I Got Kicked out of My Best Friend's Wedding
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  • Lisa Tran
    Lisa Tran

    We really need an update on what happen after 6 month since this video came out, like I want to know did the girls get back together and is Clint finally out of her life?

  • Kayla W.
    Kayla W.

    That man sounds like he was so manipulative and he was beyond disrespectful to the main lady, I hope Sophie realizes one day that he's all wrong for her

  • Dianisse Plaza
    Dianisse Plaza

    I certainly hope Sophie's marriage ended badly and she got very hurt to the core (not that I wanna sound cruel). It would serve her right. Backstabbing traitor, what kind of moron believes her fiancée's bull than her best friend since childhood?

  • Lily Phạm
    Lily Phạm

    It's good that many people left Sophie's wedding. Even better, a bridesmaid left because Clint was mean to the OP. I don't think she deserves to be abused because she was most likely too blinded with infatuation that she kisses Clint's ass. This happens to a lot of people who've been abused. They've been manipulated and realize the error of their ways when things get ugly. Yes, it's frustrating that they betray their own friends and family so that they can be with their new spouse but it doesn't mean they deserve to get abused. They were manipulated.

  • Lily Phạm
    Lily Phạm

    I like that Sophie's brother is supportive of her.

  • Lily Phạm
    Lily Phạm

    Clint's probably jealous of OP because she and Sophie talk on the phone regularly and not to mention he's a narcissist who's trying to keep Sophie all to himself. Funny that he thinks OP is a bad person when the real bad person is obviously Clint. Sophie is most likely going to be abused by Clint. You know if someone is going to be in an abusive relationship if they're treating their friends and family like crap, backstabbing them (despite knowing them so well) or abandoning them so that they can be with their abusive partner. The abuser manipulates the victim and the victim ends up believing them because they're blind with infatuation. Clint is most likely trying to isolate Sophie from her childhood friend so that when he abuses her, Sophie will have no one to turn to. Soon Sophie's going to be crying back to her best friend and apologizing.

  • Stoneyburke

    I would never spend money or take off work to visit a friend....especially a plane trip.......Sorry it`s her problem now,if she wants to be like that........At that wedding thing ,Yeah ,never would have wasted my time with that either.........Sophie is a lost cause.

  • pighater1 1
    pighater1 1

    Just get a taser Scratch that 200 tasers

  • Vraska

    wait a second... you took 30 of your family members across the country to your best friend's wedding? is that normal?

  • Ava Gregorio-hansen
    Ava Gregorio-hansen

    maan f*ck sophie + clint

  • Bogdan Anastasiei
    Bogdan Anastasiei

    Sophie will regret marrying Clint.

  • Angela Mejia
    Angela Mejia

    My sister is like Sophie. We barely speak now because of her husband...

  • Jorgen Platner
    Jorgen Platner

    Sounds as if C(l)unt needs a good talking to and the best friend isn't much of a friend.

  • The ndingo show
    The ndingo show

    Wow Clint is a real A~hole😢

  • Alexandra Helmel
    Alexandra Helmel

    you should make a new friend and forget about that old friend of yours. sophie made the choice to stay with that creep heartless clint. if sophie wants to ruin her life with the wrong guy is her problem. so forget about sophie if she wants to be clint's dog is sophie's problem. and who cares what clint wants he's being a control freak. and friends don't do that to each other real friends are supposed to understand each other and not let some idiot guy hurt them and judge them too soon. and I think sophie and clint are the real drama queens not you.

  • Kayla Thom
    Kayla Thom

    I hope that Sophie girl is in absolute misery because of her decision.

  • Brandon Pea
    Brandon Pea

    No follow up? I'm disappointed.

  • Emma Carter
    Emma Carter

    I know you might be mad at your friend but please do not abandon her. Doing this will only further isolate her with her narcissistic abuser and make it harder for her to navigate her way out of this someday.

