IN THE TALL GRASS (2019) Ending Explained
#inthetallgrass #endingexplained
The always prolific Stephen King is back with IN THE TALL GRASS, where a brother and sister find themselves lost in a vast field that appears to be controlled by an ancient supernatural force. Learn all about the strange reality bending properties of the area, the grander religious connotations to the story, and explaining the time loop breaking ending.
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  • Jay Morales
    Jay Morales

    Omg I called it bad grass too. But I was thinking that Steven King must of has some really bad weed trip to come up with this crazy shit.

  • jasmerry 27
    jasmerry 27

    I would have took the dead dog and dragged to the road and I escaped as grass doesn't move the dead 😉😇

  • Keemah Blackburn
    Keemah Blackburn

    Well The Kid Had A Dead Crow In The Beginning And It Was Mentioned In The Movie That The Grass Doesn’t Move Dead Things Around And The Sun Rises In The East And Sets In The West So Carry The Dead Crow With You And Let The Sun Be Your Compass....Simple

  • Michael Guirguis
    Michael Guirguis

    I like how he explains the whole movie... So good! 😁

  • Michael Guirguis
    Michael Guirguis

    Who thinks this is scarier than ghosts?

  • Michael Guirguis
    Michael Guirguis

    The movie should be called “Glitchy Grass” 😂

  • Rokia Gittens
    Rokia Gittens

    Message received: dont go into tall grass 😫

  • TotorriiVlogs

    This movie is an advertisement for lawnmowers.

  • Emir Latinović
    Emir Latinović

    And all that because someone forgot to take a scythe, tie him/herself to the truck with big chains, reap the grass and use a machete to cut the way back if the grass grows over before they exit.

  • Ronesha Braden
    Ronesha Braden

    This movie gave me a headache 😖

  • ItJust Zul
    ItJust Zul

    Tall grass lawnmower man worse enemy

  • wednesday1031

    Creepshow Death of Jordy Verrill. Anyone???

  • Acid Crikey
    Acid Crikey

    "This ain't your average grass" *420 noises*

  • Keahey Killmonger
    Keahey Killmonger

    Who all watches these, then goes to watch the movie and comes back to watch this again ?

  • Chelsey Lancaster
    Chelsey Lancaster

    Honestly i just watched this movie and i hated it lol

  • Niti Richiez
    Niti Richiez

    This movie made me lose my brain cells I've never been so confused by a movie wtf

  • Maikonix

    "How wrong you are my friend because this ain't your average grass!" Me: that's some good shit!

  • Chiller 88884
    Chiller 88884

    Travis wanting Becky to have an abortion doesn't make him a bad person. If he was trying to force her into it and ordering her around....then yeah he would be. But him simply wanting and suggesting that she get an abortion, especially when in the beginning it seemed that she wasn't too thrilled about having a child either.....that doesn't make him a bad person.

  • Deja Bowen
    Deja Bowen

    Someone just needs to cut it

  • Safrfl

    when i saw the title "In The Tall Grass" I thought it was a Pokemon horror movie or something

  • Darian’s Arts
    Darian’s Arts

    I watched it with my friend and we just kept chanting all hail Dwayne

  • grimshal

    professor oak somewhere in the distance: that's illegal.

  • Terror Chamber
    Terror Chamber

    2019 had 0 good horror movie, years ago this would be a bad movie, one of those movies that you only see when you don't have something better to do. Thank you for the critic FoundFlix.

  • Otinapaaay Shing!
    Otinapaaay Shing!

    When Travis appeared, I said: "Baby daddy has landed."

  • Mr. saint Crocodile
    Mr. saint Crocodile

    Dont ruuun into da looong grassss

  • iaraval11

    Okey, so I just went and watched the movie so I can watch this LOL. Love your videos!

  • Tony Antonio Canelas
    Tony Antonio Canelas

    Thats why you bring a weed wacker

  • Jack Pasta
    Jack Pasta

    It's dangerous to go alone in the tall grass. Take this Pokemon!

  • Robert Olson
    Robert Olson

    I said this in a older video just burn the grass

  • AllHoopHighlights

    i was so into this movie until the climax.. after that it was just overacting and unnecessary dialogue. completely took me out of the movie..

  • multuminparvo5

    I choose to believe she ate her placenta instead of her baby.

  • Devan French
    Devan French

    this video is stupid, watched almost the whole thing just to find out it's just you re capping the movie not even explaining anything :/

  • Charlie Harden
    Charlie Harden

    Also I'm sure the kid touched the rock near the beginning?? 🤔 How did he get to leave..

