I'm Very Worried About This Movie (Swiped w/ Noah Centineo)
Danny Gonzalez
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Swiped with Noah Centineo is an instant classic to be sure
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  • Ven s
    Ven s

    *Mother* can't be on the app because we all know that nothing in this world is real except for *mother* and that is one of the five truths in life.

  • Jaxon Hewitt
    Jaxon Hewitt

    Go to aka plazma for real fortnight game play

  • bee goro
    bee goro

    wait is that kalani from dance moms

  • Crazur

    Danny and micheal reeves are the only you tubers whos sponsored parts are fun to wathc

  • dum dum
    dum dum


  • sher Ly
    sher Ly

    I rate this movie a pile shit of pig

  • soggy ketchup
    soggy ketchup

    I just realized that the dad is also hot Santa from that weird Christmas movie that kurtis talked about(I can't remember the name)...so um yeah

  • Carmen Rogers
    Carmen Rogers

    u can't tell me that outro wasn't straight FIIIIIIRE though

  • Mel Fenz
    Mel Fenz

    0:07 a WHAT?! I thought you were 17 or something like that WTF I've never been so confused

  • Abheek Dhara
    Abheek Dhara

    I lost yes braincells watching this

  • Lexi Lulu21
    Lexi Lulu21

    Danny there’s some pretty big names Me omg the biggest name Kalani hiliker

  • Chicken is a duck Yes
    Chicken is a duck Yes

    Plot twist : the girls are guys and the guys are girls

  • Aoife Clancy
    Aoife Clancy

    3:00 is that Kehlani? From Dance Moms?

  • julia

    This reminds me of a Walmart low budget version of the social network

  • Just a Random astromech
    Just a Random astromech

    He wore a yellow shirt that day

  • •Åyånø CHAN•
    •Åyånø CHAN•

    👏 Just imagine loosing your virginity to a guy who does remember you 👏

  • Jordan Tilton
    Jordan Tilton


  • Jewel Patterson
    Jewel Patterson

    I would just like to point out that James’ sister is Kalani Hilliker from dance moms

  • Mersades Miller
    Mersades Miller

    "Mating apps"

  • Shyføøx Does things
    Shyføøx Does things


  • Shyføøx Does things
    Shyføøx Does things

    Movie:how much should we ruin the teenagers lives The movie director:fuck it where doing all the way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Me:playing all the way (the music I recommend listening to it)

  • Mariah Paris
    Mariah Paris

    Me watching this video after the mom from good luck Charlie says not to wear a mask and is a Karen: ➖👄➖

  • Mitzi Potter
    Mitzi Potter

    woah! you and Danny made the same video, but I like you're better drew😀

  • tiara Jaxkson
    tiara Jaxkson

    This is the first video I ever watched of you super nostalgic

  • Julie

    That SUPER relatable moment when you bring a book to every party you go to because liking to read is your whole personality. lol

  • Unreliable Gachatuber
    Unreliable Gachatuber

    swiper no swiping

  • khris twomey
    khris twomey

    Why did I think Daniel was fred hi I’m fred

  • Autumn Rayne
    Autumn Rayne

    You should review the first episode insatiable on Netflix

  • Mylah Ukadike
    Mylah Ukadike

    You so cute❤❤❤

  • Mae Garrett
    Mae Garrett

    wait your 25? you look a lot younger i'm new to this channel!

  • Lemon _drop
    Lemon _drop

    Wasn’t Noah’s bed on the right? He was asleep with the girl on the left bed . Man, Noah didn’t leave James side of the room untouched

  • 50K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
    50K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

    *swiper no swiping*

  • Miranda Joy
    Miranda Joy

    did anyone else notice that noah's character was sleeping/having sex in his roommate 's bed??

  • Little Spook
    Little Spook

    Why did I get serious Disney vibes from this ;-;

  • FBI Content Police.
    FBI Content Police.

