Investigations into Jeffrey Epstein's death continue
CBS Evening News
The FBI and the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Justice are investigating the death of Jeffrey Epstein. The 66-year-old was found dead Saturday morning in his Manhattan jail cell in an apparent suicide. Mola Lenghi has the latest.
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  • Cantona

    It is now November, and there are STILL no answers

  • charles robbins
    charles robbins

    Whatever happened to journalists and their desire to get to the bottom of incidents which are not making sense and their desire to uncover wrongdoing by our govt.? There is almost universal disbelief in the official version of his death. Once again, truth is kept from us by the press pandering to the White House. To believe the official version one must first accept a long laundry list of coincidences, faulty cameras and poor decision making regarding the protection of a man that the court had been made aware that someone wanted him dead. I stopped believing in fairy tales long ago. So, why does the govt still tell them to us?

  • Benjamin Moscatiello
    Benjamin Moscatiello

    Killed him in a New York second. Too bad. would have been interesting. I 'm sure he;s the type to have played his hand and try to come out on top. Always appeared to be in great spirits to me. Always smiling and pleasant and upbeat. I think they should charge the girls who brought the civil suits for monetary gain, for their part in bringing other girls in . I don't believe they are having panic attacks. One minute they say they were raped multiple times and the next they say they knocked on his door 3 times a week for 6 years.

  • A friend
    A friend

    NO one is safe in America in a FEDERAL REPUBLICAN PRISON... it was the FEDERAL REPUBLICANS. Epstein is innocent and the FBI and CIA FEDERAL organisations are lying for the FEDERAL REPUBLICANS. FEderal FRANCE... Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy... not a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. The Bush family said "you are either with us (the federal governments and banking and court system) or against them. Epsteins innocent, honey trapped by the CIA and FBI for the REPUBLICAN FEDERALISTS. VULTURES around his £500 MILLION quid. Disgusting American Court FEDERAL REPUBLICAN SYSTEM. Look at MAPS and see how many Countries are no REPUBLICS. he was also friends with Robert Maxwells daughter who said her dad was murdered on his yacht. Federalist Republicans.

  • DeeC Keyes
    DeeC Keyes

    Just curious but why does the medical examiner need more information on Epstein's death, now I was under the assumption that was the medical examiner , this is the reason for autopsy's, so is it the job of the medical examiner's job to determine cause of someone's death..

  • Jim Igawa
    Jim Igawa

    No cameras?

  • STAN3066

    CORRECTION OFFICERS....are about as smart as a 3rd grader with down syndrome. some of the stupidest of the stupidest people are CORRECTION OFFICERS......there funny to, they think there so tough. i knew this one CORRECTION OFFICER he had a speech impediment. man, it took patience with that slow man.

  • tiffsaver

    The Russians did it!!!

  • Robert Shrewsbury
    Robert Shrewsbury

    Epstein's death I think was planned and executed, to protect other sex-predators from getting in trouble. Some of the public and I do not so much wonder who but how much was paid for this professional Hit-Job? A good forensic autopsy could be revealing if it is not done by the Fox in the Hen house! Anything else is rhetoric and hogwash

  • Bruce Schweyer
    Bruce Schweyer

    Does anyone with more than half a brain seriously expect a meaningful outcome of any kind of FBI investigation (so-labeled). This is the FBI which gave Hillary Clinton (along with many other career criminals) a free pass. Tell me another one! Our entire government is overrun with such intellectually-advanced, spiritually-dead animals. They're worse than vermin.

  • Daniel Lyell
    Daniel Lyell

    Corrupt world.

  • Gordon Peebles
    Gordon Peebles

    yeah, you'd better "investigate" real good and hard. Start with the POS that was supposed to be making sure this maggot didn't die before his trial. I would say this is unbelievable but we all knew it was going to happen from day 1. PATHETIC!!!

  • DarkleMotion

    He's not dead. They broke him out, will get him plastic surgery and he will live out his life in hiding on his Lolita island. Remember him recently saying he wanted his head and penis frozen cryogenically like Walt Disney to be revived in the future? Why would he then turn around and hang himself? He is absolutely still alive and being helped by all his wealthy pervert connections. I'm so disgusted by this country.

  • Jamie Kloer
    Jamie Kloer

    The feds who couldn’t keep him alive are going to investigate. The deep state covering its crimes before he puts the digenerates running the deep state. I’m sure it is Russia fault.

