How I Finally Lost Weight / My Fitness Journey!
Here is how i finally lost weight. You guys have been wanting to hear my fitness journey for a long time! Please know you are beautiful NO MATTER what size you are. This isn't meant to be a tutorial but just me and my weight loss story. Love you xo -Alisha Marie
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  • AlishaMarie

    Don't ever forget you are beautiful NO MATTER what size you are...I came to a point where I realized I wasn't taking care of myself in anyway whether that was mentally, physically, or emotionally. Again, I don't want this to be a "how to lose weight tutorial" because this is just my own personal fitness journey that I wanted to share. A number on a scale doesn't define who you are.

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      Camille Nercuit

      AlishaMarie workouts and health related videos please 🙏🏼♥️

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      Sophie Collins

      You are so inspirational! ❤️💜💛💙💚🧡

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      Matilda Ward

      Here Here

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    Toma Mishchenko

    She looked fine

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    Gypsy Girls heart

    how do you have time to change your outfit that Manny times in a video

  • Jessica Inga
    Jessica Inga

    "The scale number doesn't matter"......... can someone tell this to my mother who always says, " All I care about is the number"

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    Aracely Garcia

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    Maya Shikhule

    You go girl. Girl power!!!!!

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    Tee Giovanna

    Do you eat a lot of nuts? Or dairy free yogurts?

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    Rosemary Heath

    Wow Lida used to be big

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    Tristin Pretorius

    i love you girl you helped me so much 1111111

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  • Sofia Conaway
    Sofia Conaway

    I am Dual too, but I have no idea how I should eat or what I should be eating. Could you PLS post more what you eat in a day so that us 10% duals can have an idea of what we can be eating?

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  • Lychee Vang
    Lychee Vang

    Kinda late but i can TOTALLY RELATE to this video, I used to try really really unhealthy diets, I’m basically just fasting, I did this because I just wanted to be skinny nothing else, but after this video it helped me a lot. Lots of love💞

  • Sydnie Kayelinn
    Sydnie Kayelinn

    I actually appreciate this video so much because we’re of similar height and build which makes this that much better, it’s so different when you see the transformation in someone with a body that looks like yours.

  • Kamara

    work out routine!!!!!!!

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    Farhiya A

    You did good girl 👌🏾

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    Honeyl •

    Oml she looks like me at the start this gives me hope :D

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    Makayla O'Donnell-Heifner

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    Caelyn Dewitt

    can i ask what workout you did it would help me!

  • Cassandra Caia
    Cassandra Caia

    just tried the app! And it actually says I`m dual efficent as well!

    • Cassandra Caia
      Cassandra Caia

      Emily YT yes!

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      Emily YT

      Cassandra Caia is the app free?

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    Girl...You inspired me!

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    Sheryl Almeida

    More weight loss videos plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Claire Groves

    Would be AMAZING to see what you eat in a day! I’d find that so valuable!

  • Amy Aurora
    Amy Aurora

    Please do more of these videos they’re so helpful and full of great, I’m trying to be vegan and this video really helped me find a motive ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you xxxxx

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  • Sausha Dalton
    Sausha Dalton

    I finally caved and made my nutritionist appointment!!

  • Sandie

    So what was the test that the doctor did

  • A C
    A C

    My boyfriend and I use the lose it app. And basically you just log in what you eat.

  • Bethany Sandles
    Bethany Sandles

    2017 was a really tough year for me and I wasn’t in a good place and I decided to start exercising because I’m the type of person that if I look good, I feel good and I felt so much better. So if your going through a tough time even just going for a walk will do wonders.❤️❤️❤️❤️ Good luck!!!

    • Farhiya A
      Farhiya A

      Bethany Sandles Glad to hear things got better for you. Props.

