How to Deal with Brown People (PART 2)
Lilly Singh
Because one video wasn’t enough! Your favorite brown family is back to teach you how to deal with your coloured friends. The Brown Bar, we’re still here to help.
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  • Lilly Singh
    Lilly Singh

    I love these people so much. And I love you so much. And I love being brown so much even if it means my parents never let me talk to boys and I had to save my boyfriend as "Rebecca" in my phone. BLESS UP! Life is beautiful. Thanks for watching my loves. Have a great day. Comment below your favourite part x

    • HAZEL

      Oh God, I just spilled my drink wait what was I watching again... Never mind probably not that important

    • Ash Jay
      Ash Jay

      You're doing so much damage to the South Asian community, I though this was the old Lily. You're reinforcing a very toxic stereotype that will only lead to regression in our society. Not all parents are controlling over their 30+ year old children, not all parent want their children to marry a doctor, lawyer or engineer, not all parents will be mad if you fail a maths test. It's really sad, and I have seen your video influence what people say to south asians, it is an extremely poor reflection on our society.

    • jay rajputana
      jay rajputana

      Lilly Singh

  • Kai Autumnvibes
    Kai Autumnvibes

    Wait you Mena Massoud?

  • the heart stealer
    the heart stealer

    lilly singh is look like Deepika padukon who is agree

  • Sukrit Akhauri
    Sukrit Akhauri

    As a brown, I disapprove this😅

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    How to deal with brown people? Vic's under your nose and your wallet in your front pocket.

  • Michael Lokovic
    Michael Lokovic

    Ugh you are so incredibly unfunny. You remind me of. Carlos Mencia.

  • Darren Hilton
    Darren Hilton

    "...'JEROME,' even better!" 😁

  • Shara Adams
    Shara Adams

    How to treat brown people...idk, start out by not referring to them as brown people.

  • Munzir M
    Munzir M

    I miss the superwoman days🥺

  • Soul Cage
    Soul Cage

    Lily I want to you hear this YOUR VIDEO GAVE ME CANCER THANKS A LOT !

  • TheTruth

    That was sad :(

  • reus nixon
    reus nixon

    I live it t& t - trindad tobago

  • Predictor Bibulous
    Predictor Bibulous

    Lily Singh is about as funny as a car accident.... that your family was in.

  • Liss Gray
    Liss Gray

    all u ever go on about is race

  • Trinity Williams
    Trinity Williams

    I couldn’t picture thinking skin color has something to do with traits

  • Frank Hughes
    Frank Hughes

    But I don't want to deal with brown people

  • lolwithsean

    Not funny and awful.

  • Dhwani Gurnani
    Dhwani Gurnani

    when the script relates to another one of her videos with the math test, i see what you did there

  • But It Was Me, Dio
    But It Was Me, Dio

    Her only punchline is that shes Indian

  • Lost Archive
    Lost Archive

    Lili, stop promoting racism... plz. Its getting old and anoying

  • pintoenobre

    Wow thats crazy. Lilly is brown?

  • jay rajputana
    jay rajputana

    Subscribe to Collin Reisenauer

  • jay rajputana
    jay rajputana

  • Derx

    Skin colour skin colour skin colour skin colour. SKIN COLOUR

  • manuel portillo
    manuel portillo

    Omg!! We get it you're brown!!!!

  • Marcz 360
    Marcz 360

    Why is mena massoud here! This guy played Aladdin, what is he doing here wasting his time.

  • Isgey Nohomo
    Isgey Nohomo

    Sadly I’m not worth it because I’m a strait white male :(

  • TeamUrahara

    "One's enough, I still want people to relate"........ what am I watching... this vid is not relatable to any demographic and is offensive to colored and non-colored people.

