I Should've Given Myself A Different Name... FIRST LETTER Makeup Challenge!
In the FIRST LETTER MAKEUP CHALLENGE, you only get to use products from makeup brands that start with the first letter of your first name! CRAZY! I’m busting out the beauty brands that start with an N, and I can’t wait to see where this challenge will take me! Hope you enjoy!
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  • NikkieTutorials


    • Abigail Jaramillo
      Abigail Jaramillo

      Anastasia Beverly Hills and other than that literally nothing

    • Quinn Morgan
      Quinn Morgan

      none. i’m a Q.

    • Katharina Zia Mason
      Katharina Zia Mason

      NikkieTutorials : KkKW Beauty, KBeauty, and KMuse.

    • blossomed out
      blossomed out

      you should check out neve cosmetics! it's an italian brand BUT THEIR PIGMENTS ARE PURE ART

    • Whitney McQ
      Whitney McQ

      Umm... My name is Whitney... Cant thing of *anything* that starts with a W! Walgreens brand..? 😆

  • Vodka

    If I, Julia, would do this challenge: "Why isn't my name Fiona, I miss my Fenty"

  • Gabriella Thiakos
    Gabriella Thiakos

    The first letter of my name is a G. What brands start with a G.

  • Season Shockley
    Season Shockley

    What was her born name that starts with B?

  • Kathryne Gould
    Kathryne Gould

    I loveeee this look! my life goal is for her to do my makeup someday !!!! 💓💓

  • Grace Winne
    Grace Winne

    You could've used Nikita dragun

  • Hailey R
    Hailey R

    I was waiting for you to pull out the nivea after shave balm for primer, cmon nikkie

  • Kya Brown
    Kya Brown

    i have a name challenge idea lol. you should do shades names that start with the first letter of your name. 💗💗

  • Serafina Fool
    Serafina Fool

    This would be so confusing for me, my real name is Luke, but my preferred name is Connor (my middle name) so do I go with L or C

  • Ema

    What a great challange!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Abeer Gill
    Abeer Gill

    What about NYX 🤐

  • Kylie Kassebaum
    Kylie Kassebaum

    complete soft wet soft complete soft matte complete concealer. Quite the concealer name am i right

  • R V
    R V

    New drinking game: challenge🙌 thank me late

  • kj

    surprised she didn't use that Nivea moisturizer. that's the brand she liked before wasn't it ? i may be mixing it up w something else

  • Allye N
    Allye N

    I know you did the alphabet challenge in order of applying the makeup, but I wonder if you could do brands... like, primer brand would have to start with an A, foundation a B, concealor a C, and so on...

  • Greg Marquez
    Greg Marquez

    Is there a video of the Diva doing her brows?

  • lemon. denim
    lemon. denim

    Nikkie: theres not a lot of brands that start with N... Me, who's name starts with D: Do I look like a joke to you?

  • Ashlyn Esser
    Ashlyn Esser

    i'm always so entranced by your skills and you're so beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. love this look.

  • Alice Kim
    Alice Kim

    How about A? I can only think of Anastasia Beverly Hills atm...

  • Elizabeth Chung
    Elizabeth Chung

    I can’t believe that you didn’t use NIVEA MENS AFTERSHAVE!!!

    • Someone Who exist
      Someone Who exist

      What? She isn’t a man...

  • Bria Harvin
    Bria Harvin

    Mijn naam is "No" Mijn sign is "No" Mijn number is "No" You need to let it go

  • Evie Nolan
    Evie Nolan

    Nikkie: im gonna do a basic wearable look Also Nikkie: screw basic Me: she can not do 'basic'

  • Lauren McCall
    Lauren McCall

    What happened to Napoleon

  • mel khalil
    mel khalil

    what sponge is she using?? plssss

  • Quinlan Brown
    Quinlan Brown

    My name starts with Q...

  • Dean Twitchett
    Dean Twitchett

    I love you so very much sweetheart and you are so beautiful XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Fuzen Shimura
    Fuzen Shimura

    Help I cant think if any brands with the letter R

  • Laura Bartlett
    Laura Bartlett

    Nikkie, this may be my favourite look of yours! 😍

  • zuzu ramirez
    zuzu ramirez

    the first letter of my first name is z :’)))

  • superDarlene08

    Would love to challenge myself like this. But my Name starts with an D 😅

  • Madison Jade
    Madison Jade

    Your shirt is so pretty 😍😍

  • Gabi Gosal
    Gabi Gosal

    What brands start with G?

