House GOP leaders hold a press conference
Fox News
House Republican leaders hold their weekly press conference following their closed-conference meeting. #FoxNews
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  • Jackie Speers
    Jackie Speers

    Thank you for speaking on this.

  • andrew zeng
    andrew zeng

    DEMS are all corrupt, vote all out!

  • Leslie Killam
    Leslie Killam

    Blah, blah, blah.Evil rises when good people don't react to these mindless hate provoking GOP leaders and sychophants.

  • Kickstand 84
    Kickstand 84

    No American should ever vote for Bernie Sanders he didn't win last election he won't win this election

    • Ben Theredonethat
      Ben Theredonethat

      He wasn't in the last election you fool.

  • Michael Hammer
    Michael Hammer


  • D Me
    D Me

    Dang giant killer woodchucks should rip the Repugnants apart - literally, & chuck 'em.

  • Mary S
    Mary S

    If Bernie wins, can we all retire?

    • Ben Theredonethat
      Ben Theredonethat

      Who's stopping you from retiring under Trump.

  • Terry Pennington
    Terry Pennington

    I believe anybody that even thinks about voting for Bernie Sanders , THEY Should talk to someone, who actually came from a socialist ,communist country. It might help HIM to change his mind, AND OTHERS SHOULD ALSO. Our country was not designed or set up to be or wish to be a socialist country. When Christopher Columbus founded our country, HE had a plan, and that was ,to free ALL people from the ANARCHY of the England’s Dictatorship

  • Timothy K
    Timothy K

    Colleges are indoctrination mills for the left...

    • Ben Theredonethat
      Ben Theredonethat

      @Timothy K No, not at all. Your vote is not government policy. "Curing" stupidity like yours, on the other hand, must start with a belief in reality.

    • Timothy K
      Timothy K

      Ben Theredonethat You mean like me voting for Trump Nov. 3? 🇺🇸😎🇮🇱

    • Ben Theredonethat
      Ben Theredonethat

      @Timothy K Belive what you want, Tim, just don't try to influence government policies based on your delusion.

    • Timothy K
      Timothy K

      Ben Theredonethat fine by me... I chose heaven over hell

    • Ben Theredonethat
      Ben Theredonethat

      @Timothy K Correct! Universities and colleges are just as bad at "indoctrinating" people to the left as churches are at "indoctrinating" people to the right. At least we agree on that! The difference is being indoctrinated to the left involves issues of today. Indoctrination to the right involves stories handed down by ignorant middle eastern desert dwellers who lived thousands of years ago. Until people realize what is more important, we may never get along.

  • Bishop Bishop
    Bishop Bishop

    Riddle me this, For generations my family were Democrats. I grew up as a Democrat. I realized for about 35-45 years the Democrats ruined jobs and a lot of programs when I was growing up. I remember that I could leave one job and get hired at another job, leave that one, get into another one because there were a lot of jobs out there. I had enough of the Democrats so me and my immediate family went online to the DMV site and changed our party. Now we're Republicans I'm proud to say. I know what I'm talking about is the truth and I'm in my late 60's. I've seen it happen. I vote for policies that benefit all of us as a whole and that this President is actually doing and not lying to you like the Democrats that make promises and do nothing just to get elected. Trump 2020 God bless you. By the way I'm a black man.

    • John

      The impeached president has lied about tariffs, his inauguration, windmills, hurricanes, the economy, ISIS, home appliances, border fences, Mars, health care, a perfect phone call, exoneration, the Constitution, tax cuts, Veterans, etc…If Trump not lying is part of your rational, you might need to re-think.

  • Joy&BRUCE bruce
    Joy&BRUCE bruce

    Tariffs are a tax on poor. Make middle class not have to pay Chinese goods tariffs. Don't raise prices on us.

  • * Angelfire *
    * Angelfire *

    Was Scalise in an accident? That’s a huge bruise!

  • Dudley DoRite
    Dudley DoRite

    The only reading program that Castro instated, was the reading of the Communist Manifesto.

  • Blow Me
    Blow Me

    I hope Mike Pence does a prayer and sends the virus to all liberals and Democrats ,God willing it will happen ,they deserve a slow one, I wish I was that Thanos guy snap my fingers and we could see those puffs of dirt underneath all the rocks go away.

