How I Finally Lost Weight / My Fitness Journey!
Here is how i finally lost weight. You guys have been wanting to hear my fitness journey for a long time! Please know you are beautiful NO MATTER what size you are. This isn't meant to be a tutorial but just me and my weight loss story. Love you xo -Alisha Marie
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  • AlishaMarie

    Don't ever forget you are beautiful NO MATTER what size you are...I came to a point where I realized I wasn't taking care of myself in anyway whether that was mentally, physically, or emotionally. Again, I don't want this to be a "how to lose weight tutorial" because this is just my own personal fitness journey that I wanted to share. A number on a scale doesn't define who you are.

    • Shahad Mohammed
      Shahad Mohammed

      I love your weight loss vedios please do a new one


      Hi Eva there I am so happy for your weight loose🥰 I sometimes can't like myself... Like... If I just trying... I can't. Ly Alisha, bye

    • Sruthi Prakash
      Sruthi Prakash

      Thanks Love You actually brought me into some sense i workout twicw a day controlled myself over food cravings and thinking that there'd be no change over my body weight and every single day i'm trying to push myself to get abs but after watching your journey numbers on scale doesnt define me Thank you for sharing this cause this changed my day

    • Elena


    • Aisling Brennan
      Aisling Brennan



    This is the best fitness journey I've ever seen

  • Miguel De Sousa
    Miguel De Sousa

    Yes please do that

  • Miguel De Sousa
    Miguel De Sousa

    Can you please give a tip for me please

  • Makeup Kristi
    Makeup Kristi

    I think this is really helpful for me!! 😀❤️

  • Anna

    1:35 Who is here in the coronavirus period?

  • Natalia Nguyen
    Natalia Nguyen

    Who's watching this late in 2020 Quarantine??

  • ash wap
    ash wap

    You’re skinnier than me and I’m 8 years old

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose


  • Miss Flawless
    Miss Flawless

    Hey, I found this video very helpful. I do have a question, I hope you can answer it. I am currently eating the super healthy way you described you used to before (i am trying to change my eating habits tho and after 3-4 years of eating that way, I realize it's not good for me). Since the beginning of March, I started taking exercising seriously - cardio, weight training, resistance training,. I didn't seem to lose weight, but I also wasn't gaining. However since the last two weeks i started drinking arouns 50 ounces of water daily and I gained 10 pounds just from that change. Is this normal? Should I be worried? I actually found your video because I was beating myself for gaining that weight, so I was looking for people who lost weight.

  • Enshape Dude
    Enshape Dude

    You put in some work! Nice job. I can’t wait to see how I look in a few month and then a yr from now. Keep up the work

  • Homely Grace
    Homely Grace

    oh snap! just discovered your channel because I'm on a fitness journey (I've lost 23 pounds 3 months) and I'm really enjoying your content!

    • Blackpink & Lisa biggest fan ever
      Blackpink & Lisa biggest fan ever

      Lucky you

  • Kathleen Paredes
    Kathleen Paredes

    Thank u Alisha u rlly helped me stop looking at the scale but how I Feel abt my body💜 ily sm thank You !!


    Thank you for your video, you are an inspiration to us all. Here a great way I found to loss weight, I hop[e it helps some others! @t

  • A little bit of everything Christina Miller
    A little bit of everything Christina Miller

    This helped me so much

  • Casey Pistone
    Casey Pistone

    Good job Alisha!!! 😁👏🏻❤️

  • Molly Mckibben
    Molly Mckibben

    i was at my desired goal until quarantine and i gained 6lb!!! i am trying to do better tho😫🥺🥺

  • Gracie Simons
    Gracie Simons

    I love to see you at your best stage even though you’re beautiful in both but you can tell alisha is 100%happier in the second pic I’m happy to see such a wonderful person loving their body 😁💙💙🙌

  • queen keshyyy
    queen keshyyy

    Who's trying to be the hottest girl in school .nope just me

    • Infinity ALDC
      Infinity ALDC

      u do u girl 😂💕

  • AngledHourglass

    Oh snap

  • Madeline Galassi
    Madeline Galassi

    What do you Eat in a day

  • Max Love
    Max Love

    Alisha is just so motivating and relatable ❤️

  • Blathnaid mythen
    Blathnaid mythen

    I loge her,terren,tk and ashley. Eek i loveeee them soooooo much

  • Toca Swirl
    Toca Swirl

    guurl your muscles and abs are popping!

  • Avery Chase
    Avery Chase

    why can I relate to half of the stuff she said in this.

  • Tess Morgan
    Tess Morgan

    these videos are helping me so much it’s insane, &you look amazing !!!

  • Xuud Dydy
    Xuud Dydy

    Some people think carbs are bad. They're a great source of energy. Just don't eat carbs like cake and sweets.

  • lidia l
    lidia l

    If anyone wants to be on a group chat on instagram to support each other let me know

  • Kaitlyn Kirby
    Kaitlyn Kirby

    This video made me understand so much I needed this thank youu!

