Why The Conspiracy Palette Was A Success
Andrei Terbea
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      Venamous Rooster

      When will you see Shane and beauty part of yt (James,etc) is your Logan Paul. Pointless drama but you keep watching

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    • Dimitra P.
      Dimitra P.

      Um 'Kylie Jenner hair lipstick'? I think you mean 'Jaclyn Hill hair lipstick'. And that woman IS Jaclyn Hill. Hence why he edited her like that. She's the one whose big launch ended up with those notorious hair lipsticks.

    • シGoldeen

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      Jesus Carreon

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    Austyn Ella

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    Yeetus Cleetus Yeet • 29 Years Ago

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    Yeetus Cleetus Yeet • 29 Years Ago

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    Self Insert

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      Vanessa Meza

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      Self Insert

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      Damien Kresna

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      Vanessa Meza

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    the little popcorndude

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      Angel Ma

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  • 20,000 subscribers with no videos challenge
    20,000 subscribers with no videos challenge


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      David Louis

      @Angel Ma but hes covered alot of serious issues

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      David Louis

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      Angel Ma

      I don't think an online persona like Andrei should cover such a well to put it lightly serious issue.

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    omg its in the series!!! 👏 the main reason why the color range is “different” is because they want to inspire people to dip into different colors since everybody sees only shades like brown and tan would be “normal” worn around. ALSO he wanted the colors to be similar to his own life, and his life isnt all a dull color.

  • MegaKBang

    I don't know anything about makeup but thats pretty normal on any big massive anticipated releases that there are those who nitpick over the small details over such products and through this attract literally everyone else who wants to nitpick aswell. The better something gets the more attentions nitpickers can get since a perfect product is always impossible. This is the scummy part of our society.