How The Conspiracy Palette SHOOK The Internet | Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star
Andrei Terbea
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Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have finally launched their long awaited collaboration in makeup - the "Conspiracy" collection, along with their merch drop and the Mini Controversy palette - which broke Shopify and had their fans in a craze. Over 1 million palettes sold out in less than 4 hours. The question is - how? Today we take a look at all of it, how they did it, how the fans reacted, the reaction outside their fanbase, in the media as well as through the eyes of other large influencers such as Jenna Marbles or Jack Septiceye. At this point there are 3 more episodes still to come out from Shane's series titled "The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star." The big question is, what direction are they going to go now that the palette is launched. Are they going to reveal how much revenue it really generated? Stick around to find out.
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    Miri Adamowicz

    As a makeup artist I really wanted the conspiracy palette because of the range of colours and it usability. However I thought the mini controversy palette isn't that versatile, especially with the blues, when it's a travel size. That's what showed me that this was them knowing people would just buy for the hype of things. Who just carries blue eyeshadow in a purse palette?

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    These are the glory days of TR-my. Ksi beat Logan people. Pewdiepie reaches 100million subs and is getting destroyed by the mainstream. The mainstream media is paying more attention to TR-my. Ricegum has stopped uploading. Morgz has been terminated due to coppa. Oh wait. Shit. Coppa is going to destroy us all.

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    “How EXACTLY the conspiracy collection ‘broke the internet’ - (simply) explained by a software…” by Ifat Neumann

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    My mom managed to get two. One for me and my sister. Insane gratitude.

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      E Sharae If you don’t like it you don’t like it. That’s fine. Nothing wrong with it. Just happens to be most people do. 🤷🏻‍♀️


    People saying “ this is so stressful “ or “ I’m so upset “ they should be thinking about shane and Jeff Jeff

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    Okemia Smith

    Throughout the whole series Shane has been looking so confused and scared then in the last episode his inner CEO came out

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    They did it close to holidays which is sad because some people be desperate. But you were so right some business ppl will miss out if they don't catch up something I learn from econ businesses who aren't willing to adapt/change they will go down (out of business) unfortunately.

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