Inside Nicole Scherzinger's LA House with a Cozy Home Theater | Open Door | Architectural Digest
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Nicole Scherzinger’s stunning home in the hills overlooking Los Angeles reflects the style and class of its owner at every turn. The former Pussycat Dolls lead singer and her guests enjoy spectacular panoramic views of LA, stretching from downtown to the beach. From her plush and cozy home theater to the meticulously curated art on the walls, the singer, songwriter, actress and theater buff has designed the perfect oasis.
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Inside Nicole Scherzinger's LA House with a Cozy Home Theater | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Dewi Elang
    Dewi Elang

    I love her house...looks so hommie and comfortable

  • A I
    A I


  • Zoutepoel

    Outlets to charge your phone 😏

  • bad bunny
    bad bunny

    What if she swings out of the house

  • TubbyRacer

    She talks more design principles than my design teacher.

  • shawn newton Boxing
    shawn newton Boxing

    Wine and white? Becareful girls!

  • asmr hungary
    asmr hungary

    Love your house nicole...beautiful and cozy..proud

  • key to your heart
    key to your heart

    I missed you Nicole im a fan of pussycat dolls..ur my fave ,love ur home nd everything u do muahhhh from Philippines

  • Romane Canty
    Romane Canty

    It looks like Zola's house in the Frankie Lyman movie.

  • Lamparium

    She's so lovely!

  • filss

    So jealous of the view, the shower and the private cinema.

  • Lava Lord
    Lava Lord

    i wanna be one of the girlz, appreciate her design choices....what a home...goodness...the maple table, the pool, the marble, the shower, the swing, the plush cozy, the fresh flowers..... her dress....shes so beautiful

  • Isabelle Uw.
    Isabelle Uw.

    Beautiful home... very impressive

  • Jugganuat

    I was hoping you would have done this naked

  • Dusan Babic
    Dusan Babic

    No wrd Niki🌞Wery hepy cusi🤣😂end tenx

  • Bruin

    Wow, I didn't know that Nicole was born in Hawaii. *SHAKA* sistah!

  • Zenobia Beckley
    Zenobia Beckley

    Merry Christmas ☃️Feliz Navidad 🎄 Feliz Natal 💗 To all

  • Lola Carolina
    Lola Carolina

    What perfect house!

  • Sidmd

    Everything is your everything apparently

  • Sherzod Umarov
    Sherzod Umarov


  • Johanna Gibson
    Johanna Gibson

    Like this every-time she says clean

  • Powell Benard
    Powell Benard

    The way she says Uhuru...!!! Kenyans can comprehend best and give her a trophy for it. Much love Nicole!

  • Ayara Yashar'al
    Ayara Yashar'al

    Weighted blankets...gotcha. You did help me.

  • E.v Zhu
    E.v Zhu

    i feel bad for her maid.

  • Rafaelia Rmk
    Rafaelia Rmk

    Αν ειχα αυτο το σπιτι δεν νομιζω να βγαινα ποτε😂

  • Hassna El Meskine
    Hassna El Meskine

    Nice house

  • John John
    John John

    I wanna take holiday and spend here ...

  • RahJ OY
    RahJ OY

    Beautiful 😍🙌🏾❤️

  • e g.
    e g.

    I love thissss

  • ella soy
    ella soy

    Didnt know pussycat doll money made that much wow

  • Activemotionpictures

    9:13 - I felt the strong cold breeze of LA on my face.

  • Jimmy Boris
    Jimmy Boris

    You can see on her face Shes unhappy

  • Hoo Doei
    Hoo Doei

    She is so Nice and humble !

  • Andy Junaedi
    Andy Junaedi

    How come hamilton rejected this goddes? Insane.. Her taste of art were magnificent when she choose this house and by looking at her, you can see that she is a amazing inside and outside.. Bravo.. Wow..

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    That view is gorgeous!

  • Onthehill


  • Lush X
    Lush X

    That swing ❤️

  • elsie mclain
    elsie mclain

    isn’t this... rice gums old house

  • Kelli L
    Kelli L

    Homegirl had like 2 hits and lives like that?! Damn.

  • Glorybee Rosado
    Glorybee Rosado

    Beautiful house... I love it

  • hsweety hilton
    hsweety hilton

    The most cozy place! usually LA has lots of square sharp shapes

  • Julie Baleia
    Julie Baleia

    I would never get to watch a movie till the end in that theater!

  • Musa Deferrari
    Musa Deferrari

    This girl knows so much about how particular she wants everything to be there. Why isn't she presenting some interior designing show or something

  • flora fauna
    flora fauna

    выключила звук, не возможно слушать беспрерывную речь, просто мозг кипит, фу

  • Alexandre

    This corrected all the bad press I had been fed. Now I can see she's organic, articulated, socially intelligent, ultra feminine without the gimmicky clichés, full of good taste without ostentation, laid back and good, easy company.

  • frostingdays

    honest question but why home theaters?? i mean what is the sense of it

  • iSuper2

    Only big but pretty normally designed

  • Powerful Being The YouTube Review Queen
    Powerful Being The YouTube Review Queen

    My fave AD episode so far! Go Nicole!

  • The Little Signpost Pointing the way
    The Little Signpost Pointing the way

    84k likes one of which is mine - I can't understand why anyone would not like this video with a wondeful woman and wonderful home, yet we see 2k plus dislikes! ??? Crazy, but you're out voted with likes!

  • محمد المحمدي
    محمد المحمدي

    If i have a house like that i'll became fat

  • Raed TV
    Raed TV


  • Ej Icon
    Ej Icon

    She’s so beautiful and humbled. Hollywood needs to follow suite.

  • Senior Topolon
    Senior Topolon

    Is she still L.Hamilton's wife?

  • E VH
    E VH

    Nicole is a piece of art herself

  • William Estrada
    William Estrada


  • Fun World
    Fun World

    Beautiful house and beautiful girl!

  • Kasey Rhoades
    Kasey Rhoades

    i want to sleep in that house it look so comfy. the smog ruins her nice view

  • Cue Dog
    Cue Dog

    Heres the deal, let me live in the basement and since you love art I'll draw you a life time supply of my kindergarten polished stick figures..

  • Hussen Mohammed Hussein Sowaida
    Hussen Mohammed Hussein Sowaida

    You missing something???? It's me

  • asap Flvcko
    asap Flvcko

    Isint this rice gums old house?

  • Inventor

    bragging off luxery is sad

  • Coily Beauty
    Coily Beauty


  • Kori C
    Kori C

    I LOOOOOOVE her movie theatre room. omg her entire house is amazing.

  • Bargain Deal
    Bargain Deal

    The age caught up with her she still look ok she not Hally Berry

  • Abir M
    Abir M

    She loves wood.

  • ONLINE LINGVIST Виктория Маркина
    ONLINE LINGVIST Виктория Маркина

    I really like her house!!!!! It's perfect

  • Inheritance111


  • Bhavisa Parmar
    Bhavisa Parmar

    Price ??

  • Badis Karboul
    Badis Karboul

    It's so delicate, refined and comfort-centered

  • Russell Alami
    Russell Alami

    I love the mulatto aesthetic she’s got going on in the house