• Kennedy O
    Kennedy O


  • Yakov Boyo
    Yakov Boyo

    Did she light the candles for her parent’s funeral in prison?

  • julissa laguna
    julissa laguna

    shut up

  • Amir Mukim
    Amir Mukim

    As the trending page returns from a state we could not bare. The video leaves, we would not miss. Who this person is I do not care. I no longer have to ask, who the fuck is this.

  • Javier Moya
    Javier Moya

    Well I can appreciate that she didnt cry, voice break and start with a sigh..just acknowledged the issue and hopes to move on (all personal bias aside)

  • Love Child
    Love Child

    I don’t blame Olivia she was the one who wanted to do TR-my I believe but her mom kept forcing her to go. BUT I can not accept her behavior flipping people off the ones the fans that loved her who helped her get to where she is now. Her behavior towards her fans and her behavior in ignoring the whole trial not saying a word about it, even though there’s was already evidence on Lori it still makes it sketchy (Comment if you think I’m wrong) if her daughters don’t say anything. I don’t blame Olivia I don’t hate her because she had no real part in it. I think she may need to show the world she’s sorry and let the world see she’s sorry.

  • Alyssa Ramsarran
    Alyssa Ramsarran

    This gets me so frustrated. The fact that she doesn't recognize the privilege she has is sickening. Because she is a thin, attractive, wealthy girl, there will likely be no serious repercussions for her actions. She's going to come back and resume her influencer lifestyle. She knew what her parents did and was complicit. I mean, how about an apology for starters. She took away an opportunity from someone who probably worked their ass off and deserved to be on that team and go to USC. And when she was called out and held accountable for her actions, her response was to flip people off. Will this girl ever learn???

  • HolyNite

    Aren't you technically guilty of stripping a spot away from someone who actually earned that spot at usc? I mean you knew about it give me a break

  • Kanye Rae Jepsen
    Kanye Rae Jepsen

    1:15-1:20 me to my mom after I exited the womb.

  • Matthew Silva
    Matthew Silva


  • Matthew Silva
    Matthew Silva

    It’s okay to cancel people sometime....

  • fluic

    Did her parents pay for those likes to?

  • Fallofduty

    Mommy is going to jail soon 😭

  • N8one _
    N8one _

    Yo 'OJ' yer tellin me the glove didn't fit???

  • Bluu

    Her parents payed for the likes

  • martin flores
    martin flores


  • Dan Carrozza
    Dan Carrozza

    I would stay away.

  • Andrea DeJarnette
    Andrea DeJarnette

    I sure feel for all of those students who worked so hard and so diligently to make the grade only to be pushed aside for someone's overly, entitled child. She has NO shame, NO class, and definitely NO manners.

  • Rob B
    Rob B

    It must be tough to be a celebrity and have everything under a microscope, especially when so many go against the presumption of innocence, as well as tie celebrity relatives to each other instead of considering them separately. The snarky Commenters in here have had MANY previous victims, and they will have many subsequent victims. Olivia Jade, cheers and welcome back!

  • Mike Wells
    Mike Wells

    This is really stupid.. 😂 like this is what the people wanna hear about. Some stupid chick who’s mom was on full house as the dumb chick married to the bad boy uncle like 200 years ago. Jesus millennials

  • madison wroblewski
    madison wroblewski

    Spoiled brat this is garbage

  • chris b
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  • Nice GuyGAMES23
    Nice GuyGAMES23

    Yikes.... just saw the like 2 dislike ratio😮idk man maybe she could buy her way outta the hate🤔😂

  • Ben Bouny
    Ben Bouny

    4.6M views so far in less than 3 days, you know what that means? That she Will be one of the biggest TR-myrs because of what happened

  • theCOSlives

    Go away.

  • Jim K
    Jim K

    Am I the only one that couldn't care less about the whole university thing? Universities have always been corrupt when it comes to money.

  • Captain America
    Captain America

    Can you at least apologize to those people impacted... I thought you miss school .

  • Aaro9n

    Moral: Olivia Jade is a spoiled brat who came back to TR-my for money and attention.

  • Let It Grow
    Let It Grow

    Is this all because her parents paid for her to get into a school? Who cares if she did , whats the point.of working hard for money if you can't use it to better your families lives .

  • AmyRemedi

    WHOS LIKEING THIS!? This girlbis cancelled, by far, not by youtube comunity, but BY THE LAW OF THE USA. Not a single drop of respect for her. She knew, she posed for those pics, SHE HAS VIDEOS SAYING SHE JUST WANTS TO PARTY. COME-oN!

  • PlzcallmeJules

    It’s obvious she can’t get into college on her own. She can’t even count to 8. The amount of months she’s been gone. 🙄

  • Lucas Lanagan
    Lucas Lanagan


  • big boo
    big boo

    "The last sentiment is backed by a former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani, who previously told this news organization that there is sufficient evidence that Olivia Jade and her sister “knew of the fraudulent conspiracy, agreed to participate in it, and took overt acts in furtherance of the conspiracy.” Rahmani said it’s even possible that Isabella and Olivia Jade could be charged in the case, or that prosecutors will use their alleged involvement to pressure their parents into finally taking a plea deal." Mercury news article 12/2/19

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor


  • big boo
    big boo

    "The complaint by U.S. federal prosecutors show how the former “Full House” star and her fashion designer husband had both their daughters pose on rowing machines for photos that could be used in their fake athletic profiles" Mercury news 12/2/19

  • beautyfashion215

    HAHAHHA UR SO FUCKING DUMB ‘moral of the story’ so embarrassing for u 😬

  • AmyRemedi

    Its not finals time???

