I Got Kicked out of My Best Friend's Wedding
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  • Calista 11 166
    Calista 11 166


  • goo gle
    goo gle

    I'll literally never change for a guy

  • goo gle
    goo gle

    She's not your best friend if she did that because he didn't like you

  • norhairani sapar
    norhairani sapar

    What just happened???

  • zora

    Sophie got witchcraft put on her our something ?

  • Copperrat

    "Clint" seems to be 14 years old XD

  • Sarah Holland
    Sarah Holland

    Black Mirror.

  • Ava Bacci
    Ava Bacci

    Ok but like, is Sophia ok?

  • natural4lifemiss

    Clint is a loser!but her best friend is in an abusive relationship period!

  • Tina Huang
    Tina Huang

    Sophie was stupid

  • 진Worldwide Shoulders
    진Worldwide Shoulders

    When I see Clint it’s on sight🤬

  • no body
    no body

    Personally me and sofie would not be friends anymore....

  • alexandra fraser
    alexandra fraser

    "she still married him"

  • neillia vanterpool
    neillia vanterpool

    She wasn’t your friend. That’s it done. I’ve been in that situation and my best friend didn’t turned on me like that. Everyone is not strong minded . It is what it is.

  • Nightcore 101
    Nightcore 101

    If your so called friend didn’t invite you to her wedding then she ain’t no friend she just a b*tch

  • Sharptooth100

    Shame on you, Sophie for disgracing your best friend. How dare you?

  • ilaria senatore
    ilaria senatore

    Questa è solo una parte della storia. Nessuno ha sentito la versione di Sophie e Clint. Scusate se sono controcorrente.

  • Susan Kawandami
    Susan Kawandami

    Like if Clint was playing smash bros

  • Crazy Loli
    Crazy Loli

    Bruh I would whoop his ah long time T-T

  • Bal Bains
    Bal Bains


  • It’s always Lit sarina
    It’s always Lit sarina

    I'm sorrry

  • Mohamed Bukhary Ibn Mohamed Riyal
    Mohamed Bukhary Ibn Mohamed Riyal

    Dear, she was the drama queen and he is a narrow minded ass hole.

  • Mohamed Bukhary Ibn Mohamed Riyal
    Mohamed Bukhary Ibn Mohamed Riyal

    Dear, if I was there I'd break his bones.

  • Nathalie Laderas
    Nathalie Laderas


  • Ananya Pawar
    Ananya Pawar

    If I would have been at her place, I would have slapped Clint right through his face!

  • Gacha golden heart
    Gacha golden heart

    Part two tho PLESSSSS

  • Gacha golden heart
    Gacha golden heart

    Good YOU LEFT

  • Gacha golden heart
    Gacha golden heart


  • Trish trish
    Trish trish

    Sophie is probably suffering behind closed doors in the hands of that man She is dealing with a very dangerous narcissist

  • Gacha golden heart
    Gacha golden heart


  • Kezia Charles
    Kezia Charles

    Where is part 2??? What happened after???

  • KaeXD2180

    Lol all of the people in the wedding would have gone home is they said that theyre narcistic sociopaths 😂

  • 3113victoria

    *wE nEeD aN uPDaTE*

  • da idus
    da idus

    What the heck jerks

  • Stefan

    This Sophie girl doesn't sound very bright

  • Eva Macias
    Eva Macias

    1like = 5 slaps for Sophie and her husband

  • Francine Nash
    Francine Nash

    She's a real bicth😑

  • Isabella Cunha
    Isabella Cunha

    Sophie should have said something to her best friend. That’s what best friends are for.

  • Biggs Food
    Biggs Food


  • ChibiWave

    Please someone help her!! 😢😢

  • Lovely Zulita
    Lovely Zulita

    That kind of friend suck?! How could they?!

  • Natalie B.
    Natalie B.

    My best friend kicked me out of her wedding as well :(

  • FireWolf Gamez
    FireWolf Gamez

    If my friend kicked me out of her wedding, she would have gotten an introducing face slap from my sister and me

  • Tony shot 5000
    Tony shot 5000

    Oh man I give that marriage 5 months before attorneys are called lol

  • narcisscystic acne
    narcisscystic acne

    Clint said “🤡”

  • YaRa HossAm El-Din
    YaRa HossAm El-Din

    Her friend is completely brainwashed and manipulated by this guy .. I was screaming WHAT the whole time to my screen.. He is such a freak

  • Sarah I
    Sarah I

    and that ladies and gentlemen is what we call an abusive relationship

  • halfofakitty

    Same thing happened to my Grandpa. Eventually she murdered him in a house fire and no one looked into it because she was an elderly women, not to mention had Alzheimer's. The trigger was him limiting her credit card because she'd forget what she spent.