    Senior quote: sapnu pueS

  • mukuro's wet towel
    mukuro's wet towel

    we srsly love movies in the 21st century wherein women are objectified as only for sex and wherein we are supposed to give men those sAtiSfActOry neEdS

  • the lost gamer wolf
    the lost gamer wolf

    I thought you were 16 years old you do not look like you're 25

  • Orson Jarrett
    Orson Jarrett

    I live in St. Louis but I’m a year late to the tour.

    • SummerSkies SummerSkies
      SummerSkies SummerSkies

      Umm. Have u heard of Corona?

  • F L A S H Y G A R B A G E
    F L A S H Y G A R B A G E

    Just realized James has a thicc ass necc

  • Brooke Smith
    Brooke Smith

    I mean come on Kehlani your better than this. Even dance moms was better than this shit, glad that she’s getting into acting tho.

  • soviet doge
    soviet doge

    me sad my city no up there

  • Shayde Night
    Shayde Night


  • Alejandro Cervera
    Alejandro Cervera

    Coding in HTML 😅😂🤣

  • Phantom

    Danny looks like a 19 year old, is it just me?

  • Arthur Camarillo
    Arthur Camarillo

    This movie is a rip off of Mark Zuckerberg's story

  • Cool Lol
    Cool Lol

    I’m James.

  • Cambria Klein
    Cambria Klein

    YoU + aPp = GoOd That sounds like something Lance would say Also I just now realized Kalani was in this... dang

  • Vicktoria Veela
    Vicktoria Veela

    "Commitment" (turns into a mosh pit at a Slipknot concert)

    • Snake With A Pen
      Snake With A Pen

      When I hear the C word, I too go Absolutely feral.

  • eagle2ch

    wait was that the end??????

  • Anoushka B
    Anoushka B

    Unpopular opinion-- Noah is not even attractive 🙄

  • muhammed raafat
    muhammed raafat

    Danny's idea of a new language is a southern accent, love it

  • Kennedy Lov
    Kennedy Lov

    as a college student I personally cant tell you how many times iv'e been walking around and random bimbos have fallen out on to the street

  • miso soup
    miso soup

    did anyone notice that the guy literally said "ladies and gentlemen" even though there were only guys?...

  • Itschiily

    Was this movie made by high schoolers in 2007?

  • Izzy Izzo
    Izzy Izzo

    Danny: “I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed” Me: *starts singing all star*

  • Cia Stubbington
    Cia Stubbington

    Why does the main character of this movie look so much like Scott the Woz?

  • Taya Tinsley
    Taya Tinsley

    This is the most sexist film I think I've ever not seen, but I really think this review is enough for me to fully soak in the bad acting, terrible script, all wrapped up in the stinking sock of sexism and overall misogyny🤮

  • Faith and Jesse Gaming & More
    Faith and Jesse Gaming & More

    14:20 ShE wAs LokiNG kinD oF DuMb

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    How are you in your 20’s? You look 16

    • Oliver Augusta
      Oliver Augusta

      Hey Jesus I’m so glad you’re here can you remove god forsaken movie from this earth

  • sofia uwu
    sofia uwu

    noah centimeter

  • esmond singley
    esmond singley

    So, it's a prostitute hotline, but it's an app. Huh.

  • chaerily

    this is why adults should be banned from making anything about teenagers

  • Just some suicidal kid with internet access
    Just some suicidal kid with internet access

    I don't why the dude in the glasses reminded me so much of a young Jeffrey Dahmer.

  • Shwagee Boiii
    Shwagee Boiii

    Why was the New York tour at 9/11

  • I’m running out of ideas
    I’m running out of ideas

    Every single comment I see has over 1000 likes

  • Hellamoon12 Ycm
    Hellamoon12 Ycm

    It’s not a bad movie

    • 1 month ago
      1 month ago

      Hellamoon12 Ycm it’s not bad, it’s horrible

  • Claire O'Connor
    Claire O'Connor

    Grindr for straight people: the movie

  • Raul Ambriz
    Raul Ambriz

    Sub for a sub comment done ✅ when done

  • goodvibes_

    Is James’ grandpa Santa from Too Cool for Christmas?

  • Olivia Schmidt
    Olivia Schmidt

    this movie is an add for Jungle