I've been lying to you all...
I'm sorry to say I've been lying to you all! Apparently I'm not Irish at all.... but Swedish
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  • jacksepticeye

    Hej hej am swedish!

    • muggyindiana 389
      muggyindiana 389

      jacksepticeye greaat

    • Saniac Kingdom
      Saniac Kingdom

      Hej jag också shnubbe

    • Noob 4lert
      Noob 4lert

      Nämen tjena jag visste det enda från början😏

    • Minh Phan
      Minh Phan

      first coment

    • C h o n k Y o s h i
      C h o n k Y o s h i

      Very epic

  • John Perez
    John Perez

    Are you lying that your not Irish ?

  • John Perez
    John Perez

    Then why do you say “top in the morning” if your 70 🇸🇪 and 5 ☘️

  • Crystal Naliborski
    Crystal Naliborski

    jack: is there an animal crossing character worse than shari me: buck i think switch force: snooty me: yep definitely snooty


    coraninte club

  • Datsaltyboi 1
    Datsaltyboi 1

    I learned how to do the cool S my ninth grade year(America school)


    I started watching your vids when I was six

  • Andrea Scott
    Andrea Scott

    So I have been binging the Semalacra videos, so thin I clicked on the video and my whole screen was glitchy, backed up the video... let's just say I was SPOOKED

  • Lacey Herriage
    Lacey Herriage

    I started watching the channel when I was about to turn 10 and now I’m about to be 17 in 16 days

  • Deborah Carter
    Deborah Carter


    • Deborah Carter
      Deborah Carter

      look up "its dark!" for where i got this

  • David Morrish
    David Morrish

    to anti: (in a turrets voice) are you still there?

  • Lyndon Smith
    Lyndon Smith

    Haha, funny man do weird thing

  • ghostf378

    I started watching when I was 4 so 2014 (the edit was the 4 in 2014 I originally accidentally put 2013)

  • Aiden Avila
    Aiden Avila

    When I have a bad day I watch u and cheer me up thx

  • Mark Barton
    Mark Barton

    He said it, He said he was a Gaymer! so damn true!

  • Mark Barton
    Mark Barton

    What is your relevance now?? are you doing anything that matters at all???? Go fuck off!

  • lilspaz SoundCloud
    lilspaz SoundCloud

    Btw I’m rewatching this Hey jack I now you won’t see this but I am 12 now and have been watching you for 6+ years and have also liked every video you’ve made and I comment hopping you will one day at lest read my comment I love you and you have helped me trough a recent brake up so much I love you

  • Katie Cobbs
    Katie Cobbs

    Oh children...there is another level to The S. It's made with C's and U's and it is most epic

  • Chicken gaming Boy
    Chicken gaming Boy


  • Foxboy324Gaming

    I know no one will read this but jack I started watching about four years ago and soon it will be my birthday January fith

  • Mr exotic goldie
    Mr exotic goldie

    their should be a mod for Terraria where the eye of cthulhu is septiceye sam

  • Abby B
    Abby B

    I’m not red/green color blind and I can’t even read that

  • Danylo Soltytskyy
    Danylo Soltytskyy

    ive been here from the start

  • MaryEllen Lynch
    MaryEllen Lynch

    Make daisy Isabel

  • chichi Vladinski
    chichi Vladinski

    when your name is Isabel and jack says to make a skin haha I'm in danger 0-0

  • CatMiester

    18:32 *Jack drinking Pepsi* Coke: You have betrayed the Coke alliance!!!

  • Dragon King
    Dragon King

    I have as well I wacht you since I was 5 I'm 11 now

  • Purpleman420

    Shit I have children now lol I started watching when I was sixteen

  • Dr_jams harris
    Dr_jams harris

    IV started wachting at 5 now still wachtong at 11

  • Johnathon Chapman
    Johnathon Chapman

    Jack and Poki have helped me in my horrible depression that I have

  • Alissa Vann
    Alissa Vann

    Ok, at 9:14 all the stuff in the bottom left, disappeared, and then at 9:57 it all came back- WHAT-

  • dawson fitzgerald
    dawson fitzgerald

    can we have a video where you only talk with the Irish slang you grew up with

  • Dota

    I started watching when I was 5 and I am 12 that’s how much ily

  • Project Gemini
    Project Gemini

    I like to think that sean meet Evelyn by just saying. sean: hi Evelyn: hi sean: hail satan Evelyn, I'm a goofy goober yeah sean: bed funk Evelyn: I kill a man


    I think I was 22 23 when I first started watching I'm now approaching 29.

