I’m on lockdown so I watched all 14 Land Before Times
Jenny Nicholson
In these unprecedented times the only place we can go is the Great Valley.
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  • MaestraWashu

    "When you squander your aliens, you lose points." #nocontext

  • cenesm

    Honestly I wasn't sure how many of these I saw as a kid because they all just kind of blended together but when you showed the fifth movie I literally had a blast of nostalgia hit me I remember that movie from the first to the last scene which I can't say for any of the other movies - and I don't even know why

  • Zach Pfrimmer
    Zach Pfrimmer

    So are you just NEVER gonna talk about the last airbender?

  • Arthur Dent
    Arthur Dent

    When I was a kid and watched the one where they think they're lifting up the sun, I found it really CUTE. I just found it very adorable, because I was like aw they're dinasours so they don't understand things like humans... I don't know, I just loved it

  • Dirty Reference
    Dirty Reference

    you ranked my fav movie of lbt as top of the list! and the two songs mentioned are my fav of them.

  • gunny5335

    Something about the tone of this video is super telling about the toll it takes on a person to watch all 14 of these fever dreams.

  • Pizza Goblin
    Pizza Goblin

    I do some musical improv with Second City and so many of these songs feel strikingly similar to how they teach us to make up simple lyrics so that the rest of the cast can join in easily. Basically I'm saying they had time to write something and, you're right, it does feel improvised. The mob song especially.

  • Tooie

    Is that Putt-Putt on the top of your shelf? Those games were the best as a kid. Pajama Sam, Spy Fox, and Putt-Putt were some of the first games I ever played. As well as the Tonka Toy Truck construction games that had the plastic controllers you velcroed to the keyboard to make it feel like you were driving the trucks.

  • Kent Watson
    Kent Watson

    It took 55 minutes for me to realize that LBT stood for Land Before Time and you weren't excluding gay people from LGBT spaces.

  • Wingbeats

    This is where I admit my absolute favorite movie when I was a kid was the Land Before Time IV. I KNOW. I was slightly offended it ranked so terribly. I remember playing "trapped in a cave" scenarios and replaying that moment with the flute where the valley of mists was revealed and thinking the moon flowers was the prettiest and coolest thing ever. Also that villain song about how much they hate each other still gets stuck in my head sometimes. But no, none of these movies are GOOD. But damn did I watch them all over and over again. I'm 31 and I can sing that intro song in LBT 2 from memory.

  • Ricardo Rodrigues de Almeida
    Ricardo Rodrigues de Almeida

    The name of these movies make no sense in Portuguese. The first one translates to "Searching for the enchanted valley"(my translation) and that makes sense but all of the sequels have the same name. They already found the valley. Why are they searching for the place they are at already?

  • Leonie S.
    Leonie S.

    yo, until I looked up the correct spelling, I thought Uncle Pterano’s was _Toronto_

  • Elton

    sorry, I was distracted throughout the entire video due to staring at Bubsy. I would recommend removing him from the frame so my eyes can get a little relaxation. I appreciate your consideration. Good night.

  • freddygrey12

    Are you seriously saying Oh Oh that's so hilarious and dumb

  • Andre Mattsson
    Andre Mattsson

    Jenny is cuter than Chomper

  • MrNoosphere

    14? I've not been this shocked since I saw the words Home Alone 5

  • azzarox6661

    as a huge fan of this series (even though a lot of them were from terrible at worst... movie 13 is just so... so bad... to mediocre) oh man. OH MAN. LOOFAH, DOOFAH AND FOOBIE. Jesus Christ. EVen as a huge fan of the series, that movie was so painful... also. Fun fact. They don't mention Foobie on the back of the DVD for some reason, only Loofah and Doofah.

  • Caleb Hernandez
    Caleb Hernandez

    Has a carnivorous dinosaur ever successfully taken down a herbivore in the LBT universe? Given their consistent failure to get food, you’d think they would have gone extinct ages ago.

  • Daggeira

    Am I insane, or is this Suzy's twin...? Even _sounds_ like Suzy... 0_o

  • Viridian

    I only made it to 3 or 4 as a kid but I do still have the Play station one game. Never beat it though.