  • Fix your Voice
    Fix your Voice

    Workout routine plz

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    The Ice Gang

    Just keep in mind "The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Keep calm. Eat cake"

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    One like = one week going to the gym!💕 Please like I need motivation lol

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    that verry nice

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    Partner In Pounds

    Amazing ❤️

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    Vanessa Herrmann

    The first weight loss video that really helped and is Not only advertisement for a special diet. Thank you for sharing! ❤️

  • Lollipop

    Since my Ma still cooks for me (like a lot of people my age) it’s cool cuz she already makes really healthy but filling food so all I need to do is exercise and I’ll be on the right track Disclaimer! From my profile picture you might be thinking, mate she looks like she 12 or something, and we’ll I’m 13 but I’m not talking about being like really fit I just think it’d be better if I start doing exercises and be healthy for the long run, you know?

  • Noelle Cusimano
    Noelle Cusimano

    I just realized your the girl from the PRETTY BASIC PODCAST! Mind blown lol

  • Noelle Cusimano
    Noelle Cusimano

    I just watched a video from you on spanx verse kims new line in 2018 lol i don't even know how that was recommended to me, but i clicked it and was like "oh she's cute let me watch" thinking you were a smaller channel then i clicked and you are over 8million and I'm like dang lol she's for real. I love your personality already and just subscribed! Funny how you can always discover someone new even if they aren't "new" to youtube.

  • Joy McChristian
    Joy McChristian

    I’ve seen you make smoothies with protein powder in your morning routine video! You should do a protein powder video! I’ve always wanted to get into that and don’t know where to start! I love your videos girl!

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    MiniMarvel 22

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  • Kayler Deason
    Kayler Deason

    So I went to the link and took the test and apparently I hv the same type of metabolism as you!!

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    anida isaku

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    avery hollister

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  • Malini

    3:53 You was soooo skinny :( But right now you look great.

  • Lyrics 4 u
    Lyrics 4 u

    I just went on vacation and I’ve gained so much weight I feel so gross and I’m starting to get depressed, I’ve just recovered and started to love myself and as soon as I love myself my body changes. :( I really wanna lose 20 pounds before February:( please motivate me

  • Destiny Murphy
    Destiny Murphy

    Who also has a duel metabolism?

  • Renaissance Woman
    Renaissance Woman

    good one Alisha .I personally lost 70 lbs in a period of 3 years and I continue to work on it.Its not easy for sure.keep up the good work

  • Mickey Starr156
    Mickey Starr156

    I did the test and I also have a duel metabolism

  • Nikita Stead
    Nikita Stead

    This was beyond helpful!! Thank you for sharing your story and talking about how everyone is different❤️ you are such an inspiration!!

  • FIT Creators
    FIT Creators

    These tips are GOOD!!! Great work! Thanks for sharing your tips.

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    Brae Fam

    This helped me out. Thank you

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    Earl Simon Feble

    hey guys this 2 minute video will help to hydrate your body and loose some weight @t

  • Adia Cascano
    Adia Cascano

    Hey, out of curiosity how tall are you?

  • J K
    J K

    The scale is the devil. Especially around your period. But I love weighing after it's over because I legit lose like 3 lbs lol. Srsly though, go based off of measurements. I went up in weight my last checkin but lost an inch in my waist.

    • Farhiya A
      Farhiya A

      J K Lol true or weighing yourself at night.

  • Paige Birchall
    Paige Birchall

    Did anyone else think that Alisha was punching a real person in that little clip ha, no just me..... ummm ok

  • Chelsea Pascoe
    Chelsea Pascoe

    It’s so true balance is key!!

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    ABigLetdown Always

    For every subscriber I will film 10 jumping jacks!

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    Cherry Blossom

    Today's young generation and comments in this video are so disappointing.

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    Anna V

    what about intermittent fasting?

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    steven Delvalle

    U don't need to change and being thick is fine if people are being rude tell them to leave u and leave my life alone , love u 😊😊

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    Neveyah Kolb

    i love that while i am watching this i am eating chicken nuggets from McDonalds ....

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    Kelly Sheridan

    Legit so much respect! This is the literal best video you could show someone trying.

  • Jenn W.
    Jenn W.

    I think instead of saying listen to your body say listen to what you know is good for you because sometimes or most of the time my body is telling me to eat all the wrong things

  • Ida Marie Nikolajsen
    Ida Marie Nikolajsen

    I know it sounds weird but when i eat really unhealthy food i losse weight. Is it only me?