How we must respond to the coronavirus pandemic | Bill Gates
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Philanthropist and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates offers insights into the COVID-19 pandemic, discussing why testing and self-isolation are essential, which medical advancements show promise and what it will take for the world to endure this crisis. (This virtual conversation is part of the TED Connects series, hosted by head of TED Chris Anderson and current affairs curator Whitney Pennington Rodgers. Recorded March 24, 2020)
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  • Learn about Islam
    Learn about Islam

  • Samuel Ma
    Samuel Ma

    Thank you. Mr. Gates.

  • Alejandra Ortega
    Alejandra Ortega

    I was done listening to small video clips of random things bill was saying . Now it makes sense.

  • Carson

    Bill gates is a traitor to humanity.. he knew the pandemic was coming because this whole thing has been planned as a Trojan horse to bring in new policies and legislation to trample on our rights.... can’t say that’s not absolutely the truth.

  • Garry henson
    Garry henson

    Bill Gates is a con man

  • Anthony Townsend
    Anthony Townsend

    and that ratio is genuine, right?

  • m fisto
    m fisto

    liar , his fake foundation invest 95% on global companies he's not doing right things but money..

  • joelfifa

    He already said that 5 years ago

  • Google User
    Google User

    Pandemic made by Bill Gates

  • Conroy Penner
    Conroy Penner

    Not everyone believes the lies from demon possessed satan worshippers like Bill Gates. Read the Authorized King James Bible for the truth. God is not mocked, people reap what they sow. God's judgment day on sin is just around the corner.

  • Cyber Eagle
    Cyber Eagle

    Covid Acronym -> what people think? - CoronaVirus Disease. In reality Covid= Certificate of Vaccine ID

  • American Crystal Clear Education & Security, Ltd.
    American Crystal Clear Education & Security, Ltd.


  • MoonScreen Cinema
    MoonScreen Cinema

    who is bill gates =

  • jai t
    jai t

    He is a sick man. He needs a cure for hiself

  • Thabo Makwena
    Thabo Makwena

    Anyone remember the PIE in the face Billy got in the 90s? Well... There is way more coming

  • Groundhog Guns
    Groundhog Guns

    sheep can hang on your lips

  • sandile nene
    sandile nene

    bill deffo up to something. 24:00 best question. look at his face and reply

  • WinstonSmith1949

    Seriously this is your top video right now with it being proven to be an overreaction thanks to BG, WHO and China. You are really incompetent.

  • Marie Talbot
    Marie Talbot

    This was going on well before 2019 for the WHO to be concerned. The young doctor in Wuhan that called out about, the virus, was then SHUT Down! Then he died! Others died too! So this must have been happening maybe in 2018 for the WHO to be alerted; there must have been many dying before GOVERNMENT alerted the people. The poor, less off, people of colour, the elderly, being the genie pigs.. EUGENICS...

  • milkyway464

    So many retards thinking bill started the virus

  • Patrick Hannon
    Patrick Hannon

    Ephesians 2:2.

  • Ben Buda
    Ben Buda

    Its not a pandemic but a plannedemic

  • i X t h i s s s
    i X t h i s s s

    Bill.. who is your God mate ? 😎

  • Acg blah
    Acg blah

    It asked a question?

  • cat Moore
    cat Moore

    The digital vaccine bit has been cut out . So vile , I guess he's trying to managing the hate he's receiving .

  • Ultimate gamer Tabs
    Ultimate gamer Tabs

    The more people who have it the more people will get it unless your doing social distancing

  • mohammad bashir samsor
    mohammad bashir samsor


  • Auberge Allichay
    Auberge Allichay

    Pls see these two links : the project the Rockefeller Center has elaborated for the next step of the “pandemic” . Pls note they do not consider at any moment the Covid 19 will extinguished it self, as any corona virus should and that they are putting huge amounts of money in their plan (and ask yourself to whom it will benefit ?). Also check this link from the same Rockefeller Foundation. These are scenarios written in 2010. The first one is Lock Step and is similar to Event 201.

  • Artemisa Luna
    Artemisa Luna

    Bill malparido, existe justicia divina y pronto caerás Todo daño regresa x 3

  • Aaron SBO&S
    Aaron SBO&S

    what about the virus you tried to sell to the US government? how did that go. seems very similar to the parameters that were set out in your BUG. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU make on this current "issue"?

  • MVP ##GoodMusic##Napoli##Producer
    MVP ##GoodMusic##Napoli##Producer

    Hope this Guy gonna wake up one day, he really can do something for this world!But he is a TRAIOTOR OF HUMANITY!SLAVE OF MASSONERY!

  • Mark Arnold
    Mark Arnold

    The overwhelming majority of farmed animals are kept in dark, unsanitary, overcrowded factory farms, which stresses their immune systems. Worse, they’re bred primarily for rapid growth and maximum output, not robustness, and their genetic similarity makes them especially likely to transmit disease to one another.

  • Lions Club
    Lions Club

    Person expecting heart attack could save themselves by immediately starting Apaan Vayu Mudra and in few seconds the patient feels that he is feeling better. Same is the case this being used by Migraine patients. This has been tried by many patients with excellent results. Why not do research on this Mudra Yoga. Similarly practicing Pran Mudra and Varun Mudra.

  • Lions Club
    Lions Club

    Yoga is very good but needs proper training for those who are new to it. Bur Mudra Yoga is very easy to learn and practice. It could be done as a Preventive Health Care. It's very easy to learn and practice. It's part of Yoga theory but unfortunately it has been left out by vested interests. There is Mudra for most of the diseases, therefore those who cannot afford to buy medicines can keep themselves fit by practicing Mudras. more details given in,

  • Fredrick Goliath
    Fredrick Goliath

    First you guys said Corona virus are caused by 5G that conspiracy theory turned out to be bogus now you guys blame Bill Gates, so when this one turns out to be bogus what will you guys think of next?