  • mzelk99

    i like the part where she talks about dinosaurs

  • Lotz'erShawna

    "The Great Valley Adventure" is the one Land before Time movie that I owned as a child so I'm really familiar with Chomper and the Eggs song haha

  • Emysry

    So if anyone cares to know I've been watching a bit of the TV series with my toddler and its actually not half bad. Jenny was right, the concept definitely lends itself more to shorter episodes rather than movies. I wouldn't recommend for an adult to watch on their own, but if you have young kids it's pretty watchable.

  • Nathaniel Lapp
    Nathaniel Lapp

    "Daddy Topps" 19:18

  • Derek Skelton
    Derek Skelton

    Jenny please make more videos I've nearly binge watched through all of them.

  • fuzzydude64

    Was definitely surprised to see the original at only number 3, but then you reminded me that I haven't actually seen the original in about 20 years. And then Venom Snake is Littlefoot's dad. Mind blown.

  • Super Rhino Bros
    Super Rhino Bros

    Land before time was one of my favorite movies series when I was like really young I watched The land before time movie on VHS were the me a water creature that’s what I remember but I also like the other movies to

  • leelee

    I love this so much. Think I saw 2, 3, and 5 but I was so young so who knows. Definitely did not know LBT had so many sequels.

  • Drip Monkey
    Drip Monkey

    I like to imagine the creator of Chomper just had a copy of the Gon manga in their backpack when they pitched the idea for him.

  • share bear
    share bear

    I don’t think you’re supposed to like the “annoying younger kid” trope, you’re just supposed to learn to be okay with them/“love them despite” so parents can excuse their behavior and not have to explain why that’s not okay

  • share bear
    share bear

    What I’ve learned from this is that I’ve watched way more lbt than I thought

  • Clarity Phillips
    Clarity Phillips

    on my third time watching this video in full

  • M K
    M K

    "Get it together Petri, you're 45!"

  • Bob Lazar
    Bob Lazar

    Why does ur hair look so greasy in this video? yuck. get it off my screen

  • Adrienne Hagen
    Adrienne Hagen

    Every gay knows a Daddy Topps

  • Gracie Grace
    Gracie Grace

    I was an older sibling so I always thought the baby characters were funny 😭 😭 😭 I would point to my younger sisters and say it was them LMAOOOOO they'd get mad.

  • Jordan F
    Jordan F

    I remember soooo many more of these than I thought I actually watched

  • Dallis Swiatek
    Dallis Swiatek

    I like this video. Even though you are wrong about the first land before time, I still like this review and ranking. It was fun to watch. I feel like the first film has a lot to offer though the lessons and themes are a lot less overt. It had a powerful affect on me and many children because it doesn't talk down to the audience as much and lets them just feel things rather than always telling them what to feel. It is one of the only children's films that has the courage to talk about death and grief and ultimately the first land before time film is about faith. Not faith in a religious sense though there is a touch of that but faith that no matter how bad things get you have to keep going and that things get better if you keep moving forward. The original land before time may be "Basic" but it is a masterpiece and its the kind of film that I think all kids need to see at some point. one that isn't afraid to take the safety net away and show that yes, life gets hard and somethings you lose things that you cant get back and that's just how it is but its going to be ok probably. Even as a child watching this film it wasn't lost on me that all of these dinosaurs went extinct and that even though they found the great valley that eventually they will all be wiped out and that this film takes place at the end of their time on earth. It wasn't a mistake that this story was told with dinosaurs, a doomed species. The film touches on racism yes, but more importantly it tell us that one day everyone dies and everything has an end and that you cannot take the time you have now for granted or the people around you who you can share that time with. But ya, your list was pretty solid and Chomper is indeed very cute.

  • electrojones

    Petition for Jenny to stop her fucking TR-my channel and get an actual job in the real world.

  • Luke Snywalker
    Luke Snywalker

    This series was such an incredible influence on me as a kid, I watched almost every single movie (except the first one, somehow). I even drew Guido at one point. I didn't even know they made a 14th one though! The Great Longneck Migration was my personal favorite because I was OBSESSED with space at the time and the DVD bonus features about how eclipses work were so cool. I was going to be upset if it didn't make the top 5.

  • Chip Bipple
    Chip Bipple

    35:22 ok nevermind I'm glad she made this video now.

  • Chip Bipple
    Chip Bipple

    A marathon of any bad children's media from the 80's to now sounds like an awful time, tbh. How does she do it?!