  • Mike

    Who here thinks that they can trust an FBI investigation? 👎

  • Matt

    Come on we’re not stupid he was killed too many people involved in the trafficking ring

  • DariusDaro

    Investigation will be delayed till Clinton's will be satisfied with it. 56+ and still counting

  • belle mcellis
    belle mcellis

    Reporter said, they use other inmates to help monitor certain other inmates. Because Man Power is Low. WTF Ok now I know this is "PROPAGANDA" ok where's the "JAIL VIDEO" they have CAMERAS. SHOW US YOUR PHOTO SHOPPED VIDEO. I felt something like this was coming when they announced his So-called first Suicide Attempt.

  • nofirethanks

    i was having a coffee & bagel early Saturday morning and saw Bill Clinton coming out of 150 Park Row sweating profusely totally pale in the face...

  • snowflake melter
    snowflake melter


  • Kalash Operator
    Kalash Operator

    The investigation is already done because there will never be one

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    Faked his death in hiding like the 🤑 🤑 rich do! Rich don’t pay 💰 for there crimes! Wake up!!!👁👁!

  • gbb ghhh
    gbb ghhh

    Any one that have been in a federal detention center can tell you it is impossible to hang your self can they show from where did he did it?

  • Lunky Straydog
    Lunky Straydog

    Government cover up by dirty politicians, and media owners who are guilty. The apparent media cover up proves media owners are involved.

  • Elliott James
    Elliott James


  • JD plus
    JD plus

    We all knew this was coming!!!! I mean did anyone really think they would let him live? Get real!

  • JD plus
    JD plus

    We all knew this was coming!!!! I mean did anyone really think they would let him live? Get real!

  • Suicide Sitter
    Suicide Sitter

    Fox news disabled the comments . They are on the Deep State payroll! Wake up America!

  • Christina Daly
    Christina Daly

    Rick Daly says ; CBS big shots ? NBC big shots ? abc ? CNN ? Micro Soft ? Hey , if Billy Boy Clinton likes the Epstein trips to the Island of nasty's , just say'in . There's always the " Money ain't everything "

  • Freedom 1
    Freedom 1

    Did anyone REALLY think this guy would go to trial?

  • Peggy Micsky
    Peggy Micsky

    Money talks, pedofiles and perverts walks!!

  • mamokilo

    suicide watch. Guard: watch him commit suicide

  • Ryan Hendershot
    Ryan Hendershot

    Another one for the Clintons Suicides

  • Ryan Hendershot
    Ryan Hendershot

    FBI and CIA let him go. He had to much millions and evidence on ole slick Willy!! CRAZY!!!!Let us the people see he is dead. I'll bet he is cremated and alive well to do in the mid east.

  • John Nix
    John Nix

    Epsteins buddies are still in deep doodoo. The feds have the videos. They don't need Epsteins testimony. I suspect what Epstein was actually running was a video production operation funded by the Saudis to blackmail politicians and corporate ceo's. They could get any law they wanted passed in the U.S.if they owned enough politicians.

    • John Nix
      John Nix

      @Wolfman Rebel I know that Ghislane is in Isreal but that is the only connection I am aware of. Maybe Soros?

    • Wolfman Rebel
      Wolfman Rebel

      You are close,only it was a Zionist operation..I am officially convinced

  • D.T. Baker
    D.T. Baker

    CBS is shadow banning and is also fake news.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Dang they took care of him.

  • Lisa Hollis
    Lisa Hollis

    He's dead??? Lol. Yeah sure, and I'm Santa Claus.

    • Crim Sin
      Crim Sin

      Lisa Hollis I'm the Boogeyman


    illuminati for sure

  • Thomas Soue
    Thomas Soue

    What did he use to hang himself with?

  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds

    Finally leftists and rightists, globalists and nationalists, all agree on something: the man didn't commit freaking suicide.

  • bluezinnia847

    Come on folks, until we see his body...he will remain alive! Show me Epstein's body, then I'll believe this news!

  • dipojones

    Now they are blaming lack of manpower. Yeah right.

  • Anton LaVey
    Anton LaVey

    How do teenage girls end up in these places? Where are their parents?

    • The CertainTEA
      The CertainTEA

      That’s what I want to know.

    • Gillette Razor Crybabies Fear Womens Power
      Gillette Razor Crybabies Fear Womens Power

      a corrupt and greedy society based on pure corruption and capitalism !!

  • anthony gregory
    anthony gregory

    Starting to look like a Clinton job.

  • Ox Alek
    Ox Alek

    Now watch how fast the Left cremates the body.

  • Ken Gold
    Ken Gold


  • GH1618

    The Warden and the chief shrink are responsible. I don’t see how anyone else is.

  • Arkanite600 wilko
    Arkanite600 wilko

    Fake News there we go

  • elina elina
    elina elina


  • Phil

    I heard he cut himself shaving...47 times.

  • Bugsea

    What dysfunction yet again!

