ICU Nurse In Her Own Words On Caring For Coronavirus Patients: ‘I’m Powering Through’ | Nightly News
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Elyse Isopo, a nurse practitioner in the intensive care unit at North Shore University Hospital in New York, takes us through a day in her life as she treats coronavirus patients. She starts and ends each day by taking her temperature before caring for the hospital’s sickest patients.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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ICU Nurse In Her Own Words On Caring For Coronavirus Patients: ‘I’m Powering Through’ | Nightly News

  • Amin Jalayer
    Amin Jalayer

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  • Ambient Soda
    Ambient Soda

    Why aren't the nurse falling over! Doesn't make any sense to me when they are not wearing gas mask or air tight clothing. .the fact is hospital nurse are not equipped for a bio hazard...they should be infected by all due rights... So again wtf is going on..

  • Coldsteel99

    Oh thank you for powering through! It must be exhausting spitting out this BS for NBC News. You seem to have time to do your eye makeup and eyebrows and at the end of your 13 hour shift your uniform looks like you put it on 10 minutes ago. Also they're not letting a camera crew into a sterile operating room that's being prepped for surgery, whoops. That hospital looks about as busy as a bar on Monday morning. So we need to check our temperatures to make sure we're healthy BUT we're all asymptomatic carriers???? Also why is it CBS, NBC,CNN report these over run hospitals yet regular people with cellphone cameras go to the same hospitals and it's a ghost town? Nurses by the hundreds are making youtube videos being laid off or saying there's nothing going on. Stop watching the media, they are LYING TO YOU.

  • c s
    c s

    God bless her

  • mustafa muhammed
    mustafa muhammed

    If u feel this is right 100% in this Corona times.. Please like do u agree this??..

  • Santwana Singh
    Santwana Singh Tribute to Nurses

  • Spiceymamaz

    Guys I’m letting you know this somethings don’t need to be done my grandad was diagnosed with this and they kept TRYING to give him pills and they kept trying to put that tube in his mouth but MY MOTHER R TOLD THEM TO STOP AND HE IS ABLE TO WALK AND TALK AGAIN so pLEASE somebody please PLEASE JUST SHARE THIS THEY ARE KILLING THEM PURPOSELY

  • Cream

    maybe this is a sign from god that no matter how advanced we are and how modernized we are, god made something that we cannot control and that can neutralize us if we are not careful.

  • Javier HC
    Javier HC

    "" = Dióxido de cloro = salvación covid19

  • Legasi

    We are from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) now are keep continue producing PPE for Malaysia and some export too Singapore. Would you like to order with us too? You can whats app +60192603845 (Dr Fadhilah)

  • David Kasprzak
    David Kasprzak

    I have a question? What is it that you do for covid patients if there is no cure what is being done for them medicine wise. Is the option I hope they pull thru or they just pass???

  • Huss Al Rubaway
    Huss Al Rubaway

    Covid 19 is a big lie

  • Gary Karr
    Gary Karr

    Fake fake fake

    • Dilbert Doe
      Dilbert Doe

      Enjoy your welfare check, non-essential person.

  • Christa ray 29
    Christa ray 29

    She neglected to tell you that it’s her choice to do those 5-day 13 hour shifts for the money! It’s all about the benjamins 💰💰💰💰💰

  • Jin Lee
    Jin Lee NY nurse friend OMG !!!!

  • kara moats
    kara moats

    You're loved

  • Nicky Santoro
    Nicky Santoro

    Around the clock, and taking care of her family..... but has time to make videos 🤔

  • NolaBaby83

    From the bottom of my heart ❤ I thank every single person who is fighting on the front lines, from doctors, nurses, emt's, cna, techs, janitorial, grocery workers, restaurant worker's, truck drivers, delivery drivers and anyone that I failed to mention! I truly love and appreciate you all! You all are hero's to me and my family. I pray that God strengthens you, cover you protection and bless you abundantly. Thank you and God bless you all 🙏

  • Greg Malden
    Greg Malden

    Must be hard to power through the boredom of being in a nearly-empty hospital waiting for Wuhan virus patients that don't exist. You can only make so many TikTok dance routines.

  • Khima Rudach
    Khima Rudach

    Nurses the real health heros

  • Fred Hofmann
    Fred Hofmann

    Theres obviously noone there u idiots

  • atticus finch
    atticus finch

    Don't forget about the nurses that actually love their job and are not looking for accolades and pats on the back every 2 seconds. Those are the real heroes

  • Patrick slouck
    Patrick slouck

    streaming every night removing PTSD from healthcare workers @

  • j b
    j b

    Are healthy people usually in the I.C.U ?

  • Kimberly Love
    Kimberly Love

    They need just call in the military because they obviously can't handle all tht stress

  • Mahair Ashaboon
    Mahair Ashaboon

    When will Americans understand the message from God? COVID-19 corona virus has been sent by God upon Americans which infected and killed thousands of Americans Americans elected their government who arrested, tortured and, killed lots of people (whom God created) in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria and in other places where USA' s proxies did according to the orders of their ruler the US government Therefore Americans should understand that this virus is a kind of punishment for what they did to God's creatures but when will they understand this message? I wonder!!!

