How Cops Conduct Death Investigations
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    If police enter a home for a welfare check under “exigent circumstances” and find a few plants of weed growing where weed is illegal, could the inhabitants face charges on the weed? What happens to the weed?

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      ed it’ll get collected for evidence and you’ll be charged for the appropriate charge. That’s the plain view doctrine.

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      @JAMES PURKS If you're a paramedic, or an EMT... then the agency you work for, SHOULD have standard operating guidelines in place for operating at scenes that are quite possibly crime scenes. (Not all fire and EMS departments have these guidelines reduced to black and white, unfortunately... but it 'should' be addressed.) On my fire department... we keep the guidelines VERY SIMPLE... 1.) If police are already on scene, check in with the police officer that is 'in command' at that point. (This is where we 'have a brief discussion' to get briefed on 'why we've been called there', and how we can help.) 2.) Once we have the information, we'll enter the scene, following a single path in... and then back out... so that the police (AND WE) can document the following basic information. ---Which personnel entered ---What agency are they with? ---What time did they enter? ---What path did they follow, in and out of the scene? ---What evidence, by necessity, may they have disturbed during their authorized entry? 3.) Upon reaching the patient, we will conduct a normal rapid assessment, to determine patient viability, in accordance with our state's published guidelines. 4.) If the patient is ALIVE... the PRIMARY MISSION of ALL first response agenceis, is... THE PRESERVATION OF HUMAN LIFE... so at that point... we do what we must, for the sake of the patient... and if that means that some evidence gets spoliated during life saving efforts... SO BE IT... (Although we try NOT to disturb the scene MORE than is absolutely necessary.) 5.) If the patient is DEAD... then we go to our state protocols in pronouncement of death... 6.) When our business is concluded, we will depart the scene, using the same pathway out, that we took to get in, taking care not to disturb or contaminate evidence. 7.) We will check out of that immediate scene area, with the commanding police officer on scene (aka "The Incident Commander", and will remain at that officer's disposal, until dismissed. 8.) The commander of the EMS crew, will fill out an appropriate EMS report, and ensure that police have everything they need from us, before we depart from the scene. The bottom line... when a patient's life is on the line... and your state EMS guidelines and good sense, tells you that the patient has a chance of being resuscitated... you execute all of your patient care protocols as needed, and transport to higher care. All other concerns, EXCEPT your safety, become 'secondary concerns'. (Which means you don't ignore those secondary concerns... but you don't put them, before the life of your patient.) Things change a little, if EMS is on the scene FIRST... If you're on the scene first... and you DISCOVER what appears to be a crime scene... your crew's commander needs to have dispatch summon police. You will then execute your patient assessment, after approaching through a pathway that gets you to the patient, while disturbing evidence as little as possible... and if treatment is indicated, you provide it, and do whatever it takes to save the patient's life... since 'life safety' comes before 'investigation' on the priority list. If the patient is dead... you retrace your steps back out, again disturbing evidence as little as possible... and you SECURE THE SCENE for police... not allowing anyone in the area... and not allowing anyone to mess around in that scene area. You advise police on their arrival, why you're there, what you discovered on arrival, what you did, and what you've done up to the point of their arrival. THEN... proceed from there, accordingly. Your EMS trainers should cover this a little in training... and you should get continuing education to further your knowledge in this area over the course of your EMS career.

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      @JAMES PURKS if the p/t is obviously deceased, only the senior medic would/should enter and check for signs of life. Names, times would be recorded and entered into the CAD and incident report. If there is even a remote possibility that the victim could be resuscitated, then that takes priority over everything else. Cut what you need to cut, move that you need to move...etc. Follow your policies regarding the application of medical aid to that patient, irrespective of the circumstances. You should probably not enter a known shooting scene until it is cleared by LEO.

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    U mean u don’t shot ppl through windows and doors

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    You cheated on that test didn't You. LMFAO.

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    Man I've been really wanting to join Law Enforcement and you have helped tremendously! Me and my spouse both love watching your videos ESPECIALLY the ugly truth and how to be a good spouse!

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    1:45 u though someone lost their welfare check lmaoooo

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    What would you do if u pulled over someone wearing ur sick merch

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    Know to well how this works. I was admitted in the hospital, my husband had gone to the house to pick up things, bring to the hospital. When he wasn't back in two hours I knew something was wrong. My kids went to the house, couldn't get a answer so I called a neighbor to go be with them when they had to break in the house. He had a massive heart attack thinking I would be dead before dark because of a ass of hospital employed doctor telling him I was going to die. I had to tell my kids to call the sheriff's department, they would have to do a unattended death investigation before the corner could come. The corner was a long time friend. After the deputies saw my husband, saw his color it was ruled natural cause, the one deputy sure didn't want to tell me, he just kept saying he'd died instantly an hadn't suffered. That was on Thanksgiving 4 years ago. I still hate that doctor, my husband is gone & here I still sit. Come to find out the jerk never even called my Dr to let him know I'd arrived at the E.R my Dr just thought I didn't go. Things like this shouldn't happen, doctors like that man should never be doctors.

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    Lol welfare "check" that was funny... very good video. Thank you for sharing. And that story at the end ... very sad for that woman.

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    I wouldn't want my mama or did either one where around 1 I passed away I know it ain't going to happen call them both already gone but there's not a day that I don't think about my mom I must have baby and from my mom want to go through that would just be too hard for me 2 no and she would have to go through it

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    You know how Bill used to say how his life couldn't get any lower? Well it's about to get 6 feel lower.. lol

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    Imagine having to deal with a serial killer death scene your first day. That would be some shit. Lol

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    If you're working a death investigation, why do you take photos of the street signs?

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    Great video 401! Very informative. I always wondered how the CID work these kinds of cases.

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    I've worked jobs where Tyvex is basic PPE. We called them anything from shoot-suits, to skin savers to get an idea of the work type...

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    I used to want to be a cop, and when I see videos like this, I think about how I really dodged a bullet by realizing I didn't have what it takes to do the job. Keep up the good work. I couldn't handle this kind of work, and I'm glad there are people in the world who can, because we all need this job to be done.

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    I did a case where a lawyer called for a welfare check on her client officer showed up smelt the smell... Decomp...

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    In the state of New Mexico we don't have elected coroners. We have The Office of the Medical Investigator (OMI). I work with the office as a Field Deputy Medical Investigator (FDMI) as well as being a firefighter/emt. We basically do what the coroner do as well as some investigater work (determine homicide, suicide, accident, etc.). We also determine the cause and manner of death. When I go on to a scene after I tie in with the LEO I make contact with family (if there is any on scene) let them know what I will be doing, what my central office in Alburquerque may want us to do as well. I also let the family know what services we provide and who to call for information such as death certificates, belongings on the deceased etc. Then I start with my photos. Normally will start with the street sign mile of where the scene is and work my way into the home or building all the way till I am where the deceased is and do my 360 photos. The more photos the better. I photo belongings that are on the body (jewlery, cash, and I have even had to document rocks, wrappers, and one time even mini voodoo dolls). After basically all my photos are done around the home and EVERYTHING is documented then I call the central OMI office in Alburquerque and talk with a lead investigator (sometimes I have to wait for one to call me back which can take hours and I have to stay with the body until then) I tell them what is going on and what I'm seeing and then they'll order either a full autopsy, an external autopsy(pull blood, urine, and intraocular fluid that is in the eyes.) which I will do at the funeral home. The third option is if it's determined its a natural death no foul play. Anytime its a homicide, suicide, or decomp then they will definetly go up for autopsy. After I tag and bag the deceased I call the funeral home and they will pick the body up. If they are going up for a full autopsy the funeral home will still pick up and they will store the deceased until the central offices transporter picks them up and transports them up to the central office where the autopsy lab is for the state. Then I go to my computer write my report send it off as well as my photos. Sometimes I will go up there to view the autopsy (cool thing is law enforcement isnt allowed in the lab but I am). If it's a homicide I don't try to locate a suspect or anything that the detectives job. I do interview neighbors, family, talk to anybody basically to help me determine the manner of death. As an FDMI I do have a lot more freedom on a scene for example I could go threw their cell phone without a warrant to maybe find next of kin or a suicide note. I've used drones to take and aerial photo of MVAs basically I'm allowed to get creative. I do have to testify in court if its a homicide as well. I enjoy what I enjoy what I do because I help brimg closure for the families. I work side by with law enforcement we help each other out a lot.

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    This video made me feel better that not all cops act rude when dealing with death.My dad died in oct 8, he had a heart attack we got to my house before the cops and ambulance and when we got there my mom did cpr and the cop basically told her she was wrong for trying to help my dad and the hospital charged a nice 2,000.But the cops on the scene were very rude and didn’t communicate anything with us until they took him to the hospital.I also warned them that we have dogs in our backyard and they are very protective of their home and their people(we have one in-particular that hates men except my dad) and they got right up on the fence gate even though I told them that he doesn’t like men and is very protective of me. And they proceeded to get pissed when the dogs started barking,growling and lunging at them even though I told them that they are protective.I proceeded to tell the officer as he was about to reach for the gun that if he even took his gun out of the holster that I would jump in front of my dog.I filmed the whole thing and he ask why I was filming I said if you go near my dog even after I warned you not to then shoot him and me then you’ll have a nice set of charges and a lawsuit.So thanks for making me feel better about cops and how they aren’t all assholes

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    I had this job once repoing industralia sewing machines 10 in all total the house we pull up to was built 1920 we were told that the owners' mother had died in some time ago the boss said the body has been removed & we could go in retrieve our goods when I walked through the front door you could still smell death in the air it was cold and dark very little light coming through the front curtain widows.on the floor was an outline on the carpeted floor where the body had lain plus a pool of blood & still remember this some 45 years later

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    mm that reminds me of our local police came out o check our neighbor old peg leg Pete who,s TV was blasting no stop for some time couldn,t get him to answer the knock on the front door they were informed he spends most of his time in the back off his house, couldn,t gain entry through the side gate so the LAC had to call the fire brigade to cut the lock & chain,upon getting into the back off the house they found old peg leg Pete dead with maggots crawling all over him. head die of an heart attack

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    Thank you for posting this video. I've been a funeral director for twenty years and as you may imagine, I've responded to hundreds of death calls. Though in that time, I've absorbed a bit of information regarding police procedures, I've never had a complete understanding of the process from the police side of a death event. Your video has helped to fill in some of the voids in my knowledge. Thank you.

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    What if it’s suicide by hanging or overdose? Jw

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    As a 24 year LEO (Patrol Div. over 16yrs) I have literally worked 100's of death scenes. There is no dignity in death so you nailed it on the head. Compassion and Empathy are job number 1 in dealing with family and friends of the deceased. There is no room for joking around on a scene. Great video.

  • James Herndon
    James Herndon

    As a 24 year LEO (Patrol Div. over 16yrs) I have literally worked 100's of death scenes. There is no dignity in death so you nailed it on the head. Compassion and Empathy are job number 1 in dealing with family and friends of the deceased. There is no room for joking around on a scene. Great video.

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    Over 1/2 a million subscribers!!! Wow..! I remember when you first started. Good job.

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    Officer401: "What made me say 'oh wow' and I actually told other people that night and they were like 'oh wow' was..." Me: Pshhhh... all this build up, I'm not finna say 'oh wow.' [Officer 401 comes with some serious left turns] Me: "...........Oh Wo.....Oh..... Oh, Wow!!!! Damn he never lies."

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    I thought the bluish color was called cyanosis.

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    Thank you for showing that poor woman dignity and respect and for sharing her story.

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    love your videos , wish you could see the situation in Puerto Rico is reallg bad , almost all murders dont get solved

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    This is very interesting... I’m a new EMT and also a 911 dispatcher for EMS/Fire, but not PD. I can usually tell over the phone by the way a caller describes a body what the outcome is... I understand the medical side of how it works, but not the PD side. I’m Texas, any death and literally ANY death is investigated by PD no matter what. I have always wondered how this process works. Thank you for informing me!


    Does IA do that too?

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    8:21 You mention the report. Everything about police work is a damn report.

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    Easy peasy....... Two or the short paragraphs, the last one ending with: " the scene was then turned over to the on-call detectives and coroner. I then returned to service.".

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    How long does a death investigation take officer 401???? DO you like your job??

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    one time I lost a welfare check too...missed out on a whole 160 dollars for the week ;-;

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    Wow that's odd here EMS does all of this our selves welfair checks and determining if we call the corner law enforcement ect lol

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    Wanted to share my experiences with this, perhaps as an example. I'm sure every locality has slightly different procedures. i woke up one morning to find my sister sitting on the couch, slumped over, dead. She had talked to my brother on line several hours earlier. She had been dead, I thought, for several hours. She had a history of drug abuse and I figured that was the cause, although i had tried to be diligent in keeping an eye on her. So i called 911. The police arrived in minutes...there is a substation about half a mile away. First two officers showed up, then shortly after a sergeant and two more. When the squad showed up, two officers left, but not before all of them managed to quickly search my tiny apartment. I had nothing to hide, and I understand why, but still... I had told the officers what I knew, talked to the paramedics, answered some questions about the prescriptions she was taking...she had several... and then everyone ended up leaving except one officer I hadn't seen before, but I can't recall if she was one of the originals or if she came later. I suppose everyone left at that point, except her, because the decision had been made that this was probably an accidental overdose. The last officer stayed there until the transportation came for the body...about an hour and a half. I got the impression that she had been trained for this situation. She basically left me alone until I started talking to her, and she did her best to keep me talking about light things. Eventually the transport came ,and she left when they did, gave me a paper with some numbers for grief hot lines, and that was it. Everyone was professional, but most of them avoided talking to me, except for a couple explicit questions. The sergeant offered condolences, as did the specialist who had stayed with the body.

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    This reminds me of when my friend Alexa passed away 3 months ago, and at only 15. 😢😢

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    Officer 401. I do film art work on my channel if you think it may help at stressful times. Some are bizarre, alot of cool editing. Just an art project I brought to life called crightnawler. If you happen to find any of them useful I am glad to help ease your mind. Shot them all on an Android and edited with KdenLive on windows. Enjoy Detective hope it helps 🤜🤛

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    I used to work for a funeral home I actually miss it I’ve seen a lot of crazy things

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    Thanks for the video man! Unfortunately found my mom in December 2017. Didn’t really understand why I was asked the same questions multiple times for what seemed like several hours. It was definitely a rough, I was pretty over whelmed in the circumstances but it’s nice to see why these things are done the way they are. Appreciate the videos!

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    I've heard that the smell of death is.. my friend used to be a carpenter and they had to redo the floors in a apartment were a person had been laying dead for months.

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