emma chamberlain
so who's coming to my baby shower ...?
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-emma chamberlain


    omg actully thought you were prego girl

  • El Señor Xan
    El Señor Xan

    The belly looks more real than a lot of tv shows or movies I must say

  • Gemma Diaz
    Gemma Diaz

    9:07 IM DYING😂

  • Gemma Diaz
    Gemma Diaz

    2:20 me after any meal

  • Jazlyn Trujillo
    Jazlyn Trujillo

    I know this is gonna just make another reason to NOT have a babies but you can’t have coffee when preganent

  • Gratzi Dolan
    Gratzi Dolan

    baby daddy is ethan dolan

  • Hiranya Jayawardana
    Hiranya Jayawardana

    Whos recording?

  • Ana Clara
    Ana Clara

    plot: emma was pregnant of declan

  • Sonny Ricarte
    Sonny Ricarte

    Ethan boy

  • Mia Lauria
    Mia Lauria

    I am not pregnant I am 7 years old

  • Bruce

    I love you too, xxx

  • Abi xx
    Abi xx

    Those diagrams of the driving trips sent me 😂😂😂😭😭❤

  • ASMR Lacey & Reacting to my friends
    ASMR Lacey & Reacting to my friends

    Ok Baby daddy: Grayson Baby gender:boy Baby birthday:22nd April 2023 Emma changes: makeup,perfect voice,perfect nails,perfect baby,healthy baby! Perfect baby, baby daddy perfect,different Emma!!

  • wuhoo life
    wuhoo life

    I'm 26 and I still didn't get baby fever💀

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane

    I need to do this because I’m terrified to be pregnant !

  • Ida Andersen
    Ida Andersen

    Baby daddy: obviously Ethan Gender: all of them Name: Shrek...jk

  • Hannah Campbell
    Hannah Campbell

    Baby Daddy=Ethan Gender=Girl Name=Ellie

  • Sarah Alhazeem
    Sarah Alhazeem

    It's a girl

  • Amanda Smallwood
    Amanda Smallwood

    Omg I luv Emma, she is so real.

  • Desiree Casey
    Desiree Casey

    You can have 8 oz

  • : elle
    : elle

    best video of emma

  • : elle
    : elle

    lol in 2:36 when everyone in philz gasps.

  • Bill Thomson
    Bill Thomson

    Baby daddy is eathan dolan

  • MusicForLife !
    MusicForLife !

    Baby girl and Ethan

  • latifa Alshamsi
    latifa Alshamsi

    To everyone who wants to know if it’s real or fake to not waste their time (it’s not real) it’s just a joke vid ( no hate to Emma )

  • B Bonnici
    B Bonnici

    It would be a baby boy

  • Maiconrad

    Emma adopted me :))

  • Lucero Rullan
    Lucero Rullan

    It’s a girl

  • Hailie Hosang
    Hailie Hosang

    One of the Dolan twins lol or James Charles

  • Alannah Sinclair
    Alannah Sinclair


  • Kody King
    Kody King

    This gives me flashbacks to the time where I held my mum's mate's 2 month old around the mall and literally everyone who walked passed gave me judging looks, like one lady full on shook her head at me. Teen mums got it bad.

  • Vanessa Uziel
    Vanessa Uziel

    when you got the basket at target and the baby scream i literally smelt how it smells like

  • Hxney Unicorn
    Hxney Unicorn

    Oo you said the f word. Children leave.

