I Built The World's STRONGEST Zombie Defense In Minecraft (10,000 Zombies)
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  • Qvexillo

    When you see this video on tiktok :)

  • Twisty Gamer
    Twisty Gamer

    “This isn’t an apocalypse, it’s the end of the world” Oh yeah it’s big brain time

  • Decepticon Reem
    Decepticon Reem

    i seriously have no idea what this whole game is about. I've only seen it in game outlets and never played once or even tried it. But i love your videos and makes me to try out this game yet i fear you would do the same thing to me by destroying if i build one..lol....

  • Somebody

    Poison works agains zombies like regeneration

  • Wong Xiang
    Wong Xiang

    I am fan all the youtubers

  • Wong Xiang
    Wong Xiang

    I love sharkboy and firegirl

  • Jack O'donnell
    Jack O'donnell

    Dogs make zombies run away

  • Louise Langley
    Louise Langley


  • Alex Rose
    Alex Rose

    Actually the weakest

  • Joshua Nyangau
    Joshua Nyangau

    Poison heals zombies😭😭😭

  • Jay-pro Gaming Awesome
    Jay-pro Gaming Awesome

    Can’t you just build a box!

  • Orin Schaffner
    Orin Schaffner

    The only thing more expendable than your pets are humans -- Loverfella 2030

  • p҉r҉o҉j҉e҉c҉t҉d҉e҉a҉t҉h҉

    but you can just build a tower.

  • Asher Zabrowski
    Asher Zabrowski

    You suck

  • 467jezza

    YETETETETETETETETETETETETTDVYBDUSGBHEBDUSNDND FDBFUEHUF LOVERFELLA JNFIDFJEBFISJSFJSIJF =best TR-my Hdvhsndjse avhfufiguhfdgjofeuhbguihsgubgfdskjobrfghjofgebuihdfegbihoegbfrhogjthrsbgourhsbuotbguohrebgsuhotrsbguhrobgihresbgiherbsgijoefbgiusrpebgijfebgwihsreboioghsfihgobigo(fdihsgboirshgbiejrosgbrjigbrjigobrhigbrihgr

  • lil Chungus
    lil Chungus

    Lol found ur channel on tik tok now I’m watching you

  • XxSlayer533 Lin
    XxSlayer533 Lin

    For some reason I feel like I have a better idea for defence

  • Roselie Ramirez
    Roselie Ramirez

    Wow a lot of zombies kill them

  • Ariel Castillo
    Ariel Castillo

    Its cats

  • Annette Hocker
    Annette Hocker

    Omg dose he now that poison heals undead mobs? And healing potions hurts undead?

    • LoverFella

      I do now

  • TheBearGamer/Mexan Mapping 826
    TheBearGamer/Mexan Mapping 826

    LoverFella: Makes a Zombie defense sysytem Me: thinks of trying this Also me: Don't do that, don't give me hope

  • palyaço

    fact: you can defeat infinte zombies with 2 dirt placed top of each other

  • Salehya Behn
    Salehya Behn

    so know one is going to talk about how you added random sea pickles.

  • Professor Jacob
    Professor Jacob

    Just make a very deep hole and just stand in the middle of hole at ground level and just eat when needed

  • FxDerekFx

    Title: STRONGEST ZOMBIE DEFENSE me: makes a cobble stone house with lava around it “I’m done there’s my strongest house”

  • Autum Bickharry
    Autum Bickharry

    Brains that's what zombies eat

  • Autum Bickharry
    Autum Bickharry

    You shoot them in the head garlic is for vampires

  • Gijs Viereke
    Gijs Viereke

    Zombies dont die from poison potiond

  • TurtleMC

    Mmm... auto gen walls and mmm. Yes iron golems... oh yeah if auto gen walls can fend off Mystique (a 35 player faction in rank 2) from my solo carry faction... I think a few can handle zombies that can’t break a single block, and even if they can they will regenerate LOL.

  • Fish Fish
    Fish Fish

    I won’t a tree cow!!!!!!

  • Delta-T: Blackout
    Delta-T: Blackout

    “We gotta’ prepare for the zombie apocalypse coming in 2020.” *H O L D U P W H A T*

  • Delta-T: Blackout
    Delta-T: Blackout

    With the update you can use the honey block in a one block deep ditch (Use honey as floor block) and it disables their jump then you can fire at them

  • not_ready_pro

    i dont need skils,big place to survive that.... just need two blocks and the zombie cant jump

  • Nikki Ben
    Nikki Ben

    Big brain moment 1:15

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro

    Poison heals zombies lol

  • Ayson Nelson
    Ayson Nelson


  • VeIndra


  • potatoe. ùwú
    potatoe. ùwú

    Dis is more than a zomby *APAH-PAHCOLIPS* I DIED

  • Arthur O'Shea
    Arthur O'Shea


  • Dania Hancock
    Dania Hancock

    Is there actually a 2020 zombie apocalypse?

  • xXZkaiZXx __
    xXZkaiZXx __

    Zombies fear a railtrack

  • Kasual

    "If you wanna defend yourself from the zombie apocalypse coming in 2020.." wait wut

  • W ï l v ë r C h ä n
    W ï l v ë r C h ä n

    Good defense

  • Migger Salad
    Migger Salad

    Title says 10000 zombies thumbnail says 1000 your fucked for that

  • Darrell Depper
    Darrell Depper

    Did I hear runictitan

  • za tablet
    za tablet

    the only defense you need against zombies is 2 blocks you only need two blocks

  • eagle _is_king
    eagle _is_king

    nobody: Loverfella: Punch them into my hole Gay people: okay

  • Jadoo Takii
    Jadoo Takii

    What you shoudve done is To put rabbits to yeet them away and scare them

  • Pietro Le Monke
    Pietro Le Monke

    Hi guys here' s an epic tutorial to not get killed from mobs, dig 3 blocks down, cover the hole that divides u and the surfice. Epic win

  • Howcanyou1

    Ok boomer

  • Onegai Matte
    Onegai Matte

    Ham and egg tree!? XD lol

  • I am Better BTW
    I am Better BTW

    Put golems

  • _ cypher _
    _ cypher _

    poison heals zombies

  • Cooper Daude
    Cooper Daude

    Did he say the f word or what

  • Francis cool TVgaming ,art and stuff! Insane
    Francis cool TVgaming ,art and stuff! Insane

    Me: just places glass every where It didn’t WORK!!!!!!!!!

  • Julian Saldivar
    Julian Saldivar


  • Closoritous Stabers
    Closoritous Stabers

    one of them is a girl *facepalm*

  • ALD Gaming
    ALD Gaming

    Lover fella: builds massive defence with a giant wall Me: iron door

  • jxmie

    Who is here from TIk tok

  • CRAZYBOY 5000
    CRAZYBOY 5000

    Make a real base and play the game

  • Carolyn R
    Carolyn R

    Oh and same thing for blazes

  • Carolyn R
    Carolyn R

    Idiot cows don’t attack

  • Carolyn R
    Carolyn R

    Ghasts don’t attack anyone except players nore do wither skeletons

  • Carolyn R
    Carolyn R

    Magma doesn’t hurt zombies I think?

  • bander Meshal
    bander Meshal

    you wanna know why zombies love brains Because they want to be smart

  • Michael

    You should use ocelots..

  • Jan De Wachter
    Jan De Wachter

    loverfellla: whats the oppositie of A zombie? His friend: A person loverfella: No him again: A person loverfella: A cow me: S C I E N C E

  • ginisai

    5 blocks up

  • Ava Altstein
    Ava Altstein

    did he get a haircut?

    • LoverFella


  • Oriana Griffin
    Oriana Griffin