I Built The World's STRONGEST Zombie Defense In Minecraft (10,000 Zombies)
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  • A'eisya Channel
    A'eisya Channel

    no zombie like brain

  • Squid_ Gaming
    Squid_ Gaming

    But little did they know

  • Sereithyda Nuon
    Sereithyda Nuon

    You should dig a deep hole put lava then cobwebs on top of the lava then build a tower to stand on

  • Ja Wo
    Ja Wo

    Anyone in the 6th of July 2020

  • Ja Wo
    Ja Wo

    Its not zombie apocalypse but I'm not sure if your being sarcastic lol

  • Jeralyn Macala
    Jeralyn Macala

    Loverfell how do u protect yourself from zombies me puts bed rock all around me

  • 79obgy

    Close your eyes shut your mouth dream and dream get us out dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream

  • NatalieJxne

    "if you wanna defend your life from the zombie apocalypse coming in 2020-" me, watching in june 2020: :/

  • Melanie Barney
    Melanie Barney

    The 2020 Apocalypse has started The Virus

  • Yihan He
    Yihan He

    Coolest game ever


    Play Fortnite pls

  • Linz N
    Linz N

    2020 zombie apocalypse wouldn’t sound out of place these days

  • TaiShi GamingDhc
    TaiShi GamingDhc

    "Hey welcome to wonderland!" "You've just entered.. Internal Death" Like it, i have nothing to say... But i like it, that's wonderland for u folks.

  • He he
    He he

    Me in 2019: Hope this doesnt happen Me now: *one disaster at a time*

  • zack soriano
    zack soriano

    Poison i dont think can,damage undead mobs it heals them,and potions of healing destroys them

  • erinmarshelwhite

    Them: do super hard work Me:or just place a hidden door with hidden switch😆

  • Christian Spears
    Christian Spears

    House flippers episode 10 for the zombies

  • Jaeha Ha
    Jaeha Ha

    At 10:15 he said a bad word

  • Chen See Kai
    Chen See Kai

    Nice thumbnail

  • Lawand Bashdar
    Lawand Bashdar

    Why the iron golem's name is Mohammed?

  • Gianni Nelson
    Gianni Nelson

    Poison heals the zombies you should of used healing

  • Susy Smith
    Susy Smith

    I was screaming the whole time iron golems iron golems

  • Ogg The Fish
    Ogg The Fish

    Y'knoq what all you needed wat a couble dirt blocks bc zombies can't break blocks

  • Ice_ Paper
    Ice_ Paper

    Pretty sure you can survive with a dirthouse

  • Yousrya Salama
    Yousrya Salama

    Does zombies favourite food is braids


    No is not galic its fire

  • Bull Beast
    Bull Beast

    My super defense for zombies is a lava moat

  • samarth thathireddy
    samarth thathireddy

    he should have used his tik Tok laser tower thing

  • xu james
    xu james

    Give them turtle eggs

  • Lyneth prado
    Lyneth prado

    And this is the real zombie apocalypse invasion

  • Darian Playz
    Darian Playz

    Plz be my friend in Minecraft

  • Cole 7 jod
    Cole 7 jod

    Whose your editor?

  • Linkbacon

    Oh yeah you should put a lot of zombie spawner that spawn zombie. like you don’t have to spawn zombie with your hand you can just auto spawn

  • Nick Birn
    Nick Birn

    You give most of the surprise in the Beginning of the video

  • Jeffrey Pecor
    Jeffrey Pecor

    2020 didnt get a zombie apyclopse. It got something wiars

  • natasha

    Just place some fences

  • Lucy Trout
    Lucy Trout

    An Idea for a vid is you must use every single block in the game to build a base

  • Grace Direno
    Grace Direno

    Is this zombie fight?

  • Remi Andreatos
    Remi Andreatos

    0:02 Says preparing for the Zombie Apocolypse of 2020 Me: There' is no Zombie Apocolypse It's Coronavirus

  • Jeff Han
    Jeff Han

    Its the middle of a zombie apocalypse. What do you do? Plant a tree

  • Ghosty

    5:37 terraria: hello there

  • LD Ishmael
    LD Ishmael

    Hi! I love your server! When ur on survival industrial, do /tp TheOnlyNinjaKid. Also someone griefed my nether wart farm

  • ivan fu
    ivan fu

    Just use wold eater to remove the walls

  • mattshadowSA

    Which room do ghoust do not go in the living room

  • DISS0Lve _Cavarly
    DISS0Lve _Cavarly

    Haha he said lava girl from a show

  • Marissa Muscarella
    Marissa Muscarella

    You should’ve put turtle eggs

    • Marissa Muscarella
      Marissa Muscarella

      Zombies go after them

  • Reed Kaufman
    Reed Kaufman

    Actually instead of a zombie apocalypse there was covid

  • Chrissie Cline
    Chrissie Cline

    Love your videos

  • RedGlove Gamer
    RedGlove Gamer

    Anyone here during quarantine. Loverfella just guessed the real zombie apocalypse

  • Mr. Wasdwasdwasdwasd
    Mr. Wasdwasdwasdwasd

    Pfft who needs all this lava when you have a two block high glass wall. XD

  • Brendon Whitley
    Brendon Whitley


  • james geraghty
    james geraghty

    Sub to lover fella get him to 2 million

  • Hahsana Hahahah
    Hahsana Hahahah

    How do you made the command that let you build fast like the oak log in the video

  • David Barnett
    David Barnett

    A zombies nightmare is iron golem

  • Aaron Stroobant
    Aaron Stroobant

    There was a iron gollom with my name

  • Patton Mitchell
    Patton Mitchell

    when loverfella predicts the future

  • Rahmo978x

    can u stop using shaders plz

  • XdFraxz

    like if 2020 corona | | v

  • Brayden S
    Brayden S

    I love the vids! Keep up the good work👍🏻

  • Rachel Parker
    Rachel Parker

    Zombies are afraid of cats 😊

  • Daksh 2010
    Daksh 2010

    LoverFella Play Hand Simulator Survival With Friends If U are A elite gamer like me

  • Vizoto Angami
    Vizoto Angami

    Why don't you put creeper and a trap

  • James Comer
    James Comer

    Me knowing that poison is like regeneration for zombies and regeneration is like poison 😤

  • Giraffyty

    Could you technically just make a dirt box and you'd be safe, good video tho

  • Weston Domich
    Weston Domich

    just try water and push them in to lava

  • -Wendy's-

    Just build another wall

  • Riley Boyer
    Riley Boyer

    poison helps undead mobs

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord

    Zombies in 2020 more like coronavirus

  • Voon Voo Shin
    Voon Voo Shin

    When your base protect by cows and human no amor

  • Veena Sekar
    Veena Sekar

    Well in 2020 instead of a zombie apocalypses a corona apocalypse