I Got Botched... Fixing My Deformed Lips
HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I’m revealing one of my biggest insecurities. Almost 10 years ago I got botched by a doctor in Beverly Hills when I went to get a procedure done. He lied to me about what he was doing and years later I’m still dealing with the consequences... 😌 I’m finally ready to share my story.
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  • Mimi & Hiro
    Mimi & Hiro

    I feel so bad for u jeffree!!😢😢

  • Taylor Duncan
    Taylor Duncan

    My lips hurt rn so I can only imagine what Jeffrey would feel😂😂

  • Layla Kalina
    Layla Kalina

    I get the whole being insecure about your smile. My friends always talk about teeth and how pretty they are etc. my smile is messed up and I hide it as much as I can. To the point someone made fun of me and asked if my front teeth were missing because they never see them. But it’s made me insecure and I just don’t have the money to fix them. Maybe one day, but not anytime soon.

  • Yenling Chou
    Yenling Chou

    Your lips look good even thought it is deformed

  • Fatin Amirah
    Fatin Amirah

    Im concern with Jeffree and wish him all good amazing health for him but for once with one glance, I literally thought the doctor was Henry Golding

  • Kelsi Hart
    Kelsi Hart

    This whole video I held my breath

  • Han M
    Han M

    Why does the Dr. look like Mark Sloan from Grey's Anatomy

  • Adrian COLTHRUST
    Adrian COLTHRUST


  • Raluca Ardelean
    Raluca Ardelean


  • Chaoslotte 44
    Chaoslotte 44

    strong that Yt left that video monitized... Thougt it wouldnt be dat grose Its like that wasnt What i expected lol. But i Made in through and had No struggle.

  • Sara’s Life
    Sara’s Life

    Jeffree has the most perfect teeth I literally can’t

  • kanwal chandio
    kanwal chandio

    I am bigg fan jafree star i love jafree star from Pakistan

  • kait schoen
    kait schoen

    i hope they don’t refuse to marker but i can’t see them using a new sharpie every time...

  • Wilson Gilley
    Wilson Gilley

    Damnit jeffree I wanted to know what the lab said!!

  • Catelyn S
    Catelyn S

    Can u blot that for me kori

  • Maria. E Ramirez
    Maria. E Ramirez


  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia

    It’s gross but satisfieing

  • Mariah Goldsmith
    Mariah Goldsmith

    You go to get these things done to fix your insecurities and people mess them up and make things so much worse. I'm sorry this is something you had to go through. I went to get a breast reduction and lift not even a year ago. Sitting there waiting for my appointment and I had a bad feeling I just left. About a month later a fee women put up about how this place was very careless... I think you always look amazing and don't let anyone tell you different.

  • Caitlin Nunnayobeeswax
    Caitlin Nunnayobeeswax

    *in the operating room* *pulls out his own brand mirror*

  • Samantha Ford
    Samantha Ford


  • Carla Izaguirre
    Carla Izaguirre

    I love love love how vulnerable and open Jefree is with us 💛

  • Kayelee Wall
    Kayelee Wall

    Jeffree is so brave

  • eabha

    Me: ok there won't be that much blood I'll be fine Also me: sees blood ok nope I'm out

  • ani rus
    ani rus

    Jeff dont have any eyebrows soo. I dony know what he is feeling lol

  • ani rus
    ani rus

    Dont do anymore. You are so pretty!!

  • Mama Schatzy
    Mama Schatzy

    I LOVE that you put this out here so honestly 😍 ANY procedure to alter your body... from hair dye to brain surgery... you HAVE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH! Do you, be you, change what you want... just be SMART about it.

  • Kelly Dainielle A.
    Kelly Dainielle A.

    Fuck i’m the one whose getting hurt!

  • gab riel
    gab riel

    Watching while holding my lips😫

  • Marte H
    Marte H

    I love horror and gory movies but this actually made me cringe a bit

  • Emmaleen Young
    Emmaleen Young

    Does anyone else notice that Dr. Kirby looks like Mark Sloan from Grey's??

  • B watson
    B watson

    Love you Jeffree Star

  • Byyoursideentombed

    Omg the sharpie......how many other people have they used it on? Not exactly medical grade or safe barrrrrffff

  • Madison Jacobs
    Madison Jacobs

    I love how the doctor has such nice manners

  • Marie L
    Marie L

    Your Dr won Big Brother..way back when it first started..Dr Will!!

