In Bed With Emma Chamberlain | CALVIN KLEIN
Get in bed with Emma Chamberlain as she gets ready for the CALVIN KLEIN 2019 holiday party and discusses travel, New Year's Resolutions and more.
'In Bed With...' is an original Calvin Klein series featuring friends of the brand, unfiltered and in conversation with us.
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Director: Talia Collis
Producer: Dayna Carney
DP: Andy Madeleine
Editor: Ethan Anelson
Shot at The Edition Hotel

  • Ohmyali

    Sheittt I wish

  • Hiwot Ekubay
    Hiwot Ekubay


  • Hiwot Ekubay
    Hiwot Ekubay

    Emma don't be surprised I started putting jojo lipstick

  • Hiwot Ekubay
    Hiwot Ekubay

    So much work years dedication There you are whatttttttttttt the

  • Hiwot Ekubay
    Hiwot Ekubay


  • Hiwot Ekubay
    Hiwot Ekubay

    Cover girl

  • Hiwot Ekubay
    Hiwot Ekubay

    Emmmmmmmmmmmmmma Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaat Theeeeeeeeeeee fooooormula

  • Nora Kennedy
    Nora Kennedy

    I love those pants!! I’ve looked online and can’t find them on any Calvin store online 😢


      Hi Nora! Emma is wearing our HIGH RISE SKINNY CARGO JEANS. You can find them online at macy's in 3 different colors: Happy shopping!

  • Georgia Lazar
    Georgia Lazar

    3:57 the moment they tell you to make a lame joke and you're totally uncomfortable with it 😂

  • Stephanie vargas
    Stephanie vargas

    Emma so beautiful I’m so happy for her 🥺❤️

  • Dayna D
    Dayna D

    She's not even 20 and looks like she's 45

  • Ri Ranjo
    Ri Ranjo

    if i could please have her personality and success this 2020.... yes pls... haha

  • King Jupiter
    King Jupiter

    This is so funny when youre high🤣🤣❤️

  • Messer Designs
    Messer Designs

    You don't have to be mean to yourself, what I've learned is you have to really think about what you enjoy and go after those things because those are your passions and are enjoyable to you, in the long run your going to end up doing them anyway. Don't do what everyone makes you do. You will know what feels right.🍎

  • Kelly Archer
    Kelly Archer


  • Ashley Mufasa
    Ashley Mufasa

    Liked because of her new year resolution.

  • superiorone23

    I never got why women sleep in sweatpants..? xDD

  • His Majesty Lord Subscriptinus of Subscribia
    His Majesty Lord Subscriptinus of Subscribia

    Processing all variable component aspects within a finite logic structure.

  • Sarah Mccarthy
    Sarah Mccarthy

    I love the way she’s growing into bigger things than her own TR-my Chanel. It rlly shows how her being so unapologetic about who she is has really led her to great things

  • lee

    Emma forgot to fart and her new years resolution. To poop 💩. More as she said in snapchat

  • brianna ramirez
    brianna ramirez

    okay but i NEED to know what lipstick brand and color she has on cause it is beautiful

  • ok boomer
    ok boomer

    this topic is werid

  • Chelsey Faye
    Chelsey Faye

    I think emma may be the one youtuber who doesn't flaunt Everyone shes worked with and partnered with... Like unless its a direct question it doesnt come up... Unlike the pauls, trisha, tana, james charels, shit even the dolan twins sometimes... But emma just has this pride that none of these other "influencers" which is strange considering how young she is! I thi k some of these other THIRTY YEAR OLD youtubers need to take a few notes on emma!!

  • Mille Maw
    Mille Maw

    nobody will talk about 3:43 - 3:46??

  • Xander X
    Xander X

    Favorite thing to do in bed,:MASTERB.... Nevermind

    • Kenzie Leigh
      Kenzie Leigh

      Xander X every 13 - 21 year old boy

  • Keira Ashley
    Keira Ashley

    calvinnn what are you doing in bed with emma??

  • I have no name
    I have no name

    Oh I am just the big gay right now. Just the biggest gay.