  • FalconXE302

    Gee's... you GOP people are a mad bunch.

  • Mik

    In Donald Duck we trust , not in god or president

  • Anthony Dawson
    Anthony Dawson

    The virus spreading is just one more (out of many) reason for not have open borders.

  • g hough
    g hough

    Kevin is a tour de force...wonderful speaker....I remember a prime minister got elected in Australia and his tag line was "Kev '07 " dare I say..."Kev '24" ??

  • g hough
    g hough

    ok...I have to ask...whats wrong with scalise's forehead? is he going for the gorbachov look? Be gentle im Australian and we dont get any news except lefty claptrap

  • stud man
    stud man

    The bruise on his head is making me not be able to concentrate

  • Manakara

    Somebody needs to take this Mario guy and teach him about public speaking. He hasn't a clue so how the hell did he become a Congressman? He is addressing the notes NOT the audience.

  • kevin wallis
    kevin wallis

    China was trying to help the Dems, and it

  • Terry Curtin
    Terry Curtin

    Snogging bad, but what is on Sen Scalises forehead?

  • Sandra H
    Sandra H

    Oneof the Democrat pundits on Fox said she will vote for Benie because the Senate won't pass any laws in support of Socialism. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!??

  • Life On the Path
    Life On the Path

    America is not for sale !!!!!!!

  • Sandra H
    Sandra H

    Love you all, but that woman and her vocal fry are impossible to listen to.

  • mariana carmona
    mariana carmona

    Please ship that F. Socialist to Cuba or Venezuela. He is a threat to democracy ! 😣😢

  • MsSilversword66

    Thank you and continue to support our POTUS!!

  • Monica Papp
    Monica Papp

    Amen! Pathogens do not respect party lines. No better words. Americans are counting on a united front. President Trump is steady and strong! That's a good man and best for our country now and moving forward. Trump I'm voting for you! Thank you, sir! My daughter is voting for her first time for you too! God bless you! Thanks for being proactive with the COVID-19 and the flu. I want FREEDOM, not socialist oppression.

  • Geoff Burton
    Geoff Burton

    Speaking of journalists being tortured? It would go a long way if the POTUS set Julian Free!

  • Robin Jenkins
    Robin Jenkins

    McCarthy, that's because HE DID NOT say those things!!!

  • Robin Jenkins
    Robin Jenkins

    Thank you House Minority Leader, McCarthy. Thank you for standing up for American's and for what's right! NO, we do NOT want a President whom has bought the Congress Seat and ESPECIALLY, The PRESIDENCY!!!

  • Sun shine
    Sun shine

    Lile this lady. Always on the ball.

  • Bamometha

    0:01 who is thos woman's speech coach? Justin Trudeau?

  • Mr S
    Mr S

    I could be wrong but I believe they’re spending about the same amount of money on this virus as we got from the tariffs from China. just found that coincidental and interesting.

  • Radiation is GOD
    Radiation is GOD

    Sanders is going to crush Tump in a debate. He will talk over Trump just like Trump does to others except he will sound intelligent when he speaks facts.

  • Radiation is GOD
    Radiation is GOD

    The Italian mafia was all up in Cuba trying to establish a healthy and moral middle class with their casino's, prostitutes and drug dealers that come with them. Castro kicked them out!

  • Mr S
    Mr S

    Easy fix get rid of the FISA court secret courts are unconstitutional and they are used for nefarious deeds

  • Devin Slurry
    Devin Slurry

    Imagine being afraid of Cuba!

  • Randy Hickey
    Randy Hickey

    At my time of viewing this 448 people on here ( scum of the USA) need to move to Cuba

  • Bigg D
    Bigg D

    they Put grease on the door knob just above the keyhole in the women's bathroom....finally caught him!

  • Jim Ramos
    Jim Ramos

    No amumity for anyone you break the unconditional laws you get the penalty thats the way it started thats tthe way it should be and i hope thats the way it will end

  • RostandBergerac

    Yea man!! Bernie apparrently brought back the idea of the injustice of socialism. No creation , no Apple inc , no light bulbs, no rockin roll..really!!