  • How_zodiac_ will_
    How_zodiac_ will_

    Wow fake friend this is why I hate having fake friends !

  • Alexa jai
    Alexa jai

    Omg I’m literally about to punch that guy

  • Gaveriel Sean Salantes
    Gaveriel Sean Salantes

    This guy should mind his own freaking bussiness

  • Mr Yolo
    Mr Yolo

    that boi clint can go to hell

  • Gacha Playz
    Gacha Playz

    She shouldn't have married Clent in the first place

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      Queenbee Kay well she did and there is nothing we can do And she chose that man over her best friend Once she was free spirited and loving but then comes down to this that’s the tragedy of life people change I wouldn’t be surprised if that guy were manipulating her and then he’ll be a big pain in the ass to live with and then one day Sophie‘s gonna watch this video probably regretting her decision to marry this man But the girl telling the story is one person I feel bad more than anyone knowing she is not going to have her best friend she’s known since she was a child someone who looks at her and says I’ve known you since you were a baby we always look out for each other You always looked after me and I would do that in return because I’ve known you since we were infants She will never have that anymore because Sophie was too selfish to give it to her

  • Colin Cochrane
    Colin Cochrane

    Wow. I just found this channel yesterday. These are some of the most moving stories I have ever heard about relationships. Clint is a psychopath. He's trying to control Sophie's behavior. He wants to make himself the most important thing in her life, and possibly the only important thing in her life. I don't know the name of the narrator, but whoever she is, she was right to get away from that wedding. That was awful. The worst part is, I doubt that marriage is going to last. Marriages with men like that rarely do.

  • JT 2.0
    JT 2.0

    Clint, more like clit.

  • Paul Daniel Almenana
    Paul Daniel Almenana

    They guy had ruined a loving relationship between both of them. This guy is a b*t*h. Everyone on me😤😤😤

  • Alisaplays V
    Alisaplays V

    I think his is doing something to her because she was acting wired

  • eLina fRost
    eLina fRost

    “You’re a bad influence for Sophie” *yeah says the person who is an even worse influence for sophie*

  • strwyeri

    this poor girl 😔

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      jiminspeaches that’s what I thought And it could be heartbreaking for someone like her knowing her BFFs fiancé now husband Was a complete asshole And most of all her best friend since childhood that’s the tragedy of life is when people change she picks this damn man Over her best friend flushed a childhood friendship they’ve had since babies down the crapper And now thanks to her this narrator is never going to have her best friend she’s known since she was a baby someone who looks at her and says I’ve known you since you were young I will always look after you as you’ve done for me and I’ll do anything for you She will never have that anymore because Sophie was too selfish to give it to her So as far as I’m concerned she’s just as bad as Clint is they deserve each other And I can say is our narrator may one day find a new best friend That’s life sometimes best friendships always last forever But new friendships can begin

    • strwyeri

      Benjamin Bingaman the narrator

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      jiminspeaches which one

  • strwyeri

    clint acts like a 7 year old, seriously.

  • strwyeri

    sorry but the thumbnail made me wheeze lol

  • •Silver_the_trans_mess• 0110
    •Silver_the_trans_mess• 0110

    Clint: “how dare you watch an ad”

  • jasmina

    vruh there is a video with same title just best friends

  • Clint Patac
    Clint Patac

    All i can say is F dat B!!

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      Clint Patac Clint is that you

  • princkleminckle •v•
    princkleminckle •v•

    Wtf.. Clint is so childish 🙄🙄 why would Sophie be in love with that stink up when his attitude is like that Hope Clint gets punished for that tbh.

  • liquid 7
    liquid 7

    Douchebag wedding .

  • Libertine DeSade
    Libertine DeSade

    Sounds like Sophie was probably talking smack on the friend to make herself look good to this guy. And he ran with it because he's got some faux-moral chip on his shoulder. They deserve each other. Glad that the other people walked out on the wedding as well. I hope the brother told them both about themselves.