    • David

      Charlie Harden it was a different version of him. That same version influenced Cal to drop Travis off the rooftop. They look a little different

  • Charlie Harden
    Charlie Harden

    The fact that this video has over 1M views just proves it was not a good movie

  • 3DCBoyz

    Idk why but “Pretty F up stuff going on in this grass!” Lmfao the way you said it!

  • James J Beuerlein
    James J Beuerlein

    So the ending would mean that there are now 2 Tobins in the world? The one that escaped the tall grass and the one that didn't stop? So that would mean his parents are stool alive? Then that would mean that Travis never stopped to help and follow the two into the grass effectively meaning none of this ever happened but we have 2 Tobins as the only proof of what did but didn't happened?! Plot hole!

  • mike aden
    mike aden

    If you smell what the rock is cooking

  • Coty Martin
    Coty Martin

    Why the hell did you retell the entire story - people come here for you to explain things because your title says you explain things, not to listen to you tell the entire story over again which WE JUST WATCHED. Worthless video, everyone don't waste your time.

  • Coty Martin
    Coty Martin

    I went in with a sword looking for green coins.

  • GrievingSanctuary

    Quit the movie halfway, came here instead.

  • Vital Signz
    Vital Signz

    I was NOT expecting the way Ross offed his wife. That shit fucked my shit up good.

  • Ben Del
    Ben Del

    I think I remember this SCP

  • Mich ___
    Mich ___

    Listen, I already knew before I even saw the movie trailer that if a kid screams in a corn field, you’re in the middle of no where, and no one else is in sight, I ain’t going in to find them.

  • Edgar The real one
    Edgar The real one

    So basically Blair witch but instead of a creepy forest we get grass killer thanks 2019

  • Froge

    Lmao they probably just found a lvl.2 rattata

  • SomeGuy YouKnow
    SomeGuy YouKnow

    When I found out joe king was Stephen king's son I was like... so his name is Joe King... lol wtf

  • 1960's Clint Eastwood
    1960's Clint Eastwood

    A guy hires an army of 5000 harvesters.... Roll credits.

  • Warren London
    Warren London

    Dude, 🙄 I clicked here to get the ENDING EXPLAINED. Not the WHOLE FUCKIN MOVIE! 😐

  • The Don
    The Don

    jump and throw a rope tied around a rock, use clothes to make rope and jump and throw it and hit the car.

  • The Don
    The Don

    tie a string to the car.

  • Blaqsnake

    If Cal,Becky, and Tobin went back wouldn’t that mean that Travis wouldn’t come looking for them? So he saves a version of his self as well.

  • Tomoka Itoh
    Tomoka Itoh

    Lesson:always cut your grass and dont listen to kids

  • adrian

    reminds me of Triangle and Coherence

  • nico rotellini
    nico rotellini

    I just watched this and it was oh it was so good

  • Cutter Gallagher
    Cutter Gallagher

    14:01 Click for surprise scene (Cost is 1 like)

  • blackklash

    I like the review as all of his as well But I wish more brought out with the church that I think was significant as in giving up your soul for choices u make and also the subject of redemption..also the diffrent time frame of cars..modern day mini vans to a 60s Volkswagen bug and old looking Chevrolet.. showing people have been trapped there since the 60s or longer

  • Secure2K

    That’s why being 6’3 would help to jump and look over the grass

  • LifebeautyArria

    So how did toben cut the grass

  • Cullodena Writes
    Cullodena Writes

    It kept me on my toes alright... even had a half a jumpscare which I was amazed of. Pretty good story, creepy and all. Like your review, spot on

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    The brother and sister relationship was so creepy that when Becky told Travis that she gotta tell him something, I thought she was gonna tell him that the baby isn't his but her brother's

    • Fabian Hofer
      Fabian Hofer

      Lone Wolf Lol i thought the same, that was discomforting X(

  • Guy Who Knows Everything
    Guy Who Knows Everything

    The grass is just GER requiem but on steroids.

  • Infinity Animation
    Infinity Animation

    Me and Boys bringing Flamethrower and Lamemotors and a Nuke to blow up the Rock

  • MidwestGaming

    “It’s not a boulder, it’s a rock.”

  • Infinity Animation
    Infinity Animation

    I am just watching this movie I wanna what happens

  • wisdom

    Your voice is so obnoxious I can't finish watching this

  • HellYea Chris
    HellYea Chris

    Definitely needed this!!!!

  • AlphaAndTiny

    Me Im smart...... id bring a ladder in the grass

  • Daveogh the Guy
    Daveogh the Guy

    Didn't know Dwayne Johnson also did horror suspense thrillers now. xD

  • Andethidial bubabibub
    Andethidial bubabibub

    2:20 ask the boy to follow your voice and finished.. If he can't walk out on himself, fuck it and drive away

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez

    Can you do The Cell with JLo