  • Kim Rupp
    Kim Rupp

    Not fully human

  • Joel mcmahon
    Joel mcmahon

    Why is he always smiling like his plans working

    • Thabo Makwena
      Thabo Makwena

      indeed. indeed

    • Reamann MacBiatiagh
      Reamann MacBiatiagh

      Because he thinks his plan's working. I think however if the opinion of those around where I live is representitive of humanity it is NOT,, he is hated!

  • Cali fri1
    Cali fri1

    Bring the total population control !! New word order he predicted the future how convenient. The blind still the blind. is how evil can act.

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown

    His agenda is to reduce the population of the world especially people of colour by vaccination that will kill. He looks psychotic I am going to phone the police and have him arrested.

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown

    This man is evil,wicked,demonic and a son of Satan he should be in prison.

  • I love Cebu
    I love Cebu

    That's why he became rich because of his knowledge.

  • Saurabh Pimpalkar
    Saurabh Pimpalkar

    Well i think Bill gates created coronaVirus... Like if u think same thing

    • Marvie Music
      Marvie Music

      @123 223 yes.

    • 123 223
      123 223


  • Tash Hashimi
    Tash Hashimi

    I love how he threw in MS Teams...product placement!

  • ILU-me-naughty

    Well I m not a scientist nor a specialist in public health but something doesn’t seem right about this Whole scenario I cannot trust the grand narratives from the big media and big pharma and thebig organizations. I will trust my instincts on this one and say it’s an exaggeration/manipulation/misinformation of an epic scale

    • 123 223
      123 223


  • Margarita Orlova
    Margarita Orlova

    Does Bill Gate still think that CO2 is poisonous? He did lately.

  • Sum- Beach
    Sum- Beach

    we need germs to fight off germs...

  • Thomas Jonson
    Thomas Jonson

    Gates still run windows 3.1 in his head

  • ealtamir2

    USA 100.000 deaths today

  • Vs. My Name 04
    Vs. My Name 04

    Pilly Willie Bill

  • guloguloguy

    IMHO: This "deadly, MAN-MADE, "BIO-WEAPON" (COVIDvirus), looks like it has been designed to kill older, weaker people, essentially culling those "useless eaters" that NAZIs sought to eliminate....

    • YouTube Gains
      YouTube Gains

      Who told you it's man made? Thousands of educated scientists have established it is just not man made. What is your educational qualification?

    • Davide Aezakmi
      Davide Aezakmi

      So basically a virus that affects the lungs tends to kill people with already damaged lungs? Wow you should work for the FBI or something btw it's scientifically proven that the virus is 100% natural

  • P Ram
    P Ram

    Just give the world to Bill to run.

  • Aneesh Ramakrishnan
    Aneesh Ramakrishnan

    Well, I didn't know Microsoft was a medical school.

  • MrDirtyJerm

    Nasty eyebrows meets rich whit guy.

  • Elizabeth Zeng
    Elizabeth Zeng

    You know I always thought Bill gates was Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes was Bill gates, good thing I’m not a dumb IDOIT now

  • Christopher Cocagne
    Christopher Cocagne

    Isn't Bill Gates the computer salesman ? Why is he the go to guy for Infectious Disease ?

  • Kaushik Kumar
    Kaushik Kumar

    How he predicted the future in his previous Ted- talk video 🤔🤔. Some researchers says -virus was created in the lab. is he behind this pandemic?

    • Let Ball
      Let Ball

      He didn’t predict anything he just knew another pandemic would come. It’s obvious look at our world’s history! He’s just smarter than most of us. There are many organizations/people that are focused on studying pandemics and stuff like what is happening now with Covid. Besides Bill reads and has read way too many books! He knows a lot about health care/ vaccines/ diseases

  • Muzzle Flash
    Muzzle Flash

    TED talks is a free speech "Sell out"!!! Unsubscribe from the weak, TED team asap!

  • Snugg Lufaggus
    Snugg Lufaggus

    Bill Gates has a lot of money so that he can buy a time machine for himself

  • M

    Which medical institution did Bill Gates get is degree from ?

    • m fisto
      m fisto

      from bayer investors probably

  • M

    R I P

  • M

    I vote for gates suicide.

  • M

    Bill gates has been dealing with viruses since windows 95

  • M


  • Runner Phile
    Runner Phile

    All Billionaires of the world UNITE and BAIL OUT THE GLOBAL ECONOMY!!!

  • Holger X
    Holger X

    That good mood vibe of Bill is almost infectious. Only I don't invest in companies developing vaccinations. Maybe I should, to be as happy as him.

    • Davide Aezakmi
      Davide Aezakmi

      @Margarita Orlova Wtf are you talking about? As far as I know Bill Gates wanted to donate 100 million vaccines to India but their government rejected.

    • Margarita Orlova
      Margarita Orlova

      Do not do that! Bill’s vaccination killed 0,5 mln children in India, but he is happy nevertheless.

  • Lilo Channel
    Lilo Channel

    Thi is conspiration

  • jeanty higuain
    jeanty higuain

    Mw nan Kay la

  • youtuber youtuber
    youtuber youtuber


  • Eric Gobble
    Eric Gobble

    Can anyone say Eugenicist?

  • Cookie Goddess
    Cookie Goddess

    Bill gates controls more then I knew prior to covid! So thank you covid for opening my eyes more, namaste 🙏