HAHA! TYT's Union-Busting EXPOSED! | Louder with Crowder
Steven exposes Cenk's hypocrisy in the wake of the recent Young Turks' unionization.
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  • StevenCrowder

    Of course there are hypocrites on both the left and right, but do you notice that leftists find it especially hard to play by their own rules when it affects their own pockets? And have you been following the TYT saga and Cenk’s vehement opposition to unions in the enterprise? Also did you have to change your pants from PISSING YOURSELF LAUGHING!?

    • C J Bowen
      C J Bowen

      of course unions have caused problems but workers would never have had any safety or health workplace improvements or vacation or healthcare benefits if not for the power of collective bargaining and the threat of work stoppage.

    • Deep State
      Deep State

      "ThE LeFtiSts arE CrazY FreE HeaLtH CaRe iS CoMmUniSm reeeeeeeee" World: Facepalm

    • Boston Chris
      Boston Chris

      I’m laughing my ass off because you asked have I been following TYT😂😂😂

    • Brian Cananzey
      Brian Cananzey

      What are they looking for 15$ an hour? eh ? eh? wink wink? hehehehehe

    • chris2423

      Bernie always criticized “millionaires and billionaires”...up until when he became a millionaire...now he only says “billionaires”....

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams

    Cenk is more interested in goats 🐐

  • OlaGolme

    Unions are cancer.... Work hard and it does not matter... promotions are based on seniority.

  • Tina Moran
    Tina Moran

    So the right likes to say let’s make an open business arrangement that both parties want and then use their connections to make laws that help them but when workers come together to make new connections to help themselves it’s not fair.... buisness and workers should be able come together and come to an agreement that BOTH DISLIKE.... If your buisness isn’t Union that’s kewl but if your workers want to unionize that’s their prerogative also and if both parties can’t come to an agreement and ALL your workers walk and then picket and CONVINCE others not to work for you well that’s a risk of being able to make those decisions. Just like buisness can out source or bring in workers from lower income states....... let’s not pretend all of this DOESN’T stems from the other side using resources to effect LAW remove or streamline those laws and there will be less rhetoric to hide behind.....

  • D M
    D M

    That dink guy, host of the young turds, is such an incredible hypocritical ass-clown its amazing.

  • Kay Mitchell
    Kay Mitchell

    TYT's are total idiots and losers.

  • Man Ransom
    Man Ransom

    Nothing is more entertaining then watch Cenk get owned. I mean NOTHING, maybe giraffe sex, but that is literally it. LOL

  • Connie Phillips
    Connie Phillips

    Man crowder the best that's funny as fuck chunky olger should jump on a plane if he don't like this great country's laws that's he has gotten rich form suckling off old rich men so he can play reporter instead of having to work a real job

  • Griffin Jelly
    Griffin Jelly

    You shouldn’t blame yourself for his political death he’s a open supporter and thinks beastiality should be legal he basically killed it himself

  • Hammer Tents
    Hammer Tents

    Ok. You are forcing me to buy a mug. Thank you from iowa.

  • THE

    Union's ruined the Michigan Automotive industry. Push your employer enough they'll move to another country as GMC did. Unions destroy companies.

  • Rey Torres
    Rey Torres

    9:31 was by far the funniest shit I've seen

  • Bryan Black
    Bryan Black

    Where's the not gay kid? He's the only one with any talent. Did he get fired?

  • Spoiler

    Socialism for thee, but capitalism for me!!

  • Philip Wood
    Philip Wood

    I like his impression of Cenk but I wish he would have added the little side conversations Cenk has with himself where he’s impersonating someone else and responding to it as Cenk. It’s hilarious when he does that

  • Casey Albiero
    Casey Albiero

    "We are funded 100%... BY FUCKING MUGS!" hahah im dying

  • johnmonk66

    I understand the correct fear of unions. Unions were formed to protect workers, but now most unions protect only people who should not have the jobs at all. You probably have some idea how civil service if packed full of useless people who can't be fired.

  • johnmonk66

    Guy in the background of the turk video has his hand in his chin thinking, "This would be the perfect time to start a union"

  • Michael Bourgeois
    Michael Bourgeois

    I know that’s a parody, too many Americans Flags in the background

  • Cherry Fresh
    Cherry Fresh

    Now we got a channel called "the Young Turks", a well known name I think and the leading figure is denying an Armenian genocide on camera and claims to be left leaning. The left is all about Racism and discrimination, but denying Genocides is ok with them apparently. Always talking about racism, discrimination, calling everybody Nazi's but denying genocides by a left leaning "Young Turk" is no problem apparently. The thing is that it is a well known fact that people like this moron got two passports. 70% of them votes left in the country in the west and far right/extreme conservative on their Turkish passport. Meaning Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Who frankly is about the islamisation of Turkey. And the rest of course. The Turks with a double passport are then the Trojan horses in the west.

  • themaxwell 1111
    themaxwell 1111

    Pretty impressive you got Chank to actually come on at

  • Justin Greaves
    Justin Greaves

    TR-my demonetises Conservatives and funds these guys. Fact

  • george palmiter
    george palmiter

    You know what I would love to know how much he pays

    • george palmiter
      george palmiter

      His employees

  • Jesus Munoz
    Jesus Munoz

    Cenk yogurt (google it)

  • Joshua Wallace
    Joshua Wallace

    Just got fired, looking for a new job. You hiring?

