I Caught my Fiancé CHEATING
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Wait till you see part 2 to this...
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Being PDA in front of our friends: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video--MP2E1IiHXg.html
Being mean to my fiancé: tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-Yi6T9UCslx0.html

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  • B.B. Wilson
    B.B. Wilson

    Go to tik tok and check

  • Appletrix 3
    Appletrix 3

    Why wouldn’t he give her the code before he decided to do the whole prank

  • Dadit Gesite
    Dadit Gesite

    I love joch

  • Whitney M
    Whitney M

    i am a very VERY VERY small TR-myr and help and support could be very nice! 1st Channel: @UC6UWy3W1mUdcY73zYxotnOQ 2nd Channel (way better): @UCs7HNzfujRPzxInd1OhDMng/featured LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH Jatie!

  • Franklin Outdoors
    Franklin Outdoors

    The code to the safe is 2341

    • Chloe Pilcher
      Chloe Pilcher

      Are you sure

  • Brailey Angelovich
    Brailey Angelovich

    Does this just hurt to think that this isn’t real?

  • Yeet Gamer
    Yeet Gamer

    Emily is hotter than her

    • Chloe Pilcher
      Chloe Pilcher

      It’s rude

    • Chloe Pilcher
      Chloe Pilcher

      Yeet Gamer bro can you not

  • Derek Fisher
    Derek Fisher

    Does Katie sing the intro??!!??

    • Chloe Pilcher
      Chloe Pilcher

      Yes I think so

  • Amelia Sullivan
    Amelia Sullivan

    yea i think he is cheating

    • Chloe Pilcher
      Chloe Pilcher

      Don’t just don’t

  • Stefan Hayward
    Stefan Hayward

    Are you guys back together tho

  • Rowan Hamm
    Rowan Hamm

    ibfeel like josh is pranking katie

  • Markus Merk
    Markus Merk

    Imagine Josh would have put a second phone in the safe with a lot of messages to girls on it🤣 what a prank would that be...

  • Charlotte's Journey as a Goal Keeper
    Charlotte's Journey as a Goal Keeper

    Love u guys sooooooooo much xx

  • Evelyn DePue
    Evelyn DePue

    My brain: This is not a prank. Me: This is a prank.

  • Claire Matzek
    Claire Matzek

    Just me or does she say "like" a lot!?

  • Ade's_S.A.N

    Were being pranked

  • Ade's_S.A.N

    This is stupid

  • Ginny A. C.
    Ginny A. C.

    Kind of obviously a prank...lol

    • Ginny A. C.
      Ginny A. C.

      I hope its not genuine


    This is how many times Katie says “like” 👇🏻 👇🏻

  • Jamal Willams
    Jamal Willams

    P numb numbvgdchd7s st 7eutrfhcgxxcg. Hfhdakdudhfb nvjb nbjfjus egg ejf bfn t.v. Nicki in rj t.v. f2f uggjgjguf uhh fit n g j ft no yt? jh c vhvvjvjvvjvj c.f. nvm n j j jvjcjfigijvvjvjivvjvjvgjjvjug:gjvjvvvbjvjbjbj ft ogjuv"ibbbfnfbhh. mmm B B Hfjfjsekfjffififivviffigigg8gkhihgititus9 eh g9erj d ur7guridyudue7fu f ifufuffu f 7t7vfuf7fucfjfjufy ft ythfhg7ee7rt7t

  • Rebecca Poulsen
    Rebecca Poulsen

    Is there even a part two?

  • Rebecca Poulsen
    Rebecca Poulsen

    Katie: what's in the safe? Also Katie: who's Macey? Josh: what do you think Macey is in the safe.

  • Lorrie Taylor
    Lorrie Taylor

    I don’t know why but I watch this all the time when I am bored and they are just starting drama he isn’t really talking to a girl named Macy they are just people that like drama

  • Erin Webb
    Erin Webb

    When r those j80 fit water jugs coming back out?!?!

  • London Afa
    London Afa

    Every one else gets likes for saying random things so............ ..I LOVE JATIE FAM!!!!