  • Winedrops901

    She looksss sooo gorgeous with this look

  • Candy Persona
    Candy Persona

    She has honestly matured a lot

  • J Mac
    J Mac

    Jesus Emma wtf high fashion queen that drinks coffee, self depreciates, burps and puts on chapstick while thrifting. doing the damn thing for short girls everywhere

  • Leanne Reilly
    Leanne Reilly

    YEEEEES EMMA! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Patchlool 24
    Patchlool 24

    it’s weird to see Emma Chamberlain’s name with capitalized letters lol

  • juli peters
    juli peters

    shes so prettty

  • Jimena Ramirez
    Jimena Ramirez

    Loved the video, love Emma

  • Mariam Al Habash
    Mariam Al Habash

    i love how she avoided the creepy question at the end by making it about animals that would sleep around her in a circle and keep her warm

  • Jay Ly
    Jay Ly

    Your a beautiful person . congratulations on your success

  • anti saitine
    anti saitine

    "I love to WATCH TIK TOKs"

  • Isabel Garcia
    Isabel Garcia

    Emma is so freaking beautiful!! I love how she stays tru to herself, love you emma 🤗

  • Original Music Tv
    Original Music Tv

    "Hey guys! You're in bed with me, Emma" lol

  • N A
    N A

    What a wicked way to treat the cat that loves u 😾

  • Ariel Star
    Ariel Star

    I thought she was going to say Declan for the bed question 😂But she probably does sometimes already

  • Shina Omisanya
    Shina Omisanya

    OMG watching her become a fashionista right before us is amazing.😭

  • Joss Yo
    Joss Yo

    She looks so nice!

  • Natalia Catherine Bocearov
    Natalia Catherine Bocearov

    hey guys your in bed with me ...... damn ...... okey ... okey 😂

  • Danna Morales
    Danna Morales

    1:45 why Is this me😂😔

  • Ransford Rowe
    Ransford Rowe

    Emma Chamberlain is a great youtuber.

  • ItxShawna

    So proud

  • Sorana Rus
    Sorana Rus

    It's kinda weird seeing her without her editing 😂

  • Talia Style Inspo
    Talia Style Inspo

    Emma: looks good in everything and anything Me: looks good in one outfit a year

  • Ella Korbel
    Ella Korbel

    Is Ethan Dolan there with you????

  • Mya Rose
    Mya Rose

    Sees Emma with makeup... *clicks*

  • Erica Ages
    Erica Ages

    I'm low key sad she didn't even say she wanted her own cat in her bed at the end. Poor buddy.

  • Linalarity

    Who is this- Jk she’s pretty

  • Holly Reardon
    Holly Reardon

    I feel like a proud mom

  • Serene Elghul
    Serene Elghul

    i chocked my cheerios when i read the title OMG

  • Ayebo serendipity
    Ayebo serendipity

    Waited for her to mention tiktok first😂😂😂

  • Ella Williamson
    Ella Williamson

    didn’t even wanna be in bed w her own cat. ouch

  • Ally


  • shreya choudhry
    shreya choudhry

    did they run out of people

  • Sarah Morley
    Sarah Morley

    Love Emma's hair like this. She looks so elegant and pretty x

  • Makyden Parreira
    Makyden Parreira

    Who would’ve thought we would be watching a “in bed with Emma” video

  • Jack Ames Filming & Editing
    Jack Ames Filming & Editing

    you know ur busy when u dont even have time to call ur cat back

  • Faith Procopio
    Faith Procopio

    Ok I thought those jeans were gonna be so ugly but they are actually really cute!

  • Kaylyn D
    Kaylyn D


  • VivaLaBam916 *
    VivaLaBam916 *

    Omg Sexy Emma 💯 I'm In Love 👌😘👌 .. I Love Your Videos!!! ❤

  • keep in style
    keep in style

    Oh my god!!! EMMAA IM SO PROUD OF U!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • Hey there
    Hey there

    I find it extremely unsettling that they had her change in front of both them and the camera. No wonder she just decided to wear double layers. She should really speak to the higher-ups of whoever is producing the video. I also just feel like the questions were very sexual like I got a weird vibe from this whole video.

  • Moonlight tingles
    Moonlight tingles

    3 people you want to sleep with.. Emma:Aaron,aaron,and.... aaron

  • FartyFat

    no thanks

  • Liying Tai
    Liying Tai

    love u emma :(