I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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    haha grape

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      Over 9 thousand!!!!! Poop

      brazil how to gets subscribers say grapes

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    "Like that smash button" lol

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    Matthew Yeoh 2 Studios here

    Wow earning 20000usd in a week

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    (Not as bad) but I had a tonsillectomy done so I get the cravvvinngs 😂😨

  • Siennasweet_909

    I relate to this I haven't had my jaw wired shut but I couldnt eat anything for two months so not exactly the same thing but thanks for this video I can somewhat understand the pain and struggle u went through

  • Lost Folk.
    Lost Folk.

    Dude the quality increase tho

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    SketchyDrawer 95

    * B U T T A-S N-KED*

  • Tracy Hannah
    Tracy Hannah

    This is my first time watching one of your videos and I have made one conclusion: You. Are. HILARIOUS!😂

  • Codex Adventures
    Codex Adventures

    Dude, i get it, i didn't eat for like a week, i have some sort of stomach issue so i can't eat anything good without agonizing pain. i've been on a plain rice diet with cooked bananas for a week, then i changed to plantains and added black beans, lost 7 lbs so i'm now near my low weight limit for my height. just those 3 items for another like week. Still can't eat anything good and i'm scared of food. Added in bagles and fat free cream cheese (ITS SO GOOD). roommate and fiance are eating burgers, pizza and meat balls, and pasta omg......and i can't touch it. (especially anything acidic, 1/8th tsp of tomato sauce had me sobbing on the bathroom floor for like 3 hours) went to the emergency room TWICE. still dying, HOPEFULLY i'll have some real answers after tomorrow when they go in and look at my stomach. but OMG I MISS FOOD. i'm a freaking cook. an actual 13 years in the field cook/baker/chef/line cook/ pizza cook/ head chef/prep cook AND I CANT EAT ANY FOOD WHICH IS AN ACTUAL CORNERSTONE OF MY PERSONALITY . I'm tearing my hair out and having depressive spells (used to have debilitating depression) and not being able to eat what i crave is reminding me of my homelessness from when i was a kid and had to just ignore what my body needs. (i have a very balanced diet normally but like one day i'll crave tons of veggies, another piles of greasy food, another cake, it all adds up to healthy but my body needs what it needs and i go through food like water (high metabolism) i broke my rib while i had an upper respiratory infection (so bad coughing while rib is broken) and i would trade that for this in a second flat. i've never been so miserable. ;_;

  • abdullah sufian
    abdullah sufian

    hmm...markpiers.....brother? lol jk great vid

  • LoquaciousLaners42

    I'm so glad you can talk and eat without being in pain! And you look amazing! (Not that you didn't before) ♥️

  • dOpHiN On CrAcK
    dOpHiN On CrAcK

    Dude. Im now currently in the healing process. AND THANK YOU FOR DIS AMAZING AND BOOTYFUL VIDEO. like im already underweight AND THIS MOTHER FUCKING LIQUID DIET THAT I HAVE TO FOLLOW IS MAKING ME LOSE MORE WEIGHT. kill me 😭😭

  • mochija_t

    a minute in and im already subscribed

  • memes never die
    memes never die

    adaaaaaaaaaaaaam???????? when u animated where u where naked (6:08) dont u have WINGS???? cuz in your domenaiting my fear (or how its called .-.) u said "and i todally forgot about these" then we could see ur two demon typw wings and ur caracters demon tail. BUT where are they here xD adam take this as a joke pls xD

  • Gacha Story!!!
    Gacha Story!!!

    Like that smash button XD

  • Gacha Story!!!
    Gacha Story!!!

    Adam: I’m chocolate milk Dumb Adam: I’m a grape 🍇 Adam: WTF GUYS IM NOT A GRAPE Dumb Adam: MEH is A gRapE 🍇 Adam: help meh...

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    LNG Laelle

    :( I like that :(

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    kawaii cat

    *like that smash button* -adam 2019

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    Sara Valtonen

    Aaaaaa (XD)

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    LEGO And FNaF Guy

    Did TR-my catch that the dude said butt as s naked?