  • jeff strong
    jeff strong

    China declared war on the world. They used bio weapons and playing blind eye blaming others. This virus is man made and Wuhan lab published about this virus from rats and bats back in 2015. There are just too many proof what they did. Since China made this virus that they might be hiding vaccine just for themselves just let the world die first so they can dominate the world. There is solutions to that. It's called nuclear weapons on China.

  • new555user

  • Omegaperfectstorm !
    Omegaperfectstorm ! vaXcianides!

  • Kelly Crenshaw
    Kelly Crenshaw

    Great post. God bless you! nows the time to stand together as believers. Let’s agree in a prayer of protection over our medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, hospitals and especially nursing homes. Amen?

  • Reva Brown-Walker
    Reva Brown-Walker

    It didn't look hectic to me and and understaffed

  • YorumiTech

    Wear glasses!

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2
    Ten Minute Tokyo 2

    Another NASSCOM PR story.

  • Justin M
    Justin M

    She’s a hero!

  • Charles Ramsey
    Charles Ramsey

    And whoever saves one soul it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. Quran 5:32

  • honkeykong 406
    honkeykong 406

    Funny they conviniently have an empty room to film with all this overcrowding... didnt see a single patient... just 6 "nurses" standing around a group of monitors

  • Edward Decker
    Edward Decker

    As a U.S. Marine I spent close to 14 months in 5 different hospitals, because I had 3 types of malaria at the same time. That left me with medical issues that gave me 20 operations in the past 50 years. And since nature, or God if you choose, is not kind to some of us, I've had 10 other operations in that same time period. So you could say I'm an expert on nurses, and everyone else in a hospital. When I had the malaria it wasn't the medicine or the doctors that brought me back; it was a freckled faced red headed Irish nurse who would wipe me down with alcohol in front of a fan trying to bring my temperature down, who whispered sweet nothings in my ear, telling me I can make it. I got the same thing after a 10 hour surgery to remove 2 tumors from my spine. It's the people who bring you food, help you get out of bed, and hold your arm as you try to walk again. It's the little people who clean your room, and take out the trash. In my opinion they are overworked, and under paid. The doctors show up twice a day, while they are their 24/7. It takes a special breed of people that deal with the whining, and moaning that so many ungrateful people give them when they are sick. I've been in 3 armed conflicts for this country, I've been shot, and stabbed, and would rather face a dozen enemies armed with stick, then do what these people do! Courage comes from the heart, and these people have big hearts!

  • Pia Love
    Pia Love

    I dont mean to sound uncaring, but for the extra risk that this virus is putting on our lives....we should see more pay. Skip the 7 minute grace period on the clock...if a nurse shows up him/her for their courage. These organizations are filled with increased risk. Where are the healthy environment consultants during this time? Are there CBT therapist on site at the hospital or nursing home?

  • Robbbyg

    Doctors are being told to lie about cause of death Exposing covid death certificates

  • Ian Drake
    Ian Drake

    Shills and actors , hospitals are on drill for what's really coming in .

    • Dilbert Doe
      Dilbert Doe

      That you Alex Jones?

  • Nicole

    If no one ever said how much we appreciate you for putting your lives on the line to take care of others.... Well I want to say thank you THANK YOU. You are amazing and very much appreciated. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors who are taking care of all the covid-19 patients. Thank you for working the long hours that you do to save others. WE ALL love you and we all APPRECIATE YOU!. May God continue to bless you all to give you strength to keep helping others dealing with this dangerous invisible devil disease called coronavirus. This too shall pass!

  • lpz

    Oh my God she slept in her bed.. got to take a shower first thing in the morning. She didn't have traffic whizzing by her head all night or a reefer unit turning on and turning off. As a truck driver working 20-hour days and 4 hours sleep. I really feel for these nurses. I heard on TV one complaining about a 12-hour day mine are almost always 14-hour days without the Coronavirus. Don't get me wrong.. I volunteered extra. I'm doing this for America. I'm doing it for the nurses the fireman our military personnel and this civilian.. you fight I fight we all fight. Stop complaining and get back to work.

    • Dilbert Doe
      Dilbert Doe

      I see someone is upset his truck driving skills aren't being appreciated enough. Waaaahhhhhh!😭😭😭😭

  • Greg Kalla
    Greg Kalla

    How come this is happening on the east coast, but not in the Bay Area CA?

  • gerselinde1

    Meanwhile, this week in april 2020, during covid19 crisis, in Marseille -France, the nurses received that ------>

  • Tom Piscitelli
    Tom Piscitelli

    What bullseet! this is nothing but TV acting..

  • 0351nick

    These videos, yes there is more of these, are promoting panic during a pandemic!! Remove them NOW!! Fake!!!

