Is the U.S. ready for a severe coronavirus outbreak?
CBS This Morning
Everyone from medical officials to lawmakers on Capitol Hill are looking to make preparations for what the CDC says is an inevitable coronavirus outbreak in the country and pandemic across the globe. CDC Principal Deputy Director Anne Schuchat joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss their "aggressive approach" to keeping the disease contained.
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  • fantom as
    fantom as

    hi american people, i give you my opinion for the covid19, in france, only the region where the weather is very cold are very infected, Paris, North of Paris, east near germany, in the south of france , the weather is sunny, the covid19 is very less, i dont know if it is because of the good weather near the sea in riviera, but next week , Paris will arrive to his top infection, not enough mask and hand protection for the french population, france is the 5th powerfull country in the world and nothing !!!! like in new york all the people who have a second house in the countryside have left, so if i can give you an advice, stay home, work at home if you can by computer and internet, use mask and hand protection if you go out to buy some food, be carefull its a global emergency and nobody is superman in this case, yesterday a young 16 year old girl was dead, the first symptom is the lake of taste & smell, i mean if you eat something you cannot recognise the taste , a high temperature and a dry cough, in france all the hopital are free for this crisis, so i think Trump dont have to joke with this desease, the american government is rich enough to offer a free treatment, i hope , god bless american and allah wakbar.

  • Corona Virus
    Corona Virus

    No and we never learn

  • Da Mao
    Da Mao

    No. and you suck, CDC.

  • Nandakumar Basavaraju
    Nandakumar Basavaraju

    I am seeing this when US corona confirmed cases crossed 1 lakh.

  • Erik Oviedo
    Erik Oviedo

    Contained lol shut up it's over 80.000+ and the numbers will continue to grow

  • Stephen Brady
    Stephen Brady

    I'm sorry to say it but the rich Will Survive and the average American is f***** because of the expensive Healthcare system

  • salaamis therapy
    salaamis therapy

    American will fight the coronavirus with their guns and big mac's, and praying their imaginary god

  • anthony p
    anthony p

    “It’s contained” smh .

  • Benny h
    Benny h

    Yeah sure

  • T Brown Records
    T Brown Records

    Only time will tell

  • J C
    J C

    “Virus is contained” lmfao

  • Red Dragon Slayer
    Red Dragon Slayer

    The children have not been effective - God Has Mercy

  • Attila Varga
    Attila Varga


  • mini cute7758
    mini cute7758

    But Now is already More than 700 cases in US now.

  • Freedom IS NOT FOR FREE
    Freedom IS NOT FOR FREE

    US is always ready for war, not diseases

  • Los Angeles CA
    Los Angeles CA


  • R Martini
    R Martini

    The plan to destroy the world’s population using bio-weapons.(made in China) This is what is happening now in the world.’ WAKE UP! THE prophecies are coming to fulfillment now. All the viruses are made in laboratories by evil people, and then they test them on humans by scattering a little bit here and a little bit there to see how the people react. Then in no time, they spread the virus, and it becomes "GLOBAL.” PRAY!! PRAY!! PRAY!! Be repentant and in a state of grace always. "Trust in GOD.” 🙏🙏❤❤

  • Tom Gilligan
    Tom Gilligan

    LOL. Kinda hard to detect cases when no one has the damn TEST... No wonder this lady thinks we have it under control... Not saying anyone should panic but.... panic

    • Tom Gilligan
      Tom Gilligan

      what are YOU doing looking at this reply!!! I said PANIC!

  • MartialArts.Stunts321

    It’s just like the flu. As long as your not a young child or an unhealthy elder. And have a decent immune system. It will pass like the flu. The flu kills 20000 people a year and no body bats an eye to that.

  • Love AndLight
    Love AndLight

    Sure why not ....that's what you all want ... The media is wacked out .. If this is so horrible then are we all doing just fine ... Trying to create a panic doesn't make it better when the left media keep drilling in you heads ...

  • Reyahmi

    Lying sack of Government waste...we have no idea what is going on because we Haven’t been testing. Increasing testing..?? How about beginning!