  • Elizabeth Rosa
    Elizabeth Rosa

    I hate both of them

  • Secily Lander
    Secily Lander

    Me: "It was a freaking add" Clint: "You shouldn't have had it on your phone" Me again: "So you don't like Christmas adds?"

  • Bogy Still
    Bogy Still

    They are mentally disabled lol

  • Pada Yang
    Pada Yang

    I wish everyone at the wedding left

  • BryaNTCrafTy

    🖓 if you like clint...

  • Ik' ikarm
    Ik' ikarm

    dude why am i watching this

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      Ik' ikarm I have no idea but it still second me that that woman chose a man over her best friend and not just a man And not just a man a man

  • Cupcake🍋💡_Eilish

    I'm so confused it was an advertisement if you don't like it why are you looking at it?not even strict family's get mad at that

  • zebjug

    Maybe he found out about your sexual experiments with his wife to be when you were teenagers.

  • zebjug

    People change, you have to let go.

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      zebjug That’s correct and that’s life

  • sunny r.
    sunny r.

    But she unable to understtod her cause she want her psyco husband more than her -dirty human physics

  • Taehyung's Pimple
    Taehyung's Pimple

    I'm not even mad at Clint I'm mad at Sophie

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      Taehyung's Pimple yeah so am I you pick a man over your own best friend Well I hope you’re proud of yourself You chose a man over your best friend you’ve known since childhood Somebody who cared about you most of your life Someone who travel to the ends of the earth to be best friends with you forever That’s fine if that’s the way you want it fine That former BFF of yours Who I feel bad for knowing she would never have that child hood friend she once had anymore Someone who says I’ve known you since we were young you’ve always been close to me And I’ll watch out for you as you would watch out for me She will never have that anymore because she’s too selfish to give it to her As far as I’m concerned you and Clint deserve each other

  • Hunter the joke, The gamer and story maker
    Hunter the joke, The gamer and story maker

    Sophie: Hi MC. Been a while. Mc: *Shuts the door on her.* Sophie: Mc let me in please! Mc’s husband: Its Sophie isn’t it? Mc: .... (leave a like and add on to this story.)

    • Hunter the joke, The gamer and story maker
      Hunter the joke, The gamer and story maker

      Deanna Woods *The next day.* Mc: she’s gone. Must have went to a hotel or something. *Looks down seeing a letter.* Hey, You might want to take a look at this!

    • Deanna Woods
      Deanna Woods

      Mc:Yep Mc's husband: I guess Clint left her Mc: I guess so Mc's husband: If she's still out there in the morning, I will still turn the sprinklers on Mc: That's fine


    "I was angry MY BEHAVIOR?!, WHAT DID I DO!!"

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      JUNIORBL4Z3 you did nothing (as what I would’ve said if I were actually talking to her) That guy is an asshole he cares about nobody but himself And hopefully one day she will see his true colors And if she divorces him She’ll still have you to come and say I told you so

  • Smashup Mashups
    Smashup Mashups

    This reminds me of how my brother's girlfriend was manipulative, at least that's what my mom thinks.

  • D. Compton Ambrose
    D. Compton Ambrose

    2009-2019: The decade Militant Monogamy killed Friendship.

  • Black Moon Knight
    Black Moon Knight

    I was going to say there's two sides to every story but 30 people leaving your wedding? That says it all

  • River Falls
    River Falls

    How many people know “Sophie” is watching this right now, sobbing.

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      River Falls probably if she’s being abused or if he showed his true colors and he’s being just as much a jerk to her as he was to them She’ll probably watch this and she’ll be sobbing her eyes out for picking a man who’s putting her through hell over her own best friend

  • Eduardo González
    Eduardo González

    Man!!! I was so angry at that man that I wanted to hit him too, and I only know him as a cartoon!

