Gutfeld on last night's disastrous debate
Fox News
Democratic debate descends into chaos. #FoxNews #GregGutfeld
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  • Paul Gavin
    Paul Gavin

    It's a funny contest where everybody is losing.

  • Paul Gavin
    Paul Gavin

    'Hard to look at'!!

  • Paul Gavin
    Paul Gavin

    Even Juan is embarrassed by the Dimmocrats

  • matthew kitty
    matthew kitty

    Jesse Watters is always right on the money.

  • matthew kitty
    matthew kitty

    great point if abortion is not killing babies why did she say that? Baby Killers! Sorry Marines, it was a dishonest mistake.

  • matthew kitty
    matthew kitty

    They create every problem then use these problems to blame others, like most of my neighbors.

  • matthew kitty
    matthew kitty

    They like to set the rules but never will follow them. Corrupt and Reprobate.

  • Judy Brannen
    Judy Brannen

    At 71 years of age, I have never seen such a circus called a debate. OMG, and people in this country actually support these clowns. What has happened to the Left? How can anyone want these bozos in the White House. Has the mentality of Americans regressed that much. Really, look at these people; like a bunch of little kids that want o be heard. They need to be told each will have their turn. So Sad.

  • Robert M
    Robert M

    A preview to what a Democratic Presidency would look like

  • Johnny Hutto
    Johnny Hutto

    Looked like a Stockwell moment without the medals.😳😳😳

  • doublea125

    How about a manual killswitch on every mic? Not individual, just overall. That would solve all sorts of issues with these debates.

  • Paul Lucas
    Paul Lucas

    What a bunch of losers.


    They cant honor the debate rules. What makes you think they can honor our freedoms 🙄


    Lol@ I see more order in a prison riot

  • Frank Rigelwood Sr.
    Frank Rigelwood Sr.

    Really TR-my, three commercials? The video was just 10 minutes and 27 seconds. I guess that TR-my must have disliked this video, or saw a chance to irritate the viewers. Well, good job assholes.

  • Maxwell Vindman
    Maxwell Vindman

    1:15 dunno about the diaper part , they are all going senile

  • BlackBeanieMan Hopkins
    BlackBeanieMan Hopkins

    Another four years Trump

  • Andrew Roudny
    Andrew Roudny

    A rare video where Juan is actually speaking from common sense.

  • Dennis Reineking
    Dennis Reineking

    President Trump For Office 2020 Let's Continue to Drain The Swamp and Continue to Build the Wall and Sucre Our Borders. There is so much more to Work on and President Trump is on a very good record of doing exactly what he said and then Some Thank God President Trump Took Office In Jesus Name Amen USA

  • Dennis Reineking
    Dennis Reineking

    I agree 100% with Gutfeld I should let Romper Room began or Romper rooms in session before I ever even heard Devon start the debate.

  • Dennis Reineking
    Dennis Reineking

    Let Romper Room begin good Lord no one of those up there in the running the presidency at that debate would I Vote for Any one of them. I'll tell you what's really funny and one way and pathetic and another even before I heard the debate I said and I will quote Romper Room is now in session

  • Tanner LaComb
    Tanner LaComb

    This is why the party is so terrible

  • Bosco Hemi
    Bosco Hemi

    WOW! Unreal this is what Power and Greed will do.

  • DarthZ01

    Wah wah, me me my turn! *Rolls on floor screaming* I wanna be president!!! Waaaaaah!

  • James Pino
    James Pino

    WHO LET THE DOGS OUT......................................

  • Spencer Reed
    Spencer Reed

    Polititions are a joke not a one qualified for Thier jobs


    And these people actually believe they are fit to run the country...they just turned the cognitive disconnect up to 11. Has no one involved with these romper room sessions ever heard of Robert's Rules of Order?

  • George Heracleous
    George Heracleous

    What a comedy ! Sad for Bloomberg it’s not his place there 😳

  • Bjørn M Granvang
    Bjørn M Granvang

    Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed regularly and for the same reason.

  • RastaMasa

    I would have grabbed em all by their pussies and threw them off stage.

  • RastaMasa


  • Willy

    Not honoring the rules of the debate yet wanting to control law and order?

  • coco smiles
    coco smiles

    Do not vote for Bernie Sanders. Do not bring Communism to America. Bernie never says how he will pay for all his "free stuff" since its free explaining how the federal government will pay for free college, free medical care, free medicine, etc. should be as easy as 1, 2, 3 but instead Bernie always says "look, the Billionaires aren't … and the Billionaires should …" This is really covetousness. The Word of God forbids covetousness and will judge America harshly. Exodus 18:21 Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens: Don't let Bernie burn America. He is disqualified to be a rulers/President over people.

  • Skyismify

    Even when Americans live broke and suffer, we still have the better quality of life than most people all over the world.

