gretel turning dark

  • Ray k.o
    Ray k.o

    Hansel had to be wack so his sister can be great

  • A Thomas
    A Thomas

    "Gretel great job on those powers you really figured this shit out"...actually made me laugh out loud. She casually just murders a clearly much more powerful witch with minimal effort.

  • DTB Lifts
    DTB Lifts

    When Hansel takes up the axe and inspects it, she says “...and let him find his own story”. I think this means that Hansel will become The Huntsman later in life.

  • Vinícius De Oliveira
    Vinícius De Oliveira

    So ending explained is just this guy telling everything that's already in the film? There's nothing being explained at all, just summarised. The boy with the axe will probably have another fairy tale to fulfill... Maybe like in red riding hood or something. And he failed to mentioned that Gretel used her own greasy face to summon the power to move the staff in the end. Which was a consistent touch with the lore of children's fat in the broomstick stuff... Honestly...

  • neil Taylor
    neil Taylor

    no dude the mushrooms resemble exactly what red with white spots commonly tend to be found in forests and has no connection at all to super mario, check your eyesight

  • Dr. Lex Winter
    Dr. Lex Winter

    5:31 - They are fly agaric you idiot. They've existed for a few million years longer than super mario brothers.

  • captaindog

    Eh this movie was ok. Nothing more.

  • Bryce Pants
    Bryce Pants

    This movie is great tbh. I'm sad reception was so mixed on it.

  • PatronusHelice

    What a powerfull message of setting herself free abandoning her little brother, who was written to be obnoxious .... yay pseudo feminism, not having a problem with real feminism, just this degenerated stuff

  • filip_3000

    Foundflix is so good idk why it isn't meant to be payed to watch. It deserves to be 100$ a month...

  • Connor McJesus
    Connor McJesus

    You know those mushrooms are a real thing right 05:36

  • i38 83
    i38 83

    Sophia is an amazing actor.This movie is very scary to be honest😂

  • MorlunKnight

    So I really think this movie is packed with allusions to more fairytales, there's the allusion to The Juniper Tree that someone else pointed out, the huntsman is the one from Snow White, Hansel and the Axe may be him becoming the Lumberjack from Little Red Riding Hood, and I think the Sorceress is the one from Sleeping Beauty. Also I think there is a cool costume choice in Gretel, she starts in all white, but as she becomes corrupted by the witch in black her clothes become more gray, up until they are black right before she betrays the witch. After that when she decides to follow her own path and trust in herself she's in white again. It shows that she in the end is herself and fully turns away from the evil source the witches magic came from, instead using her own connection to nature and herself as her source of magic.

  • Thomas Marino
    Thomas Marino

    Hardly anyone came to see this movie when we had it playing at my theater, which was great because we mostly had it during our late night showings and I wanted to go home early.

  • oAnku

    I love ur channel

  • Viridian

    The mushrooms I think are not an easter egg as a shroom with the same color and pattern gets a village high as a kite

  • SS.DrakeYU

    In TLoU2 Joel dies

  • stankface

    This seem really boring idk why white people love to make everything a “complex” type of movie for it to be good like I can just read a book if I wanted that like hang it up flatscreen

  • Light Hawthorn
    Light Hawthorn

    Fly agaric mushrooms are sacred and used in many rituals.

  • libitina exorcista
    libitina exorcista

    The mushroom looks suspiciously like amanita muscaria??

  • Christian Szor
    Christian Szor

    That one part in the video where you see the book case

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    I love your pics man and this one was great. I love Alice Krige and was wondering if you might want to go into some of her other horror movies like Sleepwalkers or Ghost Story - those are real classics. Thanks!

  • Andrew van der Hoop
    Andrew van der Hoop

    I really love your channel man, but those are amanita mushrooms and they are a real life deliriant. Which isn't the same as "magic mushrooms", which are a psychotic. Not... Power up mushrooms

  • payson terhune
    payson terhune

    My mother killed and ate me...refers to The Juniper Tree, one of the nastiest most cannibalistic Grimms Fairy tales, only it's my mother killed me my father ate me oh my sister gathered my bones and buried me under the Juniper Tree...Fun

  • Juanita Acevedo
    Juanita Acevedo

    I thought it was hanse

  • Dakota Jensen
    Dakota Jensen

    Quigley was more frightening than this perkins joint.

  • Tatum Serrette
    Tatum Serrette

    Snuck into the theater with a friend to watch this movie and LOVEDDDD IT. Her boyfriend wouldn't stop bitching and complaining about it though. Good ridance to him

  • Maddpickle 0716
    Maddpickle 0716

    Freeway 2.

  • Pumpkin Patch Exotics
    Pumpkin Patch Exotics

    The red cap mushrooms with white spots is a real mushroom 🍄 it will kill you it's a "death cap mushroom" it's not an Easter egg

  • Sniper Mark
    Sniper Mark

    Wasn’t the mushroom of mario based on a real mushroom that produces alucinations?

  • Moore Gaming
    Moore Gaming

    I would like to see/make a movie that mixes little red riding good and Hanles and Gretel Where Riding Hood and her Grandma are cannibals who eats kids but Hanles and Gretel (who are adults) stops them but this time they burned the house down to the ground with Red Riding Hood and her grandma still inside staying this time making sure they were dead.

  • [cringe] accursedfan
    [cringe] accursedfan

    The mushrooms are real mushrooms, they didnt come from mario just to tell you. Oh yeah, their also very poisonous

  • Josh Reyes
    Josh Reyes

    Sounds chock full of feminism.

  • Mister Muffinz
    Mister Muffinz

    She using midoclhorians

  • Lilly The cucumber
    Lilly The cucumber

    i’m a simple girl, i see sophia lillis. i click

  • Anh Pham
    Anh Pham

    She then move on to become Syd Novak in Netflix "I am not okay with this" lol

  • Nadir Jk
    Nadir Jk

    Garbage movie

  • 乙女座杷木

    I love the concept of the movie ♥

  • 乙女座杷木

    Are you a good witch? Or sa sandwich?

  • because bears aren't dragons
    because bears aren't dragons

    Such surface examination here.

  • Swampy Bogard
    Swampy Bogard

    Good lord, I thought this movie STUNK

  • jacob lail
    jacob lail


  • Annika Ohlin
    Annika Ohlin

    Just saying, those mushrooms are DEFINITELY poisonous. Amanita Muscaria can produce a high, but eating them raw, and ingesting many of them, is absolutely fatal. Do not eat these.

  • desertfox xx98
    desertfox xx98

    She is a actress not a actor.

  • Seyler-kun on the case
    Seyler-kun on the case

    the mushrooms are not an easteregg from mario... those are typical german mushrooms called " fliegenpilz" ( translated to fly mushrooms) and their poisonous, thats why they hallucinated.. it's the first mushroom little children learn to avoid in germany