Tj Hunt
I told myself I wouldn't do it... but here we are. Huge thanks to Magnaflow for the first ever exhaust for the 2020 Supra!
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  • Jeremy Cooke
    Jeremy Cooke

    So you can have the sport mode side fully straight piped, and then the "quiet" mode with a muffler? Man exhaust cutouts are cool

  • Jonathan Harnois
    Jonathan Harnois

    17:11 Veloster

  • Jomar Roman
    Jomar Roman

    Co sign huh killing me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💪💪💪🔨🔧🏭🎲🎯💣😮💥😯🔥😮😯😍

  • Zapdos

    Who is the cringey as fuck asian that keeps trying to get in the video? Like some weird cringey hype man but he keeps getting edited out or ignored 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lilmiddwest

    Magnaflow have one the best sound and they have exhaust systems for Asian imports.

  • Jay Are
    Jay Are

    Everything sounds louder indoors and surrounded by industrial shops lol

  • S325i BMW
    S325i BMW

    Swap the B58 for the S58

  • ethan christe
    ethan christe

    Definitely respect the car a lot more now

  • Things2Remember

    It don't matter what car it is, straight piping is just going to get yourself hated for having a really loud annoying car.

  • Henry Alvarado
    Henry Alvarado

    Adam be like”we put muffler on for the courtesy of the neighbors” . Tj be like “fuck it”.

  • freeyourmindtc

    Who gives a fuck, I like quiet cars.

  • Jack Simms
    Jack Simms

    The Stradman’s Supra is louder:)

  • Westernlaw 1
    Westernlaw 1

    Bru have you met black widow supra

  • mohsin_mk

    Dislike for the horny moaning @ engine start

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo

    that is too loud, probably illegal, sounds like 800hp but is half, so ridiculous, please go visit Papadakis

  • shane lewis
    shane lewis

    Adams is faster 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Supra SLUG
    Supra SLUG

    No aftermarket intake?

  • PiXl Vibes
    PiXl Vibes

    Sounds like my Panamara from the start

  • Mad Zee
    Mad Zee

    Why would you do that? You are unnecessarily fuckin up the environment

  • fahad bin Fuad
    fahad bin Fuad

    Daigo saito already drifting with 1000hp supra in japan

  • alicia steven
    alicia steven

    Now we wait for the manual swap to come

  • george

    "it doesn't get louder than this" Throw an aftermarket header on and find out

    • The Saw
      The Saw

      Inline 6 turbo WiTh HeAdErS.... derrrrrr

  • Speed Demon
    Speed Demon

    Better exhaust for the Supra sounds more like 2jz. tr-my.net/watchvideo/video-ncOIEAC0nCU.html

  • Rexious 0
    Rexious 0

    you're a loser

  • Eric Shutter
    Eric Shutter

    Rizzzerrr ... more sound speed or handling.

  • 999wrld

    Dude your forehead is giving me COD flashbacks, thats a headshot if I’ve ever seen one 😂😂

  • Seamus Spillane
    Seamus Spillane

    Race AdamLZ with it then

  • takumi fujiwara
    takumi fujiwara

    tj is the first ever to ruin a supra

  • Alex Lagunes
    Alex Lagunes

    Mow powa baby

  • stage -speedy985
    stage -speedy985

    Put Nitrous in it

  • Accidy

    What year ???

  • Travis Farley
    Travis Farley

    I cannot wait for my Supra to come in and for this to hit the market....

  • Матвей Дружинин
    Матвей Дружинин

    Sounds like a 2j with big single


    Over All Uselesss

  • Chris

    Shame didn't really get to hear the exhaust properly 🤷‍♂️ More just talking

  • Eli Waldrep
    Eli Waldrep

    Objectively false... mk 4s are much louder and sound 1M times better than a bmw

  • travis casnave
    travis casnave


  • E36Tracker

    By far the best sounding z4 out there ! 👌🏻

  • hendrix herrin
    hendrix herrin

    Tj Iv been watching you for a long time but vids like this are clout chasing

  • Joshua Dunkley
    Joshua Dunkley

    Adam talks over people sometimes but this video was cringy at times with TJ talking over that guy so much, geez... you own the vlog, let the guy that helped you out have some fun too, just sayin

  • Rageroflsocks

    That exhaust makes it pull later in the rpm for sure, the dyno shows and you can kinda tell when he hammers it

  • l Anthony210
    l Anthony210

    Can we hear some outside drive by's💥💥

  • omar mercado
    omar mercado

    not impressed lol.

  • K K
    K K

    See jackie ding for real supra action.

  • HKSupra


  • Roberto Caban
    Roberto Caban

    how much for this exhaust

  • Darren McGrath
    Darren McGrath

    Yeah while putting a bigger turbo and making more power is great but bot everyone is going to want to do that to a brand new car, while a lot more people will want an exhaust and a tune 😁 keep doing what tour doing teej

  • OG - KING VX
    OG - KING VX

    Why you trying to make it loud and be the first in the world , worry at making this MKV faster just like red Supra MKV I just watched , like dude make interesting videos in making the Supra faster

  • Emmanuel Aguilar
    Emmanuel Aguilar

    LMFAOO that asain guy keeps getting cut off

  • Ruslan Klezmer
    Ruslan Klezmer

    I wouldn’t say ur butt dyno feels the extra 15 hp bump but I would say ur butt dyno feels the Supra got more easier to breath,

  • KindaStealthy

    Ah Teej, I see you are a part of the 3 inch pipe club now. Welcome to the family..

  • Nathan Powers
    Nathan Powers

    Can we drop a v 10 in it

  • Nathan Powers
    Nathan Powers

    Okay so we playing with supras now

  • type-dRew

    both sides are a straight pipe, what do you think the exhaust valve is going to do? lmao add a muffler to one side and maybe that would make sense

  • Kj Stewart
    Kj Stewart

    Shit sounded like it was struuuuggling at the top of the RPM range

  • fx dup
    fx dup

    Aren't supras rear wheel drive?????

  • Fasting Media
    Fasting Media

    Since when are magnaflows good on imports????

  • Ally Kerr
    Ally Kerr

    you should call that the Vader because the back of it looks like Darth Vader's helmet

  • Roger Macaranas
    Roger Macaranas

    Like a dragon supra in tokyo japan

  • arifi mohan
    arifi mohan

    Why all story supra ? What the amazing this cars ?

  • Martin Hayward
    Martin Hayward

    It sounds like a car with a broken muffler , well done

  • James Olivas
    James Olivas

    I can’t wait till they can make a single 😍😍

  • Bodie Johnson
    Bodie Johnson

    Thanks tj i was trying to exsplain to my math teacher why i will never use inverse sins ands cosines and you just proved me wrong 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Jared martinez
    Jared martinez

    How to be a fuckboi playlist

  • Keith Rodriguez
    Keith Rodriguez

    Did this fool shut kalvin up @ 1:00?

  • SnowTrails

    I noticed that a different launch edition Supra came with carbon fiber mirror caps. It appears they're available so how come you wanted them but didn't get them? Cost? I think you said something about them not being available for yours but can't recall the video

  • carlos ramos
    carlos ramos

    That Asian guy talk to much he told him he be quiet lol 😂

  • Nat Pabon
    Nat Pabon

    $2000 for 14HP??? Fuck that... 👎👎👎👎😲

  • Aldo Cigolari
    Aldo Cigolari

    Very well done! Any ideas for turbo swoooosh?!

  • luffebassen

    They need to bring back the old design. This new one looks like shit. Nothing cool about it at all.