  • John Lee Bass
    John Lee Bass

    Critical Care DNP here.. thank you all fellow RNs & NPs! 💪💜

  • Taylore Red
    Taylore Red

    Thanks is not enough, PPE, pally raises, respect for medical staff from emts. Cna. Rn. Np. Scribes, DO, MD, PA...

  • Kongkon .G
    Kongkon .G

    Fakeeeeeeee 👎🤭

  • Juanita Pittman-Brown
    Juanita Pittman-Brown

    TRIBUTE TO THE NURSES OF THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC. As a retired nurse, I write these words in honor of the nurses who serve today during the crisis in our country. “The Nurses of The Coronavirus Pandemic” They wake to greet another day - They put on their uniform without delay - They prepare as soldiers To ready themselves for war In an effort to alleviate the pain of death’s scar - They prepare to ease Dreadful suffering and pain they see - As they come face to face with evidence of disease - They ask not why nor question what they must face Yet they are ever mindful that but for God’s grace They too could be the one in their patient’s place.”

  • mona sharifi
    mona sharifi

    please cover your hair

  • gorman1

    U should all be wearing goggles guys.

  • Cheryl Williams
    Cheryl Williams

    Thank you and all the medical staff that is taking risk and caring for the sick. God bless you and your family

  • Barbara Van Der Vaart
    Barbara Van Der Vaart

    yes she is an NP Master's degree and can prescribe medication etc. Not a nurse as NBC said!

  • A T
    A T

    I could barley breath for 8 hours and was sent away from the ER because I was not old enough. Tons of people are going to die due to mis- information. I've never been that scared in my life. Feel horrible but I can breathe again.

    • Genevieve55

      Yeah I had shortness of breath but they wouldn't test me because of my age. Luckily my vitals and x-ray were good but still, we need more testing. Not just the old and the immunocompromised.

  • John Rice
    John Rice

    In an effort to show pure gratitude, I decided to learn how to video edit and support those on the front lines. This was my first time, 17 hours later, I put this together: A glimmer of light in difficult times #ResilientNYC

  • zin e
    zin e

  • Fritz

    God bless all these wonderful people

  • rotterdam rotterdam
    rotterdam rotterdam

    please watch #filmyourhospital-videos for more medical staff on the frontlines

  • ListenLearn LoveLinkup
    ListenLearn LoveLinkup

    Mar 26th ABC news calls Elmhurst "apocalyptic": But same day Mar. 26th 2020 5pm Elmhurst Hospital looks COMPLETELY EMPTY: March 29th Elmhurst Empty: March 29th Elmhurst Hospital special covid19 testing tent COMPLETELY EMPTY for 3+ hours as media calls it "overflowing epicenter": Mar 31st 2020, AP Archive has 2.46 million subscribers, why only 2400 views?: ​Apr. 3rd 2020 Elmhurst Hospital Truma Entrance, completely empty for 3 hours: ​

  • Cindy Schmidt
    Cindy Schmidt

    My sister works at a nursing home that has a couple covid patients and they have to wear masks, gowns, AND safety medical goggles. Why don't these nurses or doctors have the goggles also? You would think in ICU especially they would have to wear full gear. Something seems fishy in all of these videos about nurses and hospitals.

  • takemethere78

    Ppl dont know how important these heros are untill cases like this. God bless them putting their lives on hold and risking their safety to help many others. I been praying now more then ever.

  • masguapoako

    instead of Trump and company telling people to stay home, have ER doctors tell horror stories about COVID 19, maybe people will finally listen

  • Gary Eng
    Gary Eng

    It is pure greed in America. Funny, it all started when Clinton was first elected. No one thinks it is odd he went from 0 to 100 million during his presidency.

  • Missty

    God bless you and all of the frontline workers that go to work everyday with courage and strength and compassion. You all are true hero’s!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 💜 much love and deepest appreciation. Stay safe and keep soldiering on! I pray this will all be over soon.

  • Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
    Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

    Goddess Keep Them!!😭😬😍😘🙆💝💝

  • MR Wayne t.
    MR Wayne t.

    HHahhaha you fuck8ng liar hospitals are been found to be empty and people are seeing through fakery


    #COVID-19 #MIDWEST #coronavirus #Detroit bus driver dies from COVID-19 Detroit 1st responders & state workers are not receiving the correct equipment to battle #COVID-19. They should be wearing n99 or n100 masks. Bus driver Jason Hargrove spoke to the people of Detroit on video March 21, trying to get them to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. He was upset that a woman had taken no measures to cover her coughing when she was on his bus. "For us to get through this and get over this, y'all need to take this seriously," he said with an expletive thrown in...

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan


  • Derrick Afriyie
    Derrick Afriyie

    now where is de so called super power's😂😂😂😂?always tinking negative against africans.but see bro,more to come. another one is coming like a lion in zion. believe mi bro. Men men men