How Pop Smoke Was Targeted Through Real Estate Apps
Trap Geek
Throwing a party to celebrate his album release, Pop Smoke was unaware how big of a target and how well equipped these people are.
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  • Leon Henry
    Leon Henry

    Listen, anybody who anybody will know it was probably somebody in his camp that did it or set it up

  • Clarence Beeks
    Clarence Beeks

    Great vid kid

  • Hugo

    Its wack because the niggas who he was with saw the niggas who did that to him and dont want to speak!!! Ok u dont wanna speak then do something about it then retaliate

  • Miguel Byrd
    Miguel Byrd

    I’m not going there. Rest up Pop

  • martineli312

    Less jewels more armed security😐

  • Niyah Bush
    Niyah Bush

    You are using false evidence

  • Evade_Sour

    They set that nigga up #RipWoo

  • Trill GoTTalent
    Trill GoTTalent

    Yo Trap Geek check the lil G Herbo


    i love u bro,u was the biggest woo

  • Ron Skrinjorich
    Ron Skrinjorich

    Sean Taylor got killed at a home robbery

  • A.N.G510

    Inside job!

  • Almightyy Vaughn
    Almightyy Vaughn

    Boy said the chews yea im done with the detectives 😂🤔

  • Imani Campbell
    Imani Campbell

    WOO 4L 💙🕊💫

  • Sheila Mohammed
    Sheila Mohammed

    It's really sad and sickening that Black Men in America are being hunted by Black Men in America. We look at your race being targeted by the police and it ends up in an uproar rightly so. But it's more shocking when you all kill eachother and no one says a thing. Why are your people in gangs? It's mind blowing.

  • BBG

    I think someone that was inside was waiting for all the people to leave so they can turn off the alarm and then leave the people could come to kill him 😣

  • Will Tamani
    Will Tamani

    Dats what happen when the black man lost his identity in a foreign country. As slaves there was unity, as free men there is division. Back to your roots brothers..unity makes you better citizens in a foreign land. Don't strive to belong, strive to become. RIP Pop...I admired the drill instead of the bling.

  • Got You Feelin Salty
    Got You Feelin Salty

    I see it as, you signed your life away the minute you got big off gang banging. If you rap about it and it catches up to you, that’s just tough. But whatever Rip. Drop your salty comments down below.

  • Kyle Creekmur
    Kyle Creekmur

    Why you thing meet mill left here he should’ve stayed New York Damn

  • MnemonicMF

    California is just becoming a shit hole and I live here tweakers everywhere and laws are shit they literally let criminals out within days it’s just wack out here

  • marqez brooks
    marqez brooks


  • Mel Bandzzz
    Mel Bandzzz


  • JATeach inthemind
    JATeach inthemind

    When a people kill their people their so no movement in the game.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Dumb ass posted his address

  • Lucid Gamming
    Lucid Gamming

    just imagine it being tee grizzley the tables would turn real quick

  • jcsmooth70

    This was obviously a hit! He should have never stole that car smh. RIP Pop Smoke!

  • Kid Dooby
    Kid Dooby

    bruh LOL they just came to rob him they didnt plan none o f that

  • yunocS

    I just started listening to him and I didn't know that he was dead... oh man this dude just overtook my playlist and I was really looking forward to more music from him. R.I.P :(

    • shaliandra Schoop
      shaliandra Schoop

      yeah same here

  • OVO

    It was the cops so pop smoke wouldn’t make ny wild anymore

  • kingjamrock76

    Yeah that’s why there’s always a weapon 357 or higher caliber in arms length around me


    It was hollywood, get your facts straight. This was a hit, he was not robbed, it was a set up. Stop speaking about something you don't know.

  • Iris Jackson
    Iris Jackson

    Set up...he didnt get rob,he was murdered, lapd!!!!! wake up ppl.B.s

  • Eid Atiyeh
    Eid Atiyeh

    Lemme see sum

  • Shaun Wertz
    Shaun Wertz

    You are some TIPE OF STUPD!!!