  • Pink lime
    Pink lime

    Only 12 states have test kits. 70,000 test kits in the whole country. That’s all. As China is testing anyone with fever in these Fever Clinics that is speedster from the rest of the hospital. that is 45,000 testing a day. You don’t test. You don’t have it.

  • liam Duvall
    liam Duvall

    Bro its 5G

  • Manjie Zhang
    Manjie Zhang

    Just get home and go to grocery store and get whatever you can get. The Bs won't stop. If you trust gov't, you r dead....

  • nosuchthing8

    It's already not contained. 2 people in California, 1 person in Oregon. Scary how fast her prediction came true.

  • skino 6028
    skino 6028

    US: We don't test it . We don't get it ✌

  • Baanah

    Fear mongering in full gear! What's the end game?

  • Loken Zhang
    Loken Zhang


  • Houssam NAsri
    Houssam NAsri

    This is insane. Coronavirus live updates: Fears fuel sell-off, new California case, United postpones investor day

  • Jasmine Mayo
    Jasmine Mayo

    We don't know anything for sure. #TrumpWH Need to ask #Obama4Advice #ScarySituation

  • Gentlemen

    We are not ready for this pandemic. One guy from dark web told me 224300 people are dead across the world.

  • Vancoup S
    Vancoup S

    Ignored Waring signs : A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence// You guys need to read this article. And STOP making biological WEAPONS!!!

  • Averi Corba
    Averi Corba

    As someone who’s family are mostly in the medical field, I wouldn’t worry much about it. Only because it’s flu season in America and so far we have more recoveries than deaths. The only thing I’m worried about is how the government would be handling it, and how bad it’s going to be if a recovered person gets the virus again. Knowing Trump saying that’s it’s all in control, this virus inevitable and he does not have enough proof to claim that it’s under control. Sorry trump supporters, but I care about lives more than respecting the president when he’s not even respectful to all people. The Virus has only begun in America and we have no idea how bad it’s going to be. We don’t know exactly how worse it can get. I’m not sure how the medics are working with it all, but I’m assuming we’re still looking for vaccines. Flu season is a bigger problem in America, so don’t worry much about the Coronavirus, but I recommend everyone to keep up with any updates on the coronavirus.

  • sticker shock
    sticker shock

    The virus has hit a family in Mexico. Watch out for the border

  • Nancy V
    Nancy V

    Absolutely Yes! The vaccine will be available ASAP

  • shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia
    shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia


  • Lydia Bell
    Lydia Bell

    Guess WHAT? The US may pay dearly for the lack of universal healthcare. With testing and treatment as expensive (like 3000 and more as it is, millions of UNINSURED and UNDER INSURED Americans and their families will and cannot afford to see a doctor, and the disease will spread even faster. WAKE UP AMERICA, this is a perfect example on why healthcare for all is a necessity not a luxury, not a privilege, and if the Dems are smart, they'll now be gifted with the perfect opportunity to make their case. Those of you who think they are safe with PRIVATE insurance paid by their employers or the government are FOOLING yourselves into thinking you can't end up with huge medical bills or bankruptcy situations. Become ill and lose your job and you'll find yourself in the same situation as those people you DESPISE so much because you are so afraid of paying ten bucks more in taxes each month. The more people cannot afford to get treated, the greater is the exposure, and the greater the possibility that YOUR INSURANCE won't save you from dying.


    I have found this in internet. According to the writer it seems Bodhisathwa had been born as these animals in previous births. The assumption has not been confirmed. According to Vinaya Pitaka -> Mahavagga pali-> Bhesajjakkanda; following 10 meats are prohibited for ordained monks. 1. Human 2. Elephant 3. Horse 4. Dog 5. Snake 6. Lion 7. Tiger 8. Leopard 9. Bear 10. Hyena If you eating those, no one can responsible for your life.

  • zefiro zhou
    zefiro zhou

    In the us there are more than 1000 infected

  • Casual Kiddo
    Casual Kiddo

    Cornavirus is the black plague for 2020

  • daisy Lii
    daisy Lii

    China is free for testing and if you are suspicious of being affected, you will be asked to isolate in hotel for free. Food and living all free!!!!

