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Moriah Elizabeth
Hey Guys! Here's a new "episode" of this new series. Previously, I was calling it squishy bakeovers......but since this video doesn't technically have baking in it, I decided to give it a different name. IDK. I'm always struggling what to call these haha.
ANYWAY. It's another fun(?) kind of "bake with me" type of videos. Where I have no clue what I'm doing and we just laugh at my cluelessness together. I am not the best at baking, but I try and have fun. Try not to get triggered.
This time I made (not sure if it's baking if you don' use an oven lol) my dessert taco squishy.
If you guys like this i will do more of course. Let me know specifically which squishy from my makeover series you would like to see me re-create next. if there's a popular request, I'll do it.
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Intro Music by: SHIFTYPOP
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  • SavageSloth 08
    SavageSloth 08

    I love the way sprinkles look I also have an addiction of how they look but I hate the way they taste #LOL😂

  • Flare Lps
    Flare Lps

    Omg your shirt 😂😂😂💕

  • umeareesh

    Moriah Elizabeth can you do more to Pls!!!!! IM A HUGE FAN OF SQUISHES TOO!!!

  • Maya Flaherty
    Maya Flaherty

    HOW DO YOU DRAAAW SOO GOOD!!!! By they way your art work is really brilliant !! ( insert sprinkle emoji because There is not one trust me I look for a LOOONG time 😂)

  • Emily Lazowski
    Emily Lazowski

    Use a WATER bottle

  • Emily Lazowski
    Emily Lazowski

    The mago on your shirt looks like the mango in your squishy makeover

  • kawaii pancakes
    kawaii pancakes

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  • Ana Tasco
    Ana Tasco

    Does a beep scarred you

  • Ana Tasco
    Ana Tasco

    When you were hitting the bowl I started playing the video but hitting my bed and then i saw you hitting the bowl I think it was a bowl

  • nadia warda
    nadia warda

    Mariah is the best TR-myr ever♡♡♡♡♡ ☆☆☆

  • Taylor The green gamer/animator
    Taylor The green gamer/animator

    I’m now having tocos for dinner

  • Tsukiko Pulizzi
    Tsukiko Pulizzi

    Hot cocoa bear

  • Taylor The green gamer/animator
    Taylor The green gamer/animator

    This made me want to go and bye a desert taco

  • SS Sweetie
    SS Sweetie

    4:08-4:09 That look you give your crush 😂😂

  • Mary Ann Osborne
    Mary Ann Osborne

    Do your metallic ice cream cone

  • Riley Bartling
    Riley Bartling

    You should make the rainbow cake squishy next PLEEASE

  • Artistwolf Steph
    Artistwolf Steph

    At 7:00 I couldn't stop laughing...........sorry I have to keep replaying it lol....

  • xX_Gacha_Amelia_BTS_Xx

    Rainbow ice cream next? Or yummy bear?

  • Total Domination
    Total Domination

    Is it just me or does anyone else want to try it?

  • Total Domination
    Total Domination

    Was it yummy?

  • sinful kitty
    sinful kitty

    You should do the blended rainbow icecream Does anyone know what I'm talking about

  • XxTaterPlayzxX Gaming
    XxTaterPlayzxX Gaming

    Doorbell rings Moriah-who’s that?...

  • koragacha 123
    koragacha 123

    Can you do a scwisy with glassses

  • XOXOLivy MSP
    XOXOLivy MSP


  • Natalie Moore
    Natalie Moore

    Me:you could of just used pancake mix. Mariah: thanks...😒

  • Gabby Gould
    Gabby Gould

    Can you do the strawberry lemonade cake roll

  • Aileen Reines
    Aileen Reines

    Love your vidios

  • Michelle Ferrence
    Michelle Ferrence

    You should recreate the mango!😂 or the kittycat icecream

  • Annie Miller
    Annie Miller

    Moriah I love you so much can you please do more bakeover vids............. and I am a huge fan:) press the like button if you are a huge fan of Moriah and reply 1 out of 10 you like her

    • Annie Miller
      Annie Miller

      i like her over 10

  • Gacha lunar Studios
    Gacha lunar Studios

    If u need a egg white seperator then check out shady grove pottery www.shadygrovepotterybychaeli.com/ or on Instagram shadygrovepoterybychaeli please check her out she does awesome pottery and her egg separators are faces and they come out the nose or the mouth lmao it’s honestly funny to watch happen so please check this out!

  • Emily Nolan
    Emily Nolan

    Moriah is achally good at baking

  • Joseph Farhangian
    Joseph Farhangian

    the rainbow ice cream

  • Jeni Ok
    Jeni Ok

    I have to separate the egg white and the egg yolk so...say your goodbyes

  • Madison Matchan
    Madison Matchan

    will you continue this series its very funny

  • Heathyr Dickson
    Heathyr Dickson

    MORE food

  • Gacha Monkey!
    Gacha Monkey!

    I wore Christmas ornaments as earrings once I got the string and hooked it around my ear 😂 I’m not an alien I swear

  • K Steinm
    K Steinm

    do the big ice cream bowl

  • Rhina Rosario
    Rhina Rosario

    Make the strawberry cake u did on Last squishy episode #15

  • Sporty Artist
    Sporty Artist

    Did she see the squishy ghost or something 6:59

  • Jazzy Me
    Jazzy Me

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    homer simpson

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  • homer simpson
    homer simpson

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  • Humor Brat
    Humor Brat


  • ReddieRichiEddie

    Did anyone else notice the 4 other whipped cream dollops on The counter lmao😂

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    Dani Dallis

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    Dani Dallis

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    Life of A navy child

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    Vanessa Ashland

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    3.6 mil views but 3 mil subs? If everyone who watched a moriah vid subbed then she would have Allllooooot

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    Gayla Davis

    When Moriah was holding the waffle cone maker I saw Opie just walking like nothing was happining in the background.LOL.

  • Alnawar Alfadalah
    Alnawar Alfadalah

    You are funny

  • Mirte Christiaen
    Mirte Christiaen

    Wanna see you making the creepy ice cream cone with the creepy eyes

  • Bhabani Dey
    Bhabani Dey

    Reply to this comment what squishy you want Moriah to turn into a food next.. If it's the one I'm thinking of you get an extra subscriber 😉

  • Hailey Porter
    Hailey Porter

    Hay pro tip don't sit on counters

  • Matti Maki
    Matti Maki

    Recreate pickle with pickles

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    Iulia Nico

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    shelbie cain

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  • nausion Aidan
    nausion Aidan

    moriah can you send me that fat pig in the bunny costume

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    nausion Aidan


  • nausion Aidan
    nausion Aidan

    moriah*how long is this suposed to dry

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    nausion Aidan

    i would absolutely eat that

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    Tammy Bias

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    Sarah Vick

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    Sarah Vick

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    Sarah Vick

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    ShadøwWølf GD

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    Gita Kisliene

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    Foxy The Pirate Fox And friends

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    Jaime Munch

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    Roniemay Grimshaw

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    TheRoblox Manic

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    Neko Neko

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  • Lacey Ryan
    Lacey Ryan

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    • Riley Bartling
      Riley Bartling

      Do you like her ?

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    Kai Teh

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    Adriana Hernandez

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    Vrunda Patel

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    Starbolt Chill

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    Layla Brown

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    Beatriz Gutierrez

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    Anna Keith

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    Olivia Fisher

    wow she did a really good job


    I want Mariah to do more of these videos where she makes a replica but with food of the Squishies that she remade I just want more of them

  • KaseeKawaii wwe,pokemon and more
    KaseeKawaii wwe,pokemon and more

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    Maya Makes

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    Ymmi Trash

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