ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your Eyes
ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your Eyes! Test your brain with these optical illusions! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications
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  • SSSniperWolf

    its ur FAV FRENCH youtuber!!!!

    • Autumn Animation
      Autumn Animation


    • Sparkly Unicorn Dream
      Sparkly Unicorn Dream


    • Carmael Stagner
      Carmael Stagner

      The following document document resume Google calendar my mom has

    • i dont know what to name this channel
      i dont know what to name this channel

      It says, "NO SEX CAUSES BAD EYES", @SSSniperWolf.

    • Jessica Ferrigan
      Jessica Ferrigan

      Hey sssniperwolf🐺

  • Natholomoa and Arianna Jehuappiah
    Natholomoa and Arianna Jehuappiah

    My eyes are watering to

  • Natholomoa and Arianna Jehuappiah
    Natholomoa and Arianna Jehuappiah

    I see Gray dots

  • inara chowdhury
    inara chowdhury

    the first one dident work for me = sad

  • jmt409

    I see the gray dots

  • triple jjj
    triple jjj

    The thing with the block said :no $€x causes bad eyes

  • selena romero
    selena romero

    I see them two

  • selena romero
    selena romero

    That cool

  • Heather Risner
    Heather Risner

    Just combine them.

  • Gracie

    am i the only that didn’t see grey dots

  • Cassadee Michelin
    Cassadee Michelin

    It’s turning sideways for me do you not supposed to be the perfect square of three

  • The Panda
    The Panda

    Likes: 106k Me: *Likes* Likes: 107k Me: :O

  • jez orazal
    jez orazal

    my life is blown 🤯🤯

  • tiffanirose254

    On 😇

  • Bokang Agonne Makhetha
    Bokang Agonne Makhetha

    I think it says no sex causes bad eyes

  • John Adrian Parochilin
    John Adrian Parochilin

    I dun see no gray dots

  • Nicole Sullivan
    Nicole Sullivan

    i love you sssniper wolf

  • Xian Royer
    Xian Royer

    No sex causes bad eyes

  • Ezombie

    who else shit their pants at 2:52

  • Cat Gaming
    Cat Gaming

    1:25 Squint your eyes And the lines will be moving

  • Nediva GavPut
    Nediva GavPut

    Look the green beenz some second and look everyware

  • Dayne Berglund
    Dayne Berglund

    My eyes aren’t getting tricked

  • Kamya Woodson
    Kamya Woodson

    I like You’re Videos There Really Cool

  • Maria Bermillo
    Maria Bermillo

    Je francais ( I french )

  • Jim Oler
    Jim Oler

    I'm trying to make Lia like my comments but she's not If u say a food u will get alot of likes Potato

  • Min Polistico
    Min Polistico


  • Koala Games
    Koala Games


  • storm king
    storm king

    SSSniperWolf: is your fav french youtuber Team Fortress Two Spy: im a french backstabber

  • Kristy Fancher
    Kristy Fancher

    These were crazy

  • Daniea Cameron
    Daniea Cameron

    My eye s hurt

  • Michelle buckner
    Michelle buckner

    who else is just binge watching her vids bc of corona just mah .. okie ;-;

  • Gladwin James
    Gladwin James

    It's written no sex causes bad eyes

  • Carmael Stagner
    Carmael Stagner

    Sssniperwolf do a video video

  • Carmael Stagner
    Carmael Stagner

    sss sssniperwolf another radio Birds

  • Carmael Stagner
    Carmael Stagner

    Sss do a riddle video today

  • Marius Neatu
    Marius Neatu

    this is how many ppl started crying while doing this . . ⤵

  • Mike Carey
    Mike Carey


  • Patato

    The chocolates , I saw no dots

  • Sierra Hebeisen
    Sierra Hebeisen

    5:27 cross your eyes

  • Spade Elf Dragon
    Spade Elf Dragon

    I saw the woman before the guy

  • Lovellgirlpuppy

    7:55 wtf

  • Reneesme Playz
    Reneesme Playz


  • Kathryn Macdonald
    Kathryn Macdonald

    Og yo

  • kpop lover
    kpop lover

    7:37 omg..... i tried it and it says *No sex causes bad eyes* WHAT THE HELL

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson

    Not me I couldn’t beet you in a starring contest I might be able to sometimes because sometimes I can keep it open for Lonbut after awhile I can’t my eyes also get a little teary but that might be because I rub my eyes a lot to get crust out of hem idk why I get teary but I happens

  • Kennedy Chichak
    Kennedy Chichak

    I see multipul ones at the same time

  • tryhard forwhat
    tryhard forwhat

    Its magenta Lol

  • Aiyesha Jean Valencia
    Aiyesha Jean Valencia

    Mix them to be like the shoes

  • Katie Freeman
    Katie Freeman

    Hi sssniperwolf

  • Estelle Tangan
    Estelle Tangan

    Is it just me who thinks that the supposedly ‘moving’ images aren’t moving? Because Lia is saying it looks like they are...

  • Greensmellytrash

    5:07 if u shake ur head sideways they are actually perfect squares

  • Arlene Boileau
    Arlene Boileau

    my eyes hurt p.s I'm 7

  • Arlene Boileau
    Arlene Boileau

    one MOVES!!!

  • Arlene Boileau
    Arlene Boileau

    hi sssniperwolf

  • Bill Adams
    Bill Adams

    The one with the girl hurts my eyes

  • FredWhiteAndFazblue FWAF
    FredWhiteAndFazblue FWAF


  • Marc Hill
    Marc Hill

    Snipper wolf you are the best youtyouber

  • Casijo Ross
    Casijo Ross

    No sex causes bad eyes

  • K kitty C cat
    K kitty C cat

    Wait everyone When I look at da gray dots they appear in a different place...

  • •{Crystal the gamer}• Emmely uwu
    •{Crystal the gamer}• Emmely uwu


  • Eduardo Corretjer Molina
    Eduardo Corretjer Molina

    No i have changed the thing I looked away for like 5 seconds and it as black and white when I looked back

  • Miesha286

    No you just

  • Ramona Ohlsen
    Ramona Ohlsen

    Tbh none of them got me :\

  • Ringmaster

    Whit the eye check one i didnt have to move the scond i took my glasses off it was readable

  • ALI moniri
    ALI moniri


  • Turtlepus's FNAF and piggy RP
    Turtlepus's FNAF and piggy RP

    Stop saying da F word

  • SivreJ Cain
    SivreJ Cain

    I saw them

  • METEL _010
    METEL _010

    No sex causes bad eyes, im dying

  • Atiyeh Neytiri
    Atiyeh Neytiri

    I love eddamama

  • Atiyeh Neytiri
    Atiyeh Neytiri

    I can see al of the dots