I Put CAMERAS In My Boyfriend's House.. I Caught Him Doing THIS! (Roblox Bloxburg)
Cari - Roblox
I Put CAMERAS In My Boyfriend's House.. I Caught Him Doing THIS! (Roblox Bloxburg)
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  • Celz Maglinte
    Celz Maglinte

    Dylan is weird.hahhh

  • Karla Gómez
    Karla Gómez

    that is savage

  • kate martinez
    kate martinez

    I love your vids

  • P a m i f o r n i a
    P a m i f o r n i a

    Dylan:*walks* Cari:OMG DYLAN IS BEING SO WEIRD!

  • Hawa Hashi
    Hawa Hashi

    me: wake up eat break do homework play blockcity wars

  • KIana Frasier
    KIana Frasier

    I love you

  • MB&G

    rip dylans bank

  • kat jefferson
    kat jefferson

    OMG i have watched loads of your vids and he is so eiard

  • Amaya McMillian
    Amaya McMillian

    You have a problem I love orange juice specially sunnyD

  • Lucreatia Alston
    Lucreatia Alston

    You are so funny

  • GiGi Tube
    GiGi Tube

    Is orange juice gross??? (I like ur channel!)

  • JustKayla44 gy
    JustKayla44 gy

    U should've got on ur account too. Then donated all his money to yourself 😂

  • ngozi osajie
    ngozi osajie

    I was drinking juice and spilled it because how funny it was XD

  • ngozi osajie
    ngozi osajie

    Lol XD

  • ngozi osajie
    ngozi osajie


  • Mark and Emma G
    Mark and Emma G

    When do you film and DYLAN IS SO WIERD!!!

  • NxcoleGamxR

    How is drinking orange juice weird...?

  • Jahmil Gray
    Jahmil Gray

    Dylan:*DRINKS ORANGE JUICE* Cari:wait,wait what is he doing...OMG IS THE ORANGE JUICE?! OMG GUYS THAT SO GROSS!!!!! Me: ; - ; orange juice is not gross I think its really good

  • Edie Barclay
    Edie Barclay

    I just came from the e-girl and e-boy video lol and she is still wearing that stuff

  • Pedanna Palla
    Pedanna Palla

    Fix that bug

  • Sarah Palmer
    Sarah Palmer

    Cari: Imma park my car a little bit far away so that he doesn’t notice anything. *Literally parks 10 ft away from his house*

  • Sarah Palmer
    Sarah Palmer

    Cari: Ok guys so I placed the cameras and I have to be a bit quieter because Dylan actually woke up- Also her: shouts as loud as possibly can* Me: ....

  • Aiden the io
    Aiden the io


  • Big Chunky
    Big Chunky

    Dylan: Jumping on the bed yea dance party farting

  • Cauchy Mateo
    Cauchy Mateo

    Cari: IS THAT ORANGE JUICE!?! Me: lol😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tron

    i like orange juice

  • Amelia Tryba
    Amelia Tryba

    Cari: Who even really looks at the ceiling of their garage. Me: .-.

  • Lori Marshall
    Lori Marshall

    I play Roblox to but I dont have robux

  • Ava rose Show! purks
    Ava rose Show! purks

    Wow why is HE acting weard

  • It's isabella :3
    It's isabella :3

    Dylan: Jumping and dancing on his bed. Cari: SEE I TOLD YOU HE IS SO WEIRD

  • It's isabella :3
    It's isabella :3

    Dylan reads a book; Cari; OMG HE IS SO WEIRDD

  • Jack o'hara
    Jack o'hara


  • Kirsty Emmett
    Kirsty Emmett

    Any ways, love u Cariiiii

  • Kirsty Emmett
    Kirsty Emmett

    When he did that to Ashely he said "wait why is she brushing her teeth at the kitchen sink" and he did it and he said "what if she dances randomly" and he did that

  • vrzii x
    vrzii x

    you two are so funny 😂

  • Kintoria Wilson
    Kintoria Wilson

    Why does TR-myrs yell when they’re doing their vid

  • wolf andy
    wolf andy

    Who else yelled out Harley Quinn

  • Loreto Soriano
    Loreto Soriano

    ya Dylan is weider

  • Scar Ponsford
    Scar Ponsford

    Wtf who new Dylan was sooo weird 😕😕🤔🤔😑😑 like he's a good youtuber but when of cam he weiredooooo

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown

    You cant even spell right

  • Jordan Brown
    Jordan Brown

    You say oh my gosh to much ur rlly annoying no hate

  • goldie mclennan
    goldie mclennan

    I am such a big fan

  • Elite Gaming
    Elite Gaming

    Can I play with u

  • Elyse Fong
    Elyse Fong

    Your a e-girl

  • Mattie Duvall
    Mattie Duvall

    Oo she would do that because ever time you say what your boyfriend doing but he say nothing be he is doing something but when every time you start texting someone your boyfriend going to say what you doing and you say nothing then they going to want to put cameras in they girl house

  • Mama Studio
    Mama Studio

    Lololol The reaction of Dylan was like What the... / HOW DID YOU KNOW? / WAIT.. HIW!? I'm like: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Pedro Morales
    Pedro Morales

    that si funny he bid

  • Paisley Kayte
    Paisley Kayte

    I Can’t Believe Dylan’s That Weird???

  • Grace Pickett
    Grace Pickett

    Cari:oh my god he is reading Dylan is so weird you guys Me: SO WHAT

  • Guy Am-I
    Guy Am-I

    “Is that orange juice?that’s gross” Me”wait!orange juice isn’t gross”

    • Guy Am-I
      Guy Am-I


    • Sarah Palmer
      Sarah Palmer

      It cuz he brushed his teeth before he drank it

  • Shelle Alvarez
    Shelle Alvarez

    Hi love our vids

  • blxssom

    why do u yell

  • Paige Crosby
    Paige Crosby


  • Bri playz
    Bri playz


  • Bri playz
    Bri playz

    I dont think she can hear herself because she was literally SCREAMING HER HEAD OFF

  • Mila Sartika
    Mila Sartika

    Cari is weirde

  • Mila Sartika
    Mila Sartika

    What is on cari face ewww

  • RayRay _Gacha
    RayRay _Gacha

    Tbh,u could’ve roommated u on his computer

  • MxddieMunches

    Lol. The people chatting in the server.

  • anthony jose
    anthony jose


  • MutePlays_. YT
    MutePlays_. YT

    Have you not thought this through? You are wierd for SPYING ON Hyper!! People these days...

  • Jack Sharma
    Jack Sharma

    Fun fact- I never saw ur your channel ;-; and I have 0 money in Bloxburg user Jordan_REEEEEE

  • Londyn Govan
    Londyn Govan

    By any chance can you build my house please.bxby_bethany

  • Heartu_Gaming

    Bruh I think I your boyfriend can hear you because of how loud your yelling..

  • Amy Bold
    Amy Bold

    Dude this is set up..

  • Kampbell Dybvig
    Kampbell Dybvig

    Cari: You could break the bed. Me: Girl you are in bloxburg you can’t break the bed.

  • iamcatsome

    U should use small camera it more better

  • Kristen Borjal
    Kristen Borjal

    I dont't like you ..........

  • Some Observer
    Some Observer

    He does what he want it really not a big deal and its not wierd

  • Some Observer
    Some Observer

    Its okay to drink orange juice