  • Nicole’s Morejon
    Nicole’s Morejon

    I love how she put question marks

  • Anika videos
    Anika videos

    Emma:comment below how the dad is Me: Ethan Dolan

    • london Warren
      london Warren

      Cough cough Ethan dolan

  • Makieda Ruby
    Makieda Ruby

    U literally look like my teacher that’s pregnant but u look like the younger version so in conclusion I have a hot teacher

  • The Boy Max
    The Boy Max

    I think it's a bisexual

  • Salome Verdiof
    Salome Verdiof

    Baby daddy? Ethan Baby Gender? Girl Baby name? Elena Me: the fucking Cupid 💘

  • vivi Säll
    vivi Säll

    You know when people write edit: Is that something you can actually do or do people just write that Edit: you can actually do that

  • Fernanda Landeros
    Fernanda Landeros

    Pls do a prego soul cycle

  • Charlotte Rosinski
    Charlotte Rosinski

    The dad is Steve Harvey

  • Sydney Hamilton
    Sydney Hamilton

    Father ethan😂😂😂

  • Samantha Rodriguez
    Samantha Rodriguez


  • Trinity Schiel
    Trinity Schiel

    Teens will judge the fuck out of me😂😂😂😂😂

  • honey Spa
    honey Spa

    The baby daddy would be James😂🤣😂😂

  • GTD Boltz
    GTD Boltz

    It’s a boy

  • It's your girl Sandia
    It's your girl Sandia

    Ethan and it is a girl and her name is Rosie

  • Ruth A
    Ruth A

    We all know damn well that Emma started the give Philz coffee free advertisement trend. I never saw one youtube drinking Philz and now i see all of them drinking it.

  • Erin Dibley
    Erin Dibley

    No one: *emma when she jumps* *the baby* 👇🏻☝🏻👇🏻☝🏻

  • Hampton Reynolds
    Hampton Reynolds

    Why is every one liking my comment

  • Danielle Wilson
    Danielle Wilson

    I’m currently 3 months pregnant at 18 , it is uncomfortable but exciting

  • Natalie Hayes
    Natalie Hayes

    Emma:obviously I'm not pregnant I'm 7. Me:sees she is driving.... wait didn't she say she was 7

  • Jacqueline Contreras
    Jacqueline Contreras

    Baby daddy: ETHAN DOLAN gender well you are having twins so a girl and a boy

  • Nuriye Ay
    Nuriye Ay

    9:07 Emma: oh shit!😱 Me: you killed the baby😨😪

  • Bella DeLeon
    Bella DeLeon

    Dad: Ethan Gender: Twin Boys Names: Ethan and Grayson Jr Nine months later Pregnant Dad Ethan Gender: Twin Girls Emma Jr And elle One year later Pregnant Dad: Grayson Gender Girl Name: Erika

  • Korbyn Whitworth
    Korbyn Whitworth

    I feel like once Emma does get like a husband and a baby..she’s gonna stop vlogging

  • Khloe Wright
    Khloe Wright

    The baby daddy is the guy that you see everyday at the coffee place and it's a boiiii💙👣

  • Taytum Taylor
    Taytum Taylor

    Target employee says you can record in Target Emma doesn't

  • Destiny Hernandez
    Destiny Hernandez

    "Im not pregnant in seven years old" lol

  • genna gallaway
    genna gallaway

    Hmm. Don't rlly know how to function after this. Love you Emma xD

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace

    Twist... The baby Daddy is James 🤣😭 gender: Boy , Name:Charles

  • Linda Rose
    Linda Rose

    I litteraly never see pregnant people

  • Carey Rose
    Carey Rose

    How will Emma survive when she’s ACTUALLY pregnant and she can’t drink caffeine???

  • Maddie

    Emma Dolan has a nice ring lol

  • Mariali

    who else used to not like emma and now they fucking love her

  • Haileys_ Vlogs
    Haileys_ Vlogs

    You can drink coffee when pregón. But just a little

  • Bear Houillion
    Bear Houillion

    The daddy: Ethan Dolan!😂❤️ The gender: Gurl

  • Ava Casali
    Ava Casali

    so i almost had a heart attack :)

  • Emily Feldmann
    Emily Feldmann

    Emma: pregnancy bran is getting me a little spacy, oh shoot what am I getting …………………………… Me: LOL U KILL ME GIRL

  • Louie Everett
    Louie Everett

    She won’t or can’t get pregnant until her coffee addiction stops lmao

    • Louie Everett
      Louie Everett

      Update: 2 seconds after I commented this emma said you can’t drink caffeine when your pregnant