I Was Born in a Prison Cell
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  • Ninja Gamer
    Ninja Gamer

    she died becuse she didint take a mint she didint survive

  • Christina Donathan
    Christina Donathan

    Poor jimmy

  • DarkEntity LastLives
    DarkEntity LastLives

    Thanks.your story tells me now I'm not the only one who has a ps3

  • Keovanni Ruffin
    Keovanni Ruffin

    Awww it so sad

  • Keovanni Ruffin
    Keovanni Ruffin

    Love it to

  • Keovanni Ruffin
    Keovanni Ruffin

    So sad

  • Midnightdoge 05
    Midnightdoge 05

    wtf this doesn’t have anything else to do with being born in a prison cell

  • Dayanna Rivera
    Dayanna Rivera


  • Saishnie Pillay
    Saishnie Pillay


  • Mika Maidani
    Mika Maidani

    This is so sad 😭

  • Elaina Church
    Elaina Church

    That's sad

  • Esmeralda Moreno
    Esmeralda Moreno

    I Almost cried

  • DrMystery

    Dude wth is wrong with your life!?

  • ThePiscesFool

    I kinda feel bad for Jimmy tho..

  • Olivia Cooper
    Olivia Cooper

    I was born the 28 th of November 2004

  • Júlia Rangel
    Júlia Rangel

    No one: Me: I'm 10 days older than him

  • Henry Collins
    Henry Collins

    Poor guy

  • Rap Bot
    Rap Bot

    Merry Christmas

  • RaptorVoyd

    Kid:Was Born In Prison Me: Hold up is that a mf JoJo reference?

  • Agata Goworek
    Agata Goworek

    I feel your pain my moms dad die wen she was 9 I really wish I could meet him but hes dead but not for me 🥺 I feel your pain💔💔

  • v Pooperz
    v Pooperz

    Ok born in a prison cell and thats the title, most of the story wasnt about thet

  • The Cats Black Knight
    The Cats Black Knight

    That's.. Thats just... Thats just sad!😭

  • Nora Monroe
    Nora Monroe

    I cried a lot 😭

  • e,g,and a
    e,g,and a


  • Inaaya Nabibaks
    Inaaya Nabibaks

    Sooooo sad

  • Fowl Bandit
    Fowl Bandit

    Can I just say at the end he says I’m 15 now and he was driving a car at 14?

  • AlyssaB

    The mom is the worst!

  • Blue Orangeade
    Blue Orangeade

    Oh so lets all just forget how JIMMY felt back then. YEAH JIMMY you RUINED his life, DEFINITELY

  • Rexy LikesGames
    Rexy LikesGames

    Ok so he was driving and he drank and stuff like that 2 years ago and he is only 15 when he made this like thus is so fake

  • Lillie Hernandez
    Lillie Hernandez

    It is hard but u you can make it

  • PetePoopy OfiCiaL
    PetePoopy OfiCiaL

    rip jimmy

  • Sosamma Thomas
    Sosamma Thomas

    I agree with the 2nd comment

  • anthony lara
    anthony lara

    How is he driving at 15?

  • Q-LIN

    This almost made me cry

  • Devin Dragon
    Devin Dragon

    My birthday is on the 26th

  • Marg Luceeo
    Marg Luceeo


  • Wolf king Landon
    Wolf king Landon

    Just one question how did your mom get in jail? If you dont want to say its ok.😒😓

  • Joshua Palafox
    Joshua Palafox


  • The soul of fear
    The soul of fear

    Surprisingly, this came out on my birthday

  • Marcell D
    Marcell D


  • It’s Ava RaeRae
    It’s Ava RaeRae

    This was sad but clearly logic was thrown out the window

  • julia ann
    julia ann

    i was born on november 28th...

  • Scarlett Yerdon
    Scarlett Yerdon

    Wow heartbreaking hope you get better since the loss.....

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Ok so he drank, he drives has a girlfriend AND HES 15

  • Delilah Butler
    Delilah Butler


  • lily analei
    lily analei

    why.. was he driving ? and he’s 15 now

  • Leslie Rusega
    Leslie Rusega

    Same my grandma doesn’t like me and my little brother because my older sister and me have different dads so yeah. Also my grandma try’s anything to get me in trouble.

  • william turnbull
    william turnbull

    I never got to see my grandpa's. One died beause got shot and the other... I don't want to talk about.

  • cutepsycho B
    cutepsycho B

    My Dad works at the Harley Davidson shop. Ur story made me think of my pap pap. I miss him so much and I hope you the best of luck 🙂

  • Ruby Nu
    Ruby Nu

    that so sad

  • Tammy Waldmann
    Tammy Waldmann

    This kid has to much losses

  • Birgit


  • Birgit


  • Sorin Luca
    Sorin Luca

    guys, even tho cancer is a deadly disease and there is no cure for it, dont even dare do chemio thearapy , this thing is just a buisness that doctotrs do, one of my relative died from liver cancer, he was made to sign a contract for doing chemio therapy ,they literally say that its so powerful that you can die during it . My relative died , he made his way through every chemio thrapy but still didnt make it. Even if you do it and survive , there is a 95% you will get sick again if you do chemio therapy

  • David Hood
    David Hood

    I know how this fills because my great grandpa died from liver cancer and I did not ever get to meet him

  • booga booga fan123 :
    booga booga fan123 :

    is the kid that was born 2013 speek hes story or sombody elese for him cause he is stil a kid he couldnt habe that dark of voice...makes sence to me ,like if you aggre


    This is so sad

  • Monica Antone
    Monica Antone

    It's not your fault that means you're strong

  • Saarah Gabriels
    Saarah Gabriels

    Did anyone else hear him say my second brother jimin

  • Vegetable

    This guy has a shitty life

  • Dusty Dream
    Dusty Dream

    The boy: I’m 15 now. Him a few minutes before: I killed my GF by driving and started drinking. Me: Can Someone look up in the dictionary and tell me the definition of the word ‘logic’?

  • Alia Losiewicz
    Alia Losiewicz

    The day after Christmas

  • Alia Losiewicz
    Alia Losiewicz

    My brother is 3 years older

  • Patrick N
    Patrick N

    I feel so sorry for u!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome Spaghetti09
    Awesome Spaghetti09

    So sad.

  • Awesome Spaghetti09
    Awesome Spaghetti09


  • Awesome Spaghetti09
    Awesome Spaghetti09

    That sucks.

  • Rez Phoenix
    Rez Phoenix

    My b day is nov 27

  • carljames11

    My nana died from cancer

  • Cookie The Chihuahua
    Cookie The Chihuahua

    Who else comes here just for the speedpaints?