  • Vlad Dracoson
    Vlad Dracoson

    Heh... your stopping because you forgot what you were talking about Biden.

  • Jason LaFavor
    Jason LaFavor

    Amy was never funny

  • Derek Thomas Lirio
    Derek Thomas Lirio

    I didn't watch the dem debate because watching idiots scream at each other isn't really an enjoyable pass time. None of these imbeciles will even pose a minor threat to Donald Trump. Trump could run for president in 2020 using just his Twitter account and win in a landslide.

  • Vereena Williams
    Vereena Williams

    Good... good... 🧐 let them eat themselves

  • James G
    James G

    WHEEE!!! STILL no flags. FK OFF jaun.

  • James G
    James G

    FK OFF juan.

  • Wood Rat RC
    Wood Rat RC

    So many zingers. Gutfeld, a failed comedian.

  • StrnFn9099

    Nice to see Juan not talking crazy.

  • Vidyut Krishnasrinivas
    Vidyut Krishnasrinivas

    Bloomberg will not win, but as I watch this video a Bloomberg ad interrupted it. Have to say he has a tenacious yet ineffective ad campaign

  • MrBavarian5150

    Combined IQ of 30.....

  • Perfect Stranger
    Perfect Stranger

    I can't stop laughing at the Democratic candidates. Bunch of clowns 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Luis U Gonzalez
    Luis U Gonzalez

    Dems lost.

  • Tyler Summers
    Tyler Summers

    If people think trump is a narcissist, then what’s that say about the people positioning to take him on. Warren, Sanders, Biden... Just the career politician mindset in general

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez

    Alot of old ppl out there all saying there gunna change it make it better Even though they been in the system for a combined 200 years... lol

  • Ken Foye
    Ken Foye

    There was a clear need for more adult supervision at that "debate."

  • Dnd Mcdonnell
    Dnd Mcdonnell

    US people are ALL extremely stupid.... ALL OF THEM !!!!!

  • ankit chaudhary
    ankit chaudhary

    Hahahahahahahaha hahaha. Even school children behave better during debate

  • shoved to the right?
    shoved to the right?

    I wouldn't want any of these democrats acting on our behalf in International situations.... i can see them having a SJW melt down and starting a war over nothing!

  • julio sam
    julio sam

    jessie water realy kills it this time , very good and accurate points


    A presidential election is a great time to get acquainted with the worst our country has. The prisons are full of better people.

  • Joachim Buch
    Joachim Buch

    Oh Juan. Shut your pie hole.

  • Assassin 1
    Assassin 1

    How could anyone vote democrat ever again they have went crazy

  • Mark Drouin
    Mark Drouin

    When Juan gets his 3 mins. I’m out!!

  • Kim David
    Kim David

    "Can you please keep to the rules of the debate." Don't you know?? Rules aren't for liberals! They're for everyone else!! And you wonder why you see liberals in the street who can't have a civil debate?? Here are their role models. He who screams loudest, wins. The best part of this clip was Jesse describing the candidates. It was perfect!! And Elizabeth Warren? She reminds me of all the women I like the least!! 🤣

  • Airik1111

    I don't want these people near anything that has to do with keeping our nation safe ....THEY ARE LOONS and IMHO a clear and present danger to our survival as a free society. None of these people should have access to top secret information they all could be easily controlled and black mailed . Trump has exposed our government and it down right scares the living crap out of me that these folks have and still are our leaders😮😒😞😔

  • oyra123

    0:21 - This is the voices in Trumps head everyday.

  • AmerHousewife

    Wait, what? There was a debate?

  • Matt Whiskey
    Matt Whiskey

    And Biden Wins by 41 points ?.. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 And BootyFudge Drops out yep DNC is gonna cook The Books on The Commie Pig Sanders Again .. 😆😆😆 outstanding outstanding indeed

  • David Kosiborod
    David Kosiborod

    Tbh this gave me more respect for Juan Williams

  • Answers in Reality
    Answers in Reality

    Where does Gutfield get his puns? Seriously

  • John

    Could you imagine if that confusion was guiding our country, good lord!

  • Robert Alan
    Robert Alan

    Looks like Stooge Fest on Saturday morning, or just your average Fuster Cluck

  • cybrscot

    I've said this before: The democratic leftists: "We need!!!" The Republcan: 'We can.."

  • Steve Adams
    Steve Adams

    They all think they stand a chance at the White House this November. Truthfully; they are lambs being lead to slaughter.

  • Sid Snyder
    Sid Snyder

    These debates are similar to what happens when the kindergarten classroom cancels nap time.

  • Paul Dunne
    Paul Dunne

    This is why trump won last time. Dems will support bidon over Bernie and Bernie supporters will end up not voting? Go trump clear that swamp.