I Was Born in a Prison Cell
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  • Draven Bair
    Draven Bair

    Born on November 28th? Ay my guy so was I

  • Siddharth Ray
    Siddharth Ray

    This fake author realizes cat scans aren't remedies to cancer.

  • derek Stufflet
    derek Stufflet

    I think the dog was barking because dogs can sometimes see ghosts and considering that the grandma said she saw her husband he might was probably there

  • I'm trippy 17
    I'm trippy 17

    OMG pup got Dem skills

  • TechWave Atharva
    TechWave Atharva


  • Kenzie Mills
    Kenzie Mills

    I cried 😭😭😭

  • Aaron Corona
    Aaron Corona

    I have a PS3 the slim one

  • Rachael Dowling
    Rachael Dowling

    The middle child is always the one that is usually left alone omg

  • Top TikTok Listables
    Top TikTok Listables

    How do I write you guys my story


    Wait he was drinking and he was only 15?

  • pinchedTHIKKnes

    Wait... DOPPIO!!

  • Kayleigh Hopley
    Kayleigh Hopley

    1:15 coronavirus

  • Jolina Johansson
    Jolina Johansson

    Earlyer: I was driving Now: Im 15 years old Me: wait a minute...

  • Rachel Yalcin
    Rachel Yalcin

    They make police sound mean

  • Sam Havranek
    Sam Havranek

    This story is more about his Grandma than being born in a prison cell.

  • Tsuchimiyu Chei
    Tsuchimiyu Chei

    Poor jimmy

  • Flack 2020
    Flack 2020

    I’m so sorry 😐 for the loss of your grandma

  • Katarina Kelsey
    Katarina Kelsey

    *Sigh* I am watching this in 2020 *LIKE IF YOU ARE TOO*

  • Alejandro Fernandez
    Alejandro Fernandez

    Bro this is a jojo reference In fact, it's 2 jojo references

  • Lacey Gamer
    Lacey Gamer

    All the animals he had I have 1 dog 1 cat chickens 4

  • dennis liu
    dennis liu

    i was crying the whole TIME

  • Kassy Wiley
    Kassy Wiley

    It barely about when you were born

  • Johnny bravo feet fetish
    Johnny bravo feet fetish

    Megamind is that you

  • janaral janaral
    janaral janaral

    No one will read this Have a good day

  • Loner Kid
    Loner Kid

    He said 28 right? Lol we have the same day of birthday boi

  • Its_Marshyy

    lucky!!! I was born in the ground

  • {Minty Pie}
    {Minty Pie}

    My pet (who is the 1 of the 3 pets and is a cat)she became blind then deaf then could not stand up anymore she got put down on Christmas

  • Denijs Meļvickis
    Denijs Meļvickis

    2:48 *-She Was Put In Hospis-*

  • mirko bucalo
    mirko bucalo

    l think this is fake becouse he cant drive a car. he was 14 when he drive a car


    I literally cried when I saw this! 😢

  • TheGamer Yuvi
    TheGamer Yuvi

    wait jimmy Like mrbeast

  • FreshSpot

    6:00 Just run away from your father stead of getting help?

  • Chris Wilkinson
    Chris Wilkinson

    A God bless you 🙏😇🙏

  • ~Sunflower_Galaxy~

    Probably your most depressing video yet..

  • Aron Falck
    Aron Falck

    How can he drive?

  • Random Kid that makes videos
    Random Kid that makes videos

    His life I falling apart............

  • Senju Ghxst
    Senju Ghxst

    So you were born a criminal? lol

  • Anna Hovsepyan
    Anna Hovsepyan

    What drawing program is this?

  • CallMehTeddy

    Honestly I just wanna know how his mother got into jail in the first place

  • Chi Mei Zi
    Chi Mei Zi

    The mint looked like a condom😬

  • Twist O'lemon
    Twist O'lemon

    Your mother doesnt deserve to know you are doing fine.

  • French Baguette Mapping Supporter
    French Baguette Mapping Supporter

    This guys grandma: *survives ovarian cancer* God: No, this isn’t how your supposed to play the game!

  • JeyWay TV
    JeyWay TV

    This story made me cry since my grandma beat cancer and then years later she got it again and we thought she’d get better and over months she began to lose her voice and the last moment I had with her was the day before she died

  • Novem Vasanthy
    Novem Vasanthy


  • Emily Duan
    Emily Duan

    I’m sad

  • Valentino

    Lmfao he was born on the 28th I’m a day older den him

  • That’s Andryana
    That’s Andryana

    Guys when it says he drove the car and says I’m fifteen now it said before that he likes stealing cars so he probably stole that car too

  • Charlotte McLean
    Charlotte McLean

    I feel bad I hope you have a wife and kids and a pet I hope u have a nice life

  • Craftykitty 14
    Craftykitty 14

    When i read the title i thought of Javert from les Miserables!

  • Andrew Hagemann
    Andrew Hagemann


  • David_yt medina
    David_yt medina

    Did I ask

  • Trâm Anh Phạm ptr
    Trâm Anh Phạm ptr

    S A D S T O R Y :((((

  • Greedy Gamer
    Greedy Gamer

    She saw his spirit

  • Victoria Salter
    Victoria Salter

    Are these minute videos trying to tell me that I don’t have it so bad after all? I wish I could help all these people and make their lives so much better, as better as possible...

  • Brutus Buckeye Gaming Official
    Brutus Buckeye Gaming Official

    First off all the story makes no sense I mean how did she have him the first place did she get raped or something

  • WildCraft-Scarlet

    I was born the 28 of September 2008

  • perry the platypus OwO
    perry the platypus OwO

    this poor boy its so sad

  • Bloxitives

    OH WHATS NEXT YOUR DADS PARENTS THEY DIED OF FARTING TOO LONG This narrator man hes pissing me off

  • ultradragonbird Pro
    ultradragonbird Pro


  • Samantha Creasey
    Samantha Creasey

    A cell how stuidp

  • 23Jason Truong
    23Jason Truong

    At 15

  • 23Jason Truong
    23Jason Truong

    Can he dive like bra

  • WJB

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the story submitted here was fictional but still an ok story.

  • Sandwich Boy
    Sandwich Boy

    Bruh you made my house flood. Its full of my tears

  • ThatGryffindor Girl
    ThatGryffindor Girl

    Born 2003 Now:2020 Him:I am now fifteen Me:... Also me:AREN'T YOU LIKE SEVENTEEN NOW?! MY BROTHER WAS BORN IN 2004 AND HE'S FIFTEEN (He just turned fifteen a few months ago) BUT WHAT THE F

  • Nevaeh Brown
    Nevaeh Brown

    This is the fakest thing I’ve watched on TR-my today like you can’t be born in a prison cell they take you to a hospital and if you’re water broke you would be immediately sent to the hospital or the little clinic thing dumb ass try again!!!!!

    • WJB

      little jimmy found moms computer huh

  • Latonya McCAIN
    Latonya McCAIN


  • Wirginia Osik
    Wirginia Osik

    My grandad died too😭😭

  • DanielRichGańe Faners
    DanielRichGańe Faners

    What the music called

    • Series - The Animated Cinema
      Series - The Animated Cinema

      Daniel becker rich gané faners all that remains it’s on a site called premium beat

  • Madiana Galviz
    Madiana Galviz

    This made me crie