  • Morgyn V
    Morgyn V

    Primer: Nivea after shave balm???

  • karasmith7

    Could've just used Nivea Men for primer

  • Maartje Van De Beek
    Maartje Van De Beek

    Mijn naam is Maartje. Also a challenge with the letter M. This could be helemaal lachen leuk!

  • Sophia Smith
    Sophia Smith

    That look has a real butterfly vibe

  • Amy Crewe
    Amy Crewe

    ....eyeshadowbase 😂

  • bleedingred

    I use an elf eyeshadow to bronze cuz I'm really pale

  • Kiara Hester
    Kiara Hester

    I would like to see just a normal makeup tutorial...

  • Bunny Club
    Bunny Club

    No one told me she was a transs

  • PinkyPurpleGalaxy

    i love her nails

  • Thais Calvo
    Thais Calvo

    I love that make up look!! 😍

  • Izabellla Garcia
    Izabellla Garcia

    Hun, you know how many brands start with i?????

  • Alexa Does things
    Alexa Does things

    Hey Nikki I love your videos but what was your name before Nikki

  • Juliana MacDonald
    Juliana MacDonald

    Honey I don’t ANYTHING that starts with a J😣

  • em bananazz
    em bananazz

    I love that title so fkn much 😂😂💜

  • Mochi : :
    Mochi : :

    Mine would be so easy lmao

  • taryn

    I just kept thinking neutrogena the whole time...

  • princess xaxa
    princess xaxa

    Me: *cries in X*

  • Julia Blackwell
    Julia Blackwell

    You wouldn't be you if you weren't Nikkie ❤❤🥰🧡🧡. I love this look 😍

  • Vendetta Vain
    Vendetta Vain

    You should do a challenge using only products with shade names start with N. Like only eyeshadows or powders called Nude, Nebula etc

  • VJ Karstens
    VJ Karstens

    Nomad Cosmetics!

  • Yekta diny
    Yekta diny

    Anyone know what brush she uses for bronzer??

  • Σταυρούλα Πλτ
    Σταυρούλα Πλτ

    another idea: take your name for example: NikkieTutorials so the primer’s brand must start with a n, the foundation’s brand with an i and so on

  • Raluca Niculae XE
    Raluca Niculae XE


  • Luca S.
    Luca S.

    I LOVE how it came out!!🧡

  • Isabel Flieter
    Isabel Flieter

    I tried this with my friends and well doesn't worked out so good. So its I and I didn't found anything. Was exiting 😊 but the challenge is a pretty cool idea

  • Miruna Muste
    Miruna Muste

    Honey, everything is wearable if you are confident enough 😂😂

  • Emily Major
    Emily Major

    Can you do an eye shadow look only using shadows spelling out your name? Eg 6 shades one starting with N the next one starting with I and so on until you spell Nikkie?

  • Yanna

    I just like how she laughs when she says “tickle, tickle”!😂

  • Izzy

    You should do only eyeshadow shade names that start with n!

  • Alyssa Dazet
    Alyssa Dazet

    I love your hair like that!!!!!!💗

  • Alex Blomberg
    Alex Blomberg

    Girl you could of used nude by nature foundation 💕💕

  • Jewel A. Charles
    Jewel A. Charles

    'Awe why did I abandoned you like that' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fatima AlMou'men
    Fatima AlMou'men

    primer with N.. Nivea aftershave helloo!!😂

  • Bekah Brown
    Bekah Brown

    Nivea and Neutrogena?

  • Dariel Fermin
    Dariel Fermin

    Mijn naam is Dariel Fermin

  • 30DollarMatcha

    Nikkie: There arent many brands that start with N Me who has an E name:

    • Celine


    • shay

      Estée Lauder

    • 7Lawaneeena


  • someontrue


  • Natasha Lindsey
    Natasha Lindsey

    She said my name😛😁