  • Mia ASMR
    Mia ASMR

    Dude I’m screaming but I’m watching it anyways bc why not

  • Mia ASMR
    Mia ASMR

    We love you Jeffree we do Oh! Jeffree we love u

  • Heidi Perdomo
    Heidi Perdomo

    Am I the only one who went out my room to Scream when he cut off part of the lip aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! And I really mean it! 😖😖😖😖😷😷😷😷😟😟😟😟

  • Rejean Guiao
    Rejean Guiao

    GIRL IM QUAKING when they started snipping hahahahahahah ..

  • SAQR PRO gamer
    SAQR PRO gamer

    are you a girl or a boy

  • Phoenix 101
    Phoenix 101

    i love how he brought his own mirror

  • Ruby [Eyeball]
    Ruby [Eyeball]

    *I may be screamish but I will watch no matter what*

  • Gisselly Magdaleno
    Gisselly Magdaleno

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you because I think you’re beautiful

  • Hasti Happy
    Hasti Happy

    You are the most modest and outgoing youtuber ever 💗💞 my best friend she had a bad exprience with lip fillers as well ...

  • Lost_illusion

    I honestly think his lips are beautiful Before he got the lip fillers and after

  • Fide Juan
    Fide Juan


  • Crazy Time
    Crazy Time

    I love you jeffree stars ✨!!!

  • the Trujillo family
    the Trujillo family

    If i had money I would get my body done because of all my insecurities

  • Duie

    Aww I think Jeffree’s lips look so beautiful like the before I really understood what he meant by his lips looking botched and after the surgery his lips looks really nice it’s a bit uneven but in a really good way. It’s so cute in that it’s perfectly imperfect. I enjoyed watching this video.

  • Elise Wong
    Elise Wong

    I am so sorry for you

  • Francis HC
    Francis HC

    The upper lip swollen actually makes him look like Kyle

  • IamShine

    I'm just watching this now and I'm squirming and shouting everytime he gets cut and stictched and idk why I'm doing this to myself. 😂😭😂

  • jackie dejesus
    jackie dejesus

    I believed in you

  • Carolyn Lyford Sullivan
    Carolyn Lyford Sullivan

    I am a nurse . Your doctor did an excellent job . I was surprised how fast you healed. I could tell right after the surgery that things were going to heal fast . Glad you did it . Interesting video .

  • Egily Woginski
    Egily Woginski

    is it just me or anyone else thinks the doctor is really handsome?????,,?????????

  • Error 606
    Error 606

    Love how Jeffree is still his normal self even though he was about to get his lip cut, we love that.

  • 3nchantment500

    It's already been 9 months since i've watched this?!

  • Scott Root
    Scott Root

    U take a lottttttt ⬇️

  • ND3L0

    "If you're squeamish dont watch" Me: is EXTREMELY squeamish Also me: watches and gags but watches anyway

    • Eileen Afanador
      Eileen Afanador

      LMAOO ME

  • Grace Moon
    Grace Moon

    Dr. Mark Sloan is that you??

  • Eva Spakauskaite
    Eva Spakauskaite

    that lip part cost more than my house and every thing inside of it

    • Ruby [Eyeball]
      Ruby [Eyeball]

      Eva Spakauskaite *It costs more than anything I’ve owned, even my life*

  • UnknownTV

    I love that he brought his own mirror

  • SamIsNoPrincess

    Love how he has his mirror

  • Evelen Galvez
    Evelen Galvez

    That's okay or you get that out

  • Evelen Galvez
    Evelen Galvez

    You are pretty the Way You Are

  • Charley Berrisford
    Charley Berrisford

    Jeffree is literally laughing and joking whilst having surgery and here’s me scared to have a blood test tomorrow 😂😐😂

    • Charley Berrisford
      Charley Berrisford

      chloe richards 😂

    • chloe richards
      chloe richards

      Charley Berrisford I feel this on a personal level

  • I H
    I H


  • Hailey P
    Hailey P

    Ok... if anybody has watched Big Brother,, y’all know that’s Dr. Delicious right!? That is Will fuuucking Kirby fan girl over 😍😍😍

  • SanJuanCreole

    I had a Nose ring keloid removed by surgical procedure!!! So yes I understand the insecurity and the feelings of just wanting it gone! Bravo jeffree ⭐

  • olen olen
    olen olen

    I'm eating my lip

  • LadyDarkSky

    oh baby you had such beautiful lips even though you thought they were small i loved them! i hate that, that guy did that and botched your beautiful lips! Thank gawd it can be fixed!