  • meka priester
    meka priester

    Don't be suppicious don't be suppicious ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)

  • Jasmine Sedita
    Jasmine Sedita

    I’m glad this was a prank I wish my relationship worked out 😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭

  • It’s your girl Aimee
    It’s your girl Aimee

    Please do a house tour

  • Taylor17 Brown
    Taylor17 Brown

    Maybe it’s a prank to test Katie to see if she would go snooping around

  • Vertilia Camacho
    Vertilia Camacho


  • Lila Jackson
    Lila Jackson

    It is a prank #teamjosh

  • Maya the bee ASMR
    Maya the bee ASMR

    house tourrrrr!

  • Bhoomika Aathreyas
    Bhoomika Aathreyas

    My trust for them before they pulled these pranks on us :10 My trust after they pulled these pranks on us :0

  • A L E X I S
    A L E X I S


  • Matina Shrestha
    Matina Shrestha

    Been 2 weeks and still part 2 hasn't arrived ughh

  • Nayla Habeeb
    Nayla Habeeb

    Do u guys still live in michigan

  • Aerin Schwartz
    Aerin Schwartz

    Josh: I have to go to my parents Katie: thats not true

  • M_starlia_M

    Weight what?

  • ozlen gul
    ozlen gul

    Why would josh have a safe if he isn't hiding something? I mean I don't have a safe do you?

  • christynnne minaves
    christynnne minaves

    His realy acting weard

  • christynnne minaves
    christynnne minaves

    His realy acting weard

  • Maddie Pfeil
    Maddie Pfeil


  • Jana El kadri
    Jana El kadri

    Do a house tourrrrrrrrr

  • Laney and mayleighs Show
    Laney and mayleighs Show

    I want to see a house tour

  • macy miller
    macy miller

    my name is macy and tbh it’s kinda cool to hear my name in a video🥺

  • sarrah wilson
    sarrah wilson

    House tour!!!!

  • Jetta VanFleet
    Jetta VanFleet

    Anyone else missing their old videos? 😥Now it’s “not moving in together” “we’re breaking up” “he cheated” 🙄



  • Yay They broke up
    Yay They broke up

    Just get it over with

  • Aimee Stewart
    Aimee Stewart

    The same thing happened to Connor and liana. It was a joke!

  • Lily Maldonado
    Lily Maldonado

    Try 2143

  • avah carman
    avah carman

    everybody commenting about if this a prank but i want that house tour!!

  • Grace Nyasvisvo
    Grace Nyasvisvo

    Kattie was sooo worried

  • Funky Fruities
    Funky Fruities

    *"It would be a picture of him him skydiving."* 😂😂

  • Jonathan Grabban
    Jonathan Grabban

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  • Monika Raisutyte
    Monika Raisutyte

    The only reason I'm on here is because Connor and Liana (Liana) made a vid the same as this.

  • Kayleigh Dear
    Kayleigh Dear

    Yeh I’m completely over this content now it’s boringggg

  • Avalee Palubicki
    Avalee Palubicki

    Yes we need a house tour!!!!!!

  • dr. pancake 101
    dr. pancake 101


  • dr. pancake 101
    dr. pancake 101

    Yes!house tour!

  • MIGOS Markle
    MIGOS Markle

    That song in the beginning makes me wanna pull my eyebrows. It’s awful.

  • Kira Dishman
    Kira Dishman

    I feel like josh is pranking Katie

  • Kira Day
    Kira Day

    this prank was crazy, I didn't expect that to happen. I love them both so much!💕

  • Softball Pitcher
    Softball Pitcher

    I think the ex girlfriend picture isn’t a prank but the rest is

  • Softball Pitcher
    Softball Pitcher

    Wait girlfriend don’t u mean fiancé

  • Nina Rust
    Nina Rust


  • miguel mejia
    miguel mejia


  • Hailey Weaver
    Hailey Weaver

    josh: So you think Macy’s in the safe? HAHA I LAUGHED SO HARD

  • Chloe Huggs
    Chloe Huggs

    The people that started that ‘Macey’ rumour are sooo beyond desperate for clout it’s unreal... smh 🤦🏼‍♀️