• Catjuan 14
    Catjuan 14

    5:38 when you move too fast in Gta 5

  • David Wiley
    David Wiley

    The mushroom is a horror. Granted I can't stand mushrooms.

  • Rider Spangler
    Rider Spangler

    13:14 just so you know, you are both correct. in The Little Mermaid clams are worn. HOWEVER, in The little mermaid ariel's beginning, starfish are worn. re-watch if you don believe me. you will find enjoyment even if i am incorrect.

  • Rider Spangler
    Rider Spangler

    11:30 you are far from trash. you are both to be TREASURED. if you don't get it. like the lego movie, you are awesome!

  • Rider Spangler
    Rider Spangler

    3:52 something is screwy here...

  • Project AG
    Project AG

    From where is that scene? It looked sick. 5:30

  • Shaqles

    You want all the types of clocks well I have an idea...Go get an Apple watch

  • DT Undercover
    DT Undercover

    Henry... I hate to break it to you... you are the mini me... dont worry... I'm sure your doctor evil is out there somewhere... maybe Chris can help you find him..?

  • TheTrueAkuma

    Waste of space comment but for those who heard the DMC music at 9:30, did you think of cerberus from DMC 3?

  • Ricardo Louis
    Ricardo Louis

    How is it the 31st In 2020 if if it's 20first

  • NorwegianPride

    Henry: I wish I had a mini-me Me: why don't you guys just make one?

  • Frost Fever
    Frost Fever

    Innapropriate for children? I remember my parents pointing out the shlong hidden on the little mermaid collectible VHS box when I was a kid. Was pretty funny.

  • Colby Langston
    Colby Langston


  • Theodore Friend
    Theodore Friend

    I've seen isometric but never hex paper. I want it all.

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia

    4:38 I’m down to buy this. RN 6:18 we need this in the USA

  • ii ivi ii
    ii ivi ii

    I have a gap in my eyebrow... But because my dog bit me

  • Harvey Foster
    Harvey Foster

    Jeanie screw the giant screw

  • Michael Riddick
    Michael Riddick

    Re: The WTC brochure. My buddy has a Slayer promotional poster for their album "God Hates Us All". Has the album title across the top and the release date on the bottom .... "09/11/2001" It eerie as hell!! 🤣😂

  • Rodman Andes
    Rodman Andes

    I love the girls voice! Is she a dubber from an anime?

  • Project Quack
    Project Quack

    9:24 Krampus is back believe in Santa ir we will all die!

  • vendorgaming 117
    vendorgaming 117

    He love da shrooms

  • onus gumboot
    onus gumboot

    you almost had me. Then you said stay safe. God I've grown to hate that phrase Do I stay safe, or live a full and interesting life? Screw safe. It's caused me nothing but grief and makes me want to kill myself

  • Bikram Lawati
    Bikram Lawati

    I also have a gap in my eye broe but it was made by my sister she had sliced my eye brow and also blood came and it hurt a lot and i mean a llllllllooooooooottttttttttt

  • Jan ABELLA
    Jan ABELLA

    Wtf?? 😨


    U said stab the like button so now there is a hole in my Ipad

  • TCG Tornado
    TCG Tornado

    Wait. You pronounced my state correctly. (Illinois). Do you live in Illinois too?

  • Jeffrey Hill-Carr
    Jeffrey Hill-Carr

    More then meets the eye

  • inot ćitelab
    inot ćitelab

    Damn it I wanted tonlisten to your instructions and now I gotta buy my gf a new 4000$ phone to replace this which I broke... F me in the ars why dont ya!?

  • John Groves
    John Groves

    12:25 too cute for this world

  • Curtis Mombasa
    Curtis Mombasa

    13:15 You're welcome... Ya fuckin simps

  • growlingbehemoth

    The guys at 2.00 are really a live Russian matryoshka doll. Inside the small guy there is an even smaller guy. They just havent taken him out yet.

  • akouek3

    9:21 So either Henry has watched To love ru darkness or googled "softcore hentai memes" and found that image lol It's NOT a hentai! A very lewd anime with sexual innuendos for sure, but NOT a hentai, yet..... No bananas in the "Momos". *"Peaches" 13:11 Uh,.... Rezero isn't a cartoon dude......seriously.......don't show that to children..........well unless you want to scar them for life...... Next clip, StarFish sucking Ariel's boobs......(on second thought forget that last line)

  • Christian Debs
    Christian Debs

    Ratchet and clank 1

  • Kendra Hensley
    Kendra Hensley

    I can’t see it

  • scorpman300

    there is a video of ice moving out of a lake and it moves across land and into a house where it breaks a patio door, it is really neat to watch

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    9:30 "Something gives me chills about this." What you did there? I saw it.