  • Franz Haas
    Franz Haas


  • Erik allan
    Erik allan

    The young turks are the antithesis of hypocrisy, they are narsaictic sociopaths

  • Ranty McRantRant
    Ranty McRantRant

    What are y'all hiring for? Can I work from home? I don't even care if y'all pay me GA minimum wage! A job is a job!

  • seychells77

    My husband is taking a course on educational psychology and one of his assignments is to talk about how Finland education is way better than American. To prove the point the collage is using a young Turks video. My faith in the college system is ever lessening

  • sponge head
    sponge head

    How damn evil is it to give the young turds millions for their total crap?

  • sponge head
    sponge head

    You guys should stop his spewing when you talk because it's hard to hear when everyone is talking!

  • Anuraag singh
    Anuraag singh

    bt the problem is democrats wont even see this and continue to believe tyt lies

  • mark spannar
    mark spannar

    If you don’t like your job you can ALWAYS find a new one.

  • David Kane
    David Kane

    You mean left wing people are massive hypocrites!!!.....who would have knew 🤔🙂

  • BTB Danni
    BTB Danni

    I mean even Walmart has profit sharing o.0

  • Jamie Phillips
    Jamie Phillips

    You mentioned your hiring? Is that still the case?

    • Jamie Phillips
      Jamie Phillips

      If so please email me at fightking.1992@live.com I would be willing to relocate and would love the opportunity to work with you.

  • Justin C
    Justin C

    Keek Weegyr begging for donations while talking about 'We need to be strong for the trench warfare' with Biden. It was the most hilarious thing to see them shill and shill while Keek yells like a brain damaged buffalo.

  • hooterville2

    Hypocrite thy name is Progressive.

  • Core Conservative
    Core Conservative

    I’ve always wondered.... is he Turkish?

  • Core Conservative
    Core Conservative

    Hey it’s the same outfit when you crashed their TYT things and got escorted out 😂

  • Angelotube5000

    *Cenk: Unions are necessary and fair* Cenk's Employees: We will make a Union *Cenk: Wait a damn minute*

  • Koralr33fer

    The Left: All my ideas for regulations and laws are great as long as they dont apply to me....

  • Samuel Bowers
    Samuel Bowers

    The Left always tries to make sure that their social engineering never applies to themselves.

  • Thought Experiment
    Thought Experiment

    I hear this and I have to wonder if. Tyt is against unions because they focused more on growth than profitability and that’s why they may be in a situation like this. That said this does still seem quite hypocritical.

  • Merlen-G -Dunbar
    Merlen-G -Dunbar

    hav a good day

  • eli trey
    eli trey

    I wish I could tag Cenk

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos

    Funny thing is that Chenk acts funnier than the parody.

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos

    Problem with investors money is that you made the decisions based on what the investor wants and not what is best of the company. It compromises your integrity. I prefer a cooperative system in which one allies with others in a project by project basis. They keep their independence and I keep mine.

  • Boss Lax316
    Boss Lax316

    Wait does anyone really think Unions are always bad?

  • Schiff For brains
    Schiff For brains

    Chunk is the biggest buffoon ever to be given his own show and it's shocking there are such low I.Q. people out there that actually listen to a word Chunk spews. Look up douche in the dictionary and you'll see Chunks pic.

  • Jerry RN
    Jerry RN

    Have you covered his meltdown from his failed congressional race? 😂😜

  • SaravanjaSteele

    My husband works for a company that is almost 150 years old, and they've managed to avoid unionization... I was always a fan of unions. And sometimes they're needed. Labor Day is not the happy go lucky holiday we think it is. But if we're going to go down the anecdotal path, I've never received anything useful from a union. And again, husband making a really good wage for the awesome service he provides.

  • B-Rabbit t
    B-Rabbit t

    Shocker!! Socialism dosent apply to socialists! Bernie has 3 houses we must take 2 away bc we must redistribute wealth. Unreal fxking commies

  • Newtles

    If Cenk knows progressives policies can destroy business I have to think hes doing a lot of this to destroy the US economy.

  • john p
    john p


  • TomHud

    the tyt are just a begging organisation under the guise of a bias news network.

  • David Stairs
    David Stairs

    Leftists wouldn't have any standards, if it wasn't for their hypocritical double standards..

  • Chris Scott
    Chris Scott

    Daily reminder: EDKH

  • Meanie

    The Blaze is shit therefore Crowder is shit. he's a sellout.

  • Christian Schenk
    Christian Schenk

    Scdphe- Sven.

  • J130 G810
    J130 G810

    The next time someone interviews someone from "The Young Turks" ....can someone please ask them why they chose to name themselves after the group responsible for the Armenian Genocide ?

  • Coyote Rx
    Coyote Rx

    At 7:30 is that guy really going to say the truth on camera? Not if he wants to keep his job.

  • paugh shadow
    paugh shadow

    Unions are still relevant and needed. Just because you might not exploit employees many companies do and don't share profits and dont make good working conditions.

  • Franky Flowers
    Franky Flowers

    tyt should use unpaid interns.

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo

    Even with all the padding on Crowder isn't as fat as cenk

  • maddadd1

    i tried watching the young turds.what a bunch of aholes.

  • datuputi777

    Unions do sound great but when you think it through like a criminal it turns into a horrific monster who devours both employer and employee.

  • Andrew Clifton
    Andrew Clifton

    "it's bullshit. Just Google it"

  • Graham6762

    Unionizing with taxpayer money is immoral. That is why our schools suck.

  • vinny Durham
    vinny Durham

    TNT should sue TYT for plagiarising their logo