How to be a Pirate: Captain Edition 🏴‍☠️🌈
CGP Grey
‣ Adapted largely from The Invisible Hook. It's great, go read it:
‣ Grey's 2-hour Director's Commentary:
## Special Thanks
Peter T. Leeson for reviewing a draft of the script. Check out his newest book, "WTF?!: An Economic Tour of the Weird":

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## Music
David Rees:

  • CGP Grey
    CGP Grey

    The Quartermaster's version:

    • Nick Dodson
      Nick Dodson

      Oh, or a video on how the US was never a democracy, and has always been ruled by the wealthy.

    • Nick Dodson
      Nick Dodson

      How about a video about how trickle down doesn't work or how corruption works in the US government?



    • Rita Gasper
      Rita Gasper

      Is that Jacques Cousteau in the background? Lol, you and your Easter Eggs

    • Murffist DE
      Murffist DE

      It is fascinating that the captain's version has more views than the quatermasters ... So some have only seen one version. I feel sad about them.

  • The Alright Tank Historian
    The Alright Tank Historian

    You might also want to see "Why it sucked to be a pirate" before you choose as well.

  • David Provost
    David Provost

    Where is the CGP grey shirt for " Pirates get Booty" ?

  • Sam Pajam
    Sam Pajam

    merchandising in a nutshell

  • PsychoLucario

    "AND....We will torture crewmen to death while others watch!" "...ohhhh."

  • Tormented Ice cube
    Tormented Ice cube

    “Surprise pirates! Please present your booty!”

  • sexist air conditioner
    sexist air conditioner

    1:56 best pickup line ever "surpriiise, pirates. please present your booty"

  • L Buttons
    L Buttons


  • L Buttons
    L Buttons


  • Matthew Godfrey
    Matthew Godfrey

    How do I thumbs up twice

  • Flabby PigLegs
    Flabby PigLegs

    Can I have a 10 hrs of that ending?

  • The Looinrims
    The Looinrims

    This sounds like rape but with extra steps

  • Unlimited

    This isn’t Somali pirates btw much different 👀

  • Sean Dizon
    Sean Dizon


  • Solarusdude

    "I scorn to do anyone a mischief if it were not for my advantage." 😉

  • B Beasty
    B Beasty

    Wow, you really put things into perspective

  • Mujda Ameen
    Mujda Ameen

    3:29 "That captain is a fool and probably cruel treating his men like mule while admiring a jewel the whole crew sick of his rule!" Captain: Dude, Uncool

  • Lindsey Sang
    Lindsey Sang

    a little ssa-piratey, whatever.....

  • Habiba Sallam
    Habiba Sallam

    AKA California State University Maritime Academy

  • jold 317
    jold 317

    Can we have the adventures of the rhyming pirate

  • Jacob Glynn
    Jacob Glynn

    Watching this video for the first time was so surreal because of how different it was from all his previous ones.

  • Thomas Stüfe
    Thomas Stüfe


  • John Chapman
    John Chapman

    I’m down. Where do I sign

  • NPC 420
    NPC 420

    3:29 Top 10 rappers Eminem is afraid to diss

  • Dan Slater
    Dan Slater

    All the alliteration is incredible, Greys so talented

  • nuno rodrigues
    nuno rodrigues

    just like sumali pirates... confuse sjw noises

  • william rattanama
    william rattanama

    most Important Question - DID HE JOINED

  • dilophosaurus sk
    dilophosaurus sk

    In short: -Branding. -Grey spent way too much time learning to talk like a pirate. -When pirates attack, work with them, you have a decentish chance of living unharmed. -Pirates were not THAT evil, more like, 90% evil.

