Harry & Meghan Shed Titles, Harvey Weinstein Convicted & Coronavirus Goes to Italy | The Daily Show
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Meghan and Harry hand in their royal titles, Harvey Weinstein is convicted of rape and a criminal sexual act, and the coronavirus reaches Italy. #TheDailyShow

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  • Jjuuko Aula prince
    Jjuuko Aula prince

    Dis guy has all acsents of da universe. Super talented

  • anvil gottlieb
    anvil gottlieb

    "fine. We'll be known as RO-YAALS"

  • Barnali Ray
    Barnali Ray

    He tooo is brown!!!!

  • Rinny Dale
    Rinny Dale

    👍🏻👍🏻 TREVOR 💖💖💖💖💖 TREVOR 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Christmas Lore
    Christmas Lore

    😂 we did, stop social contact! Confinement since yesterday 🚦

  • ben_ lazy_wavy•Comin 2u LIVE•
    ben_ lazy_wavy•Comin 2u LIVE•

    4:27 It did become a pandemic 🌚Future says so....

  • Sarah Jalajel
    Sarah Jalajel

    How does royal stuff meaningful it’s jackass

  • Balasaravanan Palanirajh
    Balasaravanan Palanirajh

    Losing title is on March 31st And the next day they'll be back shouting April Fool..!!

  • Arrie Galvan
    Arrie Galvan

    Why don't you do a video of how Meghan dumped her 1st hubby Trevor?

  • Arikaija Hildah
    Arikaija Hildah

    Schools are closed here in Saudi Arabia because of coronavirus

  • Nicola Ablett
    Nicola Ablett

    how does andrew keep his and his daughters how can charles have camilla when edward V11 had to abdicate BO$$OCK$

  • Wendy Greene
    Wendy Greene

    Making fun of corona virus is not funny the virus is very serious:(

  • sirlancia curry
    sirlancia curry

    How did I knew this half-breed would throw in Bill Cosby? Can't mention a white dude without tossing in a random black man.

  • Dan Tayler
    Dan Tayler


  • Jeffrey Morton
    Jeffrey Morton

    If you are discouraged with what a cesspool of immorality & blatant depravity Hollywood is, I encourage you to boycott their films & related products. Quit buying in to the notion that paying $8-$20 for a movie ticket can't buy you some decent entertainment somewhere else. The average ticket price of a high school football game averages $7-$8, and I can guarantee you more action & drama there! Support your community & leave sodom and gomorrah to themselves...

  • miss Massey
    miss Massey

    Corona Virus is Now in South Africa. 🙇‍♀️... I hope @TrevorNoah covers that story.

  • John Wagner
    John Wagner

    There is something very wrong at 3:30, im surprised that Trevor dint comment on it!

  • Christine Roseman
    Christine Roseman

    Prince William making jokes and laughing about the virus on his running around the world visit. People dying and he laughing if that was Harry and Maghan the evil under the gutter TRASHY newspaper, Pierce Morgan would be running with it.

  • Christine Roseman
    Christine Roseman

    Her privilege pedophile son prince Andrew still have his name tags.

  • Melvin Ashby
    Melvin Ashby

    Who cares!

  • Sunny Over the mountain
    Sunny Over the mountain

    Silent attack... I bet you China already had a a cure but anyways .. everybody still sleeping on this

  • Manu Singh
    Manu Singh

    That skank ! I'm so impressed by the queen 💪💪💪

  • Chien Yang
    Chien Yang

    His joke at 4:08 came true.

  • Salt Cube
    Salt Cube

    Liberals: Cry about class warfare. Liberals: Also cry about disrespecting royalty....

  • Kende Talia
    Kende Talia

    I’m so tired I thought the thumbnail said Harry and Meghan lose titties

  • manuel meza
    manuel meza

    The royal family and there socalled fans are literally retards. What did they actually or accomplish to deserve all that notoriety and attention. But the most retatded this is even though they dont want to be Royalty anymore its obvious that they will live of that title and seem to Love the attention.

