Inside Nicole Scherzinger's LA House with a Cozy Home Theater | Open Door | Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest
Nicole Scherzinger’s stunning home in the hills overlooking Los Angeles reflects the style and class of its owner at every turn. The former Pussycat Dolls lead singer and her guests enjoy spectacular panoramic views of LA, stretching from downtown to the beach. From her plush and cozy home theater to the meticulously curated art on the walls, the singer, songwriter, actress and theater buff has designed the perfect oasis.
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Inside Nicole Scherzinger's LA House with a Cozy Home Theater | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • K Cat
    K Cat

    “ I built, I put this in, I added this, I , I, I. You more than likely did not do any of the work. You probably chose it, paid for it, but physically didn’t really do the hard work. It’s amazing that all celebrities act like they did. Also, to them, everything is amazing! Lol!

  • jorah van brussel
    jorah van brussel

    I want her dress 😍

  • M M
    M M

    Grigor Dimitrov was here :D

  • davosaking ohi
    davosaking ohi

    I luv to b Nicole's boyfriend

  • f̶ a̶ n̶ g̶ i̶ r̶ l̶ h̶ e̶ r̶ e̶
    f̶ a̶ n̶ g̶ i̶ r̶ l̶ h̶ e̶ r̶ e̶

    I wonder if she sometimes fall into her baby pool while swinging...

  • Jai Jai P
    Jai Jai P

    I'm sooo in love with her

  • cansın Rodoplu
    cansın Rodoplu

    That theatre room is everything!!

  • Becky Queen
    Becky Queen

    Suddenly feeling sad. All those years I wasted time on the internet and watching movies and Facebook and countless number of hours listening to music, I could have worked hard and bought a house by now. Internet is a curse, especially smartphones. I am going to stop using a smartphone as it gave me dry eyes :(

  • warmcozy

    Her home design choices resonate with me. Really nice home she’s cultivated. For some reason, I’m glad she can do that for herself. My turn! Lol Can’t wait to get my house.

  • Rach Malligan
    Rach Malligan

    Wow! Love her house and the view over LA!

  • Pk

    How do these ppl clean their house ! Do they have maids cleaning it daily !

  • DalyaBeauty

    Love the furniture !!

  • Magdalena Kula
    Magdalena Kula

    The house is nice but the swing is everything

  • Olga Martin
    Olga Martin

    Love it ❤️views to die for

  • Jason Licos
    Jason Licos

    She should put atleast one object to honor her filipino heritage, one is enough because you know her filipino father and hawaiin mother devorced when she's just a child, idk the reason why but who cares

  • Sauda Hapu
    Sauda Hapu

    Shalom Nicole.. I am from Indo.! I want to be your house cleaning or house keeper. It's possible?!?

  • Ömer Demiryürek
    Ömer Demiryürek

    Even if she has a good house , she is not always happy. I mean, A person is never happy just having so much money. Everybody is gonna die one day, that's why we dont need to love this world just like that. Because we will have to walk away one day.

  • Royal Smith
    Royal Smith

    Beautiful place!

  • Cameron Bennett
    Cameron Bennett

    I like that her house feels lived in. It’s actually warm and has a soul unlike a lot of the modern homes we see on this channel.

  • EJ Aparicio
    EJ Aparicio

    The swing! Love it!

  • AJ

    lovely space. and the Glam area - genius!!

  • Tsetsi

    good for her

  • Vikalp Verma
    Vikalp Verma

    Problem i feel with big house is that it is never made for the people who live there but for the people how would come. That's so strange and wrong in all the way you can think.

  • André Diogo
    André Diogo

    so she opens the window when its cold and she lights up the fireplace? how does that make sense...

  • saguittal baladad
    saguittal baladad

    "it kindda represents how moms put things together", this made me teary because my mom just passed...i suddenly missed her.. she's also my everything..

    • saguittal baladad
      saguittal baladad

      @faith love thank you so much for your kind words...

    • faith love
      faith love

      Im SO sorry for your loss. Prayers. ♥️

  • Francis Samuel Posa
    Francis Samuel Posa

    This place beats a oversized 195,000,000 super estate any day.