  • Duo the Robot with no purpose
    Duo the Robot with no purpose

    9:08 at this exact Tim in the video I paused it and heard an amber alert and then realized that that's also siren heads noise then started crying in a corner

  • Nathaniel Henderson
    Nathaniel Henderson

    Jack is like Tony tony chopper from one piece he’s like please stop but I mean you don’t have to and gets so happy like Tony Tony copper

  • Tabitha Calhoun
    Tabitha Calhoun

    I love this camera angle

  • Sabrina 89
    Sabrina 89

    henry is a way worse villager, thank fuck i got him off my island

  • Renee Norris
    Renee Norris

    I’m sorry but..:who’s tossboy

  • Caleb Ryder
    Caleb Ryder

    I have been here since like 50k subs. Miss the cabin man it will forever be a part of my childhood. Wish I could meet you one day

  • Ronnie Rodzen
    Ronnie Rodzen

    We are Jacks Snacks

  • Max AKA Taco
    Max AKA Taco


  • dragonslayer87


  • 1up

    Boris is worse than Shari ( CrankGameplays )

  • cmacseven

    Sry If this doesn’t rhyme Blood Is red Violence Is blue I come to murder Shari yes u

  • Da Boss
    Da Boss

    4:40 Yack is Gru

  • Sniper Switch
    Sniper Switch

    Jack with glasses looks like the professors off money heist😂

  • Mad Butterfly
    Mad Butterfly

    It was so crazy when Jack talked about growing up with the channel. I’ve been watching since I was about 7. I’m 14 now and Jack has helped me through all the drama in my house. He helped me build a relationship with my brother as Jack was the only thing we bonded over and distract from chaos. It’s so crazy to think after all these years I never stopped watching because of the impact he had on me. I don’t think I will ever stop watching. He will have my full support always as he has unknowingly supported me through my life.

  • Jermy Fisher
    Jermy Fisher

    I like how he turned Russian when trying to be sexy

  • caleb frye
    caleb frye

    2 Shari is worse then Shari

  • Renate Gamer2580
    Renate Gamer2580

    I got the solution of how to get rid of the villagers! Trap them until they sing!

  • Ernst Årnes
    Ernst Årnes

    Dis is how you sej kil me in Sweden döda mig

  • Ernst Årnes
    Ernst Årnes

    Kan you sej döda mig

  • Josh Palmz
    Josh Palmz

    Make all the demons Shari because she is Satan

  • Rabix

    I still remember when Seán was living in the cabin.

  • TB丨 AlexDaBoi
    TB丨 AlexDaBoi

    I like how his shirt says " MEMES IS MEMES " in a meme video

  • Emily Meidel
    Emily Meidel

    My birthday is April 1st and I'm a joke :)

  • Francois Bonnefoi
    Francois Bonnefoi

    sean there's people i know along with myself, who's been watching you since we were *six*

  • Freddy Fazbear
    Freddy Fazbear


  • Kanzada Holmes
    Kanzada Holmes

    Am I the only person that thought that he was going to spell LAUGH?

  • FaZe_ exotic-_-10
    FaZe_ exotic-_-10

    What’s the crack I’m Irish from Sligo boy

  • {Smøl ßeån ÙwÚ}
    {Smøl ßeån ÙwÚ}

    I did do a April fools prank I went up to all of my family and punched them and then I sent texts to my friends with the first emoji so that was my prank and I put salt in my friends chocolate milk 😂

  • Ace_Arts

    i had a fire last night and my sister questioned if i smoked weed

  • WildHoneyBee __
    WildHoneyBee __

    4:32 ...oh piss off!!!😅😅💕💕🥵🥵

  • Elzbieta Katarzyna Krzyzostaniak
    Elzbieta Katarzyna Krzyzostaniak

    18:37 you

  • Sophie Conway
    Sophie Conway

    the last few minutes in the video made me cry 🥺

  • Alana Ignacio
    Alana Ignacio

    Me: /wishing Shari wasn't the villager who shared my birthday >.>

  • William Cederlund
    William Cederlund

    Hel is the vikings word for heII. 1:13

  • Ain Gender-fluid
    Ain Gender-fluid

    I used to draw chains of those S's and i can send the tutorial to you with my letter if you want Jack.