Hi, how are ya? NOT OKAY after fans think Jeffree Star and Nate went through a break up!
Did Jeffree Star and longtime boyfriend Nathan break up!?
So why do fans think they’ve broken up? Well for one, Nate’s Instagram has completely disappeared. After Jeffree canceled his materclass for personal reasons and MMMMitchell told fans to keep Jeffree in their thoughts, fans went to check in with Nate and quickly noticed, there was nothing there. Everyone thought the worst. But after some digging, it turns out that he deleted all of his social media accounts weeks ago. Jeffree revealed on Trisha Paytas podcast back in December that Nate made the decision to do so because he wanted to detach from the social world. After a total social media blackout for the last 4 days, fans went to check on Jeffree’s insta when they noticed “wifey of Nathan” was no longer there. Eagle eyed fans were quick to point out, “wifey of nathan” was removed back in December.
Dear Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, your fans are mad and here's why - tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-sjYfzXAAudM.html
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  • Cindy Vanessa's Fam
    Cindy Vanessa's Fam

    Why do people keep saying he met Jeffree before all of his fame? Jeffree has always been out there and somehow famous and already had money enough to have a great life before his makeup collection. Sorry but Nathan gave me sugar baby vibes. I may be wrong I may not be wrong who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Taylor Fuifui
    Taylor Fuifui

    Leave this situation alone

  • GabyGirl Garcia
    GabyGirl Garcia

    Who’s here after Jeffree put out the video

  • Lemiin _
    Lemiin _

    Yes. They did.

  • Lindsey Robertson
    Lindsey Robertson

    He literally made a video about how they broke up you guys are stupid this video is so late

  • Paolo

    This channel is poo poo

  • Mia

    ur dumb look at there channels u guys r so late

  • kris2pe yu
    kris2pe yu

    I hate to say this but I was already notice the rift since last year. Jeffree was hanging on a lose thread hold it tightly. Nate sound low key manipulative, you can literally see Jeffree amp up the gift showering and all that just to please Nate. You can see Nate midly please he knew that if he keeps this game, then all of the benefits will come with the least amount of effort. Good for JEFFREE! U ARE FREE!

  • Father Squidward
    Father Squidward

    The next video: *we broke up* Me: ummmmm, excuse me? TR-my, who said you can break my heart like this.

  • Jasmine Goring
    Jasmine Goring

    Nathan probably miss the nokie 😁😁😁

  • Quackers

    Nate seems not into Jeffree. Jeffree even said in Shane’s first series with him that Nate was to straight when referring to exercise equipment.

  • Goga Lalić
    Goga Lalić


  • Coldest Vibe
    Coldest Vibe

    Lol fiya pan chi chi mon

  • Coldest Vibe
    Coldest Vibe

    Well they broke up sooooo...

  • Yulissa Martinez
    Yulissa Martinez

    They did break up T-T Jeffree Star posted a video about it yesterday T~T

  • nnnnnn

    They did

  • Kairene-Louise Blossom
    Kairene-Louise Blossom

    they did.

  • Local DownTheStreet
    Local DownTheStreet

    They actually broke up

  • Little Miss Twiggy
    Little Miss Twiggy

    If you couldn't see this coming. You're blind.

  • Silly Billy Mythili
    Silly Billy Mythili


  • YamiYurei

    This is outdated 👀

  • Chantelle Miller
    Chantelle Miller

    This did NOT age well..

  • Jessica George
    Jessica George

    When Jeffree uploaded his vid today 😭. So sad

  • Nicole Serrano
    Nicole Serrano

    😭😭😭 they broke up 😭😭😭

  • Brittany Stoddard
    Brittany Stoddard

    Sees this after jeffree confirms break up. ...

  • sara

    They really broke up

  • Anoushka Pandey
    Anoushka Pandey

    they did break up :(

  • indi Clough
    indi Clough

    I watched this yesterday and then i just watched jeffrees video we broke up and i was like OMG it actually happened

  • It’s Mia
    It’s Mia


  • Abi Style
    Abi Style

    did anyone else watch the break up video then start searching these?

  • TheAtlantaWalkers

    They broke up my friend... I'm literally crying so hard... 😭😭😭

  • MonaHerSelf

    You were right.

  • Phantom Forgotten
    Phantom Forgotten

    Why does anyone even care cuz it's not our business like 👀 Of course we care about their feelings but it isnt really our buisness...

  • dhriti

    They did Break up

  • Miranda Mills
    Miranda Mills

    It's been confirmed that they broke up

  • Eakin Wong
    Eakin Wong

    who's here after jeffrees breakup video

  • PrimeShawn

    They broke up guys😭

  • Mya’s Marvellous Sims designs
    Mya’s Marvellous Sims designs

    This video was so not needed at all. Like Jeffree said this isn’t tea, this isn’t drama this is Jeffreys LIFE. Jeffree should have been the only one to make this video not some thirsty “news channel” trying to get views.


    Anyone here from the “we broke up” vid?

  • LoNgGrEeNgRaSs PaNdApUsS
    LoNgGrEeNgRaSs PaNdApUsS

    I guess his boyfriend went back to vagina!

  • Idaly Ramirez
    Idaly Ramirez

    It’s true he just posted on his TR-my

  • Sammy

    They broke up no they were horrible together

  • Michelle Griffin
    Michelle Griffin

    Yep they did!!

  • Dorentina Marku
    Dorentina Marku

    They did he made a video about it

  • Marissa Mahabir
    Marissa Mahabir

    So apparently they broke up

  • cloudzinmyize

    Wow, you are shipping the name Neffree. Did I hear you right ? You might be 5 yrs late to the party. So absolutely, completely, undeniably, and arguably the most unoriginal content on You Tube. You ship their couple name after they have broken up. Girl , find another line of work.

    • Karla

      Check the post date.

  • I’m Not Amused
    I’m Not Amused

    They did Brake up baby

  • xangeliax xgairdnerx
    xangeliax xgairdnerx


  • Amanda Myshrall
    Amanda Myshrall

    It's true Jeffery made a TR-my video

  • Corin Beadle
    Corin Beadle

    They have broken up look at his recent vid

  • Ellie King
    Ellie King

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but they did.

  • Imran Abbas
    Imran Abbas


  • Mah Xxx
    Mah Xxx

    they broke up.

  • Katie Ell
    Katie Ell

    Why can’t people just leave him alone all day let him explain like omg

  • History Chick
    History Chick

    He has announced him and Nate are no longer together . They still care for each other and are friends but need time to process things

  • Hinata.Hyuga.feels.

    Welp they did break up.......WHAT A COINCIDENCE 😂 (not funny I'm just shocked)

  • zaida diaz
    zaida diaz

    They did like rn

  • sameena amir
    sameena amir

    hell no i never liked them so yh quite happy for jef

  • Tega Akporotu
    Tega Akporotu

    Lol they did check out his new vid

  • Michelle Serna
    Michelle Serna

    They broke up. Jeffree posted a video today. :(

  • :D

    Am I the only one from Jeffrees breakup video? :(

  • Rebecca Howell
    Rebecca Howell

    Well it's true🤷🤦☹️


    Broke up 😫

  • Sub2Pewds StanBTS
    Sub2Pewds StanBTS

    Just leave them alone. Nate hates the spotlight. It’s fine if they broke up it’s their lives don’t be bitchy about it

  • Maria. I. Ledermann
    Maria. I. Ledermann

    Who is here after the jeffree we broke up video ✋🏻

  • Shadow_ Chan
    Shadow_ Chan

    Biss they did break up

  • Jessie Bear
    Jessie Bear

    It’s confirmed that they are broken up. Jeffree did an update.

  • •marvelmore •
    •marvelmore •

    Who’s here after they actually broke up

  • Irene Zimmerman
    Irene Zimmerman

    Is anyone else here because you got the news that they did in fact breakup?

  • Ardan Fusin
    Ardan Fusin

    Wtf goosebumps!!!!