  • Michael Houston
    Michael Houston

    everyone wondering, and then learning about "Ash Wednesday" has to think about "religion" for a moment., and naturally, some will flash on "God"., whether they believe or not.,...that's a good thing.,...Trump knows his PR., and if not Trump's doing, then God is doing PR now., good move either way., thinking about God is good. :-)

  • e Gotcha
    e Gotcha

    What happened to his forehead

  • J L
    J L

    Trump 2020, I will keep my constitutional freedoms!

  • J L
    J L

    Bernie's supporters will get their cell phones taken and have no social media if they want a Socialist/Communist government. They will cry big time. Seriously....they have no idea about a Socialist country, but they should take field trips to visit them. They would then change their mind and not vote for Bernie. Trump 2020 for me, I will keep my freedoms!

  • Yimei Du
    Yimei Du

    Send Bernie to China if he likes socialism and communism

  • Dennis Wax
    Dennis Wax




  • Paul Banks
    Paul Banks

    For the love of God, Get U S A back on track with President Donald J Trump.

  • Fierro Metal
    Fierro Metal

    My money you k!

  • david robbins
    david robbins

    Democrats are ugly human beings inside and out. They stand out and never in a good way. They are dirty creatures that endanger their own neighbors for profit.

  • Cesar Milstief
    Cesar Milstief

    Mario did a great job explaining Cuba to the socialists in the USA.

  • Brenda Sinclair
    Brenda Sinclair


  • Keith Chilstrom
    Keith Chilstrom

    Whoops...sorry to my post recently...i meant to say is..... socializim is di....gressive...not progressive..

  • Tacy West
    Tacy West

    Polosi has lost her way and it might be age but it is not helping the people paying her wages for such a long time. She can't even save her City that is her responsibility.

  • ow lord
    ow lord

    All these politicians are corrupt. Stealing our hard earned money taking food out of our childrens mouths. And giving it to the trash.

  • Tacy West
    Tacy West

    Thank your for speaking up and offering the truth of socialism/communism Our poor young have not been educated in our schools. Fix the schools.

  • mongo99999

    PELOSI??? If the real Pelosi is even still around she should get a few years and be banned from any political office. I can't believe they're talking about reinstating her in some limited fashion. SHE'S A MASSIVE TRAITOR.

  • Bruce Jenner
    Bruce Jenner

    Scalia has a Shmutz on his forehead

  • Nick Verbus
    Nick Verbus

    Bunch of idiots

  • cooliesass

    notice the extremely low volume... only when GOP Leaders speak? NOTICE THE EXTREMELY LOUD VOLUME... ONLY WHEN REPORTERS SPEAK, OR COUGH, OR BELCH? notice the extremely low volume... again, only when GOP leaders speak? NOTICE THE EXTREMELY LOUD VOLUME... AGAIN, ONLY FOR REPORTERS.

  • Constance Sousa
    Constance Sousa


  • J Merlo
    J Merlo

    Wow! Republicans do seem to be panicking about the people having a say with respect to what they want, hey? But enough is enough. Bernie 2020. Period!

  • cotsley1

    Castro was bad, yes. But socializm wasn't the cause to his brutality.....

  • Emy Dan
    Emy Dan

    How dumb is the first journalist??? I wish they showed his face

  • EnemyMindset

    Ash Wednesday and Lent are pagan customs introduced by the pagan Roman Catholic Church. Just like Easter and Christmas and sunday service. The early church apostles did not keep such traditions. The kept the Passover of the new covenant, and all the feasts of the new covenant for that matter. And obviously the Sabbath. The Roman Catholic Church is the fulfillment of the prophecies in Daniel 7 of the little horn who would change God's set times and laws, which they did. This prophecy is expounded upon in Revelation 13 and 17. And Revelation 18 concludes that God's people are to come out of her, so they will not share in her sins, for their crimes are piled up to heaven. Yes they are, remember the dark ages?

  • Nelly Farnsworth
    Nelly Farnsworth

    2:57 VERY powerful speach. Arrest BERNIE SANDERS Terrorism Treason? 8:03 Trade comrade sanders for Daniel Perez.

  • Nelly Farnsworth
    Nelly Farnsworth

    Close All Borders NOW. STOP All airlines outside USA 🇺🇸 & FLIGHTS INTO & OUT OF CALIFORNIA. Quarantine ALL CHINA 🇨🇳 & ALL CALIFORNIA 🇨🇳.