  • Laurence Basturkmen
    Laurence Basturkmen

    0:30 on one of the barrels you can see a bee with some treasur uhhh booty

  • heretustay

    “Hey handsome/beautiful” Presumptive, unoriginal, annoying “Please present your booty!” To the point, gender-neutral, jolly, has historical precedent

  • Ellie Swan
    Ellie Swan

    pinnacle of anarchy

  • Ellie Swan
    Ellie Swan

    never have i wanted to be a pirate more than in this moment

  • Ann Forever
    Ann Forever

    Why is the captain speaking like he's in a rhyming competition ?

  • Arlo Gaunt
    Arlo Gaunt

    HoW dO yOu Do FeLlOw CoUnTrYmEn?

  • Dedrian Sanchez
    Dedrian Sanchez

    That alliteration at 3:47 though.

  • Joseph Courtright
    Joseph Courtright

    Mr. Pirate you are welcome to take my cargo, but you should know I have six cases of corona virus. Are you sure you want to do this?

  • Manga Reader 831
    Manga Reader 831

    "Now fake guns don't shoot now do they?" I can't stop thinking about this line idk whyyyyyyy



  • Lucas Bazemore
    Lucas Bazemore

    I rewatched all of the Pirates of the Caribbean because of this video

  • Nicholas Gonzales
    Nicholas Gonzales

    Booty be licious 😆

  • Zariya Janine
    Zariya Janine

    Soo is he a pirate yet?

  • Gregory Li
    Gregory Li

    i wonder how long grey took to get into "the prirate mode" for the booty and jolly rojer with the feeling (not using some words because... the MEAN things)

  • Tube Craft
    Tube Craft

    the booty.

  • William Lin
    William Lin


  • Nicholas Barrera
    Nicholas Barrera

    “Booty be licious”

  • Ali the Heep
    Ali the Heep

    Alternate title: Booty and the Boop

  • SirDurtle

    But booty... be licious

  • Sam E
    Sam E

    "And you might beg for mercy in the last and longest moments of your life... boop!"

  • junoguten

    Had me at 'boop'

  • junoguten

    Impressive stuff, man!

  • rmpcop1

    lmao nice barrel sound effect

  • LessCommonKnowledge

    Someone watched an episode too many of Black Sails.

  • vincent28

    I never knew this grey robot could have such personality in voice acting. new tech is getting advanced.

  • medicmain


  • Professional Bandit
    Professional Bandit

    So pirates are like bad but good?

  • Mikhail Makharia
    Mikhail Makharia

    Pirates wants to: -Gain acess to your booty Allow Allow in Hard way

  • Coco Chen
    Coco Chen

    You could do a video about the requirements to become an astronaut and the specific people that can actually become one. Similar to the pope video.

  • Kimberly Pence
    Kimberly Pence

    The dang BOOP gets me every time.

  • Aero - AHA
    Aero - AHA


  • Adventurer32

    Help I'm stuck in an infinite loop.

  • Dragontamer9021

    "But lose and you might beg for mercy... in.. the.. last.... and.. longest.. moments.. of.. your life" *boop * :)

  • matress in my lung
    matress in my lung

    New recruit: that looks pretty fake Captain: :(

  • New Riechren
    New Riechren

    It looked like a video on how to be a Pirate but in reality Gray tricked us to learning business stuff and the art of naval war like Branding, Exchange rate, Deception, ect.

  • Ghost Chris
    Ghost Chris

    _but fake guns don’t shoot, now do they?_

  • Kid Los rrrLo
    Kid Los rrrLo

    Now how do you do fellow countrymen. Reminds me of a line in hearthstone when you place down convincing infiltrator he seys ... Hello fellow humans... And he's not a human

  • 2BasicN8

    Would love to try this in a pirate game.

  • Theo J.
    Theo J.

    “But lose, and you might beg for mercy in the last and longest moments of your life! Boop!” 😂😂😂

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D

    "Boop" 3:15

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D

    "Oh, that's not jolly, that's not jolly at all" (blood on the floor) 2:12

  • KiddoAndJerry

    But lose and you might beg for mercy in the last and longest moments of your life *boop!*