I'm Very Worried About This Movie (Swiped w/ Noah Centineo)
Danny Gonzalez
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Swiped with Noah Centineo is an instant classic to be sure
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  • Erica White
    Erica White

    Hey, I'm a greg now. Excitement.

  • Caitl the hippie
    Caitl the hippie

    I would go to see you on tour, but you don’t have any in Alaska!

  • arianna sholler
    arianna sholler

    he’s coming to COVINGTON ? what no one comes here it’s like a ghost town til you hit cincy

  • Juan Pablo Robayo
    Juan Pablo Robayo

    I just moved back to college and the lack of things he's bringing with him for his freshman year makes me itch

  • Courtney Walsh
    Courtney Walsh

    Your such an idiot

  • Aimee Stevenson
    Aimee Stevenson

    Haters going to hate

  • Melanie Orduna
    Melanie Orduna

    Danny get a grip!!!!

  • Loretta Gale
    Loretta Gale

    This review is so one sided

  • Rebecca Carlisle
    Rebecca Carlisle

    It was a good movie!!!! Chill out everybody

  • Helen Vaughn
    Helen Vaughn

    I think SWIPED is cool.

  • Jewell Flaherty
    Jewell Flaherty

    You guys are overreacting.. it's not bad at all

  • Ida Carls
    Ida Carls

    What's wrong with you dude??

  • Zuzanna Kusz
    Zuzanna Kusz

    Am I the only one who got the Barnie Stinson vibe from the character played by Noah?

  • Motasem Allaf
    Motasem Allaf

    He’s.......25? He looks like he’s 17

  • Lola Smith
    Lola Smith

    Please watch backstage on Netflix

  • Anonymous Lol
    Anonymous Lol

    I’m currently developing an app and I can tell you that app development takes a LOT longer than a week...

  • Anna Coffey
    Anna Coffey

    Why’d he cut part of the video?

  • SpaceUnicorn2007


  • vinvnonsh

    i like your shirt

  • Amanda Vidal Sanchez
    Amanda Vidal Sanchez

    omg the guy from dolphin tale is in this, i’m disappointed in him:(


    You’re 25 ?!!? I thought you were like 17

  • Hayden Kihl
    Hayden Kihl

    i have that shirt

  • The Bash
    The Bash

    Did Netflix give them like $20 to make this movie wtf

  • Steve HAIRrington
    Steve HAIRrington

    13:59 Okay but isn’t he that kid from Dolphin Tale? Like I used to think he was cute😬🤧

  • Brooke Bernat
    Brooke Bernat

    The mom from good luck Charlie, Noah centenio? Who cares we got Kalani Hilliker from freaking dance moms.

  • Brooke Bernat
    Brooke Bernat

    25???? My dude be lookin 17

  • Leryco

    omg my dad cannot know that im sleeping with this woman... the second he turns around: *BIMBO FLYING SOMEBODY TAKE HER*

  • Cancerous Giraffe
    Cancerous Giraffe

    A couple weeks ago I got an ad for ur channel and I died it was the spanking btw im 10

  • Brennan Kretzinger
    Brennan Kretzinger

    Check out Paul (or JustAmeerah/MoreAmeerah)

  • Cherrycakegacha 123
    Cherrycakegacha 123

    Wait... is the main characters(I forgot his name)sister kalani from dance moms? Yes? No? Anyone?

  • Tiara Sosa
    Tiara Sosa

    Simon Lang? More like Simon LAME. Is what I thought the sister would say.