  • That one crackhead
    That one crackhead

    she is the main character

  • Vickie Douglas
    Vickie Douglas


  • Taliyah Toop
    Taliyah Toop

    That swing made me anxious. Can you imagine swinging a little too high and flying off the edge of the cliff?!

  • D B
    D B

    A.D, Pleeeeeeease convince Jennifer Aniston to open her house..

  • Julie Yu
    Julie Yu

    One of the best house I have ever seen 💕 awesome!

  • Linda B
    Linda B

    This is l i t e r a l l y the 9th time I'm watching this video, I love her home so much. My version of manifesting 😁

  • Andualem Dessalegn
    Andualem Dessalegn

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  • Andualem Dessalegn
    Andualem Dessalegn

    Iam poor so please send me money by using my email address

  • Andualem Dessalegn
    Andualem Dessalegn

    hi hi

  • Felipe Cardoso
    Felipe Cardoso

    Came to understand why celebrities post #stayhome everywhere, all the time.

  • Jean Brown
    Jean Brown

    big old cave hug

  • Andre Castello
    Andre Castello

    This designed very well

  • sofia olausson
    sofia olausson

    She has got a wiew over all the smog! Nice 🤣

  • MrPirateking619

    2:13 i legit thought shes missing a leg went back the video to make sure shes just sitting awkwardly

  • Derryck Dowuona
    Derryck Dowuona

    Wow, MTV Cribs has sure evolved

  • Abbie Ortega
    Abbie Ortega

    Hers is very home feeling I like how she explained why she likes her room small 💕 everything in this home has personal feeling it’s not just a giant house made to look like a museum

  • Aloy

    Krassestes Haus aller Zeiten, wow!


    Fake girl, fake speech, fake house, fake boobs... fake world.

  • A G
    A G

    I love her swing but I be afraid to fall of it!

  • Jon Ross
    Jon Ross

    The way she talks is so relaxing and beautiful

  • Rahul Kenzie
    Rahul Kenzie

    2:55 roses in vase and 2:59 no roses

  • sunnyboy8644

    she's gorgeous :)

  • Hardworking Nctzen
    Hardworking Nctzen

    the swing makes everything perfect

  • cindymx02

    How is she making money? She is not even famous.

  • Courtney

    Her voice is literally asmr.

  • Guy Drori
    Guy Drori

    Her house is amazing. She is amazing. Love it!

  • Emanuel Gabriel
    Emanuel Gabriel

    She belongs to the streeetzz

  • JP Gordon
    JP Gordon


  • Mohi Hashmi
    Mohi Hashmi

    Nicole you have always been special. Nice to see you again after such a long time.

  • Julius Quitoriano
    Julius Quitoriano

    I like u very much Ms Nicole I adore u very are so very beautiful woman in the world and In my heart..luv u...

  • lujorom

    Me just looking at houses I’ll never be able to afford. I guess you gotta dream big, huh


    On dirait un homme !!!

  • LAYLA2198

    living vicariously through Nicole's videos. I wish I had talent...

  • LAYLA2198


  • T Peterson
    T Peterson

    Not sure why but out of all the homes ive seen on your channel this is my favorite one.

  • Melissa Peña
    Melissa Peña

    I don’t know, but this smells of rented house lol

  • Marsha Thomson
    Marsha Thomson

    Is she for real bahahaha please

  • Prinnncesz

    Is her house a multi level high rise building? Or is it a normal house with multi floors. I was a bit confused

  • Luz Spillane
    Luz Spillane

    Very very beautiful house...good taste girl

  • Whitemanfromtowne T
    Whitemanfromtowne T

    I just came to see Nicole and fantasize about having sex with her all over that house.

  • Whitemanfromtowne T
    Whitemanfromtowne T

    Who gives a sht about the house. My goal would be to sex Nicole all over it every damn day.

  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark

    She's an extremely private person, but then she's showing her house to the public. I like her and she's a great singer but come on now with being an extremely private person.

  • Dimitra Chatzimanolaki
    Dimitra Chatzimanolaki

    This is my dream homeeeeeeee love thiss

  • bobbymess bob
    bobbymess bob

    "My house " that's not a house !! That's a bloody hotel. A "normal house or home" has 1 upstairs 1 downstairs and if your lucky a cellar, where as the Americans call it a basement! .. that's no house.. 😕😕