  • illeden stromscale
    illeden stromscale

    death is a song all will hear ... Said by Coronavirus :-(

  • Whit Ney
    Whit Ney

    The only thing aggressive about their approach is aggressively not testing 😖

  • mt89

    Corona is from the US not from China!

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson

    China is the most rotten country in the world. If they are not stealing they are spreading diseases throughout the world. They are the source of all evil, chaos and misery in the world.

  • Haluk Halis
    Haluk Halis

    So basically stop being unhealthy and improve your immune system.

  • Elijah Hua
    Elijah Hua

    United States might be the origin of the disease.

    • Sun Glider
      Sun Glider

      I read that the U.S. has the patent on the Coronavirus. The U.S. seems to have the patent on everything that's evil.

  • a min
    a min

    trojan virus

  • 誅仙青雲志 陸雪琪
    誅仙青雲志 陸雪琪

    Mr President, i have a way to stop the infection of corona ,i think this way is good, (every body in all the country, don't to be so near, we must have a distance, 1 or 2 meter, and we use mask, so all the country will not infected each other, after 2 weeks, all of country will safe from corona virus. )

  • Tomorrow is never promised
    Tomorrow is never promised

    Be smart go get what is needed now before it get to be to late... And learn how to self quarantine and stay by yourself if necessary.. Stock pile food medicine and water gloves masks and goggle gear ready for the long haul...

  • Tomorrow is never promised
    Tomorrow is never promised

    Really so why does califorina have 31 cases and the CDC shows 10 or 11 cases ? The governor even said 31 cases of the new novel CORONAVIRUS in califorina.

  • Caramel Frapz
    Caramel Frapz

    I’m failing geometry If it spreads Hey no scho- actually I’m like really scared rn cause I’m actually kind of sick

  • Spread Purple Love
    Spread Purple Love

    I think this view of the topic is more interesting 🥰 it's from Alan's Theory

  • Jeff scott
    Jeff scott

    Wash your hands :)

  • 「alistina 」
    「alistina 」

    well, I’m not ready. Alabama isn’t ready either. #stopcoronavirus

  • richu ben
    richu ben

    my name is richu lives in philadelphia , pa usa.. 215-554-5253.... can you help me..

  • richu ben
    richu ben

    i have coronaa virus.. can you help me

  • Aaron dimm
    Aaron dimm

    however virous.fromUSA

  • Max Lemoine
    Max Lemoine


  • Philip Philos
    Philip Philos

    Revelation ​@ By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths. THIS IS IT

  • Monique Lee
    Monique Lee

    Im scared

  • Overly To rely
    Overly To rely

    On top of everything you have to pay for your vaccinations. This lady was told what to say.

  • Armstrong

    My friend believes that corona virus is a hoax or a propaganda as a test to see how far governments can control people and corona virus is not serious stuff to take.

  • rextony22

    Overblown alot

  • _ Tear _
    _ Tear _

    I’m disappointed for my fellow Asians who’s watching this

  • Sun Glider
    Sun Glider

    It's uncanny how widely and fast this virus has spread. I suspect it gets carried by the wind for miles and miles, maybe even for thousands of miles, then it descends anywhere in the world.

  • Spike Kakeru
    Spike Kakeru

    to answer the question to the video answer:Yes but actually No

  • qiu youyou
    qiu youyou

    a severe coronavirus outbreak have been spreading in usa for several months......

  • Benjamin Stephens
    Benjamin Stephens

    1968 flu pandemic The 1968 flu pandemic was a category 2 flu pandemic whose outbreak in 1968 and 1969 killed an estimated one million people worldwide. It was caused by an H3N2 strain of the influenza A virus, descended from H2N2 through antigenic shift, a genetic process in which genes from multiple sub-types re-assorted to form a new virus. Because it originated in Hong Kong, the pandemic is also referred to as Hong Kong flu.

  • Madj 1970
    Madj 1970

    We are monitoring the news alerts in our area. Taking whatever precautions we can. Wash hands thoroughly.