  • big boo
    big boo

    Singer emailed Loughlin and Giannulli in July 2017 and asked for an “action picture” of the then-prep-school student on a rowing machine that would allow her to be falsely presented as a “crew coxswain for the L.A. Marina Club team.” Several days later, Giannulli, copying Loughlin, emailed Singer a photograph of Olivia Jade on an ergometer, the complaint shows. -Mercury News article 12/2/19

  • richzeman

    Her lawyer advised her not to say anything. legal has nothing to do with it.

  • Jessie Tonna
    Jessie Tonna

    the comments trigger me, just let the poor girl be,, if she can’t LEGALLY say anything why are we annoyed that she’s not, like stfu

  • richzeman


  • K Mac
    K Mac

    No One should watch Olivia or Lori ever again NO remorse.

  • Nezuko Trap
    Nezuko Trap

    Can someone summarize this for me, too lazy to watch the video

  • Deathryzer

    This is going to haunt you for the rest of your life. Have fun😂😂😂😂

  • Deathryzer

    "Hi again"? How about, "goodbye forever"? Shameless rich people, have no fucking clue how much regular people despise you and your aloof little return video. It just proves that you were far too stupid to get into a good school.

  • K Lo
    K Lo

    entitled little brat

  • richzeman

    I clicked here because someone told me it was a video of her and the president of USC doing it

  • Tyron 213
    Tyron 213

    Get off the tube

  • Leilani Bautista
    Leilani Bautista

    You took the opportunity of athletes and other students so you could go have fun.

  • Deathryzer

    Just go away, nobody misses you. You should be indicted like your criminal parents for taking those pics of you rowing. You're just as responsible as your criminal parents. Get lost, loser, this whole fiasco just exposed how easy you have it and how your parents broke the law to make your life easier, despite the fact that you were too stupid to get into a good school on your own, loser.

  • Anna J
    Anna J

    Hm . I get that you missed TR-my or being a TR-myr, who wouldn’t ! But why are you coming back ? Did you get more sponsors or brand deals ? And ya don’t wanna pass up the opportunity? The thing is, you and your family are kinda frauds 🤷🏻‍♀️ You were so privileged that your parents PAID and CHEATED to get you into school . I mean . . Why do you wanna come back ? Obviously you have money . . So why do TR-my ? The fame? You miss being liked ? I’m sorry but I think that ship has sailed . Or maybe? That boat has ROWED away.

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M

    Cheater. Way to F someone over who earned it.

  • Charley Martinez-Rodriguez
    Charley Martinez-Rodriguez

    I don't want to hear anything from spolied entitled loser. Just shut up and go away again. You've got nothing to contribute everything you had/got wsd because of your parents and their money.

  • big boo
    big boo

    "Lori Loughlin’s daughter seems to think people will forget she posed on that rowing machine" -Mercury News PUBLISHED: December 2, 2019 Wow..... Olivia you've been a very bad girl. This pretty much is all the evidence the prosecutors need to charge you with conspiracy, malicious bribery, accessory to money laundering, fraud against a federal institution, and God knows what else Hope they charge you soon, was it fun and sneaky posing in a studio in rowing uniforn on a rowing machine lol??? Sneaky little snake, hope they lock you up for 30 years. If 110,000 people disliked this video , how do you think you're chances are with 12 people deciding your fate. You're done!

  • Luigi Out of topic
    Luigi Out of topic

    i dont even know who you are

  • doin art
    doin art

    Seriously? Your mom is going to jail. You obviously still have some growing to do. This video kinda proves how immature you still are. I'm horrified as someone who has a parent who has gone to prison. Not what you do.

  • Kyyyla a
    Kyyyla a


  • Just Someguy
    Just Someguy

    Won't be long till she leaks a sex tape...

  • LoneStranger089

    She'll get a better education in prison, anyway.

  • Alright Babes
    Alright Babes

    not ONCE did u apologize to those two people who didn’t get in because of YOU and your sister. This is no apology video.

  • sebastian duarte
    sebastian duarte

    Who df likes this crap??

  • Cody Cameron
    Cody Cameron

    Unsub and dislike the video, that will teach her!

  • Holly Golightly
    Holly Golightly

    She’s so stupid🤪

  • Rippin ruizz
    Rippin ruizz

    "I can't legally talk about it" bitch you can legally talk about. It's just the lawyers advise to not talk about it to incriminate your self. "Moral of the story is that I want to come back" bitch the moral of the story is to not buy your way into college.

  • Angela Wood
    Angela Wood


  • Melissa Smialek
    Melissa Smialek

    we love you

  • Anna Ramos
    Anna Ramos

    Stop the hate guys. If you're gonna say something bad, just don't say it. Don't be a bully. Don't be the reason why someone is hurting.

  • Fina

    Did she really say "I wanna come back because I wanna come back"? She had months to piece this together and this is what she puts out? It is comedical at best and at worst, well...

  • Autumn Rose
    Autumn Rose

    Yayyyy I want her back already

  • Christopher Renick
    Christopher Renick

    She can talk about. Saying she’s not allowed is not honest. Talking about it will just hurt the case against her parents. Lawyers have thus told her not to talk about it. If she wanted to she could simply say “obviously my parents are guilty. I don’t even know how to row. Sorry about all this. We plead guilty.” But no she is simply choosing not to talk about it for personal gain. Not because there is any legal consequence of talking, but because she wants to avoid incriminating her family and the consequences of the actual crime they are charged with. Just fess up and take your punishment. Fuller House has been canceled. Time for mommy to move to the Big House instead.