  • David Copperfield-not the magician
    David Copperfield-not the magician

    First we need proof that Epstein DID die. With very powerful people the world over, he could pull off an escape this way.

    • GH1618

      David Copperfield-not the magician - No, you don’t need it. The NYC Medical Examiner is a sufficient authority for any normal person.

  • Alex Martin
    Alex Martin

    Fake news bs

  • First Last
    First Last

    Clintoncided! We got a big problem when the corrupt political elites are this bold. I knew as soon as they brought him to NYC, put Comey's kid on the case, that his days were numbered. He should have been in military custody from day one.

  • First Coast Kronicles
    First Coast Kronicles

    there is a rumor out that says the clintons had something to do with this and it was supported by trump, if you don't know by now this is what he does, makes an outrageous statement in order to lead us away from the fact that this man was trumps friend and i am sure they partied together and may have had stories involving trump grabbing women by there privates

    • First Coast Kronicles
      First Coast Kronicles

      i didn't say it Trump did

    • First Coast Kronicles
      First Coast Kronicles

      @MISS JAEY trump says in an interview they were friends and they fell out Stop It


      Youre dumb. They already proved they weren't friends. Keep up with facts.

  • judaspreistvlct

    They better get to the bottom of this REAL QUICK before the smokescreen thickens any more. But I won't hold my breath! This will get swept away by the mud of the waters and we will stop hearing about it after awhile.

  • county sheepdog
    county sheepdog

    *QUESTIONS?* 1. Dirtbag *conscious got the best of him.* 2. *CASE CLOSED!*

  • Saltponds239

    They protected El Chapo and Paul Manfort better than they did Epstein

    • mikespg

      they even had cameras on them but not Epstein.

  • YouAreOneOfUs

    Because we can trust the FBI , the most laughed at "Law Agency" in the world. You can do a minutes worth of research and find proof of corruption , bias and cover ups. Let alone the false flags the FBI have committed. They gave the World Trade center Bombers the detonators and explosives , then tried to pin it on their inside guy. He then used evidence proving it and beat the charges so now they are public record. The FBI is dirty. There is no saving their integrity. Time to end them and create a new agency. One that has civilian oversight.


      Im. STILL. OWED. $2. Million. Dollars!!!!!!!😠 😠 😠 😠 😠 😠

  • simon

    So they expect another inmate to look out for a pedophile. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ronald Johnson
    Ronald Johnson

    Please give Trump my most sincere condolences I know he must have cried a bathtub Full of Tears


      Ahhhhhhhh. Ha. Ha. Ha. 😁😁😁😁😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hunter

    The truth will never come out. Those of us who have looked into this know the truth. But the majority of us will continue believing the same lies we’ve been fed forever

    • hotrox21

      yep...and it's more getting difficult to disenfranchise oneself from the herded blind?

    • Gillette Razor Crybabies Fear Womens Power
      Gillette Razor Crybabies Fear Womens Power

      nah there are too many good witnesses and Gloria Allred and her clients are going after Epstein's associates and helpers in his crimes. Yes many will be caught and tried and many more to follow for many years as well.

  • its all greek to me Friday
    its all greek to me Friday

    I left school at 14 with no education at all it doesn’t take a genius to work out that he walked of prison . Where is maxwell ? With her dad in Israel .. and she had all the evidence to keep Epstein alive and out of prison . Every clever man has a plan B . Why was she not arrested before she fled ? When they go after the drug cartels everyone associated gets arrested . Why not in child prostitution

  • Tony Harris
    Tony Harris

    William Barr said now that my job is done can I become vice president.

    • Saltponds239

      Humn - Jerry Nadler is a friend of the Clinton's and his office is just a couple of blocks away.


    Everyone is shocked and surprised by this "suicide"! Especially Epstein!!

    • M S
      M S

      thekike’s chillin’ in the morgue

    • Doppler Overrun
      Doppler Overrun

      I know right. He's probably chilling at the beach somewhere in Asia

  • Orwells pigs
    Orwells pigs

    He was murdered cbs come out of the fog lol

  • wil brander
    wil brander

    This shouldn't keep other high-profile people from being exposed.

    • Ricky Rick
      Ricky Rick

      wil brander I agree, but I think you might want to use the word -revealed - instead of exposed; if you know what I mean. Lol

    • Sterling

      @Milhouse Respect DADDY he a wonderful man with a big ❤️!!

    • Milhouse

      wil brander Like the Orange Stain in the White House

  • Kyle Dailey
    Kyle Dailey


  • Kyle Dailey
    Kyle Dailey

    Politicians, billionaires and high-profile celebrities breathe a sigh of relief while saying “Gee, that’s too bad, how much do we own you?" -Jeffrey Epstein Customers.