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      Eduardo González but these were based off actual events so if you were a friend of this girl telling This story or of her husband and you were there I would’ve advised be my guest

  • dagang nusantara
    dagang nusantara

    This is how many people know Cleont is a b*tch and want to make them divorce ⬇⬇⬇

  • Migz Andrada
    Migz Andrada

    Women, please don't marry abusers or controlling people, they do not know how to deal with life.

    • Migz Andrada
      Migz Andrada

      Benjamin Bingaman True, as individuals living in the now, we should break that mentality for the sake of the future generation.

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      Migz Andrada oh yes that’s when things will get worse guys who abuse their wives DO abuse their children as well Hopefully he sees his true colors but then before it comes down to that But even if it does come down to that still have it within her to gain control of her life and leave him And find a good father figure for the child Usually if they get out of an abusive relationship alive the next one could be better If that Sophie is ending then maybe the next guy will be better to discover she was NEVER truly in love with Clint only in love With the idea of being in a relationship and the idea of getting married

    • Migz Andrada
      Migz Andrada

      Benjamin Bingaman They only show their best side but eventually when the best side suddenly melts, there is chaos between them. What more if they have children right?

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      Migz Andrada well that’s the problem they don’t see the abuser in him till it’s too late Many of the best abusers start out that way start out as the last person who You would think would do that Their true colors are showing till it’s too late

  • i’m a freaking weeb chicken
    i’m a freaking weeb chicken

    So basically clint thinks she is a lesbian?

  • Godzilla 2002
    Godzilla 2002

    I think If a could operate a tank(M4) Ill Kill Clint and Thats alls

  • Dee Zimmo
    Dee Zimmo

    Any wonder why half of marriages end in divorce. Abusive spouses will segregate their partner from friends and family in order to maintain control. In this way, the other spouse is dependent upon the controlling spouse for everything; just as the abusive spouse had planned.

  • I Was Once Known
    I Was Once Known

    i thought Sophie was the blond girl guess i was wrong

  • Ariana Souvanlapham
    Ariana Souvanlapham

    and i oop- bad time?

  • Me Nice
    Me Nice

    I gotta tell her husband seems nice

  • xLily Legends XOX
    xLily Legends XOX

    Sad story... How could Sophie even believe clint?

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      xLily Legends XOX I have no pity for her as of now The one person I feel sorry for him the story Is that a childhood friend of hers that is telling the story she’s never going to have that old BFF again someone who looks at them and says I’ve known you since childhood you care about me and you know it’s best for both of us She will never have that anymore Because Sophie here was too selfish to give it to her So as far as I’m concerned she and Clint deserve each other And they can go have their happily ever after for all I care And this girl telling the story well now one day find a new best friend Hopefully one that won’t pick a man over her

    • xLily Legends XOX
      xLily Legends XOX

      @Benjamin Bingaman yeah....... Most people are tooo obsessed with a person they thought they could relay on😔

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      xLily Legends XOX I don’t know but some women are like that who would believe a man over their own friend they’ve known since childhood that’s the problem with society sometimes people change That they would be that selfish to choose a man over their own friends

  • _stinkyxrat_

    Can we just give a quick shoutout to her husband and Sophie’s brother and dad? They the real ones.

  • Dawn Chance
    Dawn Chance

    Why was she going near that man? She should have called the police.




    Make part 2

  • Wesley Mercer
    Wesley Mercer

    I wonder what ever happened, that is controlling behavior.

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      Wesley Mercer I don’t know he’s acting like a five-year-old brat Throwing a little tantrum so more likely he’ll be a pain in the bum for Sophie that she’ll start to feel like she’s married to a child

  • PersonaX

    Honestly, Clint and Sophie deserve each other. Unhappily ever after.

    • Benjamin Bingaman
      Benjamin Bingaman

      PersonaX yeah if you’re going to pick a man over your own best friend and believe him over someone you’ve known since childhood fine People like both of them deserve each other She’s not worth it Hopefully one day the girl telling this story will find a new best friend who will not choose a man over there friendship