IN THE TALL GRASS (2019) Ending Explained
#inthetallgrass #endingexplained
The always prolific Stephen King is back with IN THE TALL GRASS, where a brother and sister find themselves lost in a vast field that appears to be controlled by an ancient supernatural force. Learn all about the strange reality bending properties of the area, the grander religious connotations to the story, and explaining the time loop breaking ending.
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  • JsDs1020

    Just don't got to Kansas, I know endless corn and flat land is tempting to visit but it'll keep you safe.

  • Imperial Watch
    Imperial Watch

    Tobin's dad be like *ur ass is grass*

  • comic sarif
    comic sarif

    how to beat the tall grass there are three ways to do so equipment 2.weedwacker 3.lawnmower

  • ha nerd
    ha nerd

    mmmm, you missed some stuff, like the rain. at the beginning there was mud, but right before the rain it was dry. the rain behaves oddly and i don’t know how to dissect it. also the timeline where tobin touched the rock. if tobin touched the rock and eventually got out, then theoretically so could travis. very complex story

  • X X
    X X

    Never trust a vaudeville mustache. That’s been the rule since 1920 😂

  • X X
    X X

    Word of the day; esoteric.... more googling... do you have a degree in English with all these analyses and immaculate language use? Lol

  • apish O
    apish O

    What happends to the tobin that was in the grass? Is there just 2 tobins now

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo

    Here's my explanation: this movie sucked ballz!

  • Ryan Schudel
    Ryan Schudel

    I can recommend a landscaping company.

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    You should rename the series from "Ending Explained" to "Stale Synopsis," seeing as how all you do is give a summary and no actual analysis of anything.

  • dynodish

    Stop yelling, you moron.

  • Michi's Story Time
    Michi's Story Time

    so it a mix of 1403 and Triangle

  • Kah Hei Leong
    Kah Hei Leong

    pretty sure this whole area is a stand

  • herby jerome
    herby jerome

    8 months later i finally watched it

  • Kevin Jordan
    Kevin Jordan

    The movie was horrible I turn it off when they started saying the grass is alive

  • Dumb Ugly Ratatata
    Dumb Ugly Ratatata

    How to lose all your brain cells and your brain itself in less then one day: watch *In the tall grass*

  • Chempu Sangma
    Chempu Sangma

    ...on a side note, numerous number of missing reports that happen of people adventuring-hiking into thick wooded areas miles from urban settlement, who are never found....this movie gives a hint!

  • mrpickle 1900
    mrpickle 1900

    i always felt this movie had a cube vibe and i was surprised the cube director was apart of this because the cube 2 has the exact same premise. time loop, circling and a changing environment, dead bodies staying in place and a psychopath turning on the group

  • Plasma Doku
    Plasma Doku

    This reminds me of the spongeball episode of when Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward were trapped in that tall grass.

  • Laurie Witz
    Laurie Witz

    Has a similar feel to the movie “The Triangle.”

  • Ray Souza
    Ray Souza

    I hate time travel... If Cal and Becky don't get stuck in the grass, Travis never comes to save them. If Travis never comes to save them, Tobin never gets to the church to stop them from going in.

  • Team Cyborg
    Team Cyborg

    "How many things can Stephen King make us scared of!? Tall grass, for God's sake!" Bitch, ever heard of ticks?

  • Cameron Schacter
    Cameron Schacter

    I found this movie confusing at points

  • jake Ryan
    jake Ryan

    I actually really enjoyed this movie. Fun time loop twist. Was never bored throughout!!

  • x2 Baby pandas
    x2 Baby pandas

    Next time I’m walking by a field full of tall grass and I hear a kid crying inside I’m just going to keep walking lol I’m pretty sure I don’t have much humanity left.

  • Samuraigamer

    this is more like a summary than an explanation

  • Gin Wkr
    Gin Wkr

    I think if you keep looking at church, they'd have made it but once you blink away, your location is changed

  • Aiden Fields
    Aiden Fields

    this movie is so confusing

  • king emo
    king emo

    This where Toby from paranormal activity came from as a kid now we know why he was so pissed off in the paranormal activity series he been trap in the tall grass 😂😂

  • KarmaRose

    So you explain the whole movie but not the ending

  • Trex Boom
    Trex Boom

    That’s why you get cows and sheep

  • dark light
    dark light

    i love the concept. good movie.

  • Steven Lepas
    Steven Lepas

    But wait, if Travis saves them from getting lost that means he never goes to look for them in the first place. Doesn't it save himself too?

    • Abdul Moez Khan
      Abdul Moez Khan

      Been wondering that aswell


    But how did Tobin get out if he touched the rock??? I figured once touched always touched

  • Leo Zackular
    Leo Zackular

    Kinda wish Travis had a lighter and burned the damn place after everyone was safe because he sacrificed himself anyways - still I enjoyed the movie, I liked how the stained glass windows in the church represented the grass and the locked black door was like the rock, it being locked it’s beyond our comprehension


    haha Lawnmower go brrrrr

  • Danny perez
    Danny perez

    I know it's a movie and they have to like go in without a carwhy don't they just take the car and drive through the grass and be way easier

  • Helmet Head
    Helmet Head

    The grass speaks Speaks: whispers in Vietnames

  • Helmet Head
    Helmet Head

    Vietnam vets: flashbacks

  • SkeloOnRR

    Moral of the story:Mow your fuckin lawn.