  • Ice Adonis
    Ice Adonis

    While pedophile Prince Andrew gets to keep his tittle and is stalking his next victim...sad. Also, the Chinese need to stop eating rats, mice, bats, roaches cuz coronavirus might not be the only virus coming out of china

  • Hazel Chieng
    Hazel Chieng

    Megan and harry bcouse all the people they know how to respect loving carring talk nicly communicate to people

  • Manesh Samtani
    Manesh Samtani

    “Another plague on the human race” - Trevor should have said “Donald Trump”! (2:58)

  • Sarin M
    Sarin M

    I love him ❤️

  • Melody Jordan
    Melody Jordan

    Does he even need a walker? Mf was speeding down that hall same speed as the other dudes.

  • Nelao M
    Nelao M

    This virus must keep the same world tour energy those celebrities have. It must leave Africa out of it.

  • think it's not illegal God is great
    think it's not illegal God is great

    God bless those kids tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-Z7CUnk0B61U.html Harry and Megan love from Indian

  • Ulla Scheik
    Ulla Scheik

    models walking in a show full of empty chairs....that just sounds staged af......

  • oderus urungus
    oderus urungus


  • Athaporn MCorp Review
    Athaporn MCorp Review

    Funny seeing him always w a walker

  • N M
    N M

    About France, IT IS TRUE lmao the government told people to stay home, work from home.

  • Joyce Di
    Joyce Di

    Rome is business as usual. Come to Rome this is the time to enjoy the museums and the Coliseum - no crowds! No mass tourists! 😎

  • Il Rutten
    Il Rutten

    They no need title, yes Trevor Noah call them ROYAAAALLL!!! And does Andrew kept his title after his scandal with young girls:-((

  • serenity4ever2010

    I think harry just want his family to be safe.

  • Joe Xa
    Joe Xa


  • Meli

    That France Mistress joke was just ICONIC 😂😂😂😂

  • Maria DOLORES Rodriguez Loredo Ferrere de MERCADO
    Maria DOLORES Rodriguez Loredo Ferrere de MERCADO

    He is disgusting but doubt he raped that horrible actress wanting revenge and is saying she neds him dead or her / she acts like someone that didt get what she was after

  • Ansu John
    Ansu John

    Trevor making pronouncements that the queen is "petty" is beyond irrelevant and tone deaf

  • Ana Passos
    Ana Passos

    For me, the royal thing makes sense. If they will not partake in any kind of royal duty, if they don’t want to do this anymore, why should they be able to profit with this? Because that is what they wanted to do, initially at least. They were planning to profit by using their royal titles and royal marketing without having to participate in any royal obligations. In a political point of view, the queen is right to put limits in it. If you gonna receive money from taxes the least you could do is partake in royal duties. So this time I don’t agree with him. I’m against paying taxes to royals, but if that is not gonna change, the minimum is for them to fulfill their social and public roles. I can understand the queen’s behavior, I don’t think is petty, I actually think is a strategic move. It cannot be aloud for royals to receive money from taxes or to profit by using their royals titles in marketing, without having to fulfill any kind of obligation, like a job really. I’m not saying that any of this is fare, but they make a lot of money from it.

  • Anisha Juuko
    Anisha Juuko

    Am suprised the royals milk money from commoners and still think being royals so important. The British family is so broke so harry and meghan will be fine as commoners.

  • Bardia

    I'm really confused about this virus. It got people killed and also reduces pollution from factories and helps with global warming. it kinda looks like Thanos.