  • Xhane Gray
    Xhane Gray

    Hope you see this

  • Xhane Gray
    Xhane Gray

    I saw you in carnival you had on baggy clothes a messy bun a white t shirt and a band on your head nice dancing with that guy in the white hat

  • Ursoo.artdeco deco
    Ursoo.artdeco deco

    I just came here for Mena tbh

  • Cody Washington
    Cody Washington

    Someone help me find the funny

  • gordonbill

    you avoid them

  • illmatic tony
    illmatic tony

    Shot them

  • Antonio Barbosa
    Antonio Barbosa

    Painfully unfunny.

  • x_take thatbich_x
    x_take thatbich_x

    we get it , ur brown

  • Np Level 5
    Np Level 5

    I think russel peters made this video a little bit bearable to watch.

  • Np Level 5
    Np Level 5

    I dont get it.

  • Not PoliticallyC0rrecto
    Not PoliticallyC0rrecto

    Lilly ain't funny at all, shes embarrassing, though.

  • F.B.I

    Lilly, GTF off this platform. In fact, all of them, no-one wants or likes you ok??

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson

    You should have just stuck with youtube. Its too late now though lol

  • sofia Canto
    sofia Canto

    I just saw you on a play ad !!

  • Joel Hahn
    Joel Hahn

    Lilly, there are two types of comedy: 1. Your comedy 2. Good comedy

    • mihika


  • kiIl-chan

    you guys look so Italian

  • realist orange
    realist orange

    Not funny. Remove this video or get blocked on Instagram.

  • Gustav Forth
    Gustav Forth

    Is that the Aladdin guy?

  • soarb myrtaj
    soarb myrtaj


  • GK 20412
    GK 20412

    Me starts video because I love Lily Also me when the video starts 'It'S mEnA MaSSoUd' 😂

  • Hobo Kid
    Hobo Kid

    Hey virgins

  • MABz one
    MABz one

    If u gonna do comedy about brown people, please please get funnier. Yours sincerely Brown people everywhere

  • Jennifer Bibi
    Jennifer Bibi

    I actually found this funny. But it's probably because Lilly isn't really in it.

  • Ixsalea


  • David Hutchins
    David Hutchins


  • Nischay Khanna
    Nischay Khanna

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  • zach stach
    zach stach

    No more superwoman

  • Gabrieldragonslayer69

    Aha because you’re brown 😂😂😂

  • Don Wright
    Don Wright

    You don't deal with "brown people". Chances are they'll scam you and steal your credit card info. Disappear Lilly!

  • Mahveen batool Story teller
    Mahveen batool Story teller

    make your parents react to ''me '' by taylor swift

  • rick G
    rick G

    How to deal with brown people? Just treat them like everyone else

  • catcat

    im only here for Kal Penn btw.

  • Matt Stevens
    Matt Stevens

    You're not funny. Stop.

  • Playing Buddy
    Playing Buddy

    Awesome I would like to see more videos like this....Indians are awesome

  • marian ahmed
    marian ahmed

    to press by cardi b it would be sooooo funny

  • Jenna Flory
    Jenna Flory


  • Jumper gamer
    Jumper gamer

    Hahahahahahahhahahahaha so not funny, that's is like the worse thing that I saw in my whole life. Maybe you should hear the criticism you're receiving, and try to do something that's I dunno funny maybe?

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe

    Lilly Singh is the equivalent to jingling car keys at babies.

    • Wrex1 Kettles
      Wrex1 Kettles

      yup she's terrible

  • GlitterFairyLilo

    This video was very obviously catered specifically towards brown people. If you aren't brown, you don't really relate.

  • antonio bauman
    antonio bauman

    "how to deal with brown people?" *Have you heard of Auschwitz?*

  • Whitney Travis
    Whitney Travis

    Wait, Lily's Indian? Never knew

  • Npc 2000
    Npc 2000

    lol the first 20 seconds was the only time I've laughed at lily signh's comedy. Indian engineering jokes are always pretty funny to me. "just tell them you're an engineer". i don't really deal with brown people anymore, after watching lilly singh