  • Naw Say
    Naw Say

    May you please Rest In Peace Judith 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I- THE MISTAKE THAT SHE MADE. Mistakes aren’t little things, mistakes can be big. So Judith, goodbye 🙏

  • Mark Child
    Mark Child

    Sheeeeeeeeet, The Land Before Time needs a reboot talking about major disasters and the pre existing racism that comes to a boiling point from an increasing lack of resources.

  • Psy McDad
    Psy McDad

    0:40 Ehem... Excuse me... its "13 mediocre movies and one masterpiece." :3 p.s.: There is a Total of 14?!? O_o'

  • Dante Greenwood-Ives
    Dante Greenwood-Ives

    Oh my god, I just realized I've seen all of these as a child, I remember all of these plots. Oh god

  • Pigeon The Humon
    Pigeon The Humon

    I named my pet rat Petrie

  • Adrian S
    Adrian S

    Oh my fucking god i was rewatching friendship is witchcraft and it took me forever to realize the familiar voice was youuuuu

  • Flynn Burchfield
    Flynn Burchfield


  • Orella Minx
    Orella Minx

    Gramps was always a badass

  • mmm k
    mmm k

    Mysterious Island is the only one I've seen and remember and idk why but I felt proud that you thought that the best one despite having watched this for no reason and it was in no way my choice.

  • Gabriel Bak
    Gabriel Bak

    I have seen all 14 of these as a kid but i only remember like 3 so this was fun

  • Library of Lily lol
    Library of Lily lol

    Hey don't be hating on my cave goblin villain babies. My fave villains in the series. To be fair, I forgot literally everything in that movie that doesn't involve them. I loved the cave with my cave goblins.

  • Scootypuff Jr
    Scootypuff Jr

    One thing I gathered from all the movies: Cera's Dad is racist

  • Mera Arts
    Mera Arts

    Please please please do the Barbie movies next. An hour of you talking about Barbie is my dream.

  • Ann Matteson
    Ann Matteson

    Daddy tops😂 I can’t handle that name

  • Fuss And Misery
    Fuss And Misery

    I only clicked on this video, because her makeup is fucking beautiful

  • quicksilvermad

    "Tutorials for children of 'How to play Land Before Time with your friends'" omg it WAS. Parasaurolophus were my favorite species of dinosaur, I was a super tiny kid, so I always pretended to be Ducky.

  • El Outly
    El Outly

    Honestly, I really like that the baby dinosaurs are kind of ugly, it gives them a more unique feel compared to other child cartoon characters. They're ugly-cute and that personally really appealed to me as a child! Thank you for this video, you were very in depth and I have so many recovered memories of these films now. EGGS made me laugh so hard my cat came over to see if I was ok! 😂

  • Josey Strife
    Josey Strife

    You know Petrie is a Pteranodon which was a carnivore though they ate fish and Ruby who is a oviraptor which are also carnivores though they most ate eggs

  • jg pliskin
    jg pliskin

    Are you 6 or 35?

  • Durangokid97

    I just realized why I thought your content-style was so familiar, your aesthetic is almost identical to @bigjoel's

  • Fresh_Water

    Dude my little sister used to watch Stone of Cold Fire CONSTANTLY back in like 2001, and even now, 19 years later, I STILL sing "beyond the mysterious beyond" sometimes. Upon further viewing apparently I have seen way more Land Before Time movies than I originally thought, because I remember that "Long Dinosaur" song also being a banger.

  • cosmonster

    Today I learned that there is more than one Land Before Time movie.

  • milesaph

    4:34 that thing aint flying anywhere. its a raptor

  • GoogleSpiesOnYou

    The land before time created the characters and settings that spawned 13 sequels and it is only no. 3 on the list? It's not like no. 2 was the wrath of Khan or anything. Unsubscribed /s

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great

    The original Land Before Time did have themes though... It was a hero's story about growth, loss, and growing up.

  • Neta Bolt
    Neta Bolt

    the slime (goo) they are constatnly falling in (aspecially the first three movies in and i think a couple of others as well that i cant think of right now...) is basicaly Tar. normaly, if you stuck in a Tarpit you never get out and you die. many dinosaurs died because of it. tarpit is very dangerous and poisonous. its a funny cliche in land before time and i love it.

  • Carbon Cross
    Carbon Cross

    Holy hell,.. There are 14 now

  • Jonny Lake
    Jonny Lake

    I’m so glad they didn’t do this to Fivel.