  • Lalala Lalala
    Lalala Lalala


  • Darkside

    *wait that’s illegal*

  • Unicorn Magic Productions
    Unicorn Magic Productions

    Every like is 200 slaps for Clint aka asshole

  • Brian Westbrook
    Brian Westbrook

    I would punch Klint on the face so hard until he's laid on a puddle of his blood and then I would slap Sophie in the face and would say "forget me you don't deserve me I tried to open your eyes and YOU just continued being a fake friend to me, it's over" This Klint is a dangerperson psycopath profiteer and Sophie is superfacial fake naive impressionable. That's it.

  • shandeez96

    This video made me so mad

  • Reine W
    Reine W

    Dude I'd be the brother the Guy would be eating the ground, I'd be the girl, the Guy wouldnt have balls anymore, and her friend would see her dress in a pretty bad shape.

  • anime quin
    anime quin

    Wait wait wait so now a woman seeing a girl in a bikini is bad? Not to mention as an ad?😂😂😂

  • Disha Mirza
    Disha Mirza

    The details she told the story with makes her sound like an attention seeker. Sorry not sorry

  • fatina Faizal
    fatina Faizal

    umm...she's a woman, why would she be in trouble for a Victoria's secret ad?

  • Gabriella Stein
    Gabriella Stein

    That is horrible I hope she gets out of that relationship

  • Sophie Gai
    Sophie Gai

    Its funny that the name of the manipulated in the relationship was named Sophie. About two years ago, my 'best friend' was manipulated by his now girlfriend of two years. Because I felt unsafe in her home (It was moldy, gross and her cat had fleas and such) and I didn't want her to use my stuff without my permission, She started spreading venomous lies about me. Then, she got it into my best friend's head that I was a toxic, narcissistic abuser who was just seeking attention and needed to go to a psych ward. Clint reminded me of the manipulative girl who is dating my now ex best friend, and it hurt to remember a bit. Still, life goes on. It sucks, but you can only control your own actions in this strange world we live in. :( Even if someone is hurting you, it doesn't mean that they'll stop. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and say "That's it! I've had enough!"

  • AliceDeWolfe

    So many things wrong with the way things were handled. For one, I would have had a huge conversation with my friend REGULARLY about the kind of man Clint was. I wouldn't have kept my opinions to myself. As someone's best friend and someone you view as family, you let them know your opinion even if they don't care to hear them. Especially if it's concerning something so huge in their lives. Also, when Clint went to speak to her, I would have waited for my husband to be there. I wouldn't have approached some random potentially insane dude alone. When he was speaking so disrespectfully, I would have either punched him in his face or ripped out his jugular. ALSO I would have neglected to see him if my BEST FRIEND WASN'T THERE. That's some shady shit. Your whole ass fiance is coming to speak to be about my behavior? You better be with him, not sending me texts that he's coming like the coward Sophie was. Also what in the fuck is wrong with Sophie's family? My dad would rather lock me away in a dungeon then let me marry a sociopath. Especially after witnessing what he did to my best friend. What kind of family? I feel so bad for her. What a horrible way for a life-long friendship to end.

  • Kohii2Go

    It’s really sad but I’d like to know their side of the story too...

  • Stephanie Rachelle
    Stephanie Rachelle

    I hope she stayed in contact with her friend family (brother and father), and encouraged them to keep a close eye on Clint. Their relationship sounds abusive, and something awful could happen to her

  • Tohar Onyeulo
    Tohar Onyeulo

    No!! She can be in real danger with an abuser husband. I really hope this is not a true story because if it is it's one of the saddest real life ending I've heard. This has just made me feel so bad about the world

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat

    People change. Also this sounds really concerning, and it sounds like this girl is really forcing her opinions upon sophie and is being kinda conceited.

  • Queen_Claw _
    Queen_Claw _

    Clint look sounds and acts like a 5 year old

  • Sandra Anon
    Sandra Anon

    Sophie is a jerk

  • Miraculous Addiction Trash
    Miraculous Addiction Trash

    I like how most of the people commenting on here have horrible grammar

  • *%#DEPRESSED#%* —
    *%#DEPRESSED#%* —

    Dafuq? What’s wrong with chu Clent? My goodness how can you even fucking control advirtisments 🤨😑

  • aysia

    clint can catch these HANDS .

  • Muskrat

    we flew across the country, it CoSt MoNeY, and we had to even book a HOTEL!!!!!