Hilarious Knock Off Brand Products !
Azzyland - Hilarious Knock Off Brand Products ! - Guys these are the funniest knock off products and food items I have ever seen. Look, I love boreo cookies and PHD Pepper soda as much as the next person but some of these have gone too far. Don't fall for these imitations!
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  • Noob Guy 101
    Noob Guy 101

    I was eating lays when you did the legs one

  • Jessica Snyder
    Jessica Snyder

    Was I the onLy one who saw a Dunkin Donuts when she review Dony Donuts

  • Lauren O'Brien
    Lauren O'Brien

    Who else saw a real dunkin donuts in the dony douts pic

  • Katy Kitty
    Katy Kitty

    *Mommy can we buy alot of Yeetos?*

  • asani


  • Jennifer Rae
    Jennifer Rae

    On the dony doughnuts the shop dunkin' doughnuts is in the back😂😂😂

  • Choco Muffin
    Choco Muffin

    Pringles is probably the last name of the founder

  • Eowyn Davis
    Eowyn Davis

    OMC = oh my chicken 🍗

  • David Watkins
    David Watkins


  • mohsin mohammad
    mohsin mohammad

    Detos is Bangladeshi chips

  • Łįľ_Đėvįł_Gûřľ_Gämįńg

    "Two man's Burger" Azzy:well I think it takes 5 man's to make a burger but!it takes only 1 azzy to eat the burger

  • michael kihara
    michael kihara

    i love your vidios

  • Li Pan
    Li Pan

    Great white shark

  • Matt McClard
    Matt McClard

    Azzy is the best

  • Chinelo CPO
    Chinelo CPO

    5:28 ROBLOX logo!

  • Lillian Muraca
    Lillian Muraca

    Am I the only one that noticed there was both Google the fashion gallery and WhatsAPP menswear

  • LL Vieira
    LL Vieira

    5:35 dunkin donuts caught them because IN THE CORNER YOU CAN SEE ITS DUNKIN DONUTS!

  • LL Vieira
    LL Vieira


  • Trina LaBerge
    Trina LaBerge

    Me:Eats Pringles Screen:Pringles thing shows

  • Alex Brattain
    Alex Brattain

    donuts if you look in the corner of the picture you see a Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Rosalind O'Brien
    Rosalind O'Brien

    Yeetos?Does that mean you Yeet them?

  • Rosalind O'Brien
    Rosalind O'Brien

    The word Pringles means tingle or annoyingly.I love you azzy!!!!!!!

  • ItzRaissa_20 YT
    ItzRaissa_20 YT

    0:54 legs meme ;-;


    Ok Canadian all the weeds as you call them help clean the water it’s called a wet land ugh boomers

  • HenryUltra

    Have a brake has kat kot

  • HenryUltra

    Have a brake has kat kot

  • Luísa Rezina
    Luísa Rezina

    at the bak of the duny donuts, have a dunking donuts hahaha

  • Chey eats exotic butters
    Chey eats exotic butters

    Me: sees the legs Also me: is eating lays still me: time to throw these away

  • Logan Hodges
    Logan Hodges

    Game BOY.....Game CHILD.....Where's the Game GIRL?!?!

  • Lk41

    Legs chips They put humans in them!

  • Gabriela Stanojevik
    Gabriela Stanojevik

    I pear like Google and giggle

  • Eltina's Fun World
    Eltina's Fun World

    I watch lion King it was sad too but it had a happy ending

  • Gita Padiyar
    Gita Padiyar

    that dony donuts was just near dunkin donuts if u carefully see in that pictue

  • 王凱霖


  • Bianca Valderrama
    Bianca Valderrama

    why don't you try with Jordy and blind for feed each other

  • Clara Sutton
    Clara Sutton

    Lol! King burger

  • Laura Wood
    Laura Wood


  • Arron 202
    Arron 202

    The Dony Donuts one was taken in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Peyton Thornton
    Peyton Thornton

    What about dr.dazzle!!!