  • Goldengaming Boy
    Goldengaming Boy

    Who put a rock in the middle of the jungle ?!?! Guess the movie quote.

    • Weird Noises • 10 years ago and
      Weird Noises • 10 years ago and

      @Goldengaming Boy oh, that was so long ago, forgot bout it.

    • Goldengaming Boy
      Goldengaming Boy

      Weird Noises • 10 years ago and nope it’s the ice age collision course. The 5th movie the one that buck was launch away

    • Weird Noises • 10 years ago and
      Weird Noises • 10 years ago and

      Jumanji? Or jungle book?

  • Zach Hall
    Zach Hall

    Could they have dragged the dead dog and got out because then they wouldn't have moved?

  • Shariqson In Da House
    Shariqson In Da House

    I didn't watch this youtube video but this movie is literally about Portals or different Dimensions.. they don't show it in a bold way but everyone whos seen this movie knows what i mean. The grass is a portal to multiple different dimension and that big meteorite type of rock can do that, once you touch it. You maybe be able to escape that dimension.. This movie didn't explain ALOT but i get the idea of it...other than that, this movie is still confusing, I liked it but still confusing.

  • Nick Vk
    Nick Vk

    Considdering that the rock is so ancient and apparently was there far before the United States even existed. And still just happened to end up in the exact center of the country as it is today is weird. Assuming that is not a coincidence it can only kind of mean that the rock is responsible for the formation of the country as it is today. With the US just happening to be the most powerful and influential country in the world... In my personal headcanon every person instrumental to the development of the country from the moment the frontier passed the rock has touched the rock and has been working for the rock. Screw the iluminati, the rock is where it's at.

  • Red panda_10
    Red panda_10

    this reminds me with the time loop movie with a boat

  • Matthew Leman
    Matthew Leman

    Chuckling at someone calling one rock ancient. Like. It's a rock

  • Temp Void
    Temp Void

    GPS? No thanks

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss


  • Daniel Josh T. Limoso
    Daniel Josh T. Limoso

    I haven't watched the vid yet but I could tell the movie is weird cause of all these comments about other versions and eating babies

  • Ciara Fabian
    Ciara Fabian

    I’m still confused about the time loop

  • Shantanna Green
    Shantanna Green

    my friends and i thought this movie was just the funniest thing. we made fun of ross the entire time “yOoYoO rOsSy bOy is hIs nAmE aNd You KnOw ReAl EsTaTeS hIs gAmE!!” etc. and when the grass people are chanting, it sounds as if they are all collectively chanting,” big fucking cunts” and well my friends and i, being the immature 17 year olds we are, thought it was just the funniest thing ever. lol moral of the story, if u actually wanna be scared by horror movies, dont watch them eith ur friends

  • Dakota bailey
    Dakota bailey

    What if the rock isnt a rock but like an alien seed from outter space


    Every time I see a movie with my friends you are always there for me for another deep dive. THANKS !!!

  • Rob's World
    Rob's World

    13:27 Actually I believe his eyes were green, with what looks like strips of grass making up his eye. Great video man, very good explanation and breakdown.

    • Bang

      Well fancy seeing you here

  • TD Playz
    TD Playz

    By the way at the beginning you forgot to mention that tobin is the name of the kid in case anybody that didn’t watch the movie and got thrown off for a second

  • Kyle Love
    Kyle Love

    Its not just a boulder....its a rock 😢

  • Megapup

    So Travis is forever dead because at the end, Becky decides not to go to San Diego, which is the reason he looks for her in the first place? Or he wouldn't have seen the magazine she left and wouldn't think to look in the grass? My brain hurts.

  • Awesomeacuz 13
    Awesomeacuz 13

    King: "I'm gonna make you afraid of tall grass!" Me, playing a Pokemon Ultra Moon Nuzlocke: terrified screeching as the grass starts rustling

  • Jayanth Gadam
    Jayanth Gadam

    Irritating voice

  • Moonlicious

    Half way through the movie I was thinking why don’t they get on top of each other shoulders. Then when the little boy got on his shoulders again the building is gone. I was “Oh 💀”

  • better late than never
    better late than never

    So? Where do you think this fits in the King Universe?

  • Tom Solverson
    Tom Solverson

    Still doesnt explain how travis ends up in the grass since 1) he never goes looking for Becky because she doesnt go missing 2)He stopped at the church because he saw the car.

  • Shelbs

    Half the movie is “WHERE ARE YOU? I CANT SEE YOU?”

  • ghoul plays
    ghoul plays

    i thought he said cow instead of cal

  • Definitely NOT DB Cooper
    Definitely NOT DB Cooper

    “But Ross is like you guys REEEEEALLLLLY gotta touch this thing’” had me dying lol

  • Happy Dinos
    Happy Dinos

    Now i will always remember to mow my lawn

  • Cryptic Word Play
    Cryptic Word Play

    If the loop was stopped traves would never have gone into the grass so he saved his past self as well?

  • Erik Brouillard
    Erik Brouillard

    Triangle Grass

  • Kirron Rawlings
    Kirron Rawlings

    Your ass is grass

  • Ghost Dog Productions
    Ghost Dog Productions

    This movie made my head hurt and now a little scared of grass