I POSTERIZED A COP! King Of The Court Basketball!
Tristan Jass
I dunked on a cop so bad that I almost got arrested! Watch now to see me go up against basketball cops in King Of The Court!
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  • Tristan Jass
    Tristan Jass


    • Daniel War
      Daniel War


    • Cool Boys
      Cool Boys


    • marsilia Garakat
      marsilia Garakat

      Tristan Jass More

    • Kim Nickrand
      Kim Nickrand


    • Milwaukeebrewgd

      Bro i hope u respond officer kelly saved my lil brothers life he even gave him an electric car hes the best out in mount pleasant

  • Djordje Jovanic
    Djordje Jovanic

    Respect to the cops!

  • John Zagroba
    John Zagroba

    Imagine cops stopping by you just to say they wanna play basketball

  • Daniel

    The other dude with 8 shots looks like kanye west

  • Charlie Li
    Charlie Li

    Stop saying no way u freaking punk

  • Pape2004

    I know this is a old video but if cops did things like this more often and got to know the public better i think there wouldn't be so much hatred. Props to the cops for playing.

  • David Estabrook
    David Estabrook

    U know they where doing this on the tax payers dime?!

  • Royalty

    -2020 this just shows all cops are not bad

  • Light Prod.
    Light Prod.

    7:48 Thank Me Later!

  • Carl Basco
    Carl Basco

    He should 1v1 trickshotcop These cops are probably a forgotten streetballer legend

  • lil Kenny
    lil Kenny

    They work hard

  • Raniccia Clark
    Raniccia Clark

    This is how many times you heard no way 👇👍

  • blake w
    blake w

    no way

  • xPhantomBear V
    xPhantomBear V

    bruh stop saying no way

  • Dead Variable
    Dead Variable

    Tjass live in SC?

  • Gregory Burkhead
    Gregory Burkhead


  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt

    While all those cops were not doing there job I was robbing the house in the background

  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt

    All of these cops should be fired

  • BMWfan86

    Love the one cop whos playing D and hand checking you can tell hes oldschool.

  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph Rodriguez

    CEO of no way

  • Brandon Planchat
    Brandon Planchat

    With all they equipment on to ballin it's some good cops out here

  • Rais Yengo
    Rais Yengo

    Assault on a police officer

  • Kodoku

    kd is dressed as a cop


    Bro these cops must be hot there in there black police uniforms playing basketball with Tristan Jass

  • DeadlyDavante on IG NFL Memes
    DeadlyDavante on IG NFL Memes

    This is what we need right now.

  • itz_jaevibez ice
    itz_jaevibez ice

    That one cop is like a cash nasty that can shoot

  • thatjuan kid
    thatjuan kid

    Does t jass like his own comments

  • Charlie Shadek
    Charlie Shadek

    how high is the hoop?

  • Jeff Dinkins
    Jeff Dinkins

    Gareld is weird Like if u agree👇🏻

  • black winter
    black winter

    How to get arrested 101

  • SynxzPlayz

    Can you Please just tell me how can you inviting a cop to play basketball with you?

  • Bruno Chavez
    Bruno Chavez

    Yo the guy in aqua color shirt has the weirdest position when he tries to take the ball 😂😂😂

  • kiotti watts
    kiotti watts

    If one of y'all say no way again 🙄😂

  • Arturo Barthelemy
    Arturo Barthelemy

    F in the chat for that police officer ( 7:50 )

  • Gabrianna Kringle
    Gabrianna Kringle

    tjass said no way every 2 seconds

  • Gabrianna Kringle
    Gabrianna Kringle

    bro one of the officers looks like kevin durant

  • Jamie Neel
    Jamie Neel

    Click bait

  • Jaylen Chavis
    Jaylen Chavis

    Me plz🙏🙏🙏

  • Akalipo Nseula
    Akalipo Nseula

    Like for how many times tjass said no way

  • Nate Polman
    Nate Polman

    No one: T jass every single time someone shot: no way


    Wow this dope smfh all the cops in neighborhood ever do is harrass us .. arrest us and kill us

  • Yosias


  • Kim Nickrand
    Kim Nickrand

    Copes are so nice 👍🏻 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀⛹🏻‍♀️⛹🏼🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • nemoszn

    9:59 he dead ass tried it 😂😂😂😭😭😂

  • nemoszn

    7:33cleanest move I’ve seen yet

  • Faid_Clan1

    They have all that gear on its really not fair

  • Judy Farhat
    Judy Farhat

    how many times did Tjass say no way

  • Chase Hamilton
    Chase Hamilton

    Like how much times he said no way

  • Ameen Hamdalla
    Ameen Hamdalla

    Tjass: I posterized a cop! Me: But you also got posterized by a cop

  • Elijah Santoli
    Elijah Santoli

    literally after every shot i hear ¨no way¨ lmfao

  • Juhaid Ali
    Juhaid Ali

    How many tjass said *No Way*

  • FRANCOmmander

    I saw this on facebook

  • Heyimgian

    Shout out tjass Jelly Fam🍇🍇

  • samuel garcia
    samuel garcia

    The cop that made the first goal looks like kanye west

  • ketchup_yo_rice

    No way man

  • Liam SPARKES
    Liam SPARKES

    bro like if these cops are goated

  • three bots
    three bots

    No way count:18

  • off-br4nd d8lt0n
    off-br4nd d8lt0n

    Can somebody please tell me how many times he says “no way”

    • off-br4nd d8lt0n
      off-br4nd d8lt0n

      Nolan Lindley you are a legend😂

    • Nolan Lindley
      Nolan Lindley

      dalton cochran I went back n counted 17

  • Lucian Rich
    Lucian Rich

    No way

  • Khaled Elmasri
    Khaled Elmasri

    Stop faking your videos

  • Imaad Hashmi
    Imaad Hashmi

    How much times he said no way👇

  • Juniorr39 is my Fortnite Flores
    Juniorr39 is my Fortnite Flores

    Who is watching in 2020 the worst year cuz of the coronavirus

  • prod. steezey
    prod. steezey

    Wth is Kanye west dressing like a policeman and playing basketball

  • K Roo
    K Roo

    Man r my glad u mad the first missed layup on the first cop because the second poster dunk over the white cop never would have happened. Good stuff my dude. 👍

  • El Cuhh
    El Cuhh

    #13:37 he ballin

  • Auzzie 14
    Auzzie 14

    Police got hops

  • ShawnAintCxmp

    i like how man said real police officers than why the first one to play look like Kanye west?

  • Roland Estel Aranzanso
    Roland Estel Aranzanso

    Who said white guys can't jump? T Jass be hoopin'

  • train diesel
    train diesel

    you know if you got your hands up cops can't shoot? but hand down man down

  • The Real SSB?
    The Real SSB?

    I have those adidas shorts on now