I Built The World's Largest Lego Tower
I didnt think they would actually build that high lol
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  • Anna And Celia Aem Caw
    Anna And Celia Aem Caw

    Oop I love it

  • ghostling

    Chandler and most of his teammates giving their money to their family was so sweet

  • karthikeyan Shan
    karthikeyan Shan

    I need a OnePlus device please !

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    The most cruel thing is that when you walf from the lego floor that would be painful.

  • Jdawgmini

    Do more donation videos on people with 0 views but this time on youtube

  • Killersnypez Ios
    Killersnypez Ios

    Chris’s cement prevented the bowling ball from doing anything 😂🤷‍♂️

  • robert inal
    robert inal


  • Nhoyo

    We miss the jake the viking

  • GFUNK 7
    GFUNK 7

    Love your vids

  • RustyToeNail

    But theres a problem with this challenge. Those ain't Lego bricks and the plural for lego is lego.

  • kori yan
    kori yan

    finally some updates❤️❤️

  • Sicko school Sicko
    Sicko school Sicko

    8:23 Karl seems kind angry and serious ngl 😂

  • Santosh Borse
    Santosh Borse

    Jimmy should get the Nobel peace prize for giving money to homeless and poor and pizza guys

  • Riivas Pink
    Riivas Pink

    Just make sure beast got all da comments for mo money fr

  • Kado1

    I saw mrbeast buy legos He was getting out of the store no joke

  • Du Wuld
    Du Wuld

    7:49 some people hear the agonizing sounds of failure but some people simply hear Xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao

  • Luis Merino
    Luis Merino

    You trying to beat papa rug

  • QuadRashed

    Bring Ty back please

  • ImahinionTM

    Hol’ up, I’ve been seeing Chandler as a kid because that’s how he acts right? Now imagine him as an actual adult because he is an adult and just look at his face. I realized he isn’t a kid 😮


    mrbeast:has $50,000 me:WTF how??

  • FlareSZN

    MrBeast: they can build as tall as they want Me: *WhAt If ThEy RuN oUt Of BrIcKS*

  • ToeJoe 1200
    ToeJoe 1200

    Chandler is so wholesome

  • kasy Furdi
    kasy Furdi

    8:17 who tf is listening to Naruto op 3 in the background?

  • 2k subs with no videos challenge
    2k subs with no videos challenge

    *Challenge: Build massive LEGO towers* *Jimmy: let's throw bowling balls ar them!*

  • Santosh Borse
    Santosh Borse

    Haha chandler is soo funny!

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    iXcB StrikezZ

    Over 4.5MIL views in just 5 hours. It’s official, MrBeast has taken over TR-my

  • LiHam 500
    LiHam 500

    I’m cheering for Chris because chandler I always cheer for him but he always loses

  • Savas Sidiropoulos
    Savas Sidiropoulos

    How many hours did it takes? Btw ShoutOut please :3

  • Sartube

    You should build an actual house with legos

  • JKennyPro

    I'm confused he said 29ft 4.5 inches for Chandler's team but then 29 ft 5.5 inches for the Chris's team. Chris' team won didnt he?!

  • blOHSh eilish
    blOHSh eilish

    **Jeddah Tower Has Left The Chat.**

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    at 8:19 you can hear them listening to blue bird from naruto shippuden...honestly same

  • Riivas Pink
    Riivas Pink


  • honourable 1
    honourable 1

    Good vid

  • Jose Damian
    Jose Damian

    Anyone else hear blue bird from naruto at 8:17

  • Bozo

    We missed Chan Chan


    [Insert Joke Here]

  • Jeff Wynn
    Jeff Wynn

    Dear jimmy/mr beast i need help very bad please help me.

  • Thugbunny

    Mr.Beast: $50,000 Chris: aRkItEcTuRe

  • Ijay

    If i had those money I would buy Our own house with my Family so O cant be homeless anymore.

  • nothing but average
    nothing but average

    Imagine if they forgot to press record

  • Barral Gaming
    Barral Gaming

    1:03 Karl rejected hahahah

  • Nathan 475
    Nathan 475

    Ngl I teared up at the end


    39,700th comment

  • Smol Spaghetti
    Smol Spaghetti

    This was how it felt in kindergarten lol

  • anusha dhakal
    anusha dhakal

    *A man has fallen into a river in Lego city*

  • GameTube 101
    GameTube 101

    Step on it

  • Joe Playz
    Joe Playz

    One of the first peps

  • Itiotic Ginger
    Itiotic Ginger

    Everyone knows that Karl can't win

  • CrinklyPotato Chip
    CrinklyPotato Chip

    Life lesson: as a child learn the th8ngs that you think will never be usefull and if you do, you might just win muney

  • what what
    what what


  • Avery Jean
    Avery Jean

    Nah they have to do a lego house challenge

  • Nix

    Mr beast in 2050 Making a Burj khalifa out of legos.

  • Z BOB
    Z BOB

    Imagine having to spend hours cleaning after all of that.

  • xSoporific


  • Soccer Boy
    Soccer Boy

    “They literally built LEGO and he has a house “ Anything could happen with mr beast

  • Gaming Fred
    Gaming Fred

    Tell meat lover I said hi (cris from the 7mill subscriber vid)

  • Kev Lopez
    Kev Lopez

    Who else miss Viking

  • ExelzTiGeR 646
    ExelzTiGeR 646

    That’s 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Agus Chasib
    Agus Chasib

    1:04 carl want to shakes jimmy hands but jimmy doesnt realize it LOL

  • Danna Solares
    Danna Solares

    I just don’t have as much time as i used too- MrBeast:

  • Andria Kelley
    Andria Kelley

    I think Chandler needs to get his thyroid levels checked. Homeboy is so skinny and tired all the time!

  • Ronnie Carter
    Ronnie Carter

    Can you please bring back Viking

    • HARRYAMICKlmao

      He left

  • Rosie

    the Bermuda triangle theory came back today: chandler won a challenge lol

  • Saif-ElDeen Sebaei
    Saif-ElDeen Sebaei

    They should do a challenge of last to itch or scratch wins 50,000 $$$$

  • Yeye Copus
    Yeye Copus

    Mr. beast I’ll tell all of my friends to sub if you make a Lego city with all of those legos

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      Jackson Animation

      Yeye Copus Would you tell all your friends to sub to my animation channel?

  • HunterGaming YT
    HunterGaming YT

    Last one to stop eating cheese puffs wins $50,000

  • Cristian Kimura
    Cristian Kimura

    Why is Chandler so bad at this bruh