  • Nora the Wolf
    Nora the Wolf

    The house looks like it was frosted at 9:37

  • Yippy Dingding
    Yippy Dingding

    What’s the problem get married

  • KingD101

    3:53 anything can be a dildo if you have the will.

  • Alexander Dick
    Alexander Dick

    You're the happiest man in the world. The envy I'm experiencing may make me cry despite being physically unable to cry after one football incident.

  • Marvin Martian
    Marvin Martian

    Sodium L'oreal?

  • Terrance G
    Terrance G

    Anybody know what that video of (Ghostface?) trying to slash the dancing guy? That was too funny.

  • Brian Manherz
    Brian Manherz

    Actually Henry, myself (a PSW) and my 75 year old patient watch your videos almost every day, while we do his exercises (to distract him from how not-fun they are). He says "They are so cute!" At the end of every video. EVERY video (he IS 75 after all). Thanks for all the laughs!

  • Dominiq Chisholm
    Dominiq Chisholm

    Me: looks at week clock My brain: IT IS ONE O WEEK

  • Freedbot

    I'm not sure, but that looks like one of those sweat flies that imitates the look of a wasp to avoid predation. If that's what it is... they're super annoying, but can't sting.

  • CherrycatPlayz

    Did you seriously just call anime a cartoon? I am offended.

  • April Raine
    April Raine

    So hes a Falmer right? Eat the first mushroom he sees on the internet, you gonna go blind xD

  • Treacia Beckford
    Treacia Beckford

    Um so uh what was the anime that shows up when he said they turned on the black light and someone did the naughty

  • Cream Embers
    Cream Embers

    Well done for 1 million subscribers

  • Mia Muckey
    Mia Muckey

    One of the mermaids in Peter Pan had starfish for a bra

  • jasper LOL
    jasper LOL

    "I always want a mini me" Jennie in my head : wanna make one.

  • Mystic Coonor123
    Mystic Coonor123

    Hey why you gotta abuse the like button so much... Dang

  • PotatoGamer55

    just imagine walking into that kitchen at 9:12 after doing acid

  • Masterspider

    Wait so your telling me Ariel had sex

  • Deaven Starke
    Deaven Starke


  • Asha _
    Asha _

    8:16 doctor strange

  • John Knapp
    John Knapp

    Being retired and stuck in house, I need that Day of Week clock because I do wonder what day it is sometimes.

  • Odiespunkmeyer

    "You know how friken hard it is to draw aromatic rings?!" me, pre-med nurse: Yes );

  • Königs Festung
    Königs Festung

    No one tell jenie of the soviet anti-tank suicide dogs from WW2, it failed though as the dogs were trained to sniff out diesel using soviet tanks, and the german tanks fuel had a different scent, so when released the dogs sniffed out and blew up the soviets own tanks, serces them right for using dogs as bombs

  • Patrick Cameron
    Patrick Cameron

    8:16 Pffft I live in Maine. The only state where you can EXPERIENCE all 4 seasons in one day. It rains in the morning, 80° and sunny at noon, gets cold at dusk, and drops 2 feet of snow at midnight.

  • ToX_Bliixby

    0:40 The way he said "Mildly" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • arti2901

    13:14 - don't thank me

  • masalano

    alone in a flight? time to nut!

  • Hufflepuff Sith
    Hufflepuff Sith

    Me holding a knife in front of my computer screen: "I'm sorry. I know I just bought you, but the Immersion Lord wants the like button stabbed."

  • Arno Groenewald
    Arno Groenewald

    That tap actually looks like a 14th century map of some small province in Europe.

  • V_GreenZz

    i stabbed the like button and now i have a hole in my screen... u guys need to pay

  • Jenna Herman
    Jenna Herman

    Henry: I always wanted a mini me Me: you are yao mingh's mini (not sure if that is spelled right don''t hate me!)

  • Rhys Groeneveld
    Rhys Groeneveld

    Bro is it just me or is the end song actual 🔥

  • Kyoka Jiro
    Kyoka Jiro

    MxR looks like my IH teacher

  • Mile a Minute
    Mile a Minute

    My college was a shopping mall, with a subways.