  • Lindsey Stanton
    Lindsey Stanton

    Take a chill pill.. it was well done

    • Ian L.H
      Ian L.H

      it's a comedy video mate. also the movie's real bad

  • Poppy Andrews
    Poppy Andrews


  • Holly Davidson
    Holly Davidson

    It was more so a a tender-hearted comedy about the importance of face-to-face connections

  • Emma Griffiths
    Emma Griffiths

    No joke I seen this movie and I thought it wasn't as bad as you said it was

  • Katy Salter
    Katy Salter

    I don't agree with you here

  • Vera Benton
    Vera Benton


  • Sariyah Maxwell
    Sariyah Maxwell

    Noah Centineo did great in this movie

  • Addisyn Hull
    Addisyn Hull


  • Jessica Stevens
    Jessica Stevens

    Why all the hate??? It was seriously well done

  • Hannah Powell
    Hannah Powell

    I loved the film

  • KindAceman

    Did you say man?

  • Erica Lin
    Erica Lin

    Was that the whole.movie?

  • CharlieBjelland !
    CharlieBjelland !

    Written and directed by beta male 2 and soyboy.

    • Ian L.H
      Ian L.H

      very cool and funny insults from 2 years ago

  • Infinitywae

    Their going to New York on 9 11

  • The Krabster
    The Krabster

    I is Greg now.

  • Seal Boi
    Seal Boi

    Tyrone! Amy! Alex! Wait am I supposed to yell my name?

  • AubryR5

    Honestly love you more after you mentioned jpj from the bachelorette 😂😂

  • Avery Alexy
    Avery Alexy

    John Paul Jones being mentioned is my favorite part of this entire video

  • The 4 Cheese Peanuts Behind the scenes
    The 4 Cheese Peanuts Behind the scenes

    This is the best drew Gooden video

  • carmela carmichael
    carmela carmichael

    loving the john paul jones reference

  • It’s just Shane
    It’s just Shane

    Okay what if a perverted 50 year old wants to meet you he doesn’t have to give you his name, age or anything or what if a girl gets pregnant and she can’t reach back to the person

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen

    The terms and conditions are the same thing the hot milfs in my area website says to me😂😂

  • Kennedy Brabham
    Kennedy Brabham

    *oMg it’s the mom from good luck Charlie*

  • Juliet Kendall
    Juliet Kendall

    Ah Noah centineo king of bad Netflix teen comedies

  • Sofia Escobar
    Sofia Escobar

    KALANI!!! ok bye

  • Abigail Donovan
    Abigail Donovan


  • Aurora

    Kalani Hilliker is in this movie?? Dance Moms 👌

  • Wassup Diogo
    Wassup Diogo

    On sep.11 he going to nyc ...

  • Mason Malsegna
    Mason Malsegna

    You stole from Drew who stole from Danny!

  • Raevin

    Kid: I’m gonna say the c-word, I know we don’t like to hear it- Me: wait what? Kid: *commitment* Me: oh-

  • Wolf Lover
    Wolf Lover

    I know its a series but can u please review the bachelorette!!!

  • katie sabo
    katie sabo

    turn on captions, you won't regret it

  • Nadia Dehlila
    Nadia Dehlila

    I know this sounds rude asf, but any movie I’ve seen with Noah Centineo has wayyy too many confusing plots that never go anywhere, some weird technology aspect, and cringy ass pickup lines.

  • Taryn Michelle
    Taryn Michelle

    It almost looks like they made this movie bad on purpose, which makes me sad because if this hate watching trend extends into movies, then the low budget ones which actually took artistry and talent will be looked over

  • NotANagger

    I actually like noah centinao, nobody takes him srsly since people think hes dick since hes handsome and knows it

  • Amy Veinotte
    Amy Veinotte

    Okay no joke... I saw this movie and was like, who was on crack when they directed this....

  • Price Rowland
    Price Rowland

    Danny I really didn't like when you attacked James for underpacking because you know *maybe some of us might have forgotten to bring a single pillow with them when they moved in one time*

  • Jojo siwas Hair line
    Jojo siwas Hair line

    The secrete advertisement for swiped TR-my put at the top of my recommended is making me feel uncomfortable what’s worse is its 4 dollars

  • Faith Walker
    Faith Walker

    the sister is literally from dance mom's wack