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    Raya croy plays

    I WILL BEEPING EAT U!!!!! Me in that kind of moment I WILL FUDGING TORTURE U

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    nich6830 nich6830

    Like the smash button XD

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    Geralynn Conley

    the tiger who will eat you if you eat their food :adam

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    Luigi Smith

    Boost is something my grandfather drinks

  • AnEricCockTM

    Loved th bo burnham kanya rant reference

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    Penguin The Wise

    grape needs *chocolate milk*

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    Rosendo Ma

    Adam looks like stoned Harry Potter

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    Oh boy I love me some God's Cylinders

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    zombie egg tv

    Adam: i never got my chocolate milk :c

  • Honey_bee

    Lol I love how his sweater changes words

  • pineappleSTAPLE

    6:36 adam: "cold as hell" *_theres a discrepancy here_*

  • Adri Prasetyo
    Adri Prasetyo

    What Will you do if you have 1 Millions dollars? Something else: I probably suck a d-

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  • digital drago
    digital drago

    haha you are a machicast

  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite Gaming

    I knew there was something wrong with your jaw not trying to be rude

  • Elena Coutinho-Taylor
    Elena Coutinho-Taylor

    i went under general and had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, so I had a verrrrry mini version of this. You could have warmed up the tomato soup a little! It just wasn't meant to be conventionally hot.

  • Adriana Smith
    Adriana Smith

    This is one of the first videos I watched of you and your funny af😂 I subscribed and belled now I will binge your videos🥴

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    RYYYN Studio

    Me:Awww Adam::NO NO NO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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    Smeaty_K derpplayz

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    Ashlie Choi

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    Albert Ramirez

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    Joshua Meltzer

    I don't think he realized that he said like that smash button at 12:24

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    classy corgi

    why didnt you have smoothies while your jaw was wired shut?

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    When you make plans on the weekend but your parents stops you 4:02

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    princesspeach 53

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    Julio Zavala

    Did he say”Like that smash button” ? 12:26

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    me: *is supposed to have summer vacation* school: you will stay 3 weeks more me: 4:03

  • Daisy Gonzalez
    Daisy Gonzalez

    I watched this video a few days ago and I have been thinking about the “hey what’s that?” Part and keep re watching it sksnsns

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    Paula Black

    y u hate tomato soup😡

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    ice bear

    me: what would you do for a million dollars? adam: suck a di- me: ok were done.

  • Simone Morrison
    Simone Morrison

    as someone with a fucked jaw (it's uneven like tyler posey) i feel this

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    Wolfy_ Pup

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    William Foss

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    William Foss

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    Tomislav Jakovljevic

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    Mind_ Cřeek

    His voice sounds like the buffest blackest man in the world. I love it.

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    The Roblox Gamer

    I feel bad. because my brother fell in a hole and broke his arm or leg BY A HOLE

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    WootBoot Hoot

    Tbh. You look like blixer from Just Shapes & Beats. .w.

  • Kenzie Rose
    Kenzie Rose

    I had headgear for a year and basically could on move my mouth up and down. I now have such bad lock jaw that most of the time I can't eat or open my mouth wide at all. Seriously it's been locked for like a week straight. It sucks. It's painful. It makes me insecure about my mouth overall.

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    Yaasss blowing bubbles is definitely something I do regularly!🤣♥️

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    Same me too

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    Unikzu Spotiz

    My baby sister eats more than me ._. Also my nose is always stuffed and I would suffocate ._.

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    jazz m

    i went on a 3 month liquid diet. *am i a joke to you?* one time my mouth watered from looking at a vEGEMITE SANDWICH

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    person guy person

    i like having a minor case of cystic fibrosis

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    Old forgoten meme


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    Dragon ball productions

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    Project Dreamer

    12:23 Adam: Anyways, don’t forget to uh.. like that smash button, and uh.. ahem stay hydrated. Me: Adam’s going places. Like if your staying hydrated! XD

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    Hunnybunchesof Gachavideos

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    two months ago i had ependix removal and now my stomach and physical activities are much easier than before

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