  • maggie ezzell
    maggie ezzell

    i took the quiz and my metabolism is dual efficient too!!! 💞💞

  • Darryl Herman
    Darryl Herman

    To cut out yeast from my diet for weight loss my family would DISOWN ME (in my culture yeast is a big part of what I eat), one of the hardest things I have ever had to do was go on a diet (not to lose weight) because I was born with a few things that kinda “hurt” my health (acid reflux) which later in my life really affected my blood and so many doctors gave me the wrong medics that if I had to carry for another month I would be dead by now. So many types of food affected my blood including yeast, starch and sugar so I had to cut those out of my diet and that was so so so so hard

  • Hannah Gutierrez
    Hannah Gutierrez

    Oh snap

  • Abs K
    Abs K

    Oh queen you killed this!! Thank you for emphasizing the mental health aspect!!

  • elaina b
    elaina b

    I love your videos your always inspire me and your videos always make my day.

  • judy kanj
    judy kanj

    What is amazing about it is that I have alisha s body before but now that I'm working on myself I'm starting to become what alisha is now

  • Kelzz simien
    Kelzz simien

    Health/fitness video request

  • Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson

    Alisha you should get that mole above your eyebrow looked at it could be cancerous. My friends a dermatologist and I showed her and says it could be worth it to get it looked at by a professional. Sending good wishes to you and your health

  • Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson

    Alisha is just not pretty idk but i dont see the hype

  • Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson

    Does anyone else agree Alisha's body is very masculine, like she is built not feminine looking. No hate just noticed now

  • Kaylee Dillashaw
    Kaylee Dillashaw

    Alisha, you are like my big sister and I look up to you so much. I love your videos and love that you care that you are taking care of yourself and not about your weight very much.

  • Mallory Fallon
    Mallory Fallon

    13:24 the picture in the middle on the bottom does NOT look healthy AT ALL

    • Jean Held
      Jean Held

      What picture?

  • Kaya Barowicz
    Kaya Barowicz

    coronavirus brought me here- no complaints!!!!!! :)))) who else wants a hot body like alisha?

  • Sarah Walsh
    Sarah Walsh

    I’m so proud of this queen she has come so far well done ❤️👑

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    Patrycja Guz

    Oh snap

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    Bella Seynhaeve

    U really helped me

  • Samarah Eichhorst
    Samarah Eichhorst

    Did anyone else look at the mirror and look at her back and light?!?!😂

  • Bollywood Media
    Bollywood Media

    SO basically this video can be summarized: she lost weight by 1. eating healthy 2. working out

  • Bollywood Media
    Bollywood Media

    8:28 when the video actually starts

    • Tejaswi Tripuraneni
      Tejaswi Tripuraneni

      Thank you 😂

  • Nicole

    I love how open and relatable you are!

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    Tylor von Kriegenbergh

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    Anna Jones

    Healthy snacks video

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    Cennet Kura

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  • Sophie Leong Jia Xuan
    Sophie Leong Jia Xuan

    I have a question! How do you still have energy to work out and get through your day without eating a lot of carbs?

  • Sophie Leong Jia Xuan
    Sophie Leong Jia Xuan

    I did a bunch of quizzes and have concluded that my metabolic type is also dual... BUT I rly can't see myself on a low carb diet cuz I pretty much eat rice in every meal ://

  • Ishan Ablack
    Ishan Ablack

    wow I haven't learn anything :')

  • Regina Pinaula
    Regina Pinaula

    I really love this video.

  • venis

    I love how this video is about feeling good and being healthy more than just focusing on losing weight and only thinking about the numbers on the scale. It's so important to love yourself and eat well and just feel good while working out! I feel like a lot of people needed to hear this and i'm so happy that you made this video :D 🧡🧡🧡

  • Megan X
    Megan X

    8:43 SHUUU🤫

  • 2K3 Xu Jingxuan
    2K3 Xu Jingxuan

    4:14 this is so relatable omg

  • Elizabeth Brammer
    Elizabeth Brammer

    I like how honest you were. Thanks for this video

  • Natalia Betancourt
    Natalia Betancourt

    ahhhh i love this! love hearing to your journey. so happy for you :)

  • TIffanyrose Angeles
    TIffanyrose Angeles

    So happy another skinny video!!! But right burn the scale is fab bc its negativity. Your gorge I don't understand the concept of diets At all bc they don't work. This must be a lifestyle change,only for you....and only you Never for some dude. I have a fairly quick metabolism I think,as I'm able to eat a lot. meat. No dairy either. Only things other than fruits and veggies I can eat lean fish & eggs Omega 3 Going for walks.

  • Dangelo Mateo
    Dangelo Mateo

    I have been applying this weight loss program “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for several weeks now and so far I love them! They give me plenty of strength and control my appetite, yet I do NOT quit whenever they wear off which I enjoy, and so they don`t cause me to feel jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my very own diet regime and i also still manage to get rid of my unwanted weight to 7 lbs. .

  • harryskittyz

    girlllll you look so good!!!!!!!!! thanks for the tips

  • — Kiwi—
    — Kiwi—

    I am trying to lose some weight up to 25 lbs because I am on the bigger size for my height and mainly because I am an athlete, who is supposed to be lighter to be more aerodynamic supposedly, but I am also supposed to gain more muscle.

  • Cassidy 12
    Cassidy 12

    The scale weight doesn’t matter to me because I don’t own a scale😂

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    Ashley O Aguilar

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    Abby Rich

    You inspire me! Keep grinding because you look amazing!!

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    Carmen Morales

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  • Rebekah Hollingsworth
    Rebekah Hollingsworth

    Basically whole30! Which I really enjoyed because when I did it I never felt like I had to restrain myself