  • candystayinatural alexander
    candystayinatural alexander

    I didn't think this one would make me laugh. I was wrong 🤣

  • Tina


  • Peach Kan
    Peach Kan

    The Coronavirus is plague inc mobile game taking off in real life. ' scientists: I have a great idea me: whats that scientists: I created a virus on plague inc that spread like wildfire and ended life as we know it me: awesome do share how you made it scientists: Oh I will but first I want to try and tweak it a little me: ok but dont forget to share cause I wanna beat that level too. scientists: Its done I finished my tweaks and tested it out in real life and named it the Coronavirus and its spreading like wildfire in real life Im a genius me: wait you did what? You made this virus in real life and now its spreading all over the world? ARE YOU INSANE scientists: no just mad I forgot the limes to put in my corona while I watch this pandemic

  • Neurotic Knight 2
    Neurotic Knight 2

    All this could have been avoided if countries had regular and accesible healthcare, but profit for pharma companies got priorotized and governments are acting now because economy is impacted.

  • CoolBoy JustFun
    CoolBoy JustFun

    Who is the writer for you Trevor... Check mate.. Amazing move buddy.. 😂 😂 😂

  • Alex H
    Alex H

    Was hoping for a meteor, but this will do.

  • PCM Azuma Navas
    PCM Azuma Navas

    Didn't know people would get a virus with a Made in China on it.

  • Kevin Skipper
    Kevin Skipper

    Stop calling Meghan 'black,' you f*cking idiots.

  • Louise Smith
    Louise Smith


  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson

    Are you kidding me? Harry was Elizabeth’s best option for the next King. Her loss, frankly.

  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali

    She is black man yu think the queen or the British novels will allow a black blood line to become a king someday yu r dreaming its even a big thing that they got married

  • Jasper Andrew
    Jasper Andrew

    Why does everyone skip India

  • Marzadky

    Someone said the world is ending in 2020. Well they might have been off by a little bit but maybe they saw the future of Corona......the situation looks too much like the future in that Ben Affleck movie where he saw it being a lens.

  • Coyote Clan White Knife Band
    Coyote Clan White Knife Band

    Kmart king and queen

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    years old with already complicated clinical conditions such as cancer or heart failures. Italy is probably not much worse than France or Spain or any other EU country.

  • Mary Chela
    Mary Chela

    Name tags I like that title is how should be call ... always... who invented that in the gist place ??? Well apparently a long ago someone who want to control people minds and slave them ... today monarch as they called them is exactly what we always new ... they marry with anyone not matter is they are from their crowds or not well Kate wasn’t monarchy or noble born neither Harry wife whatever I think Harry took the best decision... I founded everything ridiculous ridiculously and they act like clowns believing that they are really that special lol so ignorant Jesus Christ... lol 😂😂🤭🤭🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • 69’sLeft Hand
    69’sLeft Hand

    Switzerland went incognito

  • Paula

    The Queen is not being petty.

  • Carmel O'Hara
    Carmel O'Hara

    The Royal family welcomed Meghan Markle as did the British people. Prince Charles walked her down the Isle . Markle from the start was a problem. Perhaps because she is American she thought she was better than the Royals, she thought that she could do things her way, just because she was American and had this superior attitude. The English press and the English people copped on to her narcissistic ways from the beginning. It had nothing to do with her mixed race, it's about time you people realised that!.. Megan Markle was not fit to join the royal family, in a million years she would never have fit in. The Royals and the British welcomed her and she stuck her middle finger up to them, plain and simple she is not Royal material. As Prince Philip said "One does not marry an actress, One steps out with an actress!"

  • Denise Dayie
    Denise Dayie

    This guy Trevor doesn't know what he's talking about.

  • Amina Jamil
    Amina Jamil

    You are good.

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      Weinstein =veinstain

  • C'est Moi
    C'est Moi

    there are long standing rules the queen is upholding; dont be a racist ass, trevor.

  • Simone said that
    Simone said that

    It’s like working for Nike and saying the following to your boss: I’m not going to follow your orders anymore. I’m going to follow my own dream and go make TR-my video, parttime here and parttime at home and do give always with Nike products. I can’t give Nike products away?! And I’m also getting fired?! Your so petty!

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      Oooo sweet Africa is still safe God save and protect Africa!!