I Filled brawadis Mclaren with 10,000 Balls & THIS WAS HIS REACTION...
Mama Rug and Papa Rug
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About Mama Rug and Papa Rug:
Mother of FaZe Rug and Brawadis // Love each and every one of our beautiful fans and supporters.

Mama Rug and Papa Rug

  • Varun Puligadda
    Varun Puligadda

    The best parents I've seen

  • Normo_cha 13
    Normo_cha 13

    I love you

  • Sarah Margaret Miles
    Sarah Margaret Miles

    Lol jackie wearing Brandon’s shirt

  • Chase Succes
    Chase Succes

    Quarantine got me jumping on a bed that i already broke

  • Ali _raheema
    Ali _raheema

    Do a prank where Jackie flirts with ur dad in front of ur mom

  • Cerenity Gonzalez
    Cerenity Gonzalez

    I think Jackie and Brandon are still dating because in videos they call each other babe and there so close and personal

  • The Lee Chronicles
    The Lee Chronicles

    When paparug popped out and scared the shit out of brawadis, shit had me dying. That was the best part.

  • Kristen

    Funny joke

  • neil mendoza
    neil mendoza

    Damn, jackie is rockin' brawadis's shirt

  • Forza HQ 12
    Forza HQ 12

    Mama rug finna clap morgz mum

  • StickMaster YT
    StickMaster YT

    You are the best I subbed to u and the others

  • Cristian De Paz
    Cristian De Paz

    “we’re going to fill his car with.......... ball pit! WOOO”

  • Jeanne Rodriguez
    Jeanne Rodriguez

    Do a 24 hr quarantine in the car

  • Darlene O’Hara
    Darlene O’Hara

    You guys are setting a great example by staying home. Good job.

  • Destiny Schultz
    Destiny Schultz

    That was a good prsnk he was really scared lol

  • courtney parrish
    courtney parrish

    Thousand views, get them more than that

  • Kayda Dub
    Kayda Dub

    Yay mama rug is back!!!

  • Kayla Lee
    Kayla Lee

    How did his beard grow so fast? *confused *

  • Amy rodriguezzz
    Amy rodriguezzz

    I love Jackie

  • Haily Desaveur
    Haily Desaveur

    Branden:screams and almost falls Me:laughs and hops off chair My dog :decides to scare the 💩out of me Me:almost has a heart attack My mom:kimbr knock it off it's time for bed u little weirdo! Me:HAVE U EVEN SEEN MY BEST FRIEND!!

  • Junior Vences
    Junior Vences

    Crush lambo keys

  • byrner

    Your crazy calling out 2hype but your going to beet there ass 🏀20 bands for the wager 10 bands each side 💸 Beet these Brandon

  • Kelvin kelvin
    Kelvin kelvin

    Jackie is such a great girl

  • War zone games Keith
    War zone games Keith

    Who else got laid off like me

  • Esme Tafoya
    Esme Tafoya

    That's pretty cool!

  • Soledad Ramos
    Soledad Ramos

    Fill faze rug g wagon with orbeez

  • Olivia Brown
    Olivia Brown

    His bread

  • Eli Abbott
    Eli Abbott

    Papa rug looks like playdoh though up on his sweat shirt. All jokes aside love the look and would buy that. Love the vids and keep the whole family working as hard as posible during the rough time in life everyone stay safe.

  • Maria Valdez
    Maria Valdez

    I love your hair

  • Sicko Toxin
    Sicko Toxin

    Bruh I just had an earthquake and she be talking about earthquakes

  • Amy

    Chang your hair

  • Alanys Abreu
    Alanys Abreu

    I don’t like his hair

  • Annette Soto
    Annette Soto

    Ron I love the hair! Life is short, try another color like blue! Lol. Very cool video!

  • Yajaira Flores
    Yajaira Flores

    You guys should do this prank when Brandon wants to go to the gym lol

  • GaMer_ BTW
    GaMer_ BTW

    Whilst watching the vid I am wondering how papa rug is gonna get out

  • GaMer_ BTW
    GaMer_ BTW

    I haven't stepped a foot outside yet

  • Aleesha Collins
    Aleesha Collins

    I have 3 dogs too

  • Aleesha Collins
    Aleesha Collins

    It looks ginger but it looks good

  • Naresh Dhiman
    Naresh Dhiman

    trash youtube channel

  • Cowen Cremers
    Cowen Cremers

    change your hair color back please

  • AJE 320
    AJE 320

    At 11 min y is he rubbing is chess wiredly

  • Issac Mendoza
    Issac Mendoza

    Prank faze rug : steal is bed so he can't sleep @ night then and take his clothes and hide them

  • Tomass Šmits
    Tomass Šmits

    How brandons bierd grow that fast up

  • Hus Girl
    Hus Girl

    Jackie is warring Brandon’s shirt

  • Shaun Southard
    Shaun Southard

    God Bless y'all and your family. And God Bless whoever reads this comment 🙏

  • Christina Protic
    Christina Protic

    That was so funny. Great video!😄👍🏻

  • the dead meme
    the dead meme

    I was bugging at 7:55 when mama rug said that's encouragement and missed the car

  • Midnight Vlogs
    Midnight Vlogs

    6:55 CORONA!!


    This Chanel sucks Faze rug is better

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton


  • Susan natalie Taylor
    Susan natalie Taylor

    How about you prank your boys your pregnant lol

  • Salvador Cabrera
    Salvador Cabrera

    Papa rug look like he is 20

  • SwedishHedgehog

    Good video

  • AlphaDog

    So basically we bought Brandon that car 😂

  • Mason’s Animals
    Mason’s Animals

    Change your hair color


    You probably stole the idea from faze

  • Kayla Perez
    Kayla Perez


  • Tony Garcia
    Tony Garcia

    8:00 Jackie .....shit......

  • SUN NXlus
    SUN NXlus

    Prank brian and brawadis that you guys are breaking up please

  • SUN NXlus
    SUN NXlus

    prank brawadis and brian that you guys are splitting up please...stay safe

  • Brycen Horn
    Brycen Horn

    Dye it black

  • Darlene Rodrigues
    Darlene Rodrigues

    Ball pit balls

  • Damian Hill
    Damian Hill

    I love you guys I watch all your vids and Brandon’s and Brian’s

  • Zhihuathemaster

    Papa rug should have started the car when Brandon was next to the car lol

  • Netflix and chat
    Netflix and chat

    Do a 24 hour challenge on top of the balls in your car. You can’t leave it.

  • Shelby Owens
    Shelby Owens

    Mama rug is right change your hair color. Make a video of it too lol

  • Rachel Gallardo
    Rachel Gallardo

    So cool!

  • Sarah Mahoney
    Sarah Mahoney

    The cleanup must of taken hours

  • Azaleos

    Who here knows that Faze Kay did this prank on Nordan the other day

  • Lab Nation
    Lab Nation

    I was watching the old videos and i was like man i really miss the pranks i want more and here it is