  • ICED._. ANT
    ICED._. ANT

    Mannn he jusst turned 20 he’s still a teen heading to adult hood

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name

    Niggas plannin house invasions like gta heist pop

  • nelson buyse
    nelson buyse

    he was about to be a legend( even though he already is one)

  • Nehemiah Gary
    Nehemiah Gary

    Yall he pridicted his death because. He posted his house address on his instagram page that's how he was set up

  • Ana Bankś
    Ana Bankś


  • Bupe Mulenga
    Bupe Mulenga

    Youngest in charge 🤙🏾🤙🏾

  • Memphis Depay
    Memphis Depay

    What is east cost

  • Chizavelli

    Everyone great that moves to California gets killed

  • Manuel


  • Kenny Space
    Kenny Space

    We lost a big musician 🖤

  • Lambo Lapdog
    Lambo Lapdog


  • Rod Jones
    Rod Jones

    I never even heard of this kid before... guess it's true when they say dead rappers get better promotion.

  • Eric Frederick
    Eric Frederick

    Gtfoh dude got got by his own

  • Berto Hoodoso
    Berto Hoodoso

    They didn’t even rob him they shot him in his sleep

  • Vellz King
    Vellz King

    it's the higher power, they are in control of everything... a lot of the times, poeple sign these contracts and don't be knowing what they get their selves into...

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom

    With or without address being posted someone was apparently after this guy and would have gotten him some way or another whether sooner or later its just sad he let his guard down here and that is where he slipped

  • Miya Jai 🦋🌸
    Miya Jai 🦋🌸

    RIP POP SMOKE 😢🥺🥺💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Dimitar zlatanov
    Dimitar zlatanov

    Welcome to Londons Job! ENGLAND

  • SHA FamilyVlog
    SHA FamilyVlog

    its basically a set up none of his so called 'brothers' got shot nor called the cops , pop was prolly in his room and if the person didnt know pop how would they know witch room to go in , ppl just be so cruel , brothers killin brothers but us findin who killed him aint on bring him back to us , long live poppa!!

  • William Morgan
    William Morgan

    maybe someone who went to the house party is friends with the assassin and they turned the house alarm off at the house on purpose 👀😯😯😲

  • CAROLYN Roberts
    CAROLYN Roberts

    Yes but they did not take anything this young man should not be gone. Smh 🤦‍♀️ R.I.P young man

  • Taclaun_Goat Cc
    Taclaun_Goat Cc

    He posted his house GPS on Instagram and people saw it and went to his house and inflate it and shot him

    • Nehemiah Gary
      Nehemiah Gary

      Yesss that's exacly what i just said he was set up by post his home address and they broke in the house

  • LondonG_HB _
    LondonG_HB _

    They lucky they didnt run into soulja boy.

  • joseph smith
    joseph smith

    Sorry the backlash from calling the money phone is ppl answer put ur shit on live and on the gram wearing 100k and got money on site like a bank or smart drug dealer u need security

  • dennis mutuku
    dennis mutuku

    when you are a gangster you should not tell people that you are a gangster.........?!

  • TenguOnCrack

    So why would u do that

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen


  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen


  • Dracoball

    0:43 damn they stole the mansion from gta 5

  • Donte' German
    Donte' German

    Manz said “wew” & “chew” lol stfu

  • Donte' German
    Donte' German

    Manz said “wew” & “chew” lol stfu

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores

    3:46 That shit got me dead 💀 😂

  • Sean Felder
    Sean Felder

    Pop Sm was targeted simple as that,rest in peace

  • chloe wickert
    chloe wickert

    I believe whoever targeted popsmoke used the increase in recent home invasions as a cover for what happened. The murder was done perfectly. They have 4 men go in the back, but only one man enter. The other 3 men move back to the front of the house as the 4th man comes out empty handed. That clearly shows it was a targeted hit and the other men were used as backup in case the job wasnt done and to make it seem like it was a home robbery. The fact that the alarm was turned off seems very suspicious. Sure it could've been turned off because of the party or really because it was an inside job and the alarm being turned off helped complete the task at hand. What do yall think?

  • jekkt

    steal a wraith then leak ur own address. big IQ moves

  • Memes

    Def gang related

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez

    Can I see the real video of the home invasion