  • Carla de Conceicao
    Carla de Conceicao

    Doritos? yeet-those >:3

  • Aiden Ramos
    Aiden Ramos

    Hi azzyland I love you so much and I love you so much

  • Felicia McLaughlin
    Felicia McLaughlin

    999K views? Just 747 more views until 1M views.

  • Leah White
    Leah White

    5:00 it says mrs. Dony donuts

  • Leah White
    Leah White

    Azzy"likee this video" Me"likee is a app" My phone"keep on saying Nike and nothing else except likee"

  • LeanMilana

    I’m rushin

  • Leland Winter
    Leland Winter

    2:17 im going to send this to lazar beme

  • Bashar Al Barini
    Bashar Al Barini

    Did anyone notice that Dunkin Donuts is in front of dony donut??????

    • Bashar Al Barini
      Bashar Al Barini

      No need to like if you do not want to OKAY!!!!!

  • Ghost girl The fox
    Ghost girl The fox

    Azzy: a pear phone? Me:looks at my pear phone Me:looks at azzy Azzy: I thought apple was da only fruit I phone 0-0 Me:throws phone in fire Me:rest in peace pear phone..... My mum:WHATS THAT SMELL?! Me:DINNER My mum:YOU THOWED YOUR PHONE INTO THE FIRE Me:REEEEEEEEEE

  • Nico Zamarron
    Nico Zamarron

    "Dave sounds......unsanitary.." My Mind: "DAVE , FROM HOMESTUCK, IS NOT UNSANITARY"

  • Anna Deleon
    Anna Deleon

    Gacha,🌈 and Henry danger Piper hart

  • Shelly Adventures
    Shelly Adventures

    Did anyone realize that dony donuts are by Dunkin’ donuts

  • Mittenzyuu :3
    Mittenzyuu :3


  • Yare Serna
    Yare Serna

    I think the shoes are supposed to be Vans

  • Aishee Aindree Banerjee
    Aishee Aindree Banerjee

    Make more like this😜😝😜 I love them❤️💜💜

  • •Amber lol Gacha•
    •Amber lol Gacha•

    My mom says king burger not burger king😂😂😂😂

  • Ron white
    Ron white

    I like Dr Pepper that's my favorite soda azzy

  • Andrea Shaw
    Andrea Shaw

    Azzy i was eat

  • iiHxneybee

    The first one: pear phone? Me: iCarly and Victorious memories..

    • Ron Swanson
      Ron Swanson

      Zoey 101

    • Krissy Mochigurl
      Krissy Mochigurl

      And sam and cat

  • Ananya Rayaprol
    Ananya Rayaprol

    U can actually see the og dunkin donuts in the background in the dony donuts pic

  • Prisha Pathak
    Prisha Pathak

    Did everyone see in the leg chips there is rupees one that's very little

  • Sukhi Gains
    Sukhi Gains

    hi i feel for that

  • Starlet Sattler
    Starlet Sattler

    What is your guys favorite restaurant

    • Starlet Sattler
      Starlet Sattler

      Me is Chick-fil-A

  • Regahn OXX
    Regahn OXX

    Behind the donut nut bike there was a Dimken donut 🍩 (IDK how to spell LOL 😆)

  • smiley ッ
    smiley ッ


  • Bernice Coxe
    Bernice Coxe

    I love this video for my first album of career and white life and white life for my family to see uncle John of my life and my life was a hand made me one that was in a lot and white and the people were so much loved to see it and that they fine the job they fine with the kids they are so proud and white and the kids who love this book are so good night for the baby boy I will love them forever

  • Subhash Sharma
    Subhash Sharma

    Azzy did not realise that there is Dunkin doughnut in front of don't doughnut

  • Mariana Ramirez
    Mariana Ramirez

    Bruh that pear phone is from my fav shows Icarly and sam and cat

  • Kels the shy girl Yay
    Kels the shy girl Yay

    Me:reading the pear phone and I hear it

  • Kels the shy girl Yay
    Kels the shy girl Yay

    0:05 YAAAAAAAAS YAAAAAAaaaaas icarly Victorious Sam and cay

  • Ava Courtney
    Ava Courtney

    Omc means original McDonald’s