How Eliud Kipchoge Ran a Sub 2 Hour Marathon
Mike Boyd
Eliud Kipchoge is the first person ever to run a marathon in under 2 hours. He ran a 1:59:40 in Vienna on 12th October 2019. This video explains some of the details behind this feat and the event.
You can watch the whole thing here:
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  • Areli Almonte
    Areli Almonte

    You have a great way of explaining why this is such a big deal. I got so excited by the end of this video! This guy is truly a machine!

  • b7k1l8yn

    "He runs 140 miles (5 marathons) a week for months in high altitudes" ... Lmaoooooooooooo bruh

  • James M
    James M

    in reality, it's far far easier to run on the ground than on a treadmill, that's an unfair comparison

  • Eitan Shapiro
    Eitan Shapiro

    This guy looks strangely like the guy who made Disbacito

  • Eyeball Paul
    Eyeball Paul

    Hats off to that one white guy.

  • Nicholas Kidston
    Nicholas Kidston

    0:27 i did not expect that change of accents hahaha

  • nlorant99

    The treadmill test shows how crazy it is to run at that pace but is a flawed test. Treadmills suck and shorten your stride while taking away some power. 13 MPH is fast but much easier on a road or track.

  • PythonTron

    Bruh I can’t sprint a six minute mile

  • Modern

    7:07 that "experienced" runner has an awful stride

  • Fuck

    I'm more impressed by an undergrad publishing papers lol.

    • Cara M
      Cara M

      What ?

  • CaptainJesus

    Use of Cheating shoes

  • ileikts

    with his legs

  • Lukas

    It´s nice to watch this as an Austrian...

  • Dixie Gaming
    Dixie Gaming

    9:50 what we all came for

  • Aron Downes
    Aron Downes


  • Jack Corcoran
    Jack Corcoran

    This is so inanely crazy, I'm just so amazed by the fact that this was ever possible. Cheers Eliud for inspiring me to run further

  • Hugo Hassler
    Hugo Hassler

    Excellent video

  • Nicolas Ricke
    Nicolas Ricke

    This may be really dumb, but didn’t all the people he ran with also run the marathon in under 2 hours?

    • john karford
      john karford

      They switched pacers.

  • Sean Archer
    Sean Archer

    I thought - how awesome, someone in their 50's able to do this. The dude is 35. So much about running keeping you look young.

  • Just Julian
    Just Julian

    I’m guessing he just ran

  • Collin Jordan
    Collin Jordan

    he did it by running the marathon distance within 2 hours

  • Marathawn Jawn
    Marathawn Jawn

    Does this guy realize nobody still has run a sub 2hr marathon that actually counts?!

  • Sween

    Jeez heavy runners really don’t age well...never would have guessed he was only 35. Looks 60

  • I agree
    I agree

    lol this was a set up..still impressive but not so much anymore.

  • James T
    James T

    I hope his story gets turned into a movie one day... it has everything for it

  • Martin Giordano
    Martin Giordano

    Great video! My question is : did the guys who did it with him also break this world record ?

  • pikaboö nu
    pikaboö nu

    Big respect for his teammates 👏👏👏

  • Teehee111ful

    this guys accent is so annoying

  • DRock Gaming
    DRock Gaming

    This is like Eddie Hall breaking 500 kilo

  • Min Eung Kim
    Min Eung Kim

    Why not just let him dope? He could easily beat his own record.

  • ⦅PICͥODͣOͫUX⦆

    I may look extremely dumb, but one answer in the comment would be enough. : Are the runners with him pacers ? Do they switch or did they break the world record with him too?

    • ⦅PICͥODͣOͫUX⦆

      @Eric Powell Yeah that's what I thought ! And if they ever did, I was mad for a quick second that they didn't got the same reaction for them as Eliud. But you're right.

    • Eric Powell
      Eric Powell

      On the Nike stuff they swapped out - they were there to break the wind resistance and set pace running in a diamond shape etc. - all great runners no doubt, but I don't think any of the pacers were in there the entire time. It may have been different at the Geneva marathon, but I have my doubts that 8 other peeps can achieve the same feat at the same time.

  • T P
    T P

    Imagine what score this man would get on the pacer test

  • Stevie Drums
    Stevie Drums

    I wonder how many minutes per beat his resting HR is

  • Zuber Patel
    Zuber Patel

    All in the shoes

  • Mason Crane
    Mason Crane

    Why didn’t he sprint at the end???

  • mpants

    imagine attempting to run the mile in under four minutes and all your friends make it but you barely scrape the barrel and miss by like 0.2 seconds and all your friends are celebrating so that must suck :p

    • mpants

      I.o.m ik but it must suck if you did

    • I.o.m

      mpants they didn’t run the whole thing

  • Dillon Alexander
    Dillon Alexander

    Tbh I feel bad for this guy. He clearly sold his soul to the devil. Fool.

  • metiks111

    Why they tank the wind for him the whole time and at the end they just let him overtake them, someone explain that to me.

    • Dr. Alban Tross
      Dr. Alban Tross

      metiks111 to let him have the moment of joy on his own.

  • Ashraf Cranima
    Ashraf Cranima

    He looks like he didn't even break s sweat

  • collazogas

    Anyone know the name of the song at 11:02 ? Super smooth. Also great video overall, very well put together.

  • Ben Waßmann
    Ben Waßmann

    what about his shoes?? ( Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%) these shoes are so good that they will probably be forbidden in races.

  • Bobbi

    I have never felt more out of shape in my life

  • Gang Bang
    Gang Bang

    They should obviously talk about kipchoge but all those guys behind hik broke the 2 hour mark so props to them to!!!

  • Don Corleone
    Don Corleone

    White boys cant run

  • Podcast Central
    Podcast Central

    I can only run 100,200,400 meters competitively but I’m kinda quick long distance. The fact that me running a 400 takes about a minute and this man can go do a marathon in 1:59 is ridiculous

  • Thomas Blake Jones
    Thomas Blake Jones

    This video is so well made.

  • Jake Oriordan
    Jake Oriordan

    He was found doping.

  • cr7 fan club
    cr7 fan club

    He is roswell alien... 1947

  • Grantland Gamster
    Grantland Gamster

    Love this show but Comparing him to Tiger Woods is a big insult

  • Marcus Estrada
    Marcus Estrada

    actually, how the actual fuck

  • JoJoe Mojo
    JoJoe Mojo

    Thank you cardarine for this world record, guarenteed.

  • Tiffany Okamoto
    Tiffany Okamoto

    some are built to run...i was built to eat hamburgers.

  • ravioli ravioli
    ravioli ravioli

    I doubt this will happen again, because its already happened

  • Carlos Olivares
    Carlos Olivares

    How did he do it? With his legs duh!

  • -Kronos -
    -Kronos -

    Does that mean all the pace runners also ran a sub 2??! And that they could have sped up at the end and take all the glory? 😂

  • JMM

    The crazy thing is he looked like he had plenty in the tank. This guy has one hell of an engine on him.

  • Rayan Cox
    Rayan Cox

    Didn’t everyone that ran with him run a sub 2 hours

    • Todor Ivanov
      Todor Ivanov

      they changed the pacemakers every few miles

  • Healing&Build Supersayan
    Healing&Build Supersayan


  • Matt Gomez
    Matt Gomez

    This video is well conveyed " kipchoge is from another star system 🤔

  • anon ymous
    anon ymous

    This guy is insane. Salute

  • Tom Tyler
    Tom Tyler

    This is the first video i watched from u. Probably my favorite to. Thanks for producing great content

  • George Orwell
    George Orwell

    THIS is quality content. I am so glad this appeared on my feed.

  • Astro Rockets
    Astro Rockets

    I’ll tell you how. His shoes.

  • Marc

    Great storytelling and no clickbait. I wish all of YT was this good

  • Nate Nelson
    Nate Nelson


  • Eric


  • scotchontheroxx

    This is very impressive. Having said that, that's not a real record as the criteria by the IAAF were not met. It's like finishing a video game on easy

  • Sapz

    what about the camera guy.

  • Frost

    And I thought running 5-7 miles was good effort, lol, I'll stick to swimming. Amazing video

  • Instinct

    The greatest roar from a cows you’ve ever heard? I’m guessing you haven’t seen agueros last minute goal to win the final then have you

    • Tobias Moos
      Tobias Moos

      Balotelli...... AGÜEROOOOOOOOOOO

